His Problem Solved Ch. 04

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This story contains explicit descriptions of various sexual acts between a man and wife. If you are underage, or if it illegal for you to read such material, please exit now.

* * * * *

The doctor’s plan worked, Jim becomes a complete man again. Then some taboos are breached that most would never consider. Whether or not you appreciate what happens, you will not fully understand the why without reading the first three chapters. Just don’t complain later about the content, this is your fair warning!

If you are offended by stories containing piss play (including ingestion), oral/anal play (including ingestion of feces), anal dilation and penetration of the urethra by devices, then this story is not for you. If you continue on, rest assured that it is all fiction, well, maybe part of it, and the characters are not intended to portray any person, living or deceased.

* * * * *

The screaming gulls were music to my ears as I started emerging from my slumber. Before I even opened my eyes fully I reached over to give my “new” wife a hug and encountered only thin air and realized that I was alone in bed. I stumbled into the front room, expecting to find her there or perhaps on the deck. Instead, there was a tray on the coffee table with a carafe of coffee, two sweet rolls and a note that read simply, “be back in a while, be good!”

Although I had my suspicions, I didn’t know for certain where she had gone so I sat down and drank a couple of cups and ate the rolls. Soon my bowels began urging me to allow them to perform their function and as I settled on the seat I was curious if there would be any lasting effects from yesterday’s activity. Happily there were none, everything felt normal… everything except the newly-discovered erotic sensation of my asshole expanding and the feeling of the thick, firm log slipping out.

Finished with that duty, I washed my face and when I picked up the razor to shave, there was water dripping out of it and one of the bath towels was damp. That could only mean that Pam had shaved this morning so I figured that I had best shave both ends as well. I managed with nary a nick this time and I applied a little of her hand lotion when I finished, leaving everything soft as well as smooth.

After fluffing and buffing, I slipped on a clean pair of those thin jogging shorts, called room service for another carafe of coffee and grabbed the camera and laptop and retired to the upper deck. I had already gotten the camera plugged in and had the download of yesterday’s pictures going when I heard room service knocking on the door.

I whistled to let them know where I was and after climbing the steps until she could see me sitting at the table, she stopped there and asked if I wanted my coffee upstairs. I looked over at her and indicated that I did and thought that it had been a dumb question, since that was where I was. She hesitated a few seconds, then climbed the rest of the stairs and sat the coffee down and asked if there would be any thing else. Every staff member we had dealt with so far had been very friendly and she was no exception as she poured me a fresh cup with a big smile on her face. I handed her a tip and thanked her and she responded, “Sir, thank you, very much.”

I couldn’t help but notice her cute little butt as she turned and went down, then my attention was back to the completed download. When the thumbnails came up I could hardly believe my eyes. She had used up the entire memory stick and the screen was covered with pictures of my ass, cock and balls. Almost every picture was clear and sharp and in some of them she must have been laying down and shooting up between my legs.

I looked at them in order, becoming more aroused with each one, my cup of coffee forgotten. Most amazing were the ones taken right after she had removed her fingers. The pictures taken earlier showed my asshole in it’s normal, tight, wrinkled self, but in these my anal ring was swollen and puffy and gaped open enough that I could see right up inside my ass!

I used the photo program to lighten and increase the contrast of the picture and was surprised to notice that, rather than being an open space, the inside of my ass was full of blood-red folds of tissue. There were several taken from slightly different angles and I studied each one carefully before moving to the next.

The last few were close-ups of my cock when she had pulled it back between my legs. One, in particular, was outstanding. It caught a large glob of cum just as it exited my foreskin, forming a big drop and starting to fall.

I had dumped my cold coffee and just resumed the same position with a fresh cup when I heard someone coming up the stairs. This time it was Pam and she stopped at exactly the same place as the room service girl had and started grinning. I peered around the computer screen at her standing there and her grin got bigger. I must have looked confused and finally she said, “Nice view,” and climbed Anadolu Yakası Escort the rest of the way up. Finally it dawned on me that from her vantage point, and considering the shorts I was wearing, that everything I had was probably on display.

Then I started laughing and when she asked was so funny, I related the account of the room service girl and how she must have had the same view as she stood on the stairs. At least my cock hadn’t been erect when she came by.

“So did you go shopping again?”

“Yep, I got something for you, well, maybe several somethings, and a little something for me, and something for both of us.”

When I asked what she had bought, she just smiled and told me that I would find out soon enough.

I was a little disappointed when she said, “I hope you don’t mind, I stopped at the desk and signed us up for the boat tour of the islands.”

I did have something else in mind, but since we had agreed previously that the tour would be fun, I couldn’t be too upset.

“Well, you need to put that stuff away and get ready, the tour leaves in half an hour,” she said as she disappeared down the stairs.

By the time I packed everything up and carried it down she was in the bathroom and I saw that she had again laid clothes out for me to wear. A T-shirt and my cargo shorts, surprisingly conservative it seemed, until I picked up the shorts and under them was the jock strap she had purchased before we left.

I had taken everything off and was in the process of stepping into the jock when she stuck her head out of the bathroom and said, “Don’t get dressed yet, and I need to borrow a pair of your panties.”

I dug a pair out of my drawer and knocked on the door and asked if she wanted them in there. The door opened just enough for her to stick her hand out and I wandered back to the couch to wait.

She came out in a few minutes wearing a pair of rather conservative shorts and a sleeveless top, AND a smile. “Now scoot your ass up to the edge of the couch, spread your legs and lean back,” she said, “and close your eyes…. No peeking!”

I heard her rustle the sack so I knew that I was going to receive one of the things that she had purchased, but I had no idea what. She admonished me again not to peek and I felt her take my balls in her hand and pull sharply on them, then something being wrapped around my sack between my balls and my body. Then there was some pressure in that area and the sound of snaps being fastened.

Her hand released my balls, but they still felt like they were being pulled on and I was trying to figure that out while she did something with whatever she had put around them. Then I felt the jockstrap placed in my hands and she instructed me to put it on before I opened my eyes. I managed to get it on, with her help, and stood up and pulled it up. It was almost too small and held my cock and balls, and whatever was around them, tightly. The last thing she did was to slip her hand inside the front of the waistband and do something, and then I was permitted to open my eyes.

I could feel whatever was around my ballsack and also something that was directly under my balls and sandwiched between them and my body and held firm by the jockstrap. Then she handed me my shorts and as I pulled them up I looked down and saw a thin wire sticking up out of the front of the jockstrap.

When I had also put on my T-shirt and sandals, she stepped back a bit and lowered the front of her shorts and showed me a similar wire sticking out of the waistband of her panties. Then she held up a little device about the size of a magic marker with a button on the end. She had a big grin on her face as her finger touched the button and instantly it felt like a hive of bees had been let loose in my shorts!

My eyes had to have been as big as silver dollars, then she released the button and the vibrations stopped. Then she handed me a similar device and I pushed the button and heard her gasp and saw her tighten up.

“I have basically the same thing in my pussy that you have under your balls, just remember that anytime you push your button, I push mine… and maybe sometimes when you don’t.”

As we headed out the door she gave me a shot and I jumped so I did the same to her. I was glad for the jockstrap because without it, I would already be walking around sporting a pup tent.

Four the next four hours, it was a contest to see who could catch the other off guard and zap them. She got me as I was carrying a couple of drinks back from the bar and I got her while she was in the midst of asking the tour guide a question. I only hoped that I wasn’t making too big of a wet spot in my shorts because every time she made my balls vibrate I could feel precum easing it’s way out of my foreskin.

By the time we were deposited back at the hotel, I was actually tired from tensing up and relaxing so many times and never knowing when my balls would Avrupa Yakası Escort start vibrating again. I wanted nothing more than to go to our bungalow and get out of my now very wet jockstrap, but I caved in to her request that we grab something to eat from the buffet. We did decide to call a truce while eating and I hadn’t realized I was hungry till we sat down with our food.

I finished a little ahead of Pam and since I had drank several glassed of iced tea, I stood up and excused myself to the restroom. She took hold of my hand and said that she was almost finished and to wait till we got back to the bungalow. I told her that I REALLY needed to go but changed my mind when she smiled and said, “Please wait.”

I finally dawned on me what she had in mind, so I sat back down and even drank part of another glass of tea while she finished. When she was done, we stood to leave and I whispered to her, “Ok, but no more vibrations or I won’t make it.”

I walked rather gingerly all the way back and as soon as we were inside with the door closed, Pam took me by the hand and led me to the bedroom. We stopped beside the bed where she helped my take off my T-shirt then slid my shorts down, followed by the soaked jockstrap. For the first time I could see that there was a leather strap about an inch wide around my balls causing them to bulge and be held away from my crotch by a plastic cylinder about an inch in diameter and two inches long.

Then she pulled off her own top and shorts, then the little panties and I saw the wire hanging down out of her pussy. She squatted a little and held her hand under her pussy and a device similar to the one still under my balls fell out into her hand.

I expected her to take my cock in her mouth and drink the piss she had asked me to retain, instead she looked me in the eyes and asked if I trusted her. Of course I nodded yes and with that she indicated that I was to stand right there as she walked into the bathroom and came back out with the sash from one of the robes and a towel.

My cock reacted immediately when she said to hold my hands in front of me, then tied them together with the sash. Thoughts of how erotic it had been to be restrained in Dr. William’s office flashed through my mind as my wrists were bound together. Then she took the panties that she had worn all afternoon and slipped them over my head with the crotch covering my nose and mouth.

Over the panties she added the T-shirt I had worn, but did not pull my head through the opening, effectively hooding me so that I could see nothing and concentrating the heady odors of her vagina so that each breath was heavy with her scent. Then she turned me and guided me to a sitting position on the towel with my ass at the edge of the bed and laid me back until my head was resting on the pillow she had provided.

As I lay there with my legs spread and my cock dripping precum, expecting any second to feel her lips sucking gently on my cock, I heard her walk off and then the crinkling of the sack again. My gut muscles tightened at the thought of yet another surprise from the sack. The sound of a package being opened followed by the click of the KY cap caused me to tighten again.

I jumped a little when her hand contacted my cock and slipped my foreskin back, uncovering the head. Then I felt her fingers on the head and spreading the little hole open and the tip of her tongue pushing in. At least I thought at first that it was her tongue, until I realized it was something else. Whatever it was, it was slipping down inside my cock!

“This may sting just a little, but it’s only the KY causing it,” as it continued down inside of me. I couldn’t tell just how far it was inside me, but it stopped several times, then forged ahead until I could feel it deep. I hadn’t realized just how far in it really was until it passed through my prostate and hit the opening of my bladder.

There was a mild burning sensation, but not objectionable and when it hit my bladder sphincter it felt like someone was pinching me on the inside. If it kept prodding me I knew that I wouldn’t be able to hold back anymore and I started to tell her so when suddenly there was a little twinge of pain and I felt it slip inside my bladder. I couldn’t discern just how much of it had been pushed inside me but then my bladder started feeling even fuller as, I found out later, she inflated the bulb inside me to keep it in.

My bladder was quite uncomfortable but I couldn’t piss now no matter how hard I tried. The next thing I was conscious of was her climbing on the bed, then the shirt and panties were removed to be replaced by her pussy as her legs settled on either side of my head. I was having a little trouble breathing as her pussy covered my mouth and my nose was jammed into her asshole but I started licking like a mad man, slurping up the juices that were flowing freely.

It was only seconds until her orgasm hit her and even more İstanbul Escort liquid gushed into my mouth. The taste of her pussy in my mouth, the heavy odor of her ass in my nose and the pressure in my bladder was driving me to a frenzy when all of a sudden there was a reduction of the pressure. I knew that piss was being discharged but I had no control over it and no idea where it was going.

When her spasms slacked off, she scooted back off of my face and I found out where my piss was going. The slackening of the pressure stopped, then I felt a small tube placed in my mouth and she said that I had better start swallowing.

Then my own piss started filling my mouth from the tube and I started swallowing as fast as I could. It was certainly strange to feel my bladder emptying and not being able to control it or shut it off and having no choice but to drink it down.

I got a break when she knelt down with her mouth beside mine and the tube was then discharging into her mouth, then it was back in mine. The tube was traded back and forth several times until finally there was nothing left inside me.

When she got down, I raised my head and looked at the catheter sticking out of my cock and the extension tube she had inserted to allow us to drink. “Stay there and I will take it out, but first I want some pictures.”

Sometime during the process, my foreskin had slipped back down and covered the head and part of the tube and it was strange so see it sticking out of there. After she had taken several pictures from different angles, even having me hold my cock up for some, she released the inflation stopper on the bulb and when it was empty started easing the catheter out.

She slipped it out very slowly and I could feel it as it exited the bladder sphincter and tip passed through my prostate and up the shaft. A big dollop of lube and precum followed it out and dripped from my foreskin and she took some pictures of that as well.

I was exhausted and figured the evening’s activities were pretty much over when she told me once again to stay put. Another trip to the sack and she returned holding something that I recognized. I couldn’t imagine what she was up to now as she tore the condom packet open, then it became clear when I saw her pick up the vibrating device that had been in her pussy and slip it in the condom and unroll it all the way.

When she knelt between my legs with the vibrating thing hanging in the condom and the tube of KY in the other hand, I knew what she wanted and raised my legs up and back, making my asshole available to her.

Her finger made short work of lubing my asshole inside and out, then the little egg, she called it, was pushing it’s way inside me. It slipped inside, followed by her finger as she pushed it farther in until it was resting against my prostate.

Finally my cock was vacuumed into her warm mouth and as it entered she tightened her lips causing my foreskin to slip back and uncover the super sensitive head. She didn’t bob her head up and down, but rather just moved the head forward and back by alternately sucking and releasing, the nursing thing again. As she began gently kneading my still restrained balls and causing the device inside me to rub over my prostate with the finger that was still inside, the fire began to grow.

I still couldn’t help but wonder if it would continue to build until I orgasmed or die away as had happened so often in the past. Her ministrations at my cock felt wonderful but I was beginning to have the old doubts when her hand released my balls and suddenly they started vibrating and shaking as she activated the device under them again. This time it was different, my balls were no longer held tight but were free to move about and they were literally dancing as the device worked it’s magic.

I hardly felt a second finger going in my ass but it’s intent became obvious when I felt the egg inside me pushed hard against my prostate. I nearly came clear off the bed when she pushed the second button on and moved it so that it would stay on as she had done with the one under my balls.

Within seconds I cried out so loudly that it was a wonder that security didn’t pay a visit as my insides seemed to explode as my cum jetted out into her sucking mouth. All my senses were in absolute overload as my prostate pumped out my cum in response to the vibrations of the egg being held firm against it.

My prostate continued to spasm long after there was nothing left and I had to beg her to stop. There was no need to tell me to say put, I was absolutely exhausted as she slipped first her fingers, then the egg from my ass and released my balls to hang free. She returned from the bathroom with a warm, wet washcloth and cleaned me up, then helped me turn and put my legs on the bed. Then a peck on the cheek and I was out like a light.

Out of the fog came a knocking sound, then voices that I couldn’t understand. I shook my head to wake up and saw that it was getting dark outside and wondered who was at the door. I was still mulling over what she had done to me earlier and how the catheter had felt sliding down inside my cock when Pam came bouncing in the room in her little tennis skirt and a wifebeater and announced that dinner was served.

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