Holiday in Paris

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“Do you like what you see? You’ve been admiring the Seine for several minutes now, just like every new tourist in Paris, if you ask me. Never been to France before?” the voice startled me out of my thoughts.

“Actually, I was thinking of the history of this city. Hard to believe that this was once a provincial village in the Roman province of Gaul, not to mention that on this very river, many Roman legionaries passed to and from the local forum, as many of them acclaimed their beloved Julian the new Emperor of Rome. Did you know that? This was the site when the last pagan Emperor of Rome was acclaimed, back in 360 of the Common Era. This is where he wintered and where he began his revolt against his cousin, the Emperor Constantius, son of Constantine himself,” I produced a shock of my own.

“No, now that isn’t really discussed much in the tour books or by the tour guides, but it is rather fascinating to hear that an actual Roman Emperor might have stood here or somewhere on the banks of the Seine, just kilometers away,” my new companion admitted with a wide smile, her bright green eyes growing as she took in the full significance of what I had told her, “Julian the Apostate, right? Flavius Claudius Julianus. Killed in battle in Sassanid Persia.”

“The very same. Nephew to Constantine, grandson of Constantius Chlorus through his legal consort, Theodora. Constantine was actually a bastard son through a freedwoman concubine named Helena, not that I hold that against him. I only have a beef with him because he turned the mighty Roman Empire Christian and all of Europe with it. Well, that and he introduced serfdom to an Empire that didn’t really know such a concept,” I added before remembering my manners, “Sorry, I’m very much a history buff. Simon Abrams. Pleasure to meet you.”

“Oh, don’t be sorry for that. I’m always fascinated by what makes a quiet man talk, and with you, it’s matters of learning, of knowledge. I like that about you. Jewish, aren’t you? Anyway, I’m Megan Fitzgerald. Yes, I know, can’t get more Irish than that, can you? From Dublin, to be precise, just graduated from Trinity College and I’m having a Paris holiday to reward myself. What of you? You look like an academic, if you’ll pardon my saying so,” Megan told me, greeting me to my surprise in the French manner, with a kiss.

I was a bit thrown back, despite knowing better, that Megan would take for granted such familiarity, but then my body language must have made her feel welcome to do that. To be fair, I had no objections to her expressing affection like that, despite being a complete stranger. She also brushed her hair back from her face in ways to possibly signal openness to me. The last, unmistakable gesture, though, was when she wrapped her arms around my waist and pressed her delightful bosom against my chest.

“Yes, I’m the chairman of the history department at one of the public universities back in Minnesota. This time of year, it’s a little warmer, but it’s the only time that I can really afford to take off for vacation, or as you called, holiday, given how busy the other parts of the year are and how expensive late summer is. Late spring, just as I am drained, anyway. We’re in similar situations, you and I. I notice that you’re being … friendly. To what do I owe that pleasure and that of your eager and enthusiastic company?” I replied to Megan, who then gave me a very ardent tongue kiss, “And, yes, I’m Jewish, but not the most observant sort. Very secular. Hell, my girlfriend is Japanese!”

“Let me see … you’re an obviously intelligent, even intellectual, Yank who disproves all of the negative assumptions that people make about Americans. You’re older, probably wiser and more mature. You haven’t complained or rejected my advances so far. In fact, you seem quite willing to indulge me there. You have a girlfriend, but apparently don’t mind flirting with other women. I take it that you wouldn’t be opposed to sleeping with them, either. So, how about it? I’ve had an on and off boyfriend myself, an Englishman, actually, much to my family’s shock and dismay. Richard, that’s his name. We’ve had our rough patches and this is one of them, I’m afraid. What do you say? Want to get into my knickers?” Megan solicited me.

“Well, I could try them on, but I don’t think that I’d look that good in them,” I winked at Megan to show that I was twisting her words deliberately.

Megan blushed and winked back, “That wasn’t what I meant and you know it, sir!”

“I know, and the answer is definitely yes! I couldn’t live with myself if I passed up the chance to bed a lovely daughter of Erin like you! So, where shall we … commence our little illicit love affair, just two unfaithful lovers rolling around in bed with each other?” I teased her a bit as she grabbed my hand and led me to her rental for a ride back to her favorite cafe first.

“A cafe? That’s a bit more risque than I expected,” I laughed, thinking that she just wanted a bite, but as it turned out, Megan planned Gaziantep Grup Escort exactly what I implied in jest.

The next thing that I knew, I was in a discreet, concealed area of the cafe, and my new companion had my pants down to fish out my dick. She soon got it into her mouth and her lips worked closely with her tongue to orally pleasure me. She looked up at me with more passion than expected and winked at me as she continued to lick my cock as if it were soft serve or something like that. I held onto her head for control as she sucked me, her hands now exploring my balls and rubbing them lovingly. I kept expecting Megan to stop before I came, but she didn’t, and before I could stop myself, my cum shot into her throat like oil from a struck pipeline.

“Mmmmm … delicious! I love the taste of your spunk, sir! Don’t worry, I plan to fuck you soon, but I could tell that your balls were churning a nice, yummy load for me and I couldn’t keep from tasting it … and your fine prick! I guess that I should have warned you that I love to suck cock, shouldn’t I?” Megan told me as she stole my boxers and slipped her panties into my left back pocket, “Now, how about some coffee with my cream, what do you say? I want some fine Parisian coffee and beignets, and then we can retire to the room above to fuck like rabbits for a few hours.”

“There’s a room above this cafe?” I asked with surprise as I joined Megan at her table.

“Yes, as it happens. Gustave and Gaston operate this place together and they are good friends of mine. They’re also brothers and occasional lovers of mine, but they won’t get jealous. I’ve only been intimate with them a few times. They spend most of their time fucking married women instead. It’s a thing for them. Hence the room above. Handy for living, but also for loving,” Megan explained better, “Mind helping me become their latest married conquest?”

“Are you proposing marriage to me? If so, that’s a rather unorthodox approach to it!” I laughed, “Granted, I have a girlfriend, Tamiko, but she and I are having a spat at the moment because she wanted to go to a convention and I had this vacation lined up instead. But mine was already booked and I didn’t want to miss the chance. It might be a nasty surprise for her if I came back with a wife! If you don’t mind me keeping Tamiko, assuming that she forgave me, or having other partners, I certainly wouldn’t object to Gustave, Gaston, or Richard, for that matter! You’re essentially suggesting an open marriage, aren’t you?”

“Sure, why not? You keep Tamiko and any other woman … or bloke, for that matter, whom you fancy, and I keep my lovers. And don’t worry about getting her to forgive you. She will, if she’s smart and if she meets me. I’ll help you persuade her, trust me. Why marry me? It’s pretty simple. I know what a letch you are and I love you for it already! You know what a tart I am and you love me for it, too. Don’t bother to deny it, either! I can tell. Your cock is already as stiff as my cunny is wet!” Megan said just before ordering us some coffee and beignets.

“Guilty as charged. In case you’re wondering, Tamiko and I have never brought up marriage, neither of us, perhaps because her parents would freak. I’m not sure. They’re probably hoping that she’ll get over me and marry a proper Japanese guy such as the ones that they keep trying to find her. We’ve had our fights, but never over that. I’m not entirely sure about her fidelity, but then I’ve never discussed such things with her. It’s been a weird relationship compared to most of mine. Tamiko is a bit unusual, anyway, though that’s not a bad thing. Speaking of strange, it’s not every day that a girl proposes marriage just minutes after giving me a blowjob for the first time. Should I be flattered?” I grinned at Megan.

“Yes, but you’re a keeper and I aim to marry you before Tamiko gets any ideas. As for Richard, well, he’s had his chance. I would love to still date him, but he’ll just have to take what he can get. I doubt that he’s being that faithful back in Merry Old England, either. Not that I give two shits about that, because I don’t. Look, love, I don’t know about Tamiko, but when I see a man that I want to keep for life, I grab him with both hands. Which probably explains why I haven’t grabbed Richard. He’s great, but he’s not a keeper like you are. So, how about it? Did I mention that I absolutely adore older men?” Megan told me as she fed me a beignet out of her own hand.

“So, you literally want me eating out of your hand, I take it?” I teased her a little as we ate together.

“Why not? You can eat out all your want. It’s yours, love. Bon appetit! Quim, bum, all that jazz. I must warn you that I don’t have any cherries anymore. None. I love it in every hole, trust me. I love tongue, dick, fingers, toys. Oh, and I have to warn you that Gustave and Gaston might walk in on us. If they do, I can’t promise not to invite to them join in the festivities. That was one of our issues, Richard and me. I wanted to try gang-bangs. He didn’t.

“Anyway, we’re on a break, as they say, so he can do what he wants and so can I. I don’t expect him to be faithful. Hell, I never did, even before the break, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he gets angry upon learning that I’ve been with other men. He basically told me last time that he wasn’t ready to commit because he didn’t know how faithful I could be to him.

“Seriously! I told him, and I quote here, ‘I’m not after monogamy. I want marriage. They’re not the same thing. I have no intention of being faithful and I have no desire to keep you faithful, either.’ Those were my words to him and he just said that he needed ‘a little break to figure this dodgy little affair of ours’ out. His words, along with ‘maybe those little French fags of yours can keep you happy in your nice little Parisian poly love nest.’ I shot him the bird and that was the last thing that we said to each other before he walked out on me,” Megan continued while drinking her very rich coffee.

“Let me guess. Richard is a bit older, too, isn’t he?” I teased her some more, making her blush.

“Oh, God, yes! I bet that Tamiko is rather young herself, isn’t she?” Megan taunted me back while playing footsie with me.

“23 years old, works for an insurance company as a receptionist. But we’ve been dating for a good while, longer than most other women, who usually drop me when it’s clear that there is no future with me, not in the way that they hope for from an older man. Plus, I’ve been known to cheat about as much as you might expect, which doesn’t help with a lot of them. On the other hand, some of the very exes who complain the most about my cheating then cheat on their husbands with me, so, clearly, they have issues and no great moral consistency there. That’s their problem, of course, and their husbands’.

“Cry me a river about feeling neglected by the idiot workaholics that you chose to replace me! I would have treated them a lot better, even with my constant infidelity, than most of them do. Tamiko is in some ways spoiled, she’s definitely sassy and silly, and she can be a bit whiny at times, but she seldom tries to change anything truly important about me. And even then, she generally takes a hint. She also never nags me about the ‘future.’ She’s also quite kinky, too. Delightfully so. I sometimes wonder if I’m just practice for a Japanese husband that she plans to claim later. That would explain a few things, if nothing else. Not that it stops her from insisting upon bareback, of course,” I chuckled now.

“Well, that’s practice sex alright. You don’t use rubbers when you’re married, so why would you do so with a practice hubby, right? I like Tamiko already. I hope that I can persuade her to stay your mistress after we wed. It would make things so much more delightful if you kept her while married to me. I don’t care if she has a husband herself. If your marriage doesn’t end things, why should hers?” Megan encouraged my fantasies of marrying her and keeping Tamiko as a lover.

By now, the food and coffee were both gone, both of us having had our fill, and so Megan led me upstairs, with a wink from one of the staff directed at us. The next thing that happened was so fast that it was almost a blur. Megan was on the bed with her skirt hiked up and her bare ass exposed to me. She handed me the lube and parted her cheeks for an obvious invitation.

“I want it in my arse next, please. I’m ready to get my bum fucked good and hard!” Megan begged me, much to my shock … I thought that I would have to work my way to that, but she was offering it up on a silver platter.

I lubed Megan up gently and eased a little at a time into her booty, letting her adapt as my cock slid in and out of her pale, freckled, Irish bottom. She kept throwing her hips and her buns back at me eagerly, taking me deeper with each stroke into her anal passage. She was very tight there for a non-virgin, but I welcomed that, and sure enough, so did she. Her long, flowing, now free auburn hair lay across her sweaty, fair flesh as I took her from behind. It was hot in more ways than one, with the heat of her backdoor combined with the heat of the coupling and of our lust itself.

“Oh, fuck me! Take my arse! Take it good and deep!” Megan screamed at me, egging me on as I pumped in and out of her bottom with each splendid stroke.

We continued fucking for several more minutes, while Megan became more excited every time I plunged my dick in and out of her, until finally she screamed with her ecstasy and involuntarily squeezed the cum directly from my balls. I hit the insides of her with my hot spunk, creaming her asshole with my jizz as I withdrew from her at last. Megan rose on her wobbly feet, didn’t bat an eye, and closed the distance to kiss me with an ardor that I never fully anticipated. She finished undressing both of us in a hurry and led me to the bathroom, where she ran the bath and urged me to join her in the old-fashioned bathtub, washing each other while lying down in it.

“So, love, are you hooked yet? Ready to claim me as yours? Don’t worry. By the end of this holiday, you and are I going to be inseparable! You’ll never want me out of your life again! By the way, I lied about something. My last cherry was the one that you just took. Richard never got that. I just didn’t want to put any pressure on you, so I pretended not to have a cherry bum.

“Speaking of Richard, if you’re serious about letting me keep him as a boyfriend, well, I swear to God, I’m in earnest about you keeping Tamiko. I want us both to have lovers, in fact. It’s so adult, right? An unconventional marriage where I can have a paramour or two and so can you,” Megan urged me once again while we soaked in the tub and I enjoyed her soft, smooth skin against me in the hot water.

“And you plan to give him your ass next,” I teased her while playing with her exquisite tits and bottom from behind.

“Oh, of course, lover! He will just have to be content with having taken my vaginal cherry, that’s all. My quim cherry, though I’ve since been quite intimate with others, of course. My first encounters with Gustave and Gaston were strictly oral, but once I lost my virginity to Richard, they got to enjoy those favors, too. Now that you’ve had my arse, I can let them use that as well. So, how was my first time getting it up the rear? Was I any good there? Tamiko has let you use that part of her, hasn’t she?” Megan asked me curiously.

“Yes, in fact, that’s the main thing that we do. Some oral, yes, but mostly anal. She hasn’t let me inside her twat yet. Which is another thing that makes me wonder. On the other hand, what guy can refuse a woman who has never hesitated to ride his dick with her ass at three in the morning and always keeps her tush as clean as she can in order to accept my cock? I sometimes wonder if I’ll ever get to use her cunt,” I laughed as I thought of that aspect of our relationship, bewildering as it was, “Anyway, for an anal virgin, you were actually pretty damn great. I must confess that I really enjoyed sodomizing you.”

“Never hesitated, not once? Not even during a fight or spat?” Megan giggled now as she turned around and kissed me repeatedly.

“Not a single time. The first date, she let me into her ass and she hasn’t refused me ever since. Oddly, it was a virgin ass, too. Very weird. I seem to have an easier getting into a woman’s butt than her pussy or anything else. And it’s not like I’m small down there, as you can attest,” I grinned as I remarked on my size.

“No, definitely not small, but that might be part of your appeal. Think of it. You can stretch a woman’s bunghole and make it all yours from so much buggery. After that, well, I suspect that it’s very hard to replace a man who’s that good at such a raunchy act. Most guys would make a girl nervous, but you know how to stretch her butt, without destroying it. A great balance, trust me. Not every man has that knack. That makes you quite valuable, thank you very much. I’ll bet that she’s very petite, like a lot of Asian women, too,” Megan laughed as she lit a cigarette and began smoking.

“That she is, yes. Very delicious in so many ways, too. Just as you are in your own way,” I admitted while continuing to grope her as much as I could.

That was when Megan’s phone rang and she picked it up in a hurry, speaking to what was increasingly clear was Richard, “Oh, hello, love! How are you, dear? No, I’m not alone right now, but you had to have at least suspected that. Look, Richard, darling, you know that I love you, but my position on this matter has only changed in one respect. I’ve offered my hand in marriage to another man. So, whatever happens, if you want me, you have no choice but to share me, don’t you?”

There was a muffled response coming through, but then she put the phone on speaker, “Look, dear, I meant that. I am going to marry this Yank and he’s quite open to the kind of marriage that I want.”

“So, he’s a cuck, then?” Richard snorted.

“No, a cuck is faithful while his wife tarts about, dear! My fiance has a girlfriend! Yes, that’s right. A cute little Japanese girl probably half his age, easily! I never asked you to be a cuck, as I recall. I told you that I don’t want to keep you all to myself, didn’t I? That’s not a cuck. I just want to share and share alike, and that can still be done, but as boyfriend and girlfriend. You do what you please, fuck whomever you wish, and accept what a slut I am, dear. I’m a horny little strumpet who was born to fuck as much as she can. We can all share, right? Share me with Simon, Gustave, and Gaston, and in turn, I share all of you as well. Deal, lover?” Megan continued to press her case.

“And I suppose that the transoceanic relationships will continue to be a mixed blessing in that respect. I get you whenever you’re in England or someplace else. Your new Yank husband would get you in the States. And your two Frenchies would get you in Paris, eh?” Richard commented, now taking things better than expected, as if in relief, as if he hadn’t honestly believed her before.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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