Home Alone with Dad Chapter 3

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I sat in the kitchen, eating my pizza. It was another holiday weekend. Mom was out of town. Normally this would mean I would have the weekend either to spend with friends, but they were also all out of town, or alone with Dad, but..

“I’m going to have some friends over tonight, so spend the night in your room or something,” Dad said, not looking at me the entire time.

I decided not to pay attention to him either, and after finishing my pizza, put my plate in the sink, and sulked back to my room.

I have several online porn videos saved in case of this situation, so I’m always prepared. But for now, I just lay in bed and turn on the TV.

It was about 7pm when I went back to my room. I watched TV for a little over an hour until I realized I had to pee really, really bad. I knew Dad’s friends were over by now, but my bladder was about to burst. I waited until the commercial break to get up and go to the bathroom. In the hallway I heard voices laughing and giggling and some other voices I didn’t recognize. Once I got to the bathroom I realized I had to pee a lot more than I thought I did. I stood over the toilet, the stream seeming endless. Finally I shook the last few drops off, washed my hands, and opened the door to leave. But..

I opened the bathroom door and heard a moan. Not one that sounded like any of Dad’s friends’ voices. Was he cheating on Mom? I walked down the hall as quickly as I could while also making as little noise as possible. Once I got to the living room, I realized it was just Dad with his friends.. watching porn….. a really hot porn….. it was a young brunette girl.. in the middle of a room….. several guys around her….

My hands reached into my boxers, stroking my hardening cock… watching the girl as several guys felt her up…


I jumped in shock and pulled my hand out of my underwear. I looked over at Dad, who was looking over at me.

“Uh, Dad.I was.. uh..”

“Jason, come here son.” He motioned for me to come over and with on the couch.

I slowly walked over, looking for empty spots on the couch. Dad was sitting very close to one of his friends so no space there. I looked around.. there was a small opening between two of his friends. I looked around once more, and slowly walked over to wedge myself between the two. I looked up at the TV to see the brunette to start being mercilessly fucked by one of the party. I looked around the group. Dad and all five of his friends were jerking off furiously to the video.

I pulled my boxers down, watching the video, and starting jerking off gaziantep eskort bayan to it. It really was kind of hot..it felt really good…. then another hand pulled mine away. I looked over to the guy next to me pulling my hand away to replace it with his mouth. I gasped loud and threw my head back, moaning softly as I felt a mouth on my cock for the first time. Dad licked my ass a few times… but never my cock… this felt incredible… then I felt a hand moving up and down my stomach and chest. I opened my eyes to see the guy on the other side of me massaging me and stroking his cock with his other hand. I reached down and grabbed the first guy’s hair, softly thrusting my cock on his mouth.

I enjoyed this for a while: being sucked, massaged, and kissed while hearing a girl moan in the background until I was ripped away. Suddenly I was in a different position, on my hands and knees on the couch. I felt a familiar feeling of a tongue on my hole for a minute until also feeling a cock pushing against me. I knew this feeling from Dad so I relaxed, eventually feeling a cock push inside of me. I assumed one of Dad’s friends, as he gripped my hips and slammed inside. I moaned loud as I was fucked rougher than ever before. Closing my eyes tight trying to adjust. Then a hand on the back of my head. I opened my eyes to see the second guy pulling my head toward his fully erect cock. I lowered my head, taking it in my mouth, and sucking it as best I could, soon being fucked from both ends.

Eventually I open my eyes, getting used to it, to feel another familiar feeling of cum shooting inside me. The man behind me gripping me tight, keeping close inside as he fills me up. The second guy pulled his cock out of my mouth, and I felt him get off of the couch.

I stayed there for a few seconds after he pulled out expecting a bit of resting, but was surprised as immediately another cock is roughly shoved into my ass. I scream at the shock and grip the couch as I’m fucked roughly. Harder and harder until the second guy finally grips and cums inside me as well.

I lay panting on the couch, dripping cum until I look up at one of Dad’s friends…. he was kind of hot…. I crawled over the couch and straddled his hips. He pulled my head down to kiss him. As we made out, he motioned my hips down to meet his cock. He was big. Really big. Bigger than Dad or Uncle Dan or any of his other friends. He stretched my ass little by little, making out with me the whole time.

Eventually I was riding him almost painlessly…. then I felt another set of hands. It gripped my hips, stopping me from riding. I felt a second head poking at my hole. I pulled away, put it continued to push. I tried to pull away more, but both sets of hands hold me still as the second cock eventually broker through. I screamed again, feeling the second cock stretch my more and more. I tried pulling away to whole time, but was kept in place by both sets of hands. Once inside, they both started fucking, slowly as they could barely fit inside. As one went in, the other went out, then the opposite. I gripped the couch, eyes shut tight, moaning in pain until the guy on top finally moaned out, then the feeling again of cum shooting inside me. We all stayed there more a minute, all the cum oozing out of me until he pulled out, and immediately the bigger guy below fucked me harder than ever before. I moaned out, begging to slowly down, but soon he also shot a load so deep inside…

He pushed me off him, and I laid on my back on the opposite side of the couch, panting, my ass throbbing, trying to catch my breath. I was almost there, when I felt another set of hand on my thighs, pushing them up to my head, and another cock poking as my ass. I was kind of done at this point, so I was getting tighter, stressing as he kept pushing and pushing against me.

“Listen boy,” he said, “you’re gonna let me in.” He shoved a couple fingers inside, making me yell out, wiggeling under him in discomfort. His finger pushed in and out, widening, stretching my hole. After a couple minutes, he pulled his fingers out, and immediately replaced them with his cock. It barely fit, but he forced his way in inch after inch until he bottomed out, finally shooting his cum deep inside as well.

He pulled out slowly. So slowly. I felt every centimeter exit my ass. Once it popped out, I felt another bit of cum begin oozing out. I laid there for another few seconds, until I felt another familiar set of hands on my hips. I opened my eyes to see Dad leaning over me.

“Be good for Daddy…” he said breathilly into my ear just before plunging himself deep inside. I let out a loud moan as Dad began fucking me slowly. It felt so good… better than any of his friends. Dad really knew me and how to make me feel good. I moaned loud, then moaned more and more as I began feeling myself get closer and closer. I grabbed my cock and started jerking it, then felt something on my chest. I opened my eyes to see Dad’s friends above me, all jerking off over me. The first one had finally released and was shooting his cum all over my chest. Then the next one, no being able to handle it after watching his friend shot all over my stomach. Then the next three, one after one shot their loads all over my face, chest, and stomach until finally I couldn’t take it anymore, moaning loud, my breath hitch, and shooting all over myself. Dad growled deep, gripping my hips, his fingernails sinking into my skin, and he came deep inside me. He leaned down, whispering in my ear “get ready to be used tonight.I’ve given them free-use.” Then he pushed up, looking down at me, and pulled out.

Dad pulled my hips toward him, then roughly turned me over, pushing my ass in the air and pressing my waist down. I felt as all of the cum slowly dripped out of me. Occasionally, I ‘d felt a tongue licking away. Then Dad lean down and whispered to me to take a shower.

I got up. Dad’s friends were all sitting at different spot on the couch ad floor, just sitting normally, their cocks all semi-hard. I walked down the hall to the bathroom and took a shower, paying extra attention to my cock and ass. I cleaned myself really well until I couldn’t feel any cum left. Then I wrapped myself in a towel, opened the door looking around for anyone. No one seemed to see me as I quickly made my way to be bedroom, locked the door, laid down, and immediately passed out asleep.

I dreamed of sex again. Feeling another boy’s hands on my cock. I began thrusting forward, feeling so good, getting harder and harder. I moaned in pleasure louder and louder, until I felt his cock press against my ass.

My eyes shot open, feeling something press against me. I turned my head as far as a could. It wasn’t Dad, but one of his friends.

“Hey!” I trying to yell out, but he placed a hand over my mouth. I spoke and yelled muffled against his hand as his cock pressed harder and harder against my fucked-raw hole, until he finally popped in. I screamed out as he pushed farther and farther in. Soon he was fucking me, hard. Harder than I liked, as his hand was pressed against my mouth keeping my screams muffled. His other hand stroking my limp cock. It hurt worse than the first time Dad fucked me. He was so rough. Eventually I tried to tune it out, but he started fucking me harder and hard… and harder… until finally he moaned loud in me ear and I felt the cum shoot inside my ass. He spasmed over and over until finally he stopped, keeping himself deep inside…he stayed there for a while. I felt his cock get softer and softer. I thought he fell asleep behind me. I was so tired and sore, eventually I fell asleep as well.

When I woke up, I was alone again. I walked up to check my door; it was locked again. I pushed a couple chairs against me door, and laid back down, trying to fall back asleep.

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