Her New Professor Pt. 03

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As the days and weeks went past, and their love making became more of a regular habit, Riley realised a number of things. First was how she had become addicted to him; she couldn’t wait to see him and fantasised all the time about them being together. Secondly she noticed that each time they made love he pushed her a little further; introducing a new skill, or just stretching her capacity or stamina a measure further. Thirdly the penny dropped that even when he had asked her what she wanted, he had only used that as a starting place, an inspiration if you like, for whatever it was he wanted to do to her.

Finally, she realised that the more he controlled her, the more helpless she was, the more she was liking it. She trusted him totally, and gave herself up to him completely, and that was the best feeling ever.

He was skilled in his manipulation of her body, and took care to never mark her, but when she was left with a bruise on her wrist from him restraining her too tightly; rather than hiding it, she displayed it to the whole world with pride as what her man had done to her (as if the world would notice!).

Something was noticed though. When she visited home for the first time that term, before they even got home from the station her younger brother had announced to their parents, “Riley’s lost her virginity!” Whether he was just being an idiot, or whether he really had picked up something who knows, but it made her blush, and her parents were mad with him.

Something had also changed at Uni. There was no doubt that the boys on her course had started noticing her more. She had felt invisible before, as if they hadn’t seen her as something sexual, but she was aware of their eyes following her, and whereas previously that would have made her more shy, she now quite unconsciously had a little extra wiggle into her butt, and held her shoulders back a touch. Not that she would flirt though; she wasn’t remotely interested in anyone else, it just reflected her new confidence and sexuality. She would probably have laughed at the thought that a boy of her own age would be able to satisfy her now.

He had been quite rough with her though, when he fucked her on her back once he had twisted her nipples hard, and then kept slapping her tits, leaving his finger marks on them, until they just went red all over. She could cope with the pain, but more enjoyed the heat and buzzing sensations afterwards as all her nerve endings went into overdrive.

He had put his hands around her throat too, and one time it did seem like he might have lost control of himself, but he released her just before she lost consciousness but not until she’d had an orgasm that really did feel like a “little death”.

She wondered where this would end; whether he needed to up the ante every time to maintain his excitement , or whether he was still just training her. She knew however that the journey was one she wanted to take, and hoped that she could take whatever he would send her way. She trusted him, given the tenderness that he had shown her, that he wouldn’t do anything to harm her.

He had explored her ass and her throat more but without much success at either end, she was just too small. He did however love how she writhed as he slipped his finger up her ass when they were fucking, as a way of pushing her closer to the edge, and he loved the sensation of his cock plugging her throat, even if she didn’t know how to, or couldn’t physically, fit it down there.

The first time he came in her mouth was unforgettable. He had already fucked her and made her cum over and over on his cock, so when he started fucking her mouth it was slick with her juice before her saliva added more lubrication. He didn’t think to warn her, and she was just concentrating on riding his bucking cock with her mouth as best she could. Suddenly she was drowning in a flood of cum. She clamped her lips around his shaft, not wishing to lose a drop, sucking and licking on his fat cock as it continued to shoot at her epiglottis. She finally fell back, gasping for air, eyes wide and teary, cum dribbling down her chin. He kissed her right there, right in the mess of it, telling her what an amazing baby slut she was becoming, then made her hold his cum in her mouth like a paint pot, dipping his fingers in, then painting her face with it.

He took her photo just like that; sprawled, frosted, and happy; and kissed her again, kuşadası escort before allowing her to swallow and clean herself up.

His wife was, as expected, pregnant, and his first response to that news was to shut himself off from Riley. He told her why he couldn’t see her anymore, which led her to get more drunk than she ever had in her young life, and left her sobbing in a heap. He quickly found though that his wife’s new status didn’t diminish his need for Riley, and, although he tried to resist, it wasn’t long before she was again screaming in ecstasy as his long cock lifted her in the air.

Despite this, he couldn’t wait for his wife’s belly to grow and for her tits to be swelling, and he wondered how kinky he was in being desperate to taste her milk. However being pregnant somehow elevated the dignity of her womanhood above the fucking that he had given all his lovers to that point. He had always placed her on a pedestal, but it had gotten higher, and it wouldn’t seem right anymore to play sex games with the mother of his child.

So he needed Riley and Emily only more. His wife had always known that he wasn’t faithful to her; she could hardly miss it when he came home sometimes reeking of pussy. She recognised that he had an extraordinary sex drive, in the same way that his intellect was on a different level to anyone she had ever met (which was a massive turn on in itself), and that she couldn’t meet all of his various sexual needs alone. In the early days of their relationship they had tried a threesome with another girl, but she wasn’t attracted to girls at all, and they ended up just competing for his cock; which might have been fun for him, but not so much for her (although she did win)! So since then she had just tacitly agreed to be blind to his “hobby”, as she thought of it.

A conference came up in the capital city towards the end of term and he was invited to give the key note lecture. Previously he had always gone to these things alone, having found that there would always be groupees amongst the student attendees who wanted the trophy of sleeping with a big name in the field. He was never rough with them but enjoyed the pleasure of having a one off fucktoy. This time, however, he couldn’t resist the thought of having Riley to himself for a whole couple of days. They would have to be good around the conference, acting like professor and research assistant, but the hotel and city was big enough for them to disappear into for most of the time.

Riley was of course utterly thrilled and beside herself when he told her, and when they were on the train she delighted in shocking the other passengers by snuggling on his lap, and snogging him lewdly. The age difference wasn’t such that they were mistaken for father and daughter, but she looked so young, and him so worldly-wise that something just looked off – although at least one of the other passengers quite obviously would have liked to have swopped places.

When they got to the hotel they checked into their two adjoining rooms, but she went straight to him and they barely got the door shut before they were ripping each other’s clothes off and fucking like animals on the bed. It felt so good to be in a bed; such a luxury after his office.

After taking the edge off their lust, they showered and dressed. He helped dress her, putting her in a tight vest top that she would usually only wear under a shirt, and a skirt with no panties underneath, before they went out to dinner in the red light district.

It was the first time they’d been out in public and she thrilled at walking along the street hand in hand. She noticed how he moved with effortless athleticism, his ass tight in his jeans, and his massively powerful arms and shoulders apparent under his crisp white shirt. Other women obviously noticed him and she glowed with pride to be with him.

He took her to a sex shop before dinner; she, amazed at all the sexy clothing, enjoyed fondling the leather and rubber paraphernalia. They chose a ball gag, a leather riding crop and some clamps that he thought may be useful, together with some restraints that would work with their hotel bed.

He then took her out for a pizza, enjoying the way her tiny nipples poked through her top and how the waiters were so obviously lusting after her. She loved being out with him and being the centre of attention, drinking a bit too much kuşadası escort bayan red wine, displaying her bare arms, shoulders and so smooth arm pits by playing with her hair; letting her small breasts stretch the material of her top as she arched her back.

He gave her a lecture about BDSM, being very serious as he taught her about safe words (which made her giggle), but she solemnly swore that she did understand and would always stop him if she felt uncomfortable.

She was so turned on by his physicality; just by him rolling up the sleeves of his shirt, showing his strong forearms and dexterous hands.

Afterwards he took her to a sex cinema. She was a bit scared and wasn’t sure she wanted to do it. She was surprised to discover that ladies got in free. He led her by the hand into the darkness of the cinema. She couldn’t really make out the surroundings, but on the screen was a close up view of a massively magnified cock plunging into a girl’s anus accompanied by her very fake moaning and groaning. The camera pulled back to show her sucking on another cock.

Riley was aware of the smell of male sex hanging over the room, and as he led her to their seats, had a vague sense of other people in the darkness around them.

As her eyes adjusted to the darkness, she could make out perhaps 10 men dotted around the cinema, mainly sat on their own; although she could see two men together in the front row. She could only see those on the rows opposite with any clarity but she got a strong impression that most were playing with themselves, either under their clothing, or flagrantly with their dicks out. She then realised that most were turning every now and then to check her out, and she suddenly feared that the action they were really interested in wasn’t on the screen -they could after all be at home on the internet if they just wanted to watch porn! She retreated for safety more deeply into her man’s arms, but he seemed engrossed in the screen action, although he did drop the arm he had around her into a position where he could play with her far nipple.

After a few minutes he unzipped himself and pulled out his hard dick.

“Stroke it for me,” he ordered. She reached across as discretely as she could manage, not wanting anyone to see, and started masturbating him pretending to be just watching the film. In truth it was fascinating her. Now the girl on screen had one huge cock in her pussy and another in her ass. She had no idea that was even possible but it looked insanely intense.

She noticed that the other men’s looks had become more frequent and blatant now although no-one had moved.

“Go down on me,” he said.

She looked at him pleadingly, but then reluctantly complied, shifting her ass across on the seat so she could get her head down to his lap. She took his engorged head in her mouth, working it slowly as he put his hand on the back of her head and continued enjoying his film.

She couldn’t see what was happening around them, but she felt sure she could hear movement. She felt her skirt being drawn up but had no idea whose hand was on her pussy. She couldn’t stop herself from lifting her head to look and to her relief saw that it was his, but that they were now surrounded by other men, a couple leaning over the seat backs in front to have a good look, and another standing in the aisle, openly wanking over her.

He gave her his finger to taste, which just confirmed what she already knew- that she was sopping wet. She dropped her head again to continue sucking him. Either it was against the unwritten rules, or his body language was making it clear, but no-one dared to touch her, and after a few minutes more he said “I think we’ve given enough of a show for today,” and he tucked his cock back into his flies and they quickly left, her supressing a giggle at the outrageousness of what she had just done.

As they rode back in a taxi to the hotel he whispered in her ear, “I should have fucked you in there, should we go back?” She shook her head but the idea was kinda exciting. They did continue to give the taxi driver a thrill though, as he had his hand up her skirt most of the way back as they French kissed passionately.

As soon as they got back to his room he undressed her, tied her hands behind her back and gagged her.

He stood in front of her looking down at her upturned face.

“I escort kuşadası want you to understand that I love you and that this is just a game for us to play.”

He twisted her nipple between his fingers, “You can tell me to stop anytime you want, and I will at once. Is that understood; you remember our safe word?” She nodded at him, already struggling with the ball gag in her mouth, but utterly determined that whatever he chose to do to her, she would somehow rise above it.

He stroked her soaking wet cunt as he looked at her thoughtfully.

“Where do we start, my little slut? How do we teach you what it means to be truly mastered?”

He grabbed her wrists and dragged her to the bed, throwing her face down. He put a couple pillows under her hips so her cute ass was sticking way up on display. He got the riding switch and drew it up over her pussy lips before bringing it down hard on her small, firm buttocks. She yelped into her gag and immediately a welt appeared, then another and another as he beat her bottom mercilessly.

As a little blood appeared around the worst of her marks he paused, bending down to taste it, and to caress her soreness.

“Poor baby,” he said before following up with another half dozen vicious strokes.

She was crying to herself now, not making any noise, but mutely suffering the intense pain. The whole of her bottom felt on fire.

He paused again to lick her asshole, before putting some harsh strokes onto the back of her slimly muscled thighs.

He stood back to examine his work; her backside and thighs covered in an insane road map of welts.

He parted her legs and finished this first part of her session with some measured strikes on her pussy, enough to make her yell out loud.

He flipped her over, re-tying her wrists to the head board.

“After the pain comes the pleasure,” he said, diving between her thighs and feasting on her pussy.

It was amazing how quickly the pleasure feelings masked the pain and she came to a crashing orgasm on his tongue as he worked her clit. He moved up and kissed her lips over her gag, mixing her cum with her dribbling saliva.

He turned his attention to her breasts, slapping them, before reaching for the clamps. He fastened them on her little nipples tight enough to make her squeal and squirm, then pulled on them to stretch her tiny tits into elongated cones.

He put two fingers in her cunt, palm up and slightly bent so that as he finger fucked her he was hitting her g spot every time, then staring into her eyes he drummed his finger tips right on it, making her scream and squirt for the first time in her young life. He then used his fingers roughly on her clit, forcing another cum out of her, as he tormented her breasts some more.

He undid her gag, replacing it immediately with his cock, enjoying how her mouth was full of her saliva, and fucked it mercilessly, with each thrust hitting the back of her throat so she was always on the edge of choking.

He looked down at the tiny sweetness of her body, her pretty face looking so incongruous being destroyed by his huge dick, but he just fucked her face harder, jamming his cock down her throat and holding it there till she was ready to pass out.

He finally relented, letting her fall back limply, covered in both their sweat, hands still tied above her head, her legs falling together on one side.

His cock felt as hard and engorged as it had ever been in his life and despite her state he had to have more. He spread her legs, and lifted them so she was folded in half, and holding her ankles he slammed into her, hitting her cervix with his first stroke, pounding her poor delicate pussy into submission with his uncontrollable lust.

She pulled on her wrist restraints, desperate to hold him, but she couldn’t move, her orgasm building again as she looked into his eyes, which looked something less than human in his sexual trance state.

He dug his nails into her back and dragged them down her sore flesh as he exploded into her, his body jerking and spasming with an orgasm more intense than he had ever experienced.

He collapsed onto her, almost crushing her, but utterly spent for the moment, and she tenderly nuzzled his neck and face, in awe at the passion that he had just expressed.

Even in her inexperienced state she knew that that couldn’t be how normal men had sex, that she had just been on the receiving end of something of devastating power, and that she had ridden out the hurricane to the eye of the storm.

Still unable to hold him in her arms she wrapped her legs around him more tightly, locking his soft dick inside her, never wanting to let him go.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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