Hospital Hospitality

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Big Dicks

I was in the midst of my freshman year in college and was taking my prerequisite courses to enter the nursing program. My grades were phenomenal but I needed something extra to help my resume. I might have only been 19 years old at that time, but I was a “giving person” who volunteered while in high school at different places to help the needy but had not had time to do that while at my university.

To fulfil my resume and heart string need, I went to the local hospital near Anaheim to see if I could get some volunteer hours. Sure enough, I met with a Dr. Howard who gave me four hours on Tuesdays after my classes and an additional five hours every Saturday. It was a perfect set up which also fit my schedule.

The first day, I was lost and entered the hospital not really knowing what to expect. I was more or less a gopher and helping out. It was quite exhausting but fulfilling until the serious injuries began to arrive. It was much different around the ER as opposed to the hospital rooms but I needed to gain experience at both.

As time marched forward, I began to get more comfortable with all of the surroundings. I had been there about a month when a seriously injured man had come in. He was a welder who was working at the port of Long Beach when he had fallen and gotten his leg crushed by a steel beam. He was bloody and they rushed him straight to surgery.

I left for the day and when I returned that Saturday, I walked into his room to see if he needed anything and he was intubated, with some family and his girlfriend sitting around his bedside talking. I offered my help and they were appreciative. I checked his chart and his name was Zach. He had a skull fracture in his forehead, a broken jaw, broken ribs and his crushed leg had been amputated below the knee. He quite simply was a wreck.

He was coma induced for several days and in the midst of that one morning, my supervising nurse had given me instructions to give sponge baths to three patients that could not for themselves. The first was older lady who had hip replacement and the second person was of all people, Zach.

Even though he was extremely banged up with bandages all over him, I could tell he was about 30 years old, 6’1, 220 pounds with brown hair and a matching goatee even though most of his upper head was covered with those bandages. With my warm sudsy water, gently washed his body under his gown the best I could. When it was time to do his lower half, I moved the blanket down and was shocked to see it. There was a catheter hose coming out of it but his penis was absolutely huge. Even in its flaccid state, it was a wonder combining the length with the girth.

I was a little taken back and maybe even a little embarrassed but I gulped and proceeded to clean it like the professional I was trying to be. After finishing his bath, I rolled my bath bucket into the hallway where there were three nurses on duty standing behind the desk, snickering.

I wasn’t sure the reason until the pretty black nurse in her thirties with a long hair weave said, “Honey, you have just witnessed it haven’t you? That thing has its own zip code.”

I began to laugh as I then knew the reason for their snickering. I shook my head and Denise continued, “I have seen a couple of brothers with things close to that but I have never seen a white boy with one that big.” Over the next week when I worked, after I had given Zach’s thing its bath, the girls would always playfully tease me.

Finally, his body had healed enough and the respirator along with several tubes were removed. However, he was taken into surgery to wire shut his broken jaw. Within the hour afterwards, he began to wake up. His family was gathered around and it was a celebratory occasion. He couldn’t speak but he was gingerly hugging everyone and he spent the day writing on a small white board to communicate with his family.

The catheter had been removed so he could move around with crutches to get his blood flowing and use the restroom on his own. He was recovering on schedule but was to remain in the hospital for a several more weeks. That next Saturday I was working, changing sheets, and doing the things nurses hate to do when I arrived in Zach’s room.

He was sound asleep but a tent was literally formed in the blanket covering his waist. He had an erection pushing the white blanket up very high so I tried to ignore it and work around him but my curiosity was getting the best of me. I knew that he had an impressive penis while soft but now it was stiff in all its glory and I needed to see it. I took the edge of the sheet and pulled it up to where I could get a glimpse and gulped. It had to have been at least ten inches long and as thick as a beer bottle.

I couldn’t take my mind off of it. I knew that he had been banged up for a few weeks and had not had any sexual relief. I don’t know what got into me but I became aroused and put myself into sneaky mode. After quietly checking the entrance for people, I slowly closed the door careful to not make any noise. Taking the hand lotion from the shelf, I boldly folded Ümraniye Escort the blanket up over his hard cock and laid it across his stomach.

I squirted some lotion on my hand and rubbed my hands briskly together to warm it up. Tentatively, I reached out and took hold of his thick manhood. I could only manage my fingers halfway around the fleshy girth. As I began to stroke up and down, using the thick lubricant as my guide, I was getting myself turned on.

On about the tenth stroke, Zach’s eyes popped open. I smiled but never stopped jerking his meat when I softly asked, “Does it feel good?”

He couldn’t speak but did calmly nod his head in approval. Once I got that affirmation, I became more aggressive on his big dick, even adding my second hand to provide the perfect surface friction. There was so much lotion, the slurping and sloshing sounded like a dog lapping water in a bowl.

Zach rested his head back on the pillow while I jerked him. I loved the feeling of that thick flesh between my palms. I paused to move the blanket completely away, exposing his bare upper torso. His abdominal muscles began to tense and just as he arched his back, his pee hole slit opened and a thick rope of cum jolted out in the midst of his sustained grunt. It landed on his neck and chest. Several more streams splatted in a trail near one another. I could feel the individual pulse of each spurt as it flew from the large head. I never stopped jacking it off until the cum was just drizzling down the tip.

Zach’s eyes closed in relief as let out a huge sigh. I giggled, “You needed that didn’t you?”

He mumbled, “Umm…hmmm.”

There was then a large problem. Thick white cum covered his chest and stomach and I didn’t want anyone to enter the room to discover that I hadn’t been completely “professional,” in my actions. Taking a washcloth, I wetted it and began cleaning up the mess. The thick cum was stuck in his chest hair and it took me several minutes to complete the task. Just as I had gotten the last of the semen eradicated, there was a tap on the door and his girlfriend entered. I had dodged a bullet and smiled at him as I left. He gave me a little wink.

During my break, I had noticed that I was still very wet from what I had done. It was taboo and the fact his cock was so big and unloaded such a huge amount of sperm was such an erotic experience. I was going to use that experience to my advantage. There was a small private room with a soft chair for people to grieve on the third floor and I immediately made my way to it.

Once inside, the door had no locking mechanism and I feared that I would be discovered, so after I shimmed my scrubs down to my ankles, I leaned against the door to keep it closed, So from my squatting position, I spread my legs as far as my stretched panties would allow. Using my middle finger, I was furiously rubbing my clit while periodically sliding it into my pussy to gather lube. I would taste my wetness and also use the goo to slide my finger with great speed on my nub. When I began to orgasm, I had to bite my lip and slide down the door until my ass had collided with the floor. It felt amazing and after licking my finger clean, I went back to work.

The rest of the weekend, I could not stop myself from masturbating every day to the vision of Zach’s large dong exploding all over. On Tuesday, since I had learned the patterns of his visitors and made sure I was around when they weren’t. I slipped inside the door and Zach was sitting in his bed watching TV with no way of talking. I could see the excited acceptance in his eyes as he recalled who I was and what I had done the previous visit.

I smiled, “How are you feeling today?” He nodded his head to assure me he was doing OK.

My smile widened as I asked softly, “Did you like that last time?” Once again he nodded and I seductive asked, “Do you want me to do it again?”

His eyes twinkled and he nodded his head more profoundly. I started out clinical like I was his nurse as I shut the door, scooped up the bottle of lotion, neatly flipped his blanket back and hiked up his hospital gown. That big dick was sprawled down his thigh like a snake sleeping in the warm sun. Three big squirts of lotion in my palm and I took hold of the beast and began pumping it to life.

He moaned and laid back into the bed. At first my hand was moving slowly just to build him up and spread the lotion evenly. Soon I found myself quickening the pace and the slurping sound of my fist action was growing louder once again. When I added my second hand, he let out a large grunt, “Unnnnnggggggggggggggg!” Those familiar ropes of semen were spraying all over. I tried to control the target by pointing the thick meat toward his chest but it was too late.

I was in awe. Zach had cum even more than the last time making an even larger mess. It was going to be quite a chore to not only clean up the sticky globs off the floor, but the huge mess on him and the thick paste the combination of lotion and semen had created. It took me ten minutes, two towels and a warm washcloth İstanbul Escort to finally complete the task. I was worried someone would catch me so the cleanup was very stressful while I think Zach was amused watching me hurry. I left prior to anyone entering and let out a deep sigh of relief as I exited.

During my next shift, I entered his room with the intention to jack him off and get out like my two previous encounters. I decided, the cleanup might be quicker if I didn’t use lotion, so instead I used my own saliva. The problem was with the size of his hard cock, I had to spit several times just to keep it moist. Zach was enjoying himself but even with me using two hands, it was taking him a little longer than usual. I was excited to feel the protruding veins more easily but became worried, I would not have enough time for the clean up after he finished.

So I’m jerking and spitting and jerking and spitting and finally I feel him getting closer. His eyes rolled back so at the last minute, I decided to have him cum in my mouth to prevent a mess. His body began to tense so I wrapped my warm lips around the spongy apple shaped head and stroked faster. He let out an extended growl and thrust his hips upward as he blasted his thick cum into the roof of my mouth and into the back of my throat. It was so warm and it seemed like it would never stop. Several spurts later, I had a mouthful and Zach’s body began to relax.

Squeezing the last few drops out the shaft, I carefully tilted my head so not to lose any sperm out of my mouth. Once my lips had broken free, I took a large swallow and the mouth full of yogurt like jizz had disappeared into my stomach. It was salty but also had a sweeter taste due to the amount of natural fruit juice he had consumed while at the hospital. Satisfied, I had performed my naughty deed, I turned to leave the room and stopped in my tracks.

There stood Denise with a smile while waving her finger, “Uh Oh! You’re busted girl. I caught you drinkin from that hose.”

I really couldn’t say much because there was no excuse or reason that could explain my actions with the exception of pure horniness. I shrugged my shoulders and responded, “I just couldn’t resist.”

Zach and I thought I was in big trouble but to my surprise, Denise laughed, “Please come to the hallway with me.”

I asked desperately, “Are you going to tell on me?”

“Oh no honey. That is not my style. What I wanted to know is just how good is that big rod?”

“You would not believe how much cum it shoots. And that is every time.”

“Every time? You did it more than once?”

“Oh yeah…a few times.”

“Have you fucked it?”

“No. I haven’t done that. That would be too risky.”

“Girlfriend, I say we fuck that thing. That dick is just too scrumptious to not try it.”

So the rest of our shift, we discussed a plan to be able to ride Zach’s tremendous manhood on my next work day. We would be each other’s look out while the other stood up on the bed and fucked it. We both laughed when we asked if he would mind because we already knew the answer.

Denise flipped her hair, “Honey, once you go black, you never go back works the other way too. He will love this black pussy.”

We texted each other on the day I was supposed to work. The plan was in place and once I made my rounds at the hospital, we hashed out the perfect time. We both entered Zach’s room to find him dozing off. She lifted his sheet and then is gown so we could see the sleeping monster.

She whispered, “Damn he was blessed. Let’s take turns sucking it and get it ready for action.”

I stood on one side of the bed and Denise stood on the other. We both leaned over on our forearms and elbows and took the flaccid cock in our hands. She was the first to put it in her mouth while we stroked it together. Even with her large lips, Zach’s cock completely filled her mouth. Her saliva was running down both sides and I would grab it from her and add my own. We alternated sucking that massive meat like we were sharing a Popsicle.

Looking in Zach’s eyes, we knew he was thoroughly enjoying himself. Finally, when it was my turn to suck it, Denise stood up. She had an amazing figure with a larger booty and huge boobs but a tiny waist. The five foot ebony hottie removed her shoes, scrubs bottoms and her panties.

While disrobing she snapped, “Fuck this. I want this big white dick inside me. Britt go watch the door while I ride this fucker.”

I let go of Zach’s wet glistening dong and it snapped down on his stomach stretching well past his belly button. I stood at the door peeking into the hallway while Denise climbed up onto the bed with Zach. She was straddling his lap and facing him. She squatted and as she arrived to his hips, she took hold of his big cock and held it in place so she could guide it into her meaty pussy. The head was pressed inside her folds and when she began to sit further, it stretched its way into her pink slit. I found it erotic to see her black lips gripping the white cock. That contrast in color Anadolu Yakası Escort made my own pussy twitch.

As inch after inch begin to disappear, Denise squealed, “Holy shit. This thing is huge. Britt, you have to feel it. Damn girlfriend, I’m am completely filled up and it ain’t even all the way in yet.”

After Denise had finally sat down and that ten inch snake was hidden, she rested while taking three deep breaths in order to give herself time to acclimate to its size. Keeping her feet dug into the mattress and her head in place, Denise moved her ass up and down allowing her tight pussy to milk the cock she was riding. She was looking down and watching it while she bounced. With her jaw half clenched she moved her lower body faster as if trying to draw the orgasm from her body.

She looked up at me and shrieked, “Oh damn Britt! Oh damn! I’m going to cum on this big mother fucker! Oh damn! You need to feel it…it is amazing! It is stretching my shit out!”

I was getting turned on just by watching her. Not only would she slam herself completely down on all ten inches which was impressive enough for her small five foot frame, she would also thrust inward to make sure the head gave her vagina a complete cervix kiss.

I continued to watch out the door and when she let out an orgasm squeal, I shut it to prevent the noise from traveling down the hallway. “Ooooooooo…yeaaaaaah! I’m cuuuummmmin! Oooooooooo! Ohhhhhhhhhh!”

She plopped herself down on Zach’s dong and shook like a lady possessed. Her eyes rolled back in her head and she was babbling. Finally, when Denise had regained her composure, she climbed up and off of that dick. It was covered in her goopy slime. Her legs were weak and she was almost disoriented looking for her pants. While searching, she kept mumbling incoherently, “Oh my god! That wa fafsllesslff aeefeee siffoeldd.”

Once she regained focus and while putting her pants back on, she directed me, “Girl, you need to take that thing for a ride! Go on and get some of that dick…I will stand guard.”

Denise came to where I was standing and stood with her head half in the room and half peering out the door. Zach had no problem with us girls taking advantage of him and I wondered what he would have said, had he been able to speak. I removed my scrub pants and black silk panties and hung them over the side rail on the bed. Before I climbed up, I lifted his hard cock and admired all of Denise’s lady cum slathered on it like lotion. It was just too tempting for me so I leaned down and began to suck and lick it off. It was extremely tangy and slightly musky but tasted great.

When I had cleaned Zach’s dong thoroughly, it was time to mount up. I carefully climbed onto the bed and stood the same way Denise had earlier. I squatted and placed the bulbous head at my opening and even though my pussy was dripping wet, it wouldn’t slide in as easily as it had done with her. It was so big and I was not used to it so I had to take my time.

I sank my weight until the tip forced its way inside my pussy. I gasped! The sheer size stretched my inner walls to the max and I had to carefully descend to prevent injury. Once I had most of the shaft lodged inside me, I began to ride it slowly allowing the thickness to apply the perfect friction.

I also watched it momentarily as I bounced up and down on it before looking up at Denise and panting, “Oh my God…you are right! This feels amazing! I cannot get over how big it is! My boyfriend isn’t half this size. Oh! Oh! Yeah! I can get used to this!”

From across the room, Denise laughed, “See girl…I told you. Ride it like you mean it! Don’t be shy!”

I took her advice and bounced on it slightly harder. What I liked most was that it was so big, I could bounce extremely high and it wouldn’t slip out. My pace picked up and soon I was going so hard, the poor bed was starting to drag back and forth on the cold hard floor.

Denise was encouraging me, “There you go! Just like that! Now make yourself cum all over it! Do it!”

My tits were bouncing inside my shirt and my hair was flopping up and down but I could not stop. I was approaching an orgasm even though the intercourse was slightly painful. My outer lips were hugging his shaft and almost turning inside out. I was building and building and about to release when suddenly, Zach growled and started shooting his cum up inside me.

His entire body locked up and the warm semen was so plentiful that it oozed down both sides of his shaft even though it was such a snug fit inside my pussy. His sperm was supplying that extra lubrication needed for me to get off. I was bouncing so hard, the bed was about to collapse when my climax hit. I let out a loud wail, “Ohhhhhhhhh! Aughhhhhhhhh…I’m cummmmmming! Ohhhhhhhhh! Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

The pleasure was so powerful that I became dizzy and almost lost my balance. When I finished cumming, I stood back up and held my hand over my pussy so not to make a huge mess with Zach’s load dripping out of me. I carried my pants with my opposite hand. I immediately entered the bathroom so I could wipe the slime from my gooey hole. With the quantity, I nearly used a half a roll of toilet paper. When I left the bathroom, Denise had gotten everything back in order and we both kissed Zach on the cheek and thanked him. His eyes thanked us in return.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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