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It had been almost a year since she had seen him last. She remembered his strong arms, his firm, rough, hands, those beautiful blue eyes, the peach fuzz hair she could have rubbed forever. Most importantly, she remembered his charming, southern accent, which led to the soft, lingering first kiss and how, when he pulled her arm to lie down with him, he almost immediately pushed her away for fear of being caught. Still, that was only a memory.

Brianna was sitting at home on a late Saturday afternoon, her only day off the entire stressful week. Absentmindedly sucking on a pen, she found she was becoming bored with the reruns of Charmed and Dawson’s Creek. Almost asleep, she saw out of the corner of her eye a flash of silver brazened on a heavy blue coat. She turned her head and realized that what she saw was the button on the collar of a Marine’s dress blues. “It can’t be my brother,” she thought to herself, “he’s in too much trouble down in Virginia to be up here.” Figuring it had to be his best friend, Jayson, her thoughts switched to her attire; she looked a bit grungy wearing guys khaki shorts with no belt – an old white shirt with a permanent marker advertisement – her hair in a messy bun falling out from leaning on the couch. “Oh well, I’ve always said that if Jayson was going to like me, it would be for who I am, not the clothes I wear or what I look like. Besides,” she reminded herself, “I’ve given up on him.” Trying not to seem too enthusiastic over one of the many loves of her life, Brianna averted her gaze and pretended to be interested in the TV. But, when the door opened, it wasn’t Jayson’s half-assed hello that she heard. Instead, it was the classic line in a sweet, Southern draw, “Honey, I’m home.”

She didn’t believe her ears; when she caught Sal’s gaze both of their faces lit up with anticipation. Sal dropped his sea-bags. “Mayonnaise a lot of clothes in these bags. Where are Mom and Dad?” he asked in that unforgettable, soothing voice. She remembered those words he used which sounded like a sketch from a comedy tour.

“They’re at Sam’s Club with Boo” she had to choke out. Although she seemed to be droid on the outside, inside her blood boiled and her thoughts raced: flooded with memories of a year ago and the endless possibilities of now.

“So it’s just me and you? Alone?”

With a small nod, she raised her eyebrows slightly, gave a smirk and subtly licked Anadolu Yakası Escort the end of the pen. “Mm-hmm.”

“Then what are you waiting for? Get over here.”

Brianna stood up and walked ever so slowly towards him. She went in for the embrace she remembered so well. She threw her arms around his neck, feeling his arms around her as if he promised to protect her forever. Then Sal lifted her chin and looked into her eyes. “I missed you, Bri. I’ve never forgotten that night we met. Damn you have some sort of power over me.” With that he lifted her up so her shoulders were at the ceiling and her face was above his. As he did so, her shorts caught too much of his uniform and slid off slowly – first to her hips, then over her smooth and round ass, and down her luscious legs – to reveal her pink and white striped booty shorts with the pink lace trim around the legs. He began to lower her onto him, face to face, her chest onto his, and she wrapped her legs about his waist as their lips locked in a tongue-less yet passionate kiss.

To Brianna’s disappointment, Sal drew back. She began to panic for a moment until she saw the look on Sal’s face: a look that said “I want you,” “I need you,” and asked “Where to?” all at the same time. Still intertwined, Brianna nodded towards the stairs and Sal began in that direction. “Nolan’s old room, that’s mine now” disclosed Brianna, breathily. As they walked through the hallway, he slid his hands up under her shirt and, removing it, threw it to the ground. Similarly, she started undoing all of the buttons on his coat and it fell off just as they reached the door. They crashed through, half undressed, and Sal proceeded to lie down on the bed, Brianna underneath and completely aroused. His hands again went to cup her double-Ds, and began to wander around back where he unhooked her bra. In the meantime, Brianna had been removing the clasp to his belt and set out to undo his slacks.

“No, not yet.” He said as his soft lips began to move down to her neck and collar bone. Instant gratification. Soon she could feel his breath on her chest. Slowly and warmly he sucked on her tits like a child with a lollipop. His tongue flicked across her nipples as Brianna became paralyzed against the stimulation. Her body began to quiver as he sent mini orgasms down her spine. As she became aware of how wet she was, her pussy dripping into those Kadıköy Escort panties she was still wearing, she let out a moan as if to tell him that he needed to take her soon. She felt the fingers on Sal’s right hand begin to walk down her ribs, across her navel, and come to a rest just at her panty line. Now very slowly he slid is fingers left and right, inching them down inside her panties. He too could feel how wet she was, which caused him to let out a sigh of his own. His fingers entered her body. He alternated between slow circles inside and a hard and fast motion on the outside, directly touching her clit. At once her breathing stopped and she let a low, moaning sigh.

“Now it’s your turn.” Brianna told him. They rolled over and began again with the obsessive, greedy kissing. Brianna ran her tongue across the roof of his mouth and, to her surprise, it really made his blood flow and his dick swell. “Touch a part of your body, any part,” she instructed. Questioningly, he put his finger on one of his massive shoulders. Brianna added her finger to his and then added her mouth to the group. She traced a path with her finger and mouth from his shoulder, across his pecks, and down toward his crotch. She unfastened his pants and, with her finger resting at the top of his happy trail, she stuck out her tongue, picked up his zipper, and undid it with her teeth. Brianna took off his pants to reveal his bulging boxer briefs. Still with hand and mouth, she traced the outline of these shorts, drew little circles on the inside of his pale white thighs, and rolled the shorts down one length of the band. The top of his pelvis and the beginning of his cock were now visible. She concentrated on this area, slowly sucking and tonguing every jutting-out bone, every little dip and crevice of his cut lines.

Now, bit by bit, she removed his briefs, exposing Snake-Eyed Johnson for what he truly was. Finishing the line of his happy trail, she started to rub her hands on his dick, massaging it from base to tip. Moving her head down, she gave it a few mini-French kisses, then sucked a little on the head and shaft. Next, she ran her tongue firmly along the length of his massive cock, again from bottom to top, pausing only when she felt his thighs quiver; an act that told her she had found his pleasure spot. As she lied there, moving her head back and forth, she never lost that spot. She Ataşehir Escort could feel his back arching as he tried to get her to take more of him. Brianna took the hint, opening her mouth until his cock was touching the back of her throat. She beat it around the inside of her mouth, focusing on that spot he loved. Then she moved back to the head while her hands jerked him off at the same time. She could tell the combination of sensations was really getting to him. Sal’s legs began to shake with each suck and slurp she gave him. Suddenly she felt an explosion and his cum pumped into her mouth, filling it with a warm, sticky substance. She swallowed his juice with ease, and again he pulled her up, her head resting on his chest and the two panting, hot and sweaty.

Sal enticed her by caressing her sides with his fingers, and she likewise rubbed hers about his chest. Once again he rolled on top of her. They pushed their loins together and they both knew what was about to happen. Brianna opened her mouth to speak but he put his finger to her lips. Reading her mind, he grabbed a rubber. He slowly slipped off her panties and raised his hips. “Gently,” she said, “it’s my first time.” Brianna spread her legs as he penetrated, making slow, rocking motions. As she caught his rhythm, their tempo increased. Brianna wrapped her legs around his waist, clutching between his back and her sheets, looking for something to hold on to. Sal thrust himself into her; Brianna arched her back while she held the pillow to her face to muffle the screaming. She watched as his dick disappeared inside of her, and then showed itself again, now covered in her juices. Brianna put her fingers to her clit and was able to feel his bone through the outside of her body.

Sal reached up and put his hands on her breasts, caressing her nipples and sending more love through her body. As he lowered his head to give her the most sensual kiss of her life, Brianna used her legs to pull him in deeper. Her back rose and fell and she raised her legs to bring provide more leverage for both of them. He started hitting faster, harder, yet concentrating solely on her pleasure. She came again and again, each one better than the one before. Just before Sal reached his climax, Brianna squeezed her thighs together to increase pressure and subsequently increase the pleasure for both. When Sal blew, he lowered himself easily on top of her. He laid there for a while, Brianna feeling his dick pumping cum, and then going limp as the blood flowed out. He pulled out and they threw the condom on the floor. Falling asleep in each others’ arms, Brianna raised her head, looked him square in the eye and whispered “Semper Fi.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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