Holly’s Seductive Toes Ch. 02

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As I suspected, sleep did not come easily for me for the next several days. Every time I tried to get some sleep, all I could think about was Holly…about her feet, her delicious love nest, how she pulled me to her and finally gave me my much needed release. Sleep was impossible, even though in my heated state I was constantly engaging in some auto-erotic activity just to ease the frustration. Even after giving myself orgasm after orgasm, I still couldn’t get her out of my head (either one!) long enough to get any decent sleep. The anticipation of meeting her again was making me a wreck.

I had the hots for her so bad that I kept her silky stockings under my pillow every night. I spent many long minutes – hours even – sniffing and kissing them, rubbing them blissfully all over my face. Often I licked along the toe seams, and along the reinforced strips to the heels. I remembered how incredible that toe seam looked while she rubbed her feet in my face. I even found myself putting my hands inside them and rubbing the foot portion on my throbbing penis, imagining that it was Holly’s sexy toes and soles rubbing me to orgasm. But I was always careful not to get my cum on those stockings. I wanted them pristine…with no scents on them but Holly’s. Somehow, soiling them in any way seemed almost sacrilegious. I thought that anything that was lucky enough to be worn by Holly deserved to be treated with the utmost respect and awe. To be honest, I actually WORSHIPPED those stockings, touching and kissing them reverently over and over for hours at a time, wishing her legs and feet were still in them.

So, sleepless and dog tired, I waited and waited for Thursday to come. The clock never seemed to move. The second hand crawled along with an agonizing slowness that drove me insane minute by minute. My days and nights had become a painful blur of dreaming about Holly and sniffing and kissing her stockings. Nothing else mattered. My dad was worried about my haggard state, but my mom just comforted me as much as she could. She just figured I was in love, and what I was going through was perfectly normal. Ha! If she only knew.

Though my mom thought I was in love, it was much more like lust…even obsession. Once I’d gotten a taste of Holly’s incredible feet and soft, lickable quim, I was hooked. I’d do almost anything to taste either of them again. It was all that filled my brain…all that I thought about. I was barely able to get through my classes.

When Thursday finally came, I was fumbling all over myself with anticipation. I wasn’t even that bad the first time I met her, but somehow PLANNING to meet her again, knowing that I was now officially her “foot boy” and “pussy boy”…well, that made it all completely different. Besides, she had left me with the promise of introducing me to all kinds of kinky pleasures…mostly hers, of course, but enough left over for me to make me blissfully unaware of the inequity in the arrangement. It wouldn’t have mattered if I’d allowed myself to acknowledge that inequity anyway. My submissive side reveled in the idea of giving Holly all the pleasure she demanded, while accepting whatever crumbs of satisfaction she might dole out to me. Those seductive feet and sticky sweet flower – and hopefully at some point the rest of her body as well – were enough to keep me coming back again and again. She was the Foot Goddess of my dreams, now made real and touchable.

Finally, Thursday arrived. I drove to McDonald’s. I waited in the parking lot for her to show up. My hands were wringing the life out of the steering wheel. I was sweating and shivering. I kept seeing her slowly, tantalizingly using one foot to remove the shoe from the other. I could almost smell her stockings, the subtle scent of her bare feet. My tongue moved around in my mouth as if tasting the slickness between her legs. I squirmed in my seat, a burning, itching throb between my thighs.

Then I saw her car pull into the entrance. My heart raced. My breathing became labored. I shivered even more. It was almost as if my mind was warning me that Holly wasn’t good for my health…that she was planning to eat me alive….chew me up and spit me out. I didn’t listen. I didn’t care. I welcomed the devouring with open arms…and throbbing loins.

She pulled her car up in front of mine, rolled down her window and smiled wickedly at me. She was not the least bit surprised to see me waiting there for her. She KNEW I wouldn’t stand her up. Still grinning, she motioned with her finger for me to come to her. I could almost see her licking her lips.

As I opened my car door and got out, my mind was telling me that I was responding to a command not unlike someone who says “Here, boy!” for their dog to come to them. As usual, I didn’t listen to my brain. Or, again, I didn’t care. I was going to enjoy the wicked Holly as much as I could…or as much as she’d allow me to. It was all that mattered.

I closed and locked my door. I walked around to the passenger side of Holly’s car, opened the door with a sweaty, trembling hand, Gaziantep Escort Reklamları and dropped myself weakly into the seat. I was still shaking all over. Just seeing her again was making me burn with desire. I tried not to show it, but that was impossible. Even if I wasn’t a walking bag of hormones, Holly would’ve seen through my act immediately.

“Hello, foot boy,” she cooed, grinning that grin that made me sweat.

Remembering her preference, I replied, “Hello, Goddess.”

“You remembered. Very good. Are you ready to please your Goddess tonight, foot boy?”

“Yes, Goddess,” I replied, the words breaking up a bit as I found myself swallowing hard.

“Wonderful. I’ve got some delightful things planned for tonight. But first, let’s get dinner. And since you’re a college boy and more than likely on a tight budget, dinner will be my treat. But…you’ll have to pay me back in other ways. I’m sure you won’t mind.” Her grin could’ve turned granite to putty…except that it had the reverse effect between my shaking legs. Before turning back to the wheel to drive off, she added – to herself or to me, I wasn’t exactly sure – “I’ve so much to teach you.” Her pink tongue licking those moist red lips caused my sweat glands to kick even further into overdrive, not to mention OTHER already churning glands that were doing the same.

With that, she drove off, pulling out of the McDonald’s parking lot and onto the main road. It was still light out, and I thanked all the powers that be for that, because I got to look at her as she drove. I didn’t even care where we were going. I just wanted to gaze longingly at her. I was finally with her again. What else could possibly be of any importance?

This time, her long, shiny black hair was curled into a tight bun on the top of her head. Her make-up was the same as the first time I’d seen her, though her eye shadow seemed a shade or two darker…more mysterious. She wore a silky red blouse, very low cut, and extremely tight stretch pants, which I wasn’t surprised to see were black. At her ankles, sheer smoky stockings snugly hugged her legs from there to her toes. I couldn’t see much above her ankles because of the tight pants, but I imagined my eyes could see those stockings as they kissed her calves and thighs all the way up to Nirvana.

As I looked further down, below those well-turned ankles, I noticed with surprise – and unexpected pleasure – that, except for the stockings, Holly was barefoot as she drove. My eyes focused on the sheer toes as they pressed down on the metal and hard rubber pedal, noting that these stockings were not reinforced as were the ones I was now lucky enough to own. At least not a thick dark area that fully covered the toes as with the other pair. Rather, this time the toes were as sheer as the rest of the stocking, with only a thin seam that ran along the tips of Holly’s toes….toes that were still as brightly painted as they were several nights ago. I watched those feet as they controlled the car…thinking how much the car and I had in common, being so easily and unerringly controlled by Holly’s feet.

I heard a laugh, and looked up, reluctantly. “I always drive barefoot,” she said. “You like watching me drive like this?” she asked, her dark eyes twinkling. As I looked into those mesmerizing eyes, I realized something. When Holly asked you a question, or just expected any kind of verbal response from you at all, her eyes would bore into yours and not waver from them until she got an answer.

“Well,” I said, trying to catch my reath, “what’s not to like. You know I adore your feet.” I was trying to sound calm, even suave, but, in retrospect, Holly saw right through it. I was only fooling myself, and not even doing that very well.

“Yes, you most certainly do. And I like that about you.” She paused for a minute, then continued. “I’ll bet,” she said, the twinkle in her eyes becoming more mischievous, “you’d love to get down there and kiss them even while I’m driving. Wouldn’t you, foot boy?”

I tried to answer her, in the affirmative, of course, but I found myself needing to swallow. Before I could get my senses about me and reply, Holly plunged onward. “So, go ahead, if you want to. Get down there and kiss my feet while I drive. Just don’t get in the way of my driving.”

I had missed her feet so much that I wanted to kiss them badly, almost desperately. I looked over at her, wondering if she was serious. Silly me. Of course she was. And I was also silly to think that Holly was “letting me” do something if I “wanted” to. She made this clear to me almost instantly.

“Foot boy…I said you could kiss my feet. I’m giving you a rare honor here. If you think my feet aren’t worth kissing when I say you can, then we can nip this evening in the bud right now. Do you want to worship my feet or not?” Her brow had furrowed and the smile was gone. Clearly, Holly did not like hesitation when she wanted something from her “foot boy.” I got the picture…crystal clear, and in ultra high resolution. Nothing Holly did was ambiguous at all. She was always straight to the point…like the pointed tip of an archer’s arrow.

There wasn’t a lot of room, but I managed to get down on the floor and twist myself into a position where I could get my head under the dashboard below the steering wheel. Straining, I got far enough down near the floor that I could kiss the instep of the foot nearest to me, the one pressing down on the accelerator. I heard Holly giggle somewhere miles above me.

“Mmm…very nice. You may keep kissing, foot boy. I love how your breath feels on my foot. And when I stop at this light up here, I’ll bring my other foot over and you can kiss it, too.”

Already lost in kissing her foot, I replied, “Oh, yes, Goddess.” Her toes wiggled, and I took that to be a sign of her approval.

True to her word, the car slowed to a halt. Over came a second nylon clad foot, the toes caressing the side of my face. Even in my awkward position, I held that foot in both hands and kissed it reverently. I savored it’s scent and the feel of the stockings on my hands and mouth. It was a sensual smorgasbord for my eager fingers and adoring lips. Not unexpectedly, I again became lost in her sweet, shapely peds. I ended up nuzzling my face in the warm softness of the undersides of her toes and the ball of her foot, sighing away in my ecstasy.

“Before the light changes, kiss all ten of my toes. Hurry up, the light’s about to change.” Clearly, she was playing with me, having such great fun with her brand new foot toy.

I kissed ten times in rapid succession, first the foot I held in my hands, then leaning down to kiss the toes of the one now on the brake pedal. I could hear Holly’s tinkling laughter above once more.

As that laughter rained down on me like confetti, I suddenly realized the position I was in. I’d always thought of myself as a proud, strong person. Yet…here I was, twisted at an awkward angle on the floor of Holly’s car, my head barely able to squeeze under the dashboard, and I was kissing her feet like an adoring puppy. The thought pierced my brain like a bee sting. My pride had abandoned me in a heartbeat at the simple thought of kissing Holly’s toes. That was the exact moment when I fully realized the lengths I would go to to be close to her. It was a sobering thought. Young and cocky, here I was, humbled at Holly’s feet. And, surprisingly, it couldn’t have felt more right.

“Now sit up, foot boy,” her words broke my self evaluation. “Sit on the seat again. That position you’re in looks awfully painful.”

I sat up on the seat, my back, hips and neck aching slightly. But my eyes were still adoringly locked on her feet. I didn’t even see her looking over at me and smiling. With a mocking tone, she said, “Well, foot boy, what do you say?”

I was confused. I didn’t know what she wanted me to say. I thought for a moment…what would Holly WANT me to say? And then it came to me. “Thank you, Goddess,” I ventured, hoping that would make her happy. Apparently, it was exactly what she was looking for. She smiled and nodded.

“You’re welcome, foot boy. Now don’t worry, you’ll get a much more thorough taste later.” I could see the satisfied ear to ear grin as she looked forward, guiding us through traffic.

I tried to focus on where we were. We’d been driving a while, and I had lost track of turns and direction while I was on the floor. Holly noticed me trying to get my bearings and said quickly, “Don’t worry, I know where we are. We’re not far from the restaurant. Before we get there, there’s something else I want you to do for me.”

“What’s that?” I ventured, warily.

She grinned over at me. “I want you to take your cock out of your pants. Show me that lovely tool of yours.” When I hesitated, she laughed, “Well, go on…it’s nothing I haven’t seen before.”

Still dazed at the request, I grabbed my zipper tentatively, then looked back up into Holly’s eyes. She nodded. “That’s right, take it out. I want to see my foot boy’s cock. Show it to me right now.”

I unzipped. My penis was already pretty stiff after kissing her feet, so I had to pull my opened jeans up and away from it to have room to get it out into the open. When I got it out of my pants, I held it for a second, then let it lay on my lap.

“Mmmmm…very nice. All nice and hard, too. That’s from kissing my pretty feet, no doubt.”

“Yes, Goddess,” I replied, embarrassed and excited at the same time.

“I like that. Just a few kisses on my feet can get you nice and firm like that. That’s so wonderful.” Almost without taking a breath, she moved on. “Now,” she said, “stroke it for me.”

Again I looked at her as if I didn’t understand. She simply smirked.

“What AM I going to do with you?” she asked, giggling. Then, as if talking to a child, she spoke slowly, enunciating each word. “Hold…your…cock…in…your…hand…and…stroke…it,” she stated, boldly as you please. Her eyes were locked on mine as I absorbed what she said. Slowly, my right hand grabbed the already swollen shaft and began to lightly stroke up and down. I was embarrassed as hell, to say the least.

Since she was having trouble navigating through traffic and watching my busy hand, Holly slowed the car and pulled off the road into a small Handi-Stop. She steered to a back corner of the small lot, away from the other cars. I stopped stroking, thinking someone might see.

“Don’t stop,” she said. “I love watching you play with yourself. It’s so sexy.” Then she leaned over and kissed me on the cheek. “You are just soooo much fun, Tom. You are the perfect foot boy. I feel like I can do anything with you.”

We sat in that parking lot, Holly watching me stroke myself, and me watching for nosey passersby, for maybe ten minutes or so. Then Holly decided to change the scenario a bit. While I stroked the shaft of my penis, she reached inside my shirt and played with my nipples. She added a little ear licking to the game, also. But, then, just that quickly, she decided on an entirely new way to tease me.

“Mmmm…I have a wonderful idea, foot boy. Stop stroking for a minute.”

I stopped. When Holly leaned down between my legs, I thought she was going to take my throbbing cock in her mouth and suck me dry. Silly me. She was reaching down between my legs for something on the floor in front of my seat. When she realized what my thoughts must have been, she grinned up at me, sticking her tongue out and licking just the very tip of my pulsating head. After that, she kissed the tiny slit and sat up, smiling. It was such a wicked smile.

In her hand she held the prize she’d sought on the floor. It was one of her open-toed, high heeled pumps…a dark red to match her silky blouse. Her grin widened. “Take your hands away,” she said.

No sooner had I removed my hand from my cock, than she eagerly slipped the shoe down over the blushing head. Holding the shoe in her left hand, she grasped my penis in her right. Keeping my engorged tool steady with her hand, she slowly slid the shoe up and down its length, the underside of my shaft gliding along where her soft, warm sole had rested maybe an hour earlier. The top two inches of my cock slipped under the overstrap of the shoe repeatedly, the slim back of the heel rhythmically tapping against the front of my still mostly concealed sack. My pink helmet popped out the open toed area, then slid quickly back down…over and over again…as the amused Holly stroked me gleefully with her shoe. The shoe itself, however, was not the ultimate turn on for me. It was knowing that her gorgeous foot had recently touched where my penis was now rubbing that drove me crazy. And she, of course, knew this full well.

“You like that, foot boy? You like wearing my sexy shoe on your cock?” Her smile jeered at me, her eyes mocked me.

“Yes….yes, I do,” I forced from my lips, my eyes riveted on the rising and falling shoe as it stroked me.

When I was able to look over to Holly’s grinning face, I saw still more evidence of her seductive ways. She had purposely positioned herself so that the forearm of her right arm was under her bosom, pushing her breasts up and almost out of her low-cut, flimsy blouse. Somehow, at some unknown time (more than likely while I was kissing her feet earlier), she had unbuttoned the top button of her blouse, and her glorious breasts were now not only almost spilling out, but her large, pink nipples were just about completely out in the open. When I saw this, my firm member became still more so, and throbbed just that much harder against the rising and falling shoe.

“I’ll bet you’d love to come right now, wouldn’t you, foot boy?” Holly cooed, licking her grinning lips.

“Yes, ma’am…Goddess…I would love to.”

Suddenly, she sat up, whisking the shoe off my penis. As her stabilizing hand released my shaft, she leaned down to quickly give the head a kiss. Straightening out her blouse, she buttoned it, covering up those peeking nipples. My cock stood there, throbbing at full attention, wanting more. I could barely breathe, and the shock of the sudden cessation of….stimulation…made my whole body shudder. Holly dropped the shoe back onto the floor.

“No,” she said simply, “you can’t come yet. If you do, you’ll just lose interest. And I have so much more planned for tonight. I’ll let you come later, though…if you please me really well. But, then, I’m sure you will.” She winked and sat behind the steering wheel again. She started the engine, and just that quickly we were back on the road…as if this little diversion had never happened! I was sweating all over, and it felt as if every inch of my body was flushed, not just my face and cock.

Disappointed, I started to put my frustrated penis back in my pants. “No…leave it out,” Holly smiled. “I want to be able to look over at it every now and then. We’ll be at the restaurant in less than five minutes. You can put it away then. And don’t stroke it anymore, either. You might NEVER get it back into your pants! And after all,” she laughed, eminently amused with herself as she added, “it wouldn’t do for you to walk into the restaurant with your dick hanging out, now would it?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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