Her day Ch. 03

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He was beside himself with lust now. He wanted her to fuck him with her long false cock. He could feel it working just inside him and he ached to push back and take it all, just for her. He tried a few times to edge back, but she anticipated his moves and moved back with him. This was her moment, and she would control it.

Holding onto his hips, keeping him as still as possible, she started to work the long phallus within him. Occasionally squirting more lubricant onto his now more dilated arse, the dildo slid in and out of him with relative ease. He felt like his mind was going to explode. He had never felt such an all-encompassing feeling before. He could feel every millimetre of the object sliding in and out of him. He felt amazing. He felt her hands on his hips, her thighs pushing against his rump and the tip of the probe working in deeper. Although his cock was now almost flaccid he could feel a new sensation building within him that felt remarkable.

Watching his arse open to swallow her rubber cock started to arouse her thoughts. She remained focussed but took pleasure from his progress. She now knew that he could take it and wondered if she would ever make arrangements for him to be fucked by a real cock. The thought, although a hard-limit for him, would ultimately evolve in her fantasies, she knew that much. She could feel his tension building and wondered if he might experience some kind of anal orgasm. She had known men, in the past, who could achieve that, but he had never mentioned anything similar during any of his training.

He started to ache for more of her probe. He was surprising even himself. Once he had been anti this idea but she had coaxed and primed him well over the last few months. He wanted her to fuck him hard and deep. Despite her thighs holding him in one position he managed to rock the direction of his hips so that the angle of penetration hit the hot spot deep within him. She sensed his movements and smiled a knowing smile.

Altering her gentle thrusts to mirror his hungry hips she knew he was building with lust and greed. Within moments, he felt a huge wave flooding over him. He knew his cock was limp but his balls and perineum seemed to contract in unison. A strange unfamiliar sensation took hold of him and he felt his whole body respond. His breath stuck in his throat and he could hear his own pulse ringing in his ears. He felt suspended for what seemed like and age then something deep within him pounded and a flood of warmth enveloped his whole body. As soon as she felt him swoon she quickly whipped the dildo out of him, causing him to shudder violently and she stepped back as he collapsed down onto his belly, panting and groaning like never before.


The couple spent an hour or so laid back on the bed, cuddled up to each other, mostly silent but occasionally mentioning what he had just experienced. She stroked his hair and face and he was grateful for her softer attentions. At one point he expelled a huge, long fart kuşadası escort which made them both laugh but it earned him a sharp, smack on the buttock that made him wince and purr at the same time. It was nearly lunchtime and he suspected she would have some plans for lunch. He didn’t want this lovely day to end and hoped they could enjoy the rest of a lazy day together.

“Right, come on…” She interrupted his thoughts, “go and shower, we have company arriving soon!”

His mind swam at the thought. Sometimes she invited friends around but never usually at the weekends. She usually preferred to keep that time for her own whims and desires. He wondered what she had in mind. Knowing better than to pre-empt her he got up and showered as instructed.

When he returned he realised she had already changed into a pair of black jodhpurs and knee high riding boots, a black shirt and her make up had been applied quickly but effectively. He knew her efforts were not for his benefit and wondered who it was that would be visiting later.

“Tidy up this room and then wear the harness you bought last week!” She directed.

He wasn’t too keen on the full leather harness to which she referred. It sported a cock-ring which sat rather too snugly around his genitals and he wasn’t sure he wanted to be quite so sparsely clad if she had visitors coming. He had learned a long time ago not to question her resolve and quickly followed her orders.

She strode back into the room, seemingly with new inspired purpose and assessed his efforts with a critical eye. He had done a good job of clearing things away and the room looked as good as it could. Without speaking she pulled him by the leather harness and sat him down on the stool in the corner of the room. Within seconds she had cuffed him to the seat, his wrists and ankles now interlinked between the legs of the stool with little or no scope for movement at all.

“Stay put!” She smiled, as she stroked his face. “There’s a good boy!”

This had happened before. She had left him bound in one position or another out of sight of any visitors she might have. He wondered why she had not hog-tied him and why he had been afforded the comfort of the stool. None of it made sense but he calmly switched his mind off and waited patiently. Looking down at his sorry cock he noticed that the bruises were not quite as bad as he had imagined. He smiled to himself, inwardly. He liked what she had done to him so far today as his arse twitched and spasmed against the hard seat of the stool.

After what he estimated to have been quarter of an hour he heard the front door open. He heard her talking, quite regularly, and then the sound of another softer female voice. He didn’t recognise the person as being any of her usual friends and wondered who it was. He didn’t have to wait long to find out.

Within moments she entered the room again, and tentatively behind her followed a younger, shorter, slimmer woman with long kuşadası escort bayan naturally blonde hair. He dare not look up directly at them. He had noticed the crop had moved from his usual place and he didn’t fancy being slapped by it right now in his unprepared calm state.

Standing in the middle of the room she gestured for the young woman to sit on the bed. The young woman complied without question.

“Now then, my pet,” She spoke directly towards him, “This is Lisa. She is my new girl-pet. I have been testing her for weeks now and have decided that she is rather lovely!”

His mind turned around on itself. A female sub. She had never mentioned this to him. Thousands of thoughts and images all caved in on themselves at once. How had she managed to arrange this? They had spent so much time together recently — he just couldn’t work it all out.

“I’ve made a deal with Lisa, you see,” she interjected, “she is already above you in the pecking order but she will still follow my instructions. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Ma’am!” The words stuck in his throat.

“Lisa, please get undressed, my darling!” She requested, more softly than her usual tone.

She strode towards him and he felt the crop suddenly rest in his lap. She was teasing him with it, gently stroking it across his thighs almost lazily as she watched the young woman remove her clothing. He dare not look up but felt embarrassed that his cock had already started to respond. He calculated his lot — here he was, with her — his owner, and another woman who he must obey. It was every sub’s dream.

“Just stand there a moment, Lisa, if you don’t mind.” She requested.

“Now, look up at her!” She whispered into his ear softly, as her hand rose to take hold of is face.

He lifted his eyes and took stock of the young woman standing naked in the centre of the room. She was delightful. Pale, pink skin, pert medium sized breasts, her golden hair falling down over her shoulders and a sweet, innocent look about her. She looked divine. She was a lot shorter in stature than his owner, but had good bone structure and muscle tone. He could see why she had been chosen. This girl, Lisa, was exactly his owner’s type.

“Now, you be a good boy and stay right there!” His owner stated, rather matter-of-factly.

He sat there in a daze, locked into his position, unable to move. The harness was starting to dig into his shoulders but he didn’t care. His penis was becoming more engorged and he could feel the presence of the bruises a little more now. It didn’t matter — he was transfixed.

He watched as the young woman lay back on the bed and as his owner moved her position so he could see everything clearly. A new set of softer, more feminine cuffs were produced, as if from nowhere, and he watched his owner adeptly restrain Lisa to the bed. His owner’s eyes displayed her deepest levels of concentration but she definitely had a slightly softer way about her. escort kuşadası She was being nice to this girl and he enjoyed watching them together.


Having bound Lisa to the bed she moved around until she was level with her feet. Reaching for a camera she took half a dozen pictures of the beautiful form laid out before her, telling them both that she wanted to keep reminders of her day. Lisa purred peacefully on the bed, clearly content, happy and comfortable with her lot.

She walked around her new prize and then applied a soft, silky blindfold to the young woman’s face. Lisa giggled but did not complain. Next, she reached for a long ostrich feather and started to stroke it along the beautiful body. Starting at the girl’s ankles she tickled the feather along the along her shins, over her knees, and across the inside line of her slightly spread thighs. Lisa let out a little gasp of delight. The slave, bound to the stool, could not believe his eyes or ears. This was an unthinkable torment for him. He knew he would be stuck suffering this fate for a long time.

His mind raced and he wondered if his owner would actually, physically, touch the girl — or was she just yet another toy with which to torment him. He did not know. As if reading his mind, he was then forced to watch his owner bend down and kiss the young woman, sensually, passionately, and deliciously — their lips entwined, his owner’s tongue flicking in and out of Lisa’s panting mouth. He suddenly realised that he has stopped breathing and forced himself to take another huge breath. This was too much. His head, cock and balls were all aching from this onslaught of delight.

While kissing the lovely Lisa, she then moved her hand gently down the length of her body and allowed the feather to fall between her thighs. Gently she stroked it over her pert little mound. The delicate sensation caused Lisa to groan a little, the response she had been waiting for. Moving down from the girl’s mouth she hovered over her luscious neck. He couldn’t even blink now — she was going to bite her. He couldn’t believe it. But, she didn’t. She moved her way, occasionally trailing her tongue across the young woman’s skin until she met with one of her pert little breasts. He watched as his owner’s tongue skilfully circled the hard little nipple and he felt his own tongue circling in his own mouth. He was mirroring her every move and he ached to be released from these cuffs.

Then, the unimaginable happened. While his owner’s tongue worked around Lisa’s nipple and breast her hand released the feather and stroked down over her thighs, parting them more, and discovered her pretty pink pussy. He shuddered in his seat and thought he might cum involuntarily. His cock was so engorged now. The sight before him was so beautiful and erotic — he could never have predicted the swell of lust, hunger and emotions it was all causing in him now. He watched intently as his owner, apparently oblivious of his presence, yet clearly aware, teased at the young woman’s labia. Her fingers were gentle and sensual and Lisa seemed to love it. He watched the two women exchange deeper kisses again as he burned with frustration and need. His mouth had become so dry he had to keep swallowing. This was a day he would never forget.

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