His Sister’s Birthday Present Pt. 03

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My bf Jasper continued to fuck his baby sister almost every night. If I wasn’t there to watch and guide them, they still let me listen over the phone.

Ally would put me on videochat and let me watch as she described her first time on top and how deep he was, remarking that it really hurt. I explained to her that the vagina takes time to stretch and that he needed to slow down.

“Ok Mick,” he said, “I’m just so excited. She feels so amazing!”

Eventually she slid down all the way, panting as she got used to the feel of him. He loved her and didn’t want her to hurt, so he let her have all the time she needed. He pulled his knees up behind her and tucked his hands under his head, watching her beautiful face.

“You’re in charge little sis,” he whispered, “You’ve always been in charge. My dick belongs to you, ya know?” She moaned in agreement as she pushed deeper against him, never opening her eyes.

“Thank your brother for his dick!”

“OMG Jasper!” she moaned, “Thank you so much for your dick! I love it!”

I instructed her to start rolling her hips around, whenever she was ready. She was barely breathing but did as she was told. It wasn’t long before she was gushing all over him. He couldn’t resist and began massaging her tight tits, pinching at her nipples as she came.

She squealed with delight as she writhed uncontrollably, her eyes rolling back into her head as she bucked and tried to find a comfortable place for her legs, ofise gelen gaziantep escort her brother holding tight to her hips the whole time until she fully relaxed against him.

He began rocking his hips side to side, getting deeper and enjoying every inch of her as she panted deeply, looking into his eyes. She loved watching the pleasure on his face and he loved watching hers twitch with every new sensation.

“Jesus Mick, she is SO fucking tight! It’s so hard not to just cum instantly!”

“I know Jazz, but don’t. Let her enjoy that beautiful cock of yours. I want her to cum on it”.

With that, he started to bounce her, gently at first then harder and harder as she creamed him more, squealing with delight and begging for more.

“Oh Mick! Jazz! I’m cumming! I’m cumming you guys!” She collapsed over his chest as she squealed and moaned and screamed into him, “Yes yes yes yes yes YES yessssssss!” I watched as he fucked her hard, not showing her mercy and keeping her orgasm going for as long she could cum until she suddenly sat back up, shuddering and squeezing her hips and begging him to stop.

He slowed down and cooed, “Good girl, Ally. Good good girl. You like your brother’s cock inside you? You cum on it good?”

She nodded breathlessly and whispered, “I fucking LOVE my brother’s big fat cock… I need it every day. I dunno what I’m gonna do without it when gaziantep ofise gelen bayan escort I go to college next semester!”

“Oh baby girl, don’t you worry. You’re gonna get lots of dick on campus! And I want you to send me videos and call me and tell me I’ll about it. And then I’ll fuck you whenever you come home, I promise”.

“Really? You’d be ok with that Jasper?”

I interrupted, “Ally, that’s the whole point of this baby. We’re teaching you how to take a cock now so you’ll know what to do later!”

“Yeah, like this!” Jasper began fucking her hard, bouncing her hard. She raised herself up on her knees a little and watched his dick as he slammed into her, slapping against her pussy. He gripped her hips hard, making sure she didn’t go anywhere.

She threw her head back in ecstasy and announced that she was about to cum again.

“Yeah? Yeah yeah yeah! You tell me when you are, cuz I’m gonna cum with you baby girl!”

“Yes Jazz! NOW!” As she squealed and writhed her fucked her with all his might, slamming deep into her as he came, grunting hard through his intense orgasm as she wriggled her hips against him begging him for more.

I came on the cock I had deep inside me. They didn’t know there was someone underneath me the whole time, staying very quiet but watching everything, getting harder and harder throughout the chat. He gripped my hips and gaziantep ofise gelen escort buried himself deep. He came when Jasper came.

“Oh Mick!” Ally exclaimed. “You came too! I’m so glad we all came together!”

“Yes you guys, that was awesome. Now Ally, I want you to slide slowly off your brother’s cock and then hold yourself up above him. Jasper, show us a closeup of that happy pussy so I can see your cum leaking out of her”.

He did as instructed, and even used a finger to spread it around before sticking it in her mouth, which she sucked slowly and sensually.

“How does your brother’s cum taste Ally?”

“Ohhhh god, it’s delicious! I love his cum! I love making his cum mine! I love smelling him in my underwear when he leaks out of me the next day!”

I laughed. “Yeah, Jasper does cum a lot. I know that smell very well! Now it’s time for you to go to bed baby girl. Jazzy baby, I’ll see you tomorrow. Make some more cum for me cuz I want you to fill me up too!”

He assured me he would and we hung up.

I looked back over my shoulder and asked, “How did you like that?”

“OMG that was so fucking hot! I loved it! I could barely keep from cumming myself but I’m seriously about to!”

He quickly flipped me onto all fours and began pounding the shit out of me, holding onto my hair with one hand and my hips with the other, burying his thick cock deep inside my soaking wet vagina over and over.

He stuck his middle finger deep in my ass and told me to cum again. I bucked hard against him as I came.

“Roll over!” he commanded.

He pulled out and came all over me, showering me with ribbons of cum as he watched me intently.

He panted, “Fuck you are so beautiful! I see why my son loves fucking you so much!”

I sat up, grinning at him, and licked the cum off the tip of his softening cock as he watched, kissing it as I finished.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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