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This is the flipside to my His story. They can be read alone or together or in any order. Enjoy X

Sun streams in through the open shutters, jolting me awake. I had been fucking her for hours and we had both fallen asleep spent from our exertions. She is still dozing and I shift on to my side to look at her. Her long brunette hair cascades down laying on her beautiful tits. She has great tits – 32G or H something like that – big and full. Some of my cum has dried over them leaving a white residue. I feel my cock twitch and marvel at how this little slut can drive me crazy still after all this time and at my age. She loves being fucked and the truth is I love fucking her.

I lean over and fondle one of her tits. Squeezing and flicking gently. She lets out a low moan. Slowly she opens her eyes and turns her head to look at me. Her big beautiful eyes steal immediately down to my cock and she smiles. “Come here” I say. She is smiling at me softly and turns her body inching slightly closer to me. I feel my cock stiffen and I lean in and kiss her hard. I want her again, inexplicably.

I feel her hand on my cock, she expertly massages me and I enjoy this moment of tenderness. I have already decided she is going to suffer the rest of the evening but I’ll allow her this moment to wake up. I grab her rolling her onto her back, pinning her, kissing her harder now. My cock is aching to be inside her tight cunt again. Which is ridiculous, but how it always is with us.

I start pushing slowly inside of her, I feel her body tense around me, and I moan with the sensation of the tight walls of her cunt enveloping me, and her wetness as I glide in. “You can’t get enough can you, you little slut.” She is moaning her eyes closed as she takes my manhood deep within her, thrusting her hips up. I am taking deep strokes, nearly pulling out then ploughing back into her right Mersin Escort to the hilt.

“Neither can you – harder” she demands.

And now I think she really does deserve to be treated like the slut she is, slamming down hard into her. She grabs my shoulders digging her nails in and let’s put a cry of pleasure. I am pounding hard now, and I can feel I will not last too long going at this pace, I want to cum deep inside her, I feel lost in her pussy, the energy I feel coming from her – her raw desire.

“You’re such a fucking whore”, I spit out at her, most women would recoil at this (many have before) but not her, it drives her wild and she wraps her legs around me, driving into me so I am even deeper inside her. I grab her tit hard then find my self closing my hand around her throat, the pace of my fucking unrelenting. Her pussy juice is leaking down onto my balls, coating them. My face is close to hers and I know I am squeezing a little too tight, but this act sends waves of pleasure through me and she digs her nails into me harder and I drill into her wildly. I release my grip, she takes in some air and then I clamp my hand down over her mouth. I am sweating and it drips onto her face and the back of my hand.

“You love being fucked hard don’t you whore” She bucks up toward me hearing these words her body flailing, her face a mix of agony and ecstasy and I know she is well on her way to an orgasm. But I’m not interested in her pleasure. She came 5 times this afternoon – and now I need a different release. I pull away and out of her hungry pussy, grabbing her and demanding she turn over.

She appears exasperated but does as she is told, moving to her knees. I slap her arse hard and push her down onto her belly, straddling her. She is moaning like the cheap whore she is, and even shakes her perfect round ass at me, desperate Mersin Escort Bayan for me to plunge my cock into her again. she will not get ehat she wants.

I spit onto my fingers and roughly push 2 of them inside her ass. I feel her tense immediately and she quietly pleads “no baby” this time shaking her head.

I smile broadly, knowing I will take what is mine. I lean forward over her from behind, pinning her with my weight. “You know you want it, slut” I hiss into her ear, and I feel her flinch a little and her face flushes and she moans, in spite of herself. I raise myself up a little and use my leg to spread hers and begin to push my hard cock into her very tight asshole.

I know why she said no, I know this will hurt her. My cock is big, and wide and right now so hard I feel like I could explode. I want to cum inside her ass, and I want her to feel it and remember it for days.

I push in hard, there is little lube other than the small amount of spit and her pussy juices covering my cock. It is a little difficult at first and she is whimpering into the pillow, but I rip past her bud and plunge deep inside her. The feeling is all consuming the tightness, the smell of her, and my power over her, I roar loudly. The sound matched only by her scream and that makes my cock twitch and pulse and I feel some pre cum release and I start to fuck her with everything I have.

I grab her hair and tug hard pulling her head back. “I’m going to cum in your ass.”

She is moaning wildly, every thrust resulting in her crying out.

She seems to revel in these encounters, somehow taking pleasure from these violent episodes. I often wonder how far I could really go, and this thought sends electricity through me. Only with her have I ever felt my true self, and it is intoxicating and dangerous.

I release her hair and Escort Mersin instead grab her arms pulling them up and together allowing me to really fuck her as hard as I can. Her ass is contracting hard around my cock, she releases an animal like sound and begs me to cum. I have lost control, and am pounding her hard, I couldn’t hold back even if I wanted to. I release a huge load of cum smashing down hard against her, followed by a second and maybe 3 or 4 more explosions. I am completely consumed with my orgasm, howling and grunting emptying myself in her. I collapse forward on top of her breathing heavily.

I am still inside her, she is breathing heavily like me. I am often in awe of this strange creature. She seems to have limitless love and energy for me. She allows me to live my fantasies and never judges me. I don’t fully understand her need to be dominated and her desire for pain, just as I don’t understand why I achieve such a blissful state when I can inflict it on her. I kiss her shoulder gently and pull out of her ass, rolling onto my back my hand resting on her ass. She lets out a cry as I do.

Not every time is like this of course, I stare at the ceiling breathing hard – enjoying the glow of my orgasm remembering the first time I took her ass, how that become one of the greatest fucks of my life – but it wasn’t the pounding I had imagined – and the reality is my love for her took over……

I hear her move and I turn to look at her. She is beautiful, even more so covered in sweat and dishevelled. She has hardly changed over all these years. I smile at her and notice her hand is already on her pussy – she is insatiable.

“How’s your ass” I joke.

You tell me!” She replies back and I laugh at this and she does too breaking the tension that was hanging in the air.

She moves toward me and places her head on my chest, as I wrap my arm around her, stroking her hair and skin gently. “You are beautiful, my darling” I whisper, surprising myself. She kisses my chest and pulls in tighter to me wrapping her leg over mine, thrusting her pussy into me. I can feel heat radiate from her and she lets out a low growl.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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