Her Monthly Celebration

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The text read, “I’m still celebrating! Join me.”

My heart raced at the invitation from my Mistress to join her monthly celebration of womanhood. She chooses the day depending on her mood, level of power she wants and humiliation she desires. Usually she calls on me near the end when things have slowed to a manageable level. It is such a natural process and yet filled with taboo overtones. We embrace it at as a celebration of her womanhood and use the social taboo to polarize it into a dominant and submissive act. I willing submit to her needs. Plans are quickly made to meet that afternoon at her place.

My cock hardens at the anticipation and I start to enter sub space. It is the mindset that makes me compliant, eager, willing and longing to please. It allows me to overcome my fears, anxiety, apprehensions, and taboos. I feel at home, suddenly comfortable, knowing my place and my use in life.

I get to her place on time and knock. She opens the door with a warm smile followed by her devilish grin. The one that tells me I’m here for her. Today she is wearing a little black dress that follows the gentle curves of her succulent body. The dress frames her chest and shows off her breasts with just the right amount of cleavage. Her short dark hair dances on her shoulders. Her eyes captivating.

We greet with a deep passionate kiss full of lips and tongue. My cock responds. Her kissing me is in no way a sign of me obtaining equal status, in fact, it is just another way she teases and torments me, giving me a taste but never enough to satisfy my hunger. As her kiss breaks away I feel the weight of her hands on my shoulders urging me to my knees. I lower my eyes to her feet, delicately encased in black stilettos. Removing my clothing is awkward, yet rapid, as I am on the floor. My cock now free from my silk boxers stands up straight searching for some attention. Her hands on my head guide my face toward her womanhood. I close my eyes and in darkness my other senses take over. My nose now pressing against the fabric of her dress. The hint of her heavenly aroma filling my senses. I inhale slowly and deliberately, her scent filling me and taking over my body. The ache in me becomes more than a want, it’s a need, no longer a simple desire but a necessity. She releases my head and walks away, the sudden departure startles me, confusing my blissful state, opening a void, leaving me empty. I open my eyes as I watch the dress flow delicately across her ass. She picks up a glass of wine off the table as she departs.

Several alsancak escort steps away, without turning I hear her simple and direct command, “Follow me.” I crawl.

By the time I caught up with her she was removing her dress and I watched it fall to the floor as she stepped out of it. I picked up the dress and laid it on the chair. My eyes indulging in her body clad only in panties bra and heels. She smoothly removed the black bra and her breasts now set free for me to feast my gaze upon. She is a sight to behold and the view looking up from my knees is that of a Goddess. She plays with the glass of wine swirling and sipping. I guessed it to be a Bordeaux a favorite of hers. A sly smile across her face and she enjoyed watching me.

“Come closer,” she teased, in response to my dazed state, “smell me.” The breath is intoxicating. The scent of her arousal mixed with her monthly menstrual cycle. I relished several deep breaths filling my body with her aroma. My state of arousal and submission is all encompassing. The world beyond us no longer exists just me here to completely give myself to any of her wants needs and desires. My lips and nose occasionally grazing the lace of the thong.

“Remove my panties,” she demanded. I reach up and touching her, my thumbs against the soft skin of her hips. I fumble and search slightly until I slide them under the band of her thong and pull. Slowly pealing them off of her, revealing her womanly treasures. My eyes now fixed upon her shaved mound. I lower the thong to the floor and she steps out of them, each movement teasing me with glimpses of her pussy.

She stands with her legs spread apart and uttered the words that drive me, “Lick!”

Slowly I touched her upper thigh and ran my tongue towards her mound. She moans softly. I lick again wetting her lips and outer folds. Nibbling and sucking awakening her pussy lips, encouraging them to swell. Long patient strokes from the bottom and just barely touching her clit as I pass by. I part her inner lips with the point of my tongue. I working it deeper. My tongue exploring and finding the string of her tampon. I swirl my tongue around and draw the string into my mouth. “Mmmm,” I moan.

Encouraging me, she says, “Good boy, pull it out.” With my teeth firmly holding the string I pulled back and removed the last barrier to her inner depths. Dangling from my mouth I crawl to a nearby trash can and deposited the tampon.

Before I could get back where I left off she has other plans. ayrancılar escort “I love this wine, do you want some?” she giggles.

What I want is to lick her pussy, fearing that is not the right response, I hesitantly replied, “Yes Mistress, I would love some wine.”

Withe another giggle she teased, “Guess what my little sub? I’ve already drank most of it today and I am saving the rest of the bottle for later, but I’m not going to be completely selfish. How about I share my own special vintage with you. I’ve got to pee anyway. Come here and put your mouth on my pussy. No licking this time, just open up and swallow when I tell you.”

“Yes Mistress!” I exclaimed eagerly and complied. She raised one leg up on a chair. I raised my face higher craning my neck while covering her pussy with my open mouth. My eyes meeting hers. Her smile full, sexy, and devious with a look of complete control. I now eagerly awaiting the first drops of her sweet golden nectar. I was quickly rewarded with a stream filling my mouth. The taste was exquisite. She stopped each time my mouth was full and paused making me hold it before allowing me to swallow her personally flavored wine. This went on till her bladder was empty and I had swallowed each drop of her pee. A sense of belonging to her came over me now filled with part of her. The taste is quite enjoyable to me and the act is one of complete submission.

“I need to ride your face,” she uttered next, her aroused state suddenly obvious in the hasty tone, “go lay on the bed.”

“Certainly Mistress,” I quickly replied with a big smile. Lying down with my hands over my head I watch her crawl on the bed. Swinging one leg over me facing my feet and giving me another view of her exposed pussy. She came to rest above my chin and chest with her ass toward my face. I enjoy the view of her round firm ass and delicate rosebud that is now filling my vision.

“Lick my ass first!” she exclaims while lowering her soft firm cheeks on my face. My tongue dives in as I lick her hole. Lapping from her taint across her asshole. Slowly wetting it and tasting the opening. I settle in losing myself in the task of licking and darting my tongue around the sensitive skin. Pressing and probing until she relaxes and the tip of my wet tongue darts inside. Moaning and slowly moving her hips, she is pushing on my face my tongue deeper in her ass. She loves my attention to her ass and it shows.

Her swaying and rocking increase, rotating her ass to my nose while balçova escort I lick across the sensitive skin that separates her two holes and find the bottom of her slick pussy. The taste of her wet arousal mixed with the scent of her ass sends my head whirling in ecstasy. She shifts her hips back and pressing lower allowing my tongue to explore her inner folds and circle around the swollen engorged skin. My task now shifts to licking, sucking, swallowing each decadent sweet drop of liquid that flows from her sacred spot. To worship her, putting all my other needs, desires or wants aside.

I flatten my tongue and lick from bottom to top and circle back with my tip alternating along each side. Pausing after several strokes to dart inside and flick her inner walls. She lets gravity take over as she lowers herself trying to get my tongue deeper inside. Her ass temporarily covering my nose restricting my breath. I am fully engulfed and working to please. I hear little of what goes on around me, my eyes are closed and my breath is lost, my focus is on my tongue and what pleasure it can bring to her. The licking continues and time is irrelevant. She shifts and rides my face, giving me short opportunities to inhale and fill my lungs with air.

As she leans forward shifting her clit right over my mouth, I can focus solely on her clit. I am alternating soft delicate licks with faster darting flicks on her nub. Using my lips to suck her like a small cock. She writhes and moans and I know she is getting close. Legs and thighs are squeezing my head while her hips push and grind getting to just the right spot. Her pleasure was building to the point of no return. Closer we climb together. I am frantically licking her nub while her breathing become ragged.

The release is phenomenal. She starts to shake, with small high pitched gasps and squeaks. Her body tenses, she yells, then her pussy opens with a gush of fluid. Enough to fill my mouth. I lick as the contractions unfold, her body throbbing on my face as her orgasm takes her to a place of pure bliss.

She collapses slowly rolling off my body spent and satisfied. I lay gasping for air. We lay opposite each other while she returns to the moment. My cock bobbing and searching for some small touch or connection that will provide my own desperate release.

“Worship and denial.” She declares, “I’m done with you. Go clean yourself up and enjoy the rest of your day.” I leave her on the bed to rest and head for the shower, my cock stretching the limits, bobbing involuntarily. A mixture of complete satisfaction and frustration. How my mind spins, feeling so happy and complete and yet my body yells for just a little more please. I am in heaven knowing I was used to provide her with such pleasure. Such sweet torture.

My parting words are sincere and filled with gratitude, “Thank you Mistress.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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