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“What’s good for the earth and all that.”

“I often wondered how that worked,” the young man behind the counter of the diner just south of Santa Fe said. He was leaning over the counter, having delivered Andy’s breakfast, but not all that anxious to move on. Andy was a real looker. A regular Paul Newman, but with more muscle. And the young man behind the counter had his interests. Besides, the looks he was getting back indicated that the trucker, Andy, had similar interests.

“Yeah, gotta do what we can to keep the environment clean,” Andy said. He had been trained well to parrot his company’s policies, but he did, in fact, support keeping the environment as clean as possible.

Sadie, the older woman behind the counter, snorted in passing, “Ya mean getting the environment back to clean don’t ya, sweetie. Make up for decades of screwing it up.” She nudged the man behind the counter, “There’s an order needing taken at the end of the counter, Stan, if you can get your eyeballs back into your head.” As Stan reddened and scurried off, she turned to Andy. “Top off that coffee, sweetie?” She didn’t have any objection to hunks herself.

“Yeah, thanks,” Andy said, as the man behind the counter moved to the far end of the barstools. There was a young guy, some sort of mixed breed perched on a stool down the counter. Some part white in him, Andy thought, but something else. Native American? Hispanic? Whatever it was, it was a good mix. He was kind of small, but well formed and with a real good face. Andy wouldn’t mind getting his dick into that one. And the glance the young guy gave him after he’d given his order to the counter man indicated interest too.

Andy smiled a bland smile back. He didn’t have to be the one on the make. He had no trouble picking guys up on the road to fuck silly in the compartment behind his cab. He knew he looked like Paul Newman and was hung.

While eyeballing the honey at the end of the counter—well both of them; the mixed breed perched on the stool and the guy behind the counter, although, of the two the mixed breed was the winner—and being eyeballed in return, it hit Andy that something seemed a bit strange. Then he figured out what it was. When he’d seen the mixed breed walking across the windows outside before entering the diner, he’d been chatting with three other guys. Where were they? Andy looked around the diner and saw that the three were over at a table. A surly lot, he thought. He must have been mistaken about the really sweet-looking mixed breed having been with them. They looked like ranch hands just off a cattle drive, and looking for trouble.

Sadie had made a pass at serving them coffee but had backed out of their aura as fast as she could. She was at the end of the counter now, pouring for the small mixed breed. They exchanged a few words and then she turned and called down the counter to Andy.

“You driving that fancy rig out there? Guy here asked about it, but I was curious too.”

“Yeah, that’s mine,” Andy said. His semitrailer was parked across the parking lot, all gleaming silver.

“Guy here says he ain’t seen nothing that fancy around here before. Neither have I. He said that’s got to have the biggest compartment behind the cab he’s ever seen.”

“Yep, it’s a special model,” Andy answered. “My home away from home. And the truck’s a new-fangled design. Anderson’s producing a few hybrid semi trucks now to see how they go. My company’s motto is ‘Anything for the Environment,’ so I’m helping to test a hybrid model to see how it copes with hard hauls like the one from Santa Fe to Phoenix. So far so good. Good mileage for a semi, fewer emissions, and it’s pullin’ OK so far.”

“What’yer hauling this trip?” the counter man asked.

“Electronic gear. TVs and computer monitors mostly. Taking them from Santa Fe to Phoenix.”

Sadie snorted, “So much for the environment. Fancy earth-friendly truck haulin’ ozone killers.”

Andy was about to respond to that, when there was a growl from across the room. The three dusty cowboys wanted to order. Sadie pulled a pencil out of her hair and a notebook out of her pocket and sauntered off across the room.

Andy finished his coffee, tossed his money down on the counter, and went to the head to take a piss before going back on the road. He was standing at the urinal, pissing a strong arc onto the porcelain wall when he heard the bathroom door open. He turned his head a bit as the good-looking mixed breed entered and sidled up to the urinal beside him. The young guy unzipped and turned and gave Andy a grin. He then lowered his eyes to Andy’s urinal. Andy turned a bit to give the dude a good look at his package. He was proud of it—and had every right to be proud of it.

The other guy gave a little gasp, and Andy had to move a bit to his right, afraid that the mixed breed would piss on his pant leg in his loss of control at seeing how Andy was hanging.

The Bahçeşehir Escort truck driver might have said something, as the come on seemed pretty obvious and the little guy was a really nice piece—and was equipped pretty well too. He was half hard just from looking at what Andy was packing, and Andy was about to give him an even better look, when the bathroom door opened again and the man behind the counter entered.

The idea of a threesome—all the signals had been there—raced through Andy’s mind. But he didn’t really have time for this, and he was a bit worried what that Sadie would say when the three had been in the head for some time. She had a mouth on her and didn’t seem to put much restraint on what she’d say at full volume. And she seemed smart enough to have caught the vibes going on between the men out at the counter. She certainly seemed to have had the number of the guy behind the counter. Andy just didn’t want to endure the walk from the head to the diner door—and there was always something he could pick up on the road. He’d never had trouble that way.

So, he zipped himself up, having emptied his bladder essentially before the mixed breed had entered the room, and relinquished the urinal to the counter guy. There were only two urinals. If Andy didn’t back out fast, there obviously was going to be some action or some embarrassment at misreading signals. The counter guy seemed much more interested in what Andy and the mixed breed were doing than in taking a leak.

Andy marched quickly through the diner and out to his fancy environmentally correct semitrailer. He had to walk around an old Mustang convertible with a faded red paint job and an even older beat-up truck that had once been a U-Haul van but had been indifferently painted over in white to get to his rig. He checked around the semi for anything that looked like it might be trouble. Finding nothing worrisome, he pulled himself up into the truck cab and drove out onto Interstate 25 for the short leg to Albuquerque through the Santo Domingo and San Felipe Indian reservations. He’d been a while checking the truck and the Mustang and van were still parked by the diner when he drove out.

His mind went to the bathroom he had hastily left and to what maybe the counter man and the cute little mixed breed were still doing in there. He sighed with a bit of regret, almost sorry that he hadn’t stayed for some action. It was true he could pick a guy up between here and Albuquerque, but chances were good he wouldn’t be as nice a piece as that little mixed breed.

It wasn’t long while he was driving through the desolate sage brush area and alongside a steep ridge before he noticed that a convertible was riding his tail. The tailgater looked like a faded-red Mustang. The little piece from the diner maybe? And sure enough, not long after he noticed it, the Mustang pulled out beside him, coughing smoke out of its ass that made Andy frown. He couldn’t keep the frown on very long, though.

The cute mixed breed was driving and was alone in the car. Andy looked down into the open-topped convertible from his high perch in the cab and did a double take and a little swerve of the semi in his lane followed by a big grin. The little guy had his cock out of his shorts as he drove and was beating himself off. He grinned up at Andy and then let the semi surge ahead and pulled in behind it again.

Now, if that wasn’t an invitation, Andy didn’t know what was. He’d see how interested the little guy really was.

In Albuquerque, with the Mustang still hot on his tail, Andy turned west on Interstate 40, headed for his destination in Phoenix. He knew though that he was taking a break soon, because the Mustang turned onto 40 with him.

Hot on my tail; tail hot for me, Andy thought. And he laughed at his joke. He had to spread his legs a bit because he’d gone very hard and his basket needed added room. He put a hand on his basket and rubbed. He was more than ready for some tail. He’d get a taste of the mixed breed after all.

He turned into the first rest stop he came to and parked far back in the truck lot. The Mustang didn’t follow him into the truck parking, but he’d done this a hundred times before—hook up with a guy on the road and both pull off in a rest area to rock around in the compartment behind Andy’s cab. Not usually this blatantly, but he was all the harder for it the way the cute little trick was playing it. He leaned on his wheel and looked out of the driver’s window until he saw the mixed breed appear and start walking toward the truck across the expanse of asphalt. A real sexy walk. Oh, yes, he wanted it.

If he could go any harder, Andy would. What a sweet lookin’ piece, he thought, as he climbed down from the driver’s cab and opened the door to the spacious compartment behind the cab.

The young man, who sometime during the process identified himself as Hector, which Bahçeşehir Escort Bayan Andy didn’t believe as he identified himself as Sam, pulled himself up into the aft compartment right behind Andy. Andy had no more time than to sit on the narrow bed in the rear of the compartment than Hector was kneeling between his knees, unzipping his pants, pulling out his hard cock, and starting to give him head. Andy leaned over and pulled the compartment door shut and then started searching around in a pouch on the side wall. Anticipating him, though, Hector pulled a condom packet out of his pocket and handed it up to Andy without losing a stroke of his mouth on Andy’s cock.

After several minutes of what was a really excellent blow job, Andy tore open the packet. Hector reached up and clasped Andy’s hand in his and came away with the disk. He lifted his head off the cock, popped the condom disk in his mouth, and then smiled up into Andy’s face before lowering his mouth again and managing to roll the condom onto Andy’s cock with his teeth and tongue.

Andy shuddered and gave a growl from deep in his throat. This was going to be good. The little piece really knew what he was doing.

Andy rose up, grasping the small mixed breed by the waist and turned him to where Hector’s back was on the bed. Andy grabbed the hem of the young man’s T-shirt on either side, Hector’s torso briefly rose up off the bed as Andy pulled the shirt over his head. Then he stripped Hector’s shorts off and unbuckled his own pants and let them and his briefs slip down to the floor of the compartment.

“You’re huge, and gittin’ bigger,” Hector said. It came out in sort of a gaspy squeal though.

“You think you can take it all?” Andy growled.

“Or die trying,” Hector responded. He laughed and spread and raised his legs, finding footholds on the walls of the compartment. He grabbed for the back of Andy’s head with both hands, and guided Andy’s face down to his. They hungrily went into a deep lingering kiss. Andy’s hard cock was poking at Hector’s flat belly, and the young man reached down with a hand and encased the dick and beat it against his belly as they kissed.

Breaking out of the kiss, Hector growled. “Don’t make me wait. Fuck me, fuck me.”

Andy wasn’t ready yet, though, and he assumed Hector wasn’t ready for the thickness of him either, so he slowly worked his mouth down the perfectly formed berry-brown torso, down to where he could swallow Hector’s cock, while the young man arched his back, cupped the back of Andy’s head. Andy already was working his fingers into Hector’s hole, which was opening up to him nicely.

“Oh shit, oh fuck. fuck me, fuck me,” Hector whined as he ran his fingers into Andy’s hair, pulling his head as closely into his groin as he could. “Now, now. Shit! Do it now!” he cried out.

With a laugh, Andy pulled his head out of Hector’s lap, raised his body over the young mixed breed’s, slowly forced his cock inside the channel as Hector writhed and moaned and ran his hands inside Andy’s unbuttoned shirt and up his hard-muscled torso, to grasp the truck driver’s bulging pecs and then to travel on to dig his fingernails in Andy’s shoulders, as Andy did it “now” . . . did it hard . . . did it deep . . . did it with increasingly possessive vigor.

With a cry, Hector shot up Andy’s belly. But before Andy could come, the young man was scrambling out from underneath the older man and was turning them both on the narrow bed so that Andy was on his back and Hector was crouched over him. Hector sank his mouth over the sheathed cock, scraped his teeth back up the sides, and repeated the action again and then again and again. Andy arched his back off the bed and growled, ready to come, but Hector didn’t let him come. He held the older man immobile for nearly a moment, while Andy came off his high.

Then Hector began working his mouth up from the cock, nibbling and licking at Andy’s beefy torso. The younger man grasped Andy’s biceps and pushed his arms over his head. Hector held Andy’s arms over his head while he worked on Andy’s nipples and Andy groaned and grunted. Andy shuddered and jerked once as he felt Hector straddle him and begin a long descent of his channel on Andy’s cock again. Down Hector’s hips came, as Andy moaned at the warmth of the channel and the undulation of the sweet little piece’s channel muscles on his cock. Up and down. Andy gasped. This was one talented, tight channel. Up and down, and Andy gasped again.

Hector rocked back and forth and sideways on the cock and Andy raised his torso in ecstasy and embraced the young man tightly with his arms. They rocked back and forth, moving Andy’s cock inside the tightened channel, Andy’s moans a bass, Hector’s a baritone. Once more Andy’s body went rigid, ready to blow, and Hector held him in suspense of movement until the urge had passed. Then Hector gently pushed Andy on Escort Bahçeşehir his back again and restarted a slow ride of the cock.

Hector’s hands were gliding up Andy’s arms, pushing them above his head, as Hector’s tongue slurped into one of Andy’s pits. Andy could feel that there was something in one of Hector’s hands, but he didn’t know what it was until the handcuffs had been snapped on one wrist, pulled through a metal handle bar in the side wall of the compartment, and then snapped on the other wrist.

“What the shit?” the trucker muttered.

“Go with it,” Hector said with a low-throated laugh. “I’m going to give you the fuck of your life.”

Andy shuddered. The little fucker already was giving him the fuck of his life.

The mixed breed swung around and pounded on the closed door and then he swung back toward Andy and began to fuck himself in earnest on Andy’s cock. Andy groaned and grunted and arched his back in pleasure as the young man rose and fell on the cock and broke off from the rhythm to revolve his hips. His channel muscles were working the cock for all they were worth. Andy groaned each time Hector took it all and then held, squeezing his channel walls on the throbbing cock. Andy noisily took in his breath as Hector slowly pulled up the cock and then gasped and grunted and his pelvis jerked as Hector slammed himself all the way down again. Again and again and faster and faster.

Andy gasped and muttered his, “Yes, yes, like that, there,” mile-high pleasure. The sweet little piece was good . . . really good . . . the best. Andy had never picked anything this good off the road before.

Andy heard the rasp of the hinges on the rear door of the semitrailer, and he turned his head in slight concern. But Hector lowered his lips onto Andy’s and they went into another deep kiss. Andy didn’t care under the circumstances what was happening at the back of the truck. Who the fuck cared about that junk? Sadie in the diner had been right—it was all just a scourge on the earth. All he cared about was that he was building to an explosion. And Hector had to let him have it this time.

He heard the rummaging in the back of the truck. But he didn’t care. He was in paradise and on his way to new levels of heaven.

The explosion of his ejaculation was matched with a pounding on the compartment door, which was jerked open. An angry raspy voice yelled, “It’s a bust, Pete. We gotta beat it. Get out of there.”

Hector was pulling himself off of Andy, while, still exhausted from the thunderous ejaculation the young man had given him, Andy wearily raised his head and managed only a, “What the fuck?”

“You were great. Wish we could do it again,” Hector, perched at the opening to the compartment, said. He was grinning as he pulled his shorts and T-shirt back on.

“Wait. You can’t leave me like—”

“Here’s the key to the cuffs. You can keep them,” Hector said, as he flipped the key onto the floor of the compartment, well out of Andy’s reach, and, with a grin, was gone. As Pete, as Andy now knew the young mixed breed to be named, dropped out of sight, Andy got the blur of a van truck speed across the opening. It was an old U-Haul truck with an indifferent slapping of white paint over it.

Andy lay there for an eternity, his feelings mixed. He knew he’d been hijacked and that Hector’s ardor had all been to serve that. But, god, what a beautiful brown body. And man could he fuck.

A shadow fell over the open door to the compartment, and the body of a beefy young man filled the space.

“Lookin’ might fine like that, Andy,” the young man said. He was wearing a big grin. “Always dreamed to find you this way. Would have preferred that it be after you’d fucked me, though.”

“What the fuck are you doin’ here, Kurt?”

“What a way to talk to your savior—especially seein’ as how you are all trussed up like this—completely at my mercy.”

“What the shit happened? What’yer doin’ here?”

“I’m driving a load of junk to Phoenix for the company today too. Pulled into the rest stop and saw your semi with all that electronic crap out on the ground. Decided I’d check you out. Glad I did. You check out real nice.”

“I was hijacked,” Andy said.

“Yep, I can see that. Used a real nice diversion, I see. In fact, it reminds me of old times. While I’m ridin’ that cock of yours, I’ll be thinkin’ that, if I’d used cuffs like that, I wouldn’t have let you get away. I guess those hijackers were expectin’ something else back there other than broken and used TVs and monitors goin’ to them special incinerators in Phoenix.”

“They fingered me in a diner south of Santa Fe. If they’d come in a little sooner, they’d have heard me telling the waiter that this was an environmental waste trip, not a load of new electronics. Now pick up that key down there and undo me.”

“Think I’ll just do you first, seein’ as how you can’t just slip away from me this time,” Kurt said. He pulled the door to the compartment closed, reached into his pocket and pulled out a condom packet, and rolled the spent one off Andy’s cock. “Wooie, but a load of cum you gave him,” he said as he dropped the used condom on the floor. “Hope you saved some for me.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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