His hOle

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It was unexpected to hear from anyone. I was in a hotel out in the desert in a popular outdoor recreation area. I had used a popular meeting app, it showed my location and availability in my hotel room. I actually did not expect to hear from anyone. I had been out exploring all day and just got back to my room. I opened my laptop to just check expecting nothing. To my shock there was a message. “I want to meet you this evening. Total top, be ready. I will be there at 6. No small talk. Very serious here. Send me your hotel and room number and I will be there. You will not hear from me again until I see you.”

Wow, I was amazed. Thoughts started going thru my head…. This guy seemed serious, I was always tired of people not meeting when they said they would. His message sounded different though, very to the point. I spent about an hour considering it. It did make me nervous, sight and information unseen, I knew nothing about this guy. His profile did not have a pic, just age and weight and cock size. 62, 215lbs, 6 1/2 inches. Profile just noted Top. Being my last evening here in the hotel and feeling totally excited and spontaneous. I wrote back…416. I felt very nervous but also excited, I could feel my pulse and adrenaline increase. I thought if my track record was standard, he would not show, but I have nothing to lose.

I spent the next couple hours with so many thoughts going thru my head. I took a hot shower. I laid back in the shower and let the water splash all over my cock and ass, it made me hard just thinking about it. I figured out what to wear. I figured I would be dressed, but put on a pair of panties under my pants. I wondered if some of my crossdressing photos were what intrigued him. I picked a pink nylon thong. I thought my ass looked sexy in it. I posed in the mirror for a bit. I brushed, cleaned up my room and waited. The next half an hour was a bit of torture.

At exactly 6pm I heard the knock on my door. Adrenaline shot thru my body. Somebody actually showed up. I walked over and looked thru the peephole. He was an older man, not real tall, chubby, grey hair, dressed nice, he had a briefcase in his hands, just my type. I opened the door, he walked in past me and I shut the door and locked it. “I am Dale, please truthfully answer these questions. Are you a willing partner for everything I want and are you clean?” I answered him in a nervous voice, yeeees. He nodded and walked into the room and took a seat on a leather desk chair. “Let’s not play around here, I liked your profile, you seem like a naughty little slut, am I correct?” I again nervously answered yeeees. “I am going to Eryaman Escort be your Daddy, and you are just my slut for the evening, correct?” I nodded yes.

“Lets not waste any time, take off your shirt. I pulled it off. “Take off your pants.” I slowly pulled them down. I always feel vulnerable when I show a man my naked body in nothing by panties. ” Take off your socks.” I reached down and took them off. “Now, get on the bed on your hands and knees.” I crawled up on the bed, and took the position. “Sexy ass you have. It is a cute bubble butt. I liked your profile pics. You look like a gurl too in those panties. I want you to flaunt it for me.” I slowly gyrated my ass. I put my head down into the bed not looking back. “Pull your panties to the side.” I did and my cock and balls fell from the panties and my ass was totally exposed. “You have a pussy for Daddy don’t you.” Yes I just nodded. “I want you to move yourself onto the corner of the bed with your feet on the ground.” I slid off the bed, my cock was now on the corner of the bed. My ass totally exposed. I was really feeling excited about it all.

Click, I heard the sound of a cellphone camera take a picture. “Move it around, I am going to take some photos. I want you to see the before and after.” I almost became nervous, feeling so vulnerable and exposed and with the ominous comment. I gyrated my ass in the air, rubbing my cock on the corner of the bed. Dale slid his chair over close to me. He ran his hands down along my ass, almost touching my hole, then gently slid his hands down and across my balls and cock. “You have a cute little cock.” I heard another picture snap. Dale leaned over and blew on my cock then on my ass. “Spread it wider for me.”

I moved myself as wide as I could. I could feel Dale lean forward. He put both hands on my cheeks and spread me more. “Nice”, was his only comment. Then like a man with insatiable appetite, he ate me out. He grabbed the front of my hips and pulled me to his face. I could feel his tongue not only licking me but also penetrating me. He went to work on me with complete abandon. I have never been licked and eaten so hard. Every once in a while he would back away and then I would hear him spit on my hole. Click, another picture. He did this for what felt like half an hour, my cock was getting harder pushing against the bed. “Nice pussy, you look wet now you slut!”

He backed up and opened his briefcase and set it on the desk. He pulled out what looked like a big syringe. He moved back over to me and gently inserted it into my hole. I could feel Sincan Escort cold fluid rush into me. “This is lube to make your pussy even wetter.” He pulled it out and set back on the desk. “Your little cock is making a mess on the bed.” He reached down and touched it. “So much precum, you must me turned on?” I nodded. Dale went back to the desk and pulled out a huge plug from his briefcase. “Think you can take this slut?” I just wiggled my hips.

This thing was huge and made of steel it looked like. He gently touched the rim of my hole with it, It was cold. “I need you to relax.” I tried, he slowly worked it against me, just slightly penetrating me. He slowly worked into my hole deeper and deeper, pulling it out and pushing it back in. As it neared the widest point, my hole felt intense with nerves, but then gradually opened and the plug popped in, It felt good to have it in. Dale spanked my ass, “Good little slut, I like my pussies when they are wet and loose.” He spanked my ass again. “Stand up.” I did and Dale slid my panties down and off me. He picked them up. “Open your mouth, he stuffed the panties in my mouth. He grabbed my cock and balls hard in his hands squeezing them. “This is why you are a bottom!” He slapped it again. “Get back in position on the corner of the bed.”

Dale went back to the chair. He bent over and took his shoes and socks off. Then he took off his shirt, and then his pants. He was stood up. “Come over here and kneel before Daddy.” I did he pulled my head against his boxers and rubbed himself on me. I could feel and smell his manhood so close to me. He pulled the panties from my mouth and touched my lips. Use your mouth to take off my boxers. I did, not very well, but eventually they fell to the floor. “Do you like a real Daddy dick?” I nodded. It was big and thick and soft. Much bigger than mine. I looked in amazement at how sexy it was, it had lots of grey hair around it. “Lick it, just with your tongue.

I slowly slid my tongue across the tip. It was not even hard yet, but was very thick. It felt so soft and amazing against my tongue. I licked up and down it a few times then moved down and ran my tongue across his big hairy balls. I moved back up and ran my tongue all over his cock and head up and down. I could feel it grow harder against me. It was so big and thick. “Open your mouth!” I opened wide and he just teased me a bit, he slapped it against my tongue and mouth. Then he guided it into my mouth. It was an interesting cock, not the biggest I had ever seen, but just about as thick as I had ever seen. It was hard, Etlik Escort but also meaty and soft on the outside. He began to work it in and out of me. He would pull it out and rub it on my face, or slap me with it. “Do you like Daddies big dick?” I sucked harder in approval. Saliva and precum was running down my chin and dripping all over me and the floor, my eyes watered.

After a while of sucking his now engorged member, he told me to get back to my position on the corner of the bed. I bent over the bed. He reached down and started to pull on the plug a little. It was quite comfortable, but became more tense as he pulled. This is going to be just as intense coming out as it was going in. He worked it back and forth and after a while I could feel the intense opening and then relaxing feeling of the plug leaving me. I imagined my hole was gaping right in front of him. Click, another picture.

“Do you want to feel this big hard dick in your hole. That is all you are to me, just a fuck hole.” Yessss I mumbled. He spanked my ass a bit, touched it with his finger, then began rubbing his dick against the hole. “You ready slut?” I just moaned. He pushed the tip against me. Maybe it was all the lube and having the plug in but his cock just slipped perfect into my hole. It felt amazing, I felt so submissive and hot. He began to work it in and out. Grabbing my hips and thrusting it in. He would stop every once in a while and pull it out, then slap my hole and thrust it back in. Sometime when he pulled out he would spit on my hole.

“Lay back on the bed.” I did and he moved me with my head hanging over. Open wide. He stuck his cock back in my mouth. I could taste saliva, ass, and his amazing scents and he began to fuck my face. He would pull out sometimes so I could lick his balls. Saliva and juices and lube was running down my cheek. He instructed me to get in doggy and then slid his wet cock back in my hole and fucked me again. Then back in my mouth, then back in my hole. This process went on over and over. I could feel his urgency get more intense. In doggy position, he pushed my head into the bed and thrust me so hard. “I am going to cum in your fucking hole!” He bucked hard and I could feel the warm shooting sensation inside of me. He moaned deeply and gave a few final thrusts.

He moved his cock back to my mouth, “Clean it all up slut!” I licked it all up and cleaned his balls and cock with my mouth. I could feel his cum running out of me.

He snapped a photo. He rubbed his cock back against my wet hole, getting his cum all over it, then had me lick him again. He did this a couple times.

He walked over and got dressed. “Good little hole!” I felt drained of energy lying on the bed. Later I am going to send you pictures of your wet sloppy hole. I want you to think of me and jack off. He put his things in the briefcase, turned and walked out the door, not saying anything. No words were needed for what had just happened.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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