His Fetish Discovered at Work

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It started off just like any other day at the office, meetings, files, lunch, more meetings, paperwork, etc… It was nearing 5pm and I was looking forward to getting out of the office and hitting happy hour with some friends. Friday nights were time for relaxation, good friends and good beer. I had one more meeting to go and it was an internal meeting with a co-worker so it wouldn’t be bad at all.

Brenda had been working with us for the past 6 months. A great worker, she was still a bit rough around the edges and we often had short meetings that had more to do with training her in details of the business than actual work. Just the way to finish a Friday. Before heading towards her office I grabbed my notebook in case I needed it for anything.

Walking in and closing the door behind me, I sat in the seat opposite her desk. While I was happy in my own relationship with my girlfriend, I can acknowledge that Brenda was a beautiful girl. She was in her mid 20s, long brown hair, a fabulous figure (thin without being too thin… enough curves to catch your eye) and she had a beautiful face that showed off her Spanish heritage. The dark rimmed glasses brought attention toward her eyes which carried a glimmer of warmth regardless of how her day was going.

“So, what’s going on today? Having problems with the balance sheets?” I asked.

“Not exactly, but I did want to talk to you about something,” she replied. Something in her tone should have put me on guard, but only in hindsight could I recognize that fact. “Remember when I needed to use your computer to run some of those calculations for the Findler projections on Tuesday?”

“Yeah, you didn’t seem to have any problems at all and I saw the projections. They looked great.”

“Thank you. I don’t want you to think I was snooping or anything but when I was looking for some of the documents to run them, I ran into some files,” she started to explained.

“Yeah.” I had no idea where she was going with this.

“Well, I just wanted to let you know… I know about the creampie stories on your computer,” she said matter of factly.

My draw nearly dropped to the floor. In all the world, I never would have thought I’d be sitting across from her hearing those words come from her mouth. My mind began racing… I knew not to visit the story sites from work. I knew not to download the stories. I should have known better than to leave them somewhere accessible. I tried to remember here they were?

She must have sensed the train running through my brain. “I don’t mean to get you on edge. And don’t worry, I’m not going to tell anyone.”

Immediately a sense of relief washed over me.

“I just wanted you to know I found them. That you aren’t covering your tracks as well as you think you are. I don’t care what you do at work. But I know Mr. Bender would think different if he ever came across anything like that.”

Mr. Bender, our boss, surely would think different. I’d be out the door and on my ass, and this wasn’t the kind of economy I wanted to be jobless in.

“Well, thanks Brenda. I, uhhh, really appreciate it,” I confessed. “You don’t know how much I appreciate your attitude about this.” I was basmane escort still embarrassed, and I’m sure my cheeks were beet red. But, knowing she was going to keep this between us helped to settle my mind down a little bit.

“I must admit,” Brenda stated. “I never would have guessed you’d be into something like that. Does Jennifer know?”

My girlfriend Jennifer knew for years and while it wasn’t her favorite sexual activity, it was certainly one she could appreciate from time to time. Thank god for that. “Ummm, yeah. Actually, she loves it.” I was stretching the truth, but what the hell.

“Well, I just wanted to warn you. That’s all.”

“Again, thanks, Brenda.”

And that was that. I left her office and cleaned up and made ready to meet the guys at the bar. I knew I’d need a drink that night, but it was for far more than the typical relaxation. Walking out of work I passed Brenda on the way to the door. She didn’t say anything but simply returned a look and smiled as I headed to my car. My stomach was in my chest the rest of the evening at how close I was and how stupid I must have been to leave that stuff so accessible on my computer.

A week passed and I was soon back to my normal self not thinking anything more about my meeting with Brenda the week before. When Friday rolled around I was ready for the my weekend to begin. I got into the office, went over the day’s schedule and was relieved to find that nothing was really going on that day. A day to get caught up on my computer and perhaps have some time to just unwind on company time.

As I finished up my first cup of coffee I saw Brenda walk past my office on her way to her own. A glance at the clock confirmed that she was about 20 minutes late to work. I knew I sure as hell wasn’t going to say anything to anyone. Hell, as far as I was concerned, I owed her a lot more than forgetting about a late morning.

My phone intercom buzzed, “Matt?”

“Yeah?” I replied to the voice I recognized as Brenda’s.

“Can you come into my office and go over a few things?”

“Sure, I’ll be there in a minute.”

For the last week Brenda didn’t treat me any differently than she had prior to her computer discovery and I was extremely grateful that the ‘incident’ wasn’t going to cause any problems from a work perspective. I walked into her office and she was seated at her desk, her chair pushed back a few feet.

“Could you close the door?”

I did as she asked and only then noticed that something might be wrong. It looked as if she was rushed into work. Her hair wasn’t done up as usual and her clothes were a bit of a mess. “Is everything ok??”

“Look, I’m going to be honest. After I found your stories and you told me how much Jennifer enjoyed you eating her out after sex, my interest was piqued. I went and did some searching for stories on my own. I found a website, did some reading and I really enjoyed it. Then I wanted to try it.”

As soon as I heard her start talking, I could feel my boxers begin to tighten, but I had no idea where she was going with this. I sat down in the chair opposite her desk.

“So, I talked to Adam bayındır escort and brought it up. He said no way, any guy that would do that has to be a fagot. I didn’t tell him I knew otherwise. At first I was upset but as the day went on, I realized I’d have a willing person here.”

And with that she parted her legs and lifted each of her thighs onto the arm rests of her chair. It was then I noticed that she was wearing a skirt. My eyes immediately traveled up her legs and the sight of her light yellow cotton panties left no question about why she was late. Her panties were wet, beyond wet. This wasn’t a turned on girl, it was a freshly fucked girl.

“I want you to clean my pussy you little cum slut,” she growled at me.


“No buts, I read those stories, I know what you like. You get off on the thought of serving someone like this. And if you don’t do it, everyone in the office will know your little secret.”

While what she said was true, (most of the stories I read have to do with dominant women and submissive men) I’d never been in this kind of situation with anyone but my girlfriend. While my cock was straining in my pants my mind was still trying to figure out what to do.


Without thinking, I moved around her desk and got on my knees. As my head slowly dropped between her legs, the aroma of her pussy and the contents of it became intoxicating. I placed my lips on one of her thighs as my hands reached to her hips and grabbed the sides of her panties. Her legs moved from their resting position on the sides of the chair and closed in around my head. She moved her hands to the armrests and shifted upward slightly so that I could the panties from her body.

As I slid the panties down her legs everything hit me like a truck… the smell, the sight, the danger of being in her office at work. My hormones raged, my cock pulsed in my pants but my mind was still trying to think of a way out.

“But I have a girlfriend,” I protested.

“This isn’t about girlfriends… you’ve got no choice, you dirty fucking prick.”

Once her panties were off she put her legs back onto the arm rests, sat her butt at the edge of the chair and demanded, “Now eat my cum filled cunt.”

Settling down between her legs, I looked at on of the most beautiful sights I’ve ever seen. She had a gorgeous pussy with lips that hung slightly, just enough to suck and pull on. It looked like she kept her lips cleanly shaven but left a small triangle of hair that ended at her clit. But that wasn’t what kept my attention. Although she had been fucked right before coming to work, I could see that a vast amount of cum had leaked out of her pussy and had been caught between her panties and her crotch. It had been smeared everywhere and her whole pussy was a glistening cum covered treat just waiting for me to dive in. Parts of her pussy looked merely glazed and some of it had clumps of cum.

“What are you waiting for??”

With those words I dove right in. After an initial moan, Brenda began to talk to me, “I knew I just wanted to feel someone’s tongue diving into my pussy after it had been filled with cum. When bayraklı escort Adam wouldn’t do it I thought I’d never get to experience this. Then I remembered, this is exactly the kinds of stories you read. And I knew I’d fulfill my fantasy. Ohh yeah, that feels so good. Do you like that?”

Boy, did I ever. I’d never tasted another man’s cum before and the difference from my own shocked me. It was muskier, stronger than mine. I left a slight burn at the back of my throat each time I swallowed. It tasted somehow tart, yet sweet at the same time. I could only groan my acknowledgement.

“You’d better do a good job. Don’t miss any,“ she ordered.

My lips moved from her lips to the mound of hair above her clit. The hair was matted with cum and I had to get the hairs into my mouth and suck the cum off of them. It was more work than she wanted to deal with and she displayed her impatience by bucking her hips towards me.

“Make sure you do a good job cum sucker, but you’d better hurry up before someone starts knocking.”

I had forgotten where we were and the fear of getting caught in this position spurred me on. When I was satisfied that I’d gotten every bit of cum from her hair, I slid my tongue back down between those sweet pussy lips and shoved my tongue as far as possible into her. As I had suspected, most of the cum had already leaked out and I was quickly getting it cleaned up. I was beginning to taste her more metallic natural juices and I pulled back to survey my work.

Noticing some smeared cum that had made its way toward her ass, I lifted her ass slightly with my hands as my tongue began to swirl my tongue making sure not to miss a drop. I could sense that she had begun playing with her clit and the thought that she was getting herself off with me right there nearly made me blow my own load in my pants.

“Oh yeah, lick it you slut. Clean that cum from everywhere. Oh god, stick that tongue inside my pussy. Now, oh, do it now.” Who was I to argue, I did as I was told.

By the gyrations of her hips and the low moans she allowed to emanate from her lips gave me all the clues I needed to know she was about to cum. I completely covered her sex, buryied my tongue into her and sucked as she came to the pinnacle of her orgasm. I was rewarded with one last small spurt of cum that had hid deep inside her. One of her hands gripped my hair tightly as her orgasm came and subsided.

“Oh God that is incredible. I never could have imagined it would feel like that.”

Gasping for breathe I responded, “I don’t think I’ve ever eat that much cum.”

As she put her legs back down onto the floor and grabbed at her panties that were on the floor she looked at me and said, “And now that I know what it feels like, this is only the beginning.”

Stuffing her panties into her purse, she stood straightened her skirt. “Now that’s a way to start a Friday. I think you’d better get yourself downstairs to the restroom and get cleaned up. I’m not sure everyone will be so accepting of your glazed chin,” she said with a chuckle.

“umm… no one will know about this right? I mean no one?”

“I’m not out to give myself a reputation you know. So, you just keep doing your part like a good little cum eater and things will work out just fine.”

Work suddenly became a lot more interesting from that day on.


Please take the time to send me some feedback on the story you just read. I look forward to hearing your comments.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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