His Fabulous Foreskin Ch. 02

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Big Tits

Joe was singing as he prepared the evening meal. Blue dog was busy licking her plate clean, his cat was lying back displaying a full tummy and every thing was just great.

Rachel was bringing some of their friend’s home. Joe had promised them a seafood feast fit for a king.

He had scoured the fish markets for Prawns, Calamari, oysters, lobster, fresh fish fillets, crabs, small octopus and any other seafood that caught his fancy.

He smiled as he thought of Rachel; she had changed his life completely in the three days since he rescued her from a drunken slob intent on rape.

Retired and living off his investments, he had dropped out of the daily business of going to work and the end of day bar scene. He had a quiet life that had changed overnight.

Rachel and her friends now filled his days with fun and laughter. He had told her this morning as she left, that he had gained a family of beautiful young daughters. She had hugged him close. “Some of them don’t want to be daughters.”

“They are excited by my description of your foreskin and what it does to me.’ He was shocked “My god you didn’t tell them” he asked? “Yes I did it’s wonderful. I couldn’t keep that a secret.”

She laughed “They all think you are great, even young 18 year old Marie has been sizing you up. I would say they all have a much more personal interest in you than you realise. So you had better watch out.”

She kissed him long and deep, “Remember old man I saw you first.”

Holding him closer, she went on, “I won’t get angry if I have to share you.”

“You are wonderful.” “I want you to enjoy my friends, and let them enjoy you.” “They will make you think you’re young again.”

He started to protest, .but she went on.

“I love you; I will never forget what you did for me.” “I want to live here with you, in your arms and in your bed.”

“I will stay with you, as long as you want me. But I don’t want to possess you. I want you to be free.”

At the last count seven of her close friends and drinking partners, ranging in age from eighteen to thirty, were continually dropping into his place, before or after they hit the clubs.

Because it wasn’t far from the CBD, handy to the beach, and in the emerging entertainment precinct, they had made it their base for many of their after work activities.

Years ago when one of his mates had gone bankrupt in his luxury imported furniture business, Joe had brought at an extremely cheap price, some magnificent beds, wall hangings bedspreads carpets and rugs.

During the final dispersal sale he had acquired all sorts of quality pottery and Asian furnishings. He had bought them to help a mate and had no real use for them.

These furnishings were stored in a large downstairs area of his partially converted warehouse. The girls had discovered them .They had spent an evening unpacking.

When they had discovered the exotic nature of his treasures, they set out to establish what they laughingly called his harem.

Rachel had told him, Ankara travesti that quite a few of the girls were going to ask him if they could move in and live in that area. They would be closer to work and play; it would mean better facilities and reduce their costs of living by sharing together.

But the girls weren’t the real reason for his wide smile.

Rachel, who had turned out to be a beautiful young lady, had in a few days changed his hermit ways.

Up until a few days ago he rarely entertained, now here he was, preparing a seafood feast for seven lovely ladies.

Each day he stroked Rachel’s beautiful hard young body as he relaxed after their love making, and thought back on his nearly non existent sex life, as a confirmed bachelor.

With his fingers flicking her nipples, he would think of the rare occasional partner who had graced his life.

Kissing her soft pliable lips, he would recall how he had been happy ringing a local pro, when he badly needed to get his rocks off.

With her firm young cunt rubbing his groin and her fingers playing with his arse, he shook his head as he recalled that, over the last 48 hours he had had a more satisfying enjoyable sex life, than he had had at anytime in the last twenty years.

He would laugh aloud, as he thought of the dramatic change, provoking Rachel to demand to know what he was laughing about.

Joe’s explanation started another round of oral ministrations that eventually led to a close examination of his foreskin.

She would lick and suck, pushing her tongue tip into the eye of his always available prick. She would stroke it slow, then fast. When it grew hard, she would place it between her ample breasts and bring her mouth down as he pushed up to push it in her mouth.

She spent hours lying with him in bed, on the floor, bent over the lounge, you name it they tried it.

She was fun. She had an inventive streak, always trying in every way to find new exciting ways to fuck. When he laughed at her efforts, she became very serious. “I have to keep you interested,” she said. “I don’t ever want to lose you.”

His assurance that he loved her and that she could stay with him for ever, started another round of love making.

Rachel was one beautiful young sexy lady.

She took him to bed each night and spent hours Loving him, Enticing him, Exciting him, Sucking him, Fucking him, Examining him, Until they both were worn out and dropped off to sleep.

As a keen fisherman Joe was an early riser. Over the past few mornings he had sat staring at Rachel’s magnificent breasts, her smooth unwrinkled stomach, her tanned legs, and the jet black hair around her moist splattered pussy.

He was so lucky he had to pinch himself to make sure he wasn’t dreaming.

Each morning Rachel had awoken, to find him watching her, or kissing and stroking her. Within minutes he knew he was not dreaming.

For every morning without fail her warm mouth engulfed him, and he was drawn into a wild frenzy Konya travesti of sexual activity that lasted well into mid morning, making her late for work each day.

She knew he loved doing it, ‘Dog fashion,’ so the last session before she went to work, was always spent on her hands and knees on the bed.

“Hurry darling,” She would urge as she looked back over her shoulders, watching him stroking the hard young cheeks of her arse and fingering her hairy cunt.

She would take his prick and guide it into her cunt moaning, “Hurry, oh hurry, give it to me.” Joe would stand behind her and fuck her, whilst leaning over and playing with her tits.

“Thank god she had a job and is off to work,” Joe thought as he kissed her goodbye, and eased her out the door.

“Recovery time, that’s what I need,” he mused.

That afternoon, Joe had just finished all the cold food preparation and had things ready for the stove, when Rachel came in and grabbed him.

“If the girls are going to be here tonight, I had better make sure you are well and truly stuffed before they arrive. “Come here”

Rachel’s kisses quickly got him going, his “old fella” thought all his Christmases had come at once and stood quickly to attention.

They sank down on the bed while she turned her attention to his erection.

Joe’s mind raced, it is true that his foreskin was large, but what she does not know is that it hurts a little when my pricks fully erect.

Any hurt disappeared quickly when Rachel’s beautiful lips opened and wrapped around the head. She slipped her hand around his stiffening prick squeezing it, before stroking his foreskin back and forward.

Looking up at him, she rolled her eyes, as she took it back in her mouth, her hands moving around to pinch the cheeks of his arse.

Rachel loved the feel of his large foreskin in her mouth. She breathed the pungent smell of his sex and licked his prick, enjoying his salty taste.

Joe was over the moon. Oral sex was never spoken of when he was a kid. By the time oral sex became a regular part of an active sex life, he was getting on in years and a confirmed workaholic.

Many times each day, Rachel treated him to the most wonderful sexual experience of his life. Her lips and tongue created an excitement that was completely new.

“My god sweetheart, your one hot young lady,” he cried as his balls quickly emptied its limited load into her mouth. Rachel did not stop, when his prick looked like shrinking, she kept on and on, until he was putty in her hands and mouth.

“My god Rachel that’s marvellous, what your mouth does to my prick drives me insane.” He whispered.

She moved up to kiss him, her tongue leaving his mouth to tease his ear lobe. Throwing her head back she laughed. “Its not all one sided, you have only scratched the surface of oral sex. We will have to teach you the best bit; you will go down on me tonight.”

He started to protest that he didn’t know what to do.

Rachel grabbed him by the İzmir travesti ears, “poke out your tongue,” “Now move it up and down, then in an out like this,” she ordered, as she poked out her tongue, moving her lips and tongue erotically.

“I have already told the girls you have a great tongue, when I’m finished with you, you will be the best pussy licker in town.”

Further demonstrations and lessons were halted when the girls started to arrive.

The dinner was a rollicking success. They all treated him like an Arab sheik, and joked they were members of his harem. His glass was never empty, his prick never soft. He had never had so much fun in years.

Rachel started the ball rolling, by telling the girls that Joe had agreed that they could use the large empty space and the excess furnishings on the ground floor.

She went on to suggest that as he was enjoying being a Sheik, they could come to individual arrangements about the rent, hinting of payments not in cash, but in kind.

By the time dinner had finished every possible sexual and financial arrangement had been canvassed.

Sitting around sipping a port after all the cleaning up was over, Carolyn grinned at the others, and asked Joe to “tell us about this fucking foreskin.”

Margaret said “don’t tell us show us”

With Rachel sitting close with her hand on his lap, Joe took a deep swig of his glass of port, and explained.

“In my day not to many mothers had their sons foreskins removed. You did not go to the hospital unless it was really necessary. He blushed as he went on, “my prick was always intact,”

“It is different because of an accident when I was a young boy.”

“Out at sea with my father, my penis was caught in a tangle of commercial fishing line when some heavy gear failed. A line under great pressure tore my clothes away looping around the head of my penis.”

“I was saved by my father, who cut the line free, letting the huge shark that had caused the gear failure get away.”

“If he hadn’t cut the shark free, I would have probable lost most of my penis and would have bled to death… As it was the line had created a massive blood blockage, as well as creating substantial skin and other physical damage to my prick.”

He took another swig of his port and went on,

“Some amateurish surgery on the boat saved my penis, but resulted in an enlarged toughened foreskin.”

“A few months in hospital and a lot of pain restored my health. The damaged foreskin had grown around the head of my prick. The hospital doctors stopped it from blocking or restricting movement and finally decided to do nothing further, as Dad was totally opposed to circumcision.”

To be truthful he concluded “it has never had much attention until Rachel came along.” His last remark was met with much laughter and a chorus of “let’s see it.”

Rachel came to his rescue. “Listen girls” she cried “He is to old fashioned and too much of a gentleman to put himself on display”

“I have told him I love him for what he did for me.”

“I have also told him I want him to enjoy every opportunity that you may offer. Remember, he’s mine and will always be mine, but not exclusively.”

“I would like him to have fun with you all, he deserves it, just treat him right”

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