His Den Ch. 01

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“Samantha,” I heard him speak my name, so did everyone else. I looked up, to find everyone was looking at me.

“Yes Sir?” I answered politely, yet knowing what this was about.

“Where is your homework?” he asked me, knowing the answer. “I couldn’t find it, did you hand it in?”

“No Sir, I left it at home, sorry.” Yet I wasn’t sorry. Not at that time. I looked at his handsome face. His amazingly beautiful blue eyes looked so pure and innocent. It was funny how easily I could think about my teacher like that. He stayed frozen, in that beautiful look of disappointment.

“Stay behind after the lesson.” He spoke as though he was nervous, but his eyes were looking me up and down as he sat back down at his desk at the front of the class, as though they were undressing me.

I carried on with my work, wondering why he wanted me to stay. He didn’t like wasting his time disciplining students because they forgot there homework, because he knew that we were all sensible enough to bring it the next day. He was still looking at me, so I couldn’t look back at him. It was hard, trying to count down the seconds before I could find out what he wanted.

I looked at my watch, 5 minutes left. I heard him stand up, but didn’t look up, because I was scared I would get lost in his piercing gaze again.

“Because you’ve been quiet, and all working hard, you can all go early, except you.” He was still looking at me, rather than all the other surprised faces in the room. He must have shouted at Peter Thornby at least five times making him stop talking, and to concentrate on his work. What was wrong with him?

Slowly, my classmates left the classroom, to go for lunch. Sarah smiled at me. She mouthed that she would be in our usual hang out place, when I got out. I returned a smile, trying not to show how nervous I was. After a minute, the classroom was empty, except for Sir and I. We just looked at each other, neither really certain what to say.

After a few minutes, I couldn’t take it any more. “What is this about, sir?” I asked. Was that really my voice? It sounded so quiet, and unsure, which was very unlike me. My words had surprised him, but brought him to life again.

He didn’t answer, but went around closing the door, and locking it, and then lowering the blinds, making sure no one could glance in. What was going on? What was he thinking? I still looked at him. He was wearing his usual white shirt, and black trousers. His tie was not one of his usual ones though. My favourite tie of his would have to be the one with all the planets on, Pluto included. He didn’t care about the fact they said it wasn’t a planet any more.

This tie looked like it had ropes going around it. I looked at it surprised. Had he been wearing that all day? I hadn’t been looking. It was a nice tie though. Ropes. Maybe it symbolized something. But what would ropes show?

“Stand up.” He hissed. The look on his face was starting to scare me. He was smiling now. But it wasn’t his nice, friendly smile. This was a smile he used when dishing out punishments. I heard that when he was a PE teacher, he would smile at people like that, before making them run 5 laps of the field for throwing a javelin badly all lesson. But now he taught maths, and rarely smiled like that.

I started to stand up, but tripped over the chair leg as I went to put it under the desk, as I rushed. He chuckled, but reached an arm out to steady me. It caught me around my waste, and he pulled me closer to him.

“Stay very quiet” His voice was more certain now, but it came out in a whisper, so only I could hear it. I didn’t know what to do. I stayed still, as he held me close to him.

He took my hand, and led me to his desk.

“Would you like a drink?” he asked kuşadası escort politely. I wasn’t sure if I could speak, so I nodded. “You have to work for one then.” He stated as if it were a fact. What did he mean? “If you make any noise, or do anything without my say, you will be punished.” What was he saying? Then it hit me. Ropes. The ropes on his tie, maybe they could be something to do with bondage.

I looked up into his beautiful blue eyes, smiled warmly, and nodded. “I’ll do what you want.” I wanted him to know that. He looked surprised, maybe he thought I would be difficult, or maybe it was just because I had figured it out so fast. As soon as the look of surprise had appeared, it vanished again with equal speed. Now he smiled his warm, friendly smile.

He pulled me towards him again. So our bodies were touching, and placed his arms around my waist. We must’ve looked weird. He was a little bit taller than me, but not much. I kissed his neck, playfully. Suddenly, his look was serious again. He pushed me away. Oh dear, had I been wrong?

He went into his desk, and found a blindfold. He covered my eyes. “I have a surprise for you” he whispered into my ear. I froze, not sure if I should be scared. He took my hand, and led me into his office. His fingers were soft, and made sure that I didn’t stray into a wall. He then made me stand still, unable to see. I heard him moving around. Closing the curtains and locking the door to this room. Then he flicked a switch. And I heard more movement. What was going on? Where was he?

I stayed still. Not sure of what to expect. Something brushed against my arm. I was beginning to panic. Suddenly, everything was silent. I listened to see if I could hear him. I heard breathing, somewhere, from behind me maybe. Then I felt a hand touch my ass. I gasped.

“I thought I told you not to make a noise.” He laughed. Yes, he did say that, when he had said something about punishment. What punishment would that be? I felt him close in on my body from behind, with his arms around me, and something poking my ass. I knew what that was. He lifted my arms above my head; I didn’t bother trying to struggle. He could over power me easily. Soon, I felt something around each of my wrists,

“Open your mouth,” He ordered. I obeyed, and felt something getting stuffed into my mouth, and something securing it, so I couldn’t make much noise, even if I wanted to.

I felt a tugging at my shirt. Someone was unbuttoning it. I wanted to scream, not sure of what was going on, but scared of the fact I did actually know what was going on, and actually wanting it to happen. When all the buttons were undone, I felt something tug at the back of my bra, and then I realised. I had worn a strapless bra that day. This would come off as soon as they undid it. As I realised this, I felt it fall to the floor. Then, someone unzipped my skirt, and pulled it off. I was wearing a thong today, I don’t know why, but I had wanted to this morning.

Something was tugging at it. “Let me take it off.” His voice was commanding and I tried not to struggle as he pulled them down. I hated my body, but now all I was wearing was my shirt, and that was unbuttoned. What would the punishment be? I didn’t know, but I guess I was going to find out.

He started to circle me; I could hear his footsteps all over the place. I wanted to see him, and his face. Did he like what he was looking at, and what was he actually looking at? As though he had read my thoughts, he took the blindfold off, but left the ball gag in my mouth. I tried to keep calm, as I watched him.

He started with my breasts. I watched as he teased my nipples, making small circles around them. After this teasing, he decided that he would nibble them. This kuşadası escort bayan felt good. My instinct was to moan. I wanted to, but I stayed quiet. I watched, as he brought pure pleasure to my body. Soon, he was kissing up and down my body, from my belly, to my neck. Caressing every inch, it felt so good, and I didn’t want this to end.

Suddenly, without notice or reason, he pulled away from me, with that smile back on his face, the evil smile. It made him look even sexier than he already was. I looked up, to see what was holding my arms. He had put me in handcuffs, but they were attached to a chain that was hanging from the ceiling. When I looked up, there were another two chains that were longer than this one, on either side. With handcuffs attached to the bottom of them. He saw me looking, and took one of the handcuffs, placing it around my left foot. He did the same with the other chain, and my other foot. Walking away from me slightly, he flicked a switch on the wall, and the chains moved up a bit, and further away from each other.

My legs were wide open, and I couldn’t move at all. I struggled against the chains, but was unsuccessful. He chuckled. I could do nothing to stop him doing anything. What was going on? I thought I wanted this to happen, but I was on the verge on panic. I looked at him. His eyes, were beautiful, and trapped my gaze again.

He started circling me, but I couldn’t turn my head to watch him. After he had walked around me once, he stopped behind me. I felt his fingers undo the ball gag, but I closed my mouth and remained quiet, not sure what to do, or say. He was moving again, and I heard a drawer open behind me. He walked back to me, and kissed my neck from behind.

“Stay quiet, if you make any noise, I will keep this in for longer.” What was this? But he continued, “Every time we do this, and you make a noise, I will make you wear this for the rest of the day.” What was this? Suddenly, the chains were moving again. My arms were brought forward, and my legs backwards, still wide apart. I ended up facing the floor, but about a meter away from it, and I still couldn’t see what he was doing.

I bit my lip, expecting something to happen. I felt something being pushed into my pussy, and then another thing into my ass. I was going to have to learn to keep quiet, I wasn’t sure what had just been put inside me, but I knew this was the punishment. Suddenly, the things vibrated for a few seconds. I screamed, and I couldn’t help it, I hadn’t been expecting this.

I heard his footsteps coming around, a flick of another switch, and I was moving away from the floor. His footsteps continued, and he stopped walking when he was in front of me. His face was beautiful, and he was smiling his amazing smile.

“Was that a noise I heard?” In his hand, he had a switch, and he started playing with it, as he moved it, the things vibrated. I bit my lip, trying to keep quiet. This was hell. After a while, it started to feel good, and he left it vibrating, putting the switch down. He stepped towards me, and kissed me.

“I’ll be back soon,” he whispered, before walking away, and unlocking the door, and leaving me there, chained to the ceiling, naked, with things vibrating inside of me.

He left me for 20 minutes; it was the hardest 20 minutes of my life. I wasn’t sure if he had cameras, making sure I kept quiet, but I didn’t make a noise anyway. My pussy was so wet; I didn’t know how long I could take this. I don’t know how I survived those 20 minutes. I wasn’t sure how long he would be, and if anyone else would walk in. What if someone else walked in? People would know about this, see my like this, it was hard to think about.

I soon heard his footsteps though. A door locked, and escort kuşadası his footsteps quickened. Eventually, he came into the room, and looked at me.

“Very good, my dear,” His voice sounded so beautiful, yet it was his usual voice. He walked towards me, and kissed my lips, slipping his tongue into my mouth. I hadn’t been expecting it, but tried to dismiss it, I wasn’t sure what was going on. This was too vivid to be a dream. I wanted him though. “Is there anything you wanted to drink, specifically?” He asked, as I remembered my thirst.

“Water,” I gasped, it was hard talking. The bullets were still vibrating inside of me, and I still wanted to scream out in pleasure. He noticed.

He started circling me again, stopping behind me, and squeezing my ass. I stayed quiet, not sure what he was going to do, maybe he was going to take them out. I felt two fingers sliding into my wet pussy, it felt amazing. They slipped out again, and he came back round to my face.

“Clean my fingers,” he ordered. They were covered in my juices, I opened my mouth slightly, and let him put him fingers in. I cleaned them obediently with my tongue. It tasted surprisingly good, and I started sucking on his fingers. I noticed that he smiled. I smiled back at him, glad that I was making him happy.

“I guess your wondering why I’m doing this…” His voice trailed off, not sure of what to say. Could I speak yet? I just looked at his confused. “I want you, I have wanted you for a while. I wasn’t sure what to do, so I created this mechanism, thinking, even if you didn’t want to, I would do it.” He paused for a few seconds, to check I wasn’t getting too freaked out. I listened as he explained himself, and watched as his face went red with embarrassment. When he had finished, he undid the gag around my mouth, and reached for a glass of water that had been on his desk. I had forgotten how thirsty I had been. As he lifted it to my lips, he was making sure he did not spill any. I gulped it down, not sure when I would drink again, or what would happen now.

When the water was all gone, I looked at him, not sure what to do. He looked back at me, as though questioning me. I got lost in his blue eyes again. They were as deep as the blue sea, and just as beautiful.

“Do you wish to stop this…?” He asked me, as though he wasn’t sure what I wanted. The question confused me, I wasn’t sure whether he meant, stop me and him, or stop the fun, for today. Also, was I allowed to speak? I stayed quiet, looking into the sea that his eyes could turn into. I thought for a minute, I can live with a punishment, but silence, was more punishing.

“Stop what?” I asked, wanting him to be clearer.

“Do you want to go back to your lunch break, for today…?” I looked at him, craving his body. If I could, I would’ve kissed his lips. Those soft lips that were parted slightly, almost teasingly, looked beautifully tasty as I thought about it.

“Isn’t that for you to decide, sir?” He heard this, and smiled, knowing that this was me admitting that I wanted to continue, if he did. His head moved towards my head, until our lips were almost touching, and he kissed me, passionately but softly. This was exactly what I wanted.

He started to walk around me again, I had forgotten about the bullets as their vibrations started to pleasure me more. Suddenly, I felt my feet getting lower, and then they touched the ground. He undid the handcuffs that were keeping me attached to the chains, but left my hands.

“Please, sir, can you take them out…?” I asked, unsure of what he would do. He looked at me and laughed.

“No.” His answer was simple, and torturous. “In a minute, I will let you get changed, and you can leave. But if you take them out before I next see you, and I will know, then I will punish you, and if you think that today was punishment, then you were wrong. Today was a day of pleasure, and a beginning for you.” He paused. “Come back to my classroom as 3:30, I’ll get you home tonight.” And with that, he undid my hands, and left the room.

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