Hidden Desires Revealed In

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Leaning back in his chair, fingers locked together on his stomach. Feet splayed out on the ground, he stares ahead. His gaze roving over every bit of her as she hangs by the harness. Not having left her since he stepped back from tying her.

Dangling in the air, her wrists connected to the harness. The rope looping around her chest, over and under her breasts. Squeezing them together. Her nipples stretched by clamps, each with a bell attached. Breathing in deep through her nose. The gag in her mouth muffles any sound she makes.

A length of rope looped around her neck runs down. Entwined with the chest harness. Circled around her stomach before he made it run over her panty clad crotch. The wet spot he found distracted him only for a little while, the bells jingled merrily during that distraction.

Smirking at the sight of the wires that run from her panties to the top of her stockings. Wires connected to the two bullet vibes inside her.

The buzzing and her moans evidence that the two were still running. Her toes curl as she shudders in her bonds. Ankles against the back of her thighs by the rope he had bound. She had gasped so beautifully as he tied them tight.

Her head would have hung down if not for the knot he had tied around her ponytail. Tied back so she had no choice but to see as his eyes ran over her form. Each time she dared open hers, she trembled under his gaze. Her breath deepening every time. Slight tremors running over her.

She twitches as the two bullet eggs kuşadası escort switch from a steady buzzing to a far more intense staccato of beats. Her deep moan turns to a groan as it suddenly stops, slumping into her bonds.

Opening her eyes she looks at him with begging eyes. Shaking as she utters a sound. Pleading through inarticulate noise.

He stands before her in the blink of an eye. Something held in his hand that she cannot see as she is struck by the glint in his eyes. Incapable of looking away from that emerald fire.

His left hand settles on her throat, squeezing slightly. She feels as something brushes along her body. Gasping as it nudges against the clamps. Going down, down until it settles against the rope and cloth that covers her wetness.

She looks desperate as he grins dangerously. Flicking a switch, a loud buzzing sounds through the room. She flinches, shaking in her ropes as she groans deeply shutting her eyes. Breathing sharply through her nose, moans loud enough to be heard over the buzzing. The clinging of the bells evidence of her trembling body. The sensations too much for her.

“Look at me.” His command punctuated by a squeeze to her throat. Nostrils flaring. She opens her eyes, staring deeply into his. The buzzing carrying her higher to the point of no return.

“Come for me.”

Her body shudders and shakes as she screams into the gag. Her walls clenching around the egg inside her. Her thighs shake as she tries to close them. kuşadası escort bayan Her eyes rolling backwards as he keeps that torturous pressure on her. One bell falls to the floor, shaken loose it lands with a delicate chime.

Finally he pulls away. Her entire body slumping down into the ropes as it leaves her. Eyes shut. She can only feel as he fiddles with the gag. Taking it from her mouth, allowing her to take mouthfuls of air. The knot pulling her head back is released and she lets it hang, hair falling down next to her. Twitching from the still buzzing eggs.

When the buzzing ends she is relieved and disappointed. Her release a blur as she pants. Slowly let down to the floor. Stretching her arms and legs like a content cat as she hears him walk back to his chair.

Sitting back down in his chair. She lays on her side, arms and legs lying haphazardly. Chest heaving, her ponytail lying over her neck. The ends wet with her sweat. But what strikes him is the look in her eyes. That half lidded gaze and her parted lips. The satisfaction and want for more that he can see.

Minutes long he looks at her before he breaks the silence. “Come here.”

Huffing she places her palms on the ground. Rising up so she can crawl closer to him. Knowing that if she were to stand he’d have her go back just to make her crawl toward him. A slow sensuous motion as she approaches him.

Each time she brings a leg forward the eggs move around inside her. Making her twitch escort kuşadası and clench around them. Finally close enough to sit between his legs she rests her head on his thigh. Looking up at him with a mischievous light in her eyes.

He strokes her hair. Her eyes close as he whispers praise beneath his breath and she nuzzles into his leg. His hand comes down from her hair, she opens her eyes at the loss of contact. Seeing as his fingers trail upwards over his own leg. Working the button of his pants before grasping his zipper. Slowly pulling it down as her eyes follow.

With a last click everything ends.

The floor falls away. Darkness around him.

A thunderclap as he falls, thudding down on something soft yet in that moment inexplicably hard.

He pushes himself up, looking about as his heart hammers in his throat. Head pounding as he breathes harshly. Eyes wide and fearful he whispers into the night. “No!”

Fisting his hands in his hair at the side of his head he mumbles it over and over again.Slamming his fist down beside him on the bed he breathes heavily. Shaking his head to throw away lingering thoughts.

In one motion he throws the covers off, swinging his legs from the bed. Pacing beside the bed, arms jerking as he thinks back on the dream.

Placing his hands on the desk he leans over. Closing his eyes as he shakes his head. Groaning deeply as he opens them, seeing the wet tip on the tent in his shorts. Muttering about cold showers beneath his breath he steps into the bathroom.

Images of red hair and the expression she wore flit through his mind as the cold water pounds on his back. He tries to resist the temptation that makes him strain. Cursing all the while.

An: was the rope description clear enough or simply confusing?

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