His Black Master Ch. 09

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Big Tits

Kathleen looked at herself in the mirror and admired her makeup. Ashley, the makeup artist at the salon, did an excellent job, Kathleen thought to herself. Kathleen’s skin was almost translucent, resembling that of a porcelain doll.

Her long red hair was pulled away from her face and curls cascaded down her back. She was delighted that she had chosen a simple beaded head band to wear in her hair. It was perfect for an afternoon wedding.

“You look radiant dear,” Ellen said as she touched Kathleen’s shoulder.

“Thank you Mom. They did a wonderful job on you too. Is Margaret finished?”

Ellen smiled admiring herself in the mirror. “The girl is just finishing up Margaret.” Ellen glanced at her watch. “We need to get going, the limo is picking us up in three hours.” There was a slight frantic tone in Ellen’s voice.

When they arrived back at the house Kathleen went up to her room. Her dress was hanging neatly on the back of the closet door. She went to the back of her closet and pulled out a small bag from Victoria Secret.

Ty had requested she wear a garter and stockings, no pantyhose. She had to keep the items hidden from Ellen as she would not approve.

Kathleen put on the half-cup, white lace underwire bra. She walked over to the mirror; she was proud of her 34 B cup breasts. They looked much larger on her small frame. She glanced down at her pussy. Ataşehir Ukraynalı Escort At Ty’s request she had shaven it that morning, something she had never done before.

Kathleen ran her hand across her pussy it felt so soft and smooth. She spread her pussy lips open, touching it gently with her finger. A rush of excitement ran though her body as she wondered how Ty was going to fit his big, black cock in her little pink pussy, blushing at the thought.

She slipped on a white lace thong and then the garter belt. Kathleen sat on the bed as she rolled the silk stockings up her legs, fastening them to the garter. Once again she found herself in front of the mirror. “I have never worn anything this sexy in my life,” she said to herself.

Admiring her tits and ass in the mirror Kathleen smiled to herself mumbling under her breath, “I hope Ty likes this.” She giggled. And then she felt a pang of guilt. She was marrying Kevin but already worried about what Ty would think. She could already feel his control over her.

Kathleen slipped her hand into her thong, gently tracing a finger along her slick pussy lips. She began to feel herself getting wetter. She took her index finger and slid it into her pussy, placing her thumb on her clit and stroking it gently. She could feel her breathing increase.

Taking her index finger and placing it in her Ataşehir Üniversiteli Escort mouth, she could taste her own juices. She lay down on the bed and placed her finger back on her dripping pussy and spread her legs apart. She could feel the air tickle her skin. Thrusting her hips up for better access, she circled her clit in a quick motion, feeling her body jerk. Her juices dripping onto the bed she began to rub her clit harder, inserting another finger. She could feel her pussy tighten around her fingers as the walls of her pussy contract and she had an orgasm.

Kevin felt jittery all morning. He hated crowds and the thought of standing in front of 50 people reciting his wedding vows made him nervous. He took a long hot shower and had just finished styling his hair when he heard Ty’s voice.

“Hey bitch you up there?” Ty shouted.

Kevin shouted down the stairs. “Yes Sir, in the bedroom.”

Ty’s massive frame filled the doorway. He had just finished working out at the gym and he was still wearing a wife beater and basketball shorts.

“You pick up the tuxes?” Ty asked as he rubbed his stiffening cock through his shorts.

“Yes Sir,” Kevin responded. “I picked them up this morning.”

Kevin still had a towel wrapped around his waist. Ty walked towards him and pulled it off, smiling as he saw that Kevin had his cock encased Ataşehir Vip Escort in steel.

“So today is the big day,” Ty said in a low sadistic voice as he put his hand around Kevin’s neck and pulled him into his armpit.

Kevin inhaled deeply, taking in Ty’s manly scent. “Sorry it’s not stronger,” Ty laughed. “It was a short work out today.”

The scent make Kevin feel safe. He knew not to move until Ty gave him permission. Kevin stood still with his nose buried in Ty’s sweat-soaked armpit. Then Kevin heard the magic words. “Lick it,” Ty growled.

Kevin started to lap up Ty’s sweat, savoring the flavor of his Master. Ty still had his hand on the back of Kevin’s neck, squeezing it gently as he pushed Kevin down to his knees.

Looking down at Kevin, Ty nodded and Kevin quickly went to work on Ty’s sweaty black meat, taking Ty’s cock deep down his throat while waiting for his creamy reward.

Ty picked Kevin up by the neck and threw him on the bed. With one arm around his waist, Ty pulled Kevin up so his ass was in the air. In one quick motion Ty rammed his hard cock deep into Kevin’s ass. Kevin let out a scream as his fuck hole was being raped. Ty’s thrusts were fast, hard and deep. His momentum was increasing and Kevin could feel Ty’s cock swelling in his ass. Kevin heard a loud GRRRR and then he felt hot black seed being pumped into his hungry hole.

Ty pulled his monster out of Kevin and walked towards the bathroom to shower. He turned and looked at Kevin he was face down on the bed with Ty’s cum running out of his ass. “You keep that seed up there boy. You may be marryin’ that bitch but yo’ white ass belong to me.” Ty let out a laugh as he heads toward the shower.

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