Hot Temper, Hotter Night

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Double Penetration

It was 2.37 in the morning when I heard the key in the door. I knew this, as I hadn’t slept at all and the clock next to my bed glowed the digits. Over the last hours I had found myself looking at it more often then the time changed. I always find it hard to sleep after Joanna has stormed out, throwing something at the wall.

The first time she did it, it freaked me out. 4 vases, 7 plates and a remote controller later, I was use to it. I still didn’t like being alone waiting for her to come back. I knew she would come back, but a part of me feared that one day she wouldn’t.

I heard her before I saw her and by the sound of it, she wasn’t alone. The rasp in her voice told me she had been drinking and it sounded like her friend had as well. Joanna kicked opened the door to our room. Light from the hall way spilled in.

“I’m sorry honey” She slurred. “We ok babe?” she added.

I didn’t reply, pretending to be asleep.

“I have found the perfect apology present.” She said in a tempting tone. I rolled over and looked at her. I saw a second silhouette enter the room. She was about the same height as Joanna and from her skintight dress, she was even curvier. Which was saying a lot as Joanna had the hottest body I had ever seen or fucked. Her temper was just as hot. She was half Italian and half Spanish.

“Hi” the silhouette said in an incredibly sweet voice, like a Barbie doll. “I’m Mandy. Your girlfriend is very sexy.” She added.

“Yes she is.” I replied.

“She told me you had a very beautiful cock.”

“I like it.” I said as I sat up in bed. Just hearing her say cock made my cock twitch.

Joanna turned to Mandy, grabbed her by her hair and kissed her deeply, lifting her hands to play with Mandy’s large breasts. Joanna liked to be in control. They stopped kissing and Joanna licked Mandy’s neck and turned to me.

“I want you to watch.” she smiled. I knew she wanted the Gaziantep Mutlu Son Escort bed so I got up and retreated to an armchair that sat in the corner.

Joanna led Mandy to the bed. I could see her a lot better with the streetlight coming in through the window. Mandy’s voice matched her blond hair and red lipstick. I liked what I saw. Her breasts were large and I couldn’t take my eyes off them. They defied gravity. She wasn’t wearing a bra as I could see her hard nipples protruding through her dress. I wanted to touch them and see if they were real.

Mandy lay on her back and Joanna went to work. Kissing Mandy’s body, slowly pushing up her skintight dress. Joanna wanted her pussy and went straight for it. Using her entire mouth to suck and nibble on it through Mandy’s G string. Mandy moaned. She was enjoying it and so was I. My cock went very hard.

Joanna turned to me.

“She is so wet and tastes so sweet.” She said with a twinkle in her eye. She returned her attention back to Mandy’s pussy, pushing her G to the side and licking her hot lips up and down. Stopping only to tongue fuck her. Mandy pulled down the top of her dress exposing her hard nipples and started to play with her own breasts. Squeezing them hard as she looked at me.

“I want you to eat me out.” Joanna said to Mandy and pulled off her own panties. And removed her tight white top. Her double D boobs bounced. “I want to sit on your face.” She added.

Mandy quickly ripped off her dress and Joanna slid her body up Mandy like a snake. Placing her breast in Mandy’s face for her to suck and lick her nipples. Joanna continued her journey upwards, placing her pussy over Mandy’s mouth. Mandy knew what to do and kissed and licked Joanna’s Pussy lips while Joanna rubbed her own clit.

I wanted to get up and join but knew I had to be invited. My underpants resembled a small tent. Finally Joanna pulled away from Mandy and looked towards me. She looked back down at Mandy with a stern look.

“Suck his cock!” She ordered Mandy.

Mandy happily climbed off the bed and crawled towards me. Staying on her knees she grabbed my cock through my underwear and inserted it into her mouth, moaning as she played with it. Her face was still wet from Joanna’s pussy.

“I want to see it!” She said and pulled down my underpants. My cock sprung up.

“Ohhh, She didn’t lie, it’s so beautiful.” Mandy said and then continued to slide it between her red lips. She didn’t waste time and was soon deep throating me. She stopped and wrapped her large breasts around my cock and rubbed them up and down. If they were fake, I didn’t care. It felt incredible. She stopped and went back to sucking me off. Her bight red lips started to kiss my nob, working their way down my shaft to my balls. Taking them into her mouth one at a time and gently pulling on them. The way her tongue moved was driving me crazy.

I looked over to the bed and saw Joanna playing with herself as she watched Mandy going to town sucking my cock.

“I need that cock over here.” Joanna finally said. Mandy stopped and followed me as I went to the bed. I could see how wet Joanna’s shaven pussy was already. I jumped on top of her and my cock went straight in. It felt so warm and oh so good. I started to pump back and forward. Mandy kissed my back, cupped my sticky wet balls and played with them while I fucked Joanna. I started to stroke even harder. My entire cock siding in and out of her at a fast pace. I had to control myself from cuming. I didn’t want this to end too soon.

I pulled out and lay on my back. I wanted one of them to climb on top of me. Mandy got on top with her back to me, rubbing my shaft between her pussy lips. She had more pubic hair then Joanna and I could feel her pubes brushing against my cock head, I wanted to be inside her now!

Joanna grabbed my cock.

“You can only fuck my pussy!” She said. “You’ll have to fuck her arse.” Mandy lend back and moved her arse toward my, now throbbing cock. Joanna gave it a quick suck, making sure it was well lubricated. She then guided my cock towards Mandy’s arsehole. I did nothing as they did all the work. Mandy slowly lowered herself onto my cock. Her arse was so tight at first but they worked together and before I knew it my entire shaft was buried deep in her arse. It felt mind blowing.

“Fuck that arse!” Joanna demanded and Mandy pumped up and down faster and faster as I joined in pushing back harder. Mandy started to moan in pleasure each time I went deep within her. We built up a good rhythm, my cock thrusting in and out of her.

“I’m going to cum!” I groaned trying not to.

Mandy jumped off and Joanna just attacked my cock, licking and sucking it. Mandy joined in and both of their mouths worked as one. They even had a tongue fight over my knob. Gripping me so tight there would be no way I could cum. Finally Joanna released her grip

“You can cum now!” Joanna said and I didn’t need to be told twice. It had built up and it just started to explode. Each of them took turns at sucking the cum from my cock. It went all over their faces and lips. They started to French kiss each other, swapping my cum between their mouths, still slowly jerking me off. I couldn’t do anything but just lie there and pray I wasn’t going to die a happy man.

“You can go back to the chair now.” Joanna said. “We’ll play a bit longer.”

I got up staggered to the chair and turned to watch as they moved into a 69 position. Slowly teasing each others pussy at the same time.

I was still turned on but my cock needed a rest. I felt a smile come across my face, not from the threesome, that was awesome, but the reason Joanna stormed out in the first place. It was all because I said ‘if I had a choice I would Fuck Jennifer Aniston over Angelina Jolie’. I guess I should have said ‘not in the pussy of course’.

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