Hot Tub Hijinks

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Gif Sex

All characters smoking, drinking, getting naked, or having sex are over eighteen.

^^^Saturday night at a family dinner^^^

“Mommy! Mommy! Tell us when you knew Daddy was the one for you?” her ten-year-old daughter asked.

“Again?” Star answered with a big grin. She’d cooked dinner and was serving it to her husband and three children. She put a plate in front of her husband and gave Jim a smooch on the cheek. He blushed.

“YES!” her three daughters, ten, thirteen, and eighteen-years-old, shouted.

“Oh, okay. Our parents were out of town and my brother was having people over. I crashed the party which really annoyed him because I was only eighteen. I was five to ten years younger than everyone else. He told me to leave, but I wouldn’t. The rest is history. I fell hard for your father.”

Star giggled and added, “Really. I was in the hot tub. I fell and landed on your father. We made a special connection.” She paused, gave her hubby a playful wink, and said, “It felt so wonderful to be with him. I knew he was the one for me.”


After dinner Star and her eldest daughter cleaned up. Everyone else left the kitchen.

The eighteen-year-old shot her a look and said, “You know, Uncle Carson tells a different version of how you and Dad became a couple. It isn’t so PG.”

“Oh, really,” Star said warily.

“Yes. In his version, everyone is naked, drunk, and having sex. He said that I have an unusual, Roman name not because you liked it or because Dad is a Latin teacher and scholar, but because it is the name of a Roman goddess of wells and fountains. He says you guys chose it because I was conceived in a hot tub when you had sex in front of two dozen people.”

Her mother blushed and said, “What does it matter how we became a couple? Or when and where you were created? Your father and I love one another. Fate brought us together and you and your sisters are proof of our love.”

She stared deep into her daughter’s eyes. The girl studied her mother’s honest, open, unwavering gaze and the sincere look on her face. The younger woman nodded and said, “You’re right. It’s not how you met that’s important. It’s that you and Dad have made a life together for nearly twenty years.”

“Thank you,” Star said. She turned back to the sink and began to scrub a frying pan.

^^^A warm, summer, Friday night, 19 years earlier^^^

“Mmm. Mmmm!” Star groaned as she kissed Matt.

Her wish had come true. She had the bad boy she’d been pursuing in her arms. She hugged him tightly and continued kissing him. Tongues dueled.

“This is amazing,” she said to herself. “I was so nervous at first. I worried that I would mess this up because I’ve never made out with a boy before. I think everything is going okay. My heart has never raced like this and my body is warm and tingling. I’m so happy! I hope we never stop kissing.”

Star was so into it, that when Matt groped her breasts, she didn’t stop him. Probably because the fire inside her grew bigger and her sex became wetter as Matt caressed her boobs.

Matt undid her halter top. When he had complete access to her boobs, he sucked a nipple into his mouth.

“Ohhhh!” Star moaned and pulled his head closer to her body.

^^^earlier that Friday night^^^

It was a warm summer’s night. A small crowd watched young men play a game of softball. The game ended. The few observers in the stands didn’t clap or shout. This was an amateur league in a small town. Who won or lost didn’t matter. It was only something to do.

The teams gathered their gear. Those who had watched the game left the wooden bleachers. Everyone was headed home or going to grab a beer.

Star, an eighteen-year-old blond who had only moved to this town at the beginning of her senior year of high school, was sitting with her friend, Kim. They were unattached and hoping to catch the eye of one of the single, young men playing. Star had her eye on Matt. A tall, rugged, well-built eighteen-year-old.

The young women hadn’t been popular in high school and hadn’t dated much. Star had been the chubby, flat-chested, new kid in school and Kim was a skinny, quiet girl who wasn’t particularly attractive.

The women were hoping their luck would change. Star had lost weight and her boobs had come in. Kim had a new hairstyle. Her long, mousy, brown hair was gone. She sported a hip, short cut with frosted tips and she was forcing herself to be more outgoing.

The young women walked over to the dugout where some of their former classmates were. Star was wearing a bright green halter top and a pair of cutoff jeans. Her outfit exposed her shapely legs, newly slim mid-drift, and ample cleavage. She wanted everyone to know that she was now very fit and had boobs.

Kim had less to work with. She too was braless and wearing shorts, but her figure wasn’t as eye-catching as her friend. Her flat butt didn’t fill-out her shorts and her chest was more nipples than breasts. Her thick, pokie nips made significant dents in her cotton top.

“Hi, Matt,” Star bursa escort bayan said. “Good game.” She smiled and thrust out her chest.

“We lost,” the young man said as he stuffed bats into a duffel bag. He looked up at her and smiled when he saw how her breasts filled out her top. He said, “A few of us are getting together at my place to have a beer. Want to join us?”

“Sure,” she said. “I’m riding with Kim tonight. We can follow you.”

“The more the merrier.”

The girls followed the boys to Matt’s house. They all grabbed a beer and went out to his backyard to drink, talk, and listen to music. After a bit, Matt took Star to a secluded spot. He kissed her.

“Mmmm,” Star sighed. Her nose was filled with his musky scent. She felt his lean, hard body pressing against her. She loved both. She returned his kiss passionately.

More kisses followed. Soon his hands were on her breasts. She didn’t object.

“Ohh,” she moaned.

Her pointy nipples grew even harder. A warm feeling spread throughout her body. Her pussy got wet.

Matt freed her breasts by untying her top. He feasted on her boobs. Between kissing and sucking on them, he said, “You’ve got some nice titties. How did I not notice them before?”

She ran her hands through his thick, dark hair and held his head to her chest. She didn’t want him to stop what he was doing. She giggled and said, “I didn’t have them at the beginning of the school year. I guess I’m a late bloomer.”

“Better late than never,” he murmured as his mouth explored her breasts.

As he sucked on a round, plump boob, Matt slid his hand down her stomach into her shorts. He got to the top of her underwear before she reacted. She grabbed his wrist and said, “I’m new to this. Can we take it slow? Please kiss me again.”


Matt removed his hand and used both to hold her face. He looked into her green eyes and kissed her. The blond girl swooned. He thought to himself, “I know her type. A late-blooming virgin. She’s afraid and confused and wondering why she’s creaming in her shorts. I’ll get her so worked up she’ll be begging me to fuck her.”

They kissed more. He played with and sucked on her pale, white boobs. He reached down again. This time, he rubbed her crotch through her jeans.

“Ohh,” she moaned. She pulled his hand away.

He brought her hand to his dick. He pressed it against his erection. She was forced to feel his manhood, but she didn’t grab or squeeze it.

He pulled back from her and said, “What’s the deal? We aren’t a pair of thirteen-year-olds playing spin-the-bottle or seven minutes in heaven. I like you. Let’s have some fun. Don’t you like me?”

“Yes!” she blurted out. She lowered her eyes and said in a shy, quiet voice, “I haven’t been with many guys. This is a little overwhelming. I’m all mixed up inside.”

Matt frowned and sighed heavily, expressing his irritation. He used a falsetto voice to make fun of her and said, “I’m a virgin. I’m not ready yet.”

He stood and said, “Let me know when you are ready. I’m getting a beer.”

He left her sitting there with her boobs out. After she got over the shock that he’d walked away, she cried and got dressed. She found Kim and said, “I want to go home.”

“Sure. This party was a bust. No one is hitting on me.”

The women got into the car and went home. Kim asked, “So what exactly happened with you and Matt tonight?”

Star’s face turned red. She confessed, “We talked and made out.”

“That’s good,” Kim responded.

“He’s a good kisser.”

“So I’ve heard. I’ve never had the pleasure. What else happened?”

Star sat up straight and looked warily at her friend. She asked, “Why would anything else have happened? What have you heard?”

“Relax. No one’s gossiping about you. We’re over eighteen and out of high school. Most of the people we know are having sex. Matt’s hot and I know girls who have slept with him. I think he’d want more than a few smooches.”

“He took my top off, touched, and kissed my boobs. It made me feel warm all over. He tried to slip his hand down my shorts, but I didn’t let him. He put my hand on his dick. I touched it through his jeans. He wanted me to do more, but I was scared.”

“Sex can be scary. Especially the first time, but it’s also fun. Guys like Matt are going to expect you to do stuff. If you don’t . . .”

“I know,” Star said. “I’ll be kicked to the curb. Next time I’m with a guy, I’ll be ready to do more.”

Kim laughed and said, “At least you had a chance. I never got in the game. No one offered to hook up with me.”

Star gave her friend a reassuring smile and said, “Our turn will come and we need to be ready. In the words of our old classics’ teacher, Mr. Bermham, ‘Carpe diem!'”

Kim smiled and said, “Yes. In the immortal words of Robin Williams from the movie “Dead Poets Society”, ‘Carpe diem. Seize the day, boys. Make your lives extraordinary.'”

The girls broke up and laughed.

^^^Meanwhile at the pool hall^^^

Carson bursa anal yapan escort lined up his shot. The twenty-four-year-old with shaggy brown hair, sunk the shot and shouted, “I win. You owe me a beer!”

Carson slapped his buddy on the back and they headed to the bar. As they waited for their brews, Carson said, “My folks are going to be out of town this weekend. We should have a party at my house on Saturday night. Beers, broads, and fun.”

“A toga party,” Jimmy, a man of few words, suggested.

“Great idea. I’ll fire up the Jacuzzi.”

Jimmy gave him a confused look and said, “But it’s summer.”

“Oh. I didn’t tell you. My old man bought a new hot tub. This one can be used all year round. It has heaters and chillers so it can make the water 100 degrees in the winter and 65 degrees for those hot summer nights.”

Jimmy raised his eyebrows and nodded. His expression showed that he was impressed.

“Maybe we can convince Molly to go topless again,” Carson said with a shit-eating grin plastered on his face.

Jimmy smiled and nodded vigorously.

“That girl has a hell of a rack,” Carson said. “Hell. Let’s get her and the other girls naked. We’ll make this a skinny-dipping, toga party!”

His friend smiled again. Broader. This time he showed teeth.

Eric, a bearded guy their age, was two stools down from them at the bar and had overheard the plans. He said, “Carson, I can make your party something special. I’ve got a killer sound system and I know some girls who like to party.”

The three young men had gone to high school together and knew each other. Jimmy and Carson were good friends. Eric was a tough dude and hung out with a different crowd.

Eric walked over to them, slapped Jim harder than necessary on the back, and said, “Hey, Jimmy. How are you? It’s strange seeing you without some thick book in your hand. In high school, you were always reading some old text about philosophy or poetry. In the original Greek. “

Jim winced from the blow. He said, “Latin actually.”

“Right,” Eric responded. The tone of his voice showed that he couldn’t care less. He quickly turned to Carson and said, “Every good party needs good music.”

Carson asked, “What’ll it cost me?”

“All the beer my mate, Jethro, and I can drink and all the naked titties I can see. I’ll also bring two or three hard-partying bitches.”

Carson smiled, extended his hand, and said, “Deal. How about Saturday night?”

The two men shook hands. Eric said, “See you tomorrow. I’ll be there around nine to set up and we’ll be rocking by ten.”


Around noon, Carson went into the kitchen and fixed himself a sandwich for lunch. His sister was lounging on the sofa in the adjoining room scrolling through channels on the television.

He said, “Star, are you going out tonight?”

“Why do you ask?”

“I’m having some people over tonight and I don’t want you here. We are going to party hard and there will be some rough people here. You’re too young for this.”

“Fuck you! I’m eighteen. I do what I like.” She turned off the television, got up, and stormed out of the room.

Carson hollered after her. “Do what you like somewhere else tonight!”


Eric, Jethro, and some babes showed up at 9:30. They parked in the driveway and rang the doorbell. Carson answered the door.

Eric said, “Sorry, we’re late. I didn’t realize I was low on weed. I had to see my dealer.” He took a deep drag on a blunt and offered it to Carson.

“Later. Let’s get your equipment set up. The beers are on ice and people will be showing up soon.”

“No problem,” Eric said. He handed the marijuana off to one of the girls. Her eyes were as red as the hair on her head. She giggled, puffed, and shared it with a skinny, skanky woman.


By eleven, the party was rocking. Star couldn’t watch her show on her laptop because the noise was too loud. She got off her bed, went to the window, and looked out into the backyard. A throng of people were drinking, talking, smoking, and dancing. They were wearing togas. Some handmade. Others had store-bought costumes.

She said, “They seem to be having a better time than me. I’m joining the party.”

The green-eyed, blond pulled the sheet off her bed. She stripped to her panties and fashioned a toga. She wrapped the material around her body and fastened it together with a safety pin. She looked at herself in the mirror.

“Not bad for a last-second outfit.”

Barefoot and braless, she went outside. Within a minute, someone offered her a beer and someone else handed her a joint. It wasn’t long before she was drunk and high and having a great time.

Carson spotted her dancing like a maniac and confronted her. “What are you doing here?”

“Having fun like everyone else.”

“You shouldn’t be here,” Carson scolded her.

Eric overheard their conversation and said, “Chill, Carson. Let her be.”

“She’s too young.”

Star bursa rus escort got in her brother’s face and said, “I’m eighteen and you can’t tell me what to do!”

“Whatever. Be careful,” Carson said, giving up. He returned to the girl he’d been chatting up.

Star danced with Eric. The tough man grabbed her and held her lithe body against his. He ground his erection against her. Star laughed and rubbed up against him.

Someone shouted, “Let’s get naked!”

Everyone at the party ditched their togas, including Star. She continued to drink and dance. She didn’t object when guys grabbed her ass, or tits, or pressed their erections against her body, or kissed her, or fingered her shaved pussy. Her head was spinning. All inhibitions were gone.

The party was in full bacchanalia mode. Carson got a sloppy blowjob from the redheaded woman who had come with Eric. After he blew his load on her face, he surveyed the scene, and congratulated himself saying, “This is one hell of a party.”

His sex partner didn’t respond. She’d passed out and slumped to the ground. Carson left her there with his spunk splattered across her face. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw something he didn’t like. It involved his sister. He hurried across the backyard.

Two guys had Star pinned up against the house. One was in-between her legs eating her pussy while the other one was kissing her mouth and groping her tits. Star wasn’t voicing any objections. Her eyes were tiny slits. She appeared to be out of it.

“Hey! Stop,” Carson shouted. He pushed them off his sister.

“What’s the big deal? She’s into it. We’re all just having some fun,” the bearded man said.

“The big deal is she’s my sister and she’s too young for this.”

“Okay, man,” the bearded guy said. He raised his hands as if he was surrendering.

The other guy smirked and said, “She didn’t taste too young.”

“Get the hell out of here!” Carson shouted angrily.

The men laughed and scurried away. Star’s speech was slurred as she said, “I was having fun with them.”

Carson frowned as he looked at his sister. His eyes swept over her body from head to toe. She had nice tits. Full and firm. His eyes glanced at her tapered waist that flared out to form womanly hips. He paused and spent more time viewing her hairless pussy. It was shiny from the guy’s spit and her leaking fluid.

He said, “You were having too much fun. If you’re not careful someone will shove his dick in your pussy and knock you up.”

She began to slide down the wall. Carson caught her. Her soft body rested against his. He said, “I’m taking you to your room and putting you to bed. You’ve drunk too much and need to sleep it off.”

She said, “No. If you do, I’ll just come back out here and suck the biggest dick I can find in front of all your friends. Take me to the hot tub. I want to be in the water.”

“Okay, but no cock sucking. Hopefully, the water will cool you off.”

Carson supported her and walked her to the hot tub. One seat was open. He put her in it. She popped up and started dancing. Her hips swayed and her boobs jiggled.

“You’ve danced enough tonight. I don’t need you shaking your tits and attracting more attention,” Carson said. He grabbed her from behind, sat down, and pulled her onto his lap.

She resisted and tried to get away, but he was too strong. He held her tightly and wrapped both arms around her waist. She relented and calmed down. Eventually, she closed her eyes, laid her head on his shoulder, and said, “Everything is spinning.”

“You’re safe. I’ve got you,” her brother whispered in her ear. His hard dick pressed against her butt and lower back.

They sat together in the hot tub. Star’s breasts floated on the water, bobbing in sync with the water’s movement.

People came and went. Eventually, nine people were in the cool water. Six were seated in the molded seats. Star was one of the three women sitting on a guy’s lap. She was the only woman not having her breasts cupped and her nipples squeezed by her seatmate.

“God Damn it! Jethro! Eric! Stop that,” Carson shouted. The two men were pushing and cursing at each other. It looked like a fight was about to break out.

Carson stood. He bought his sister up too. He looked to a friend sitting beside him and said,

“Jimmy, look after Star while I separate those two knuckleheads before a full-blown fight starts”. He pushed his sister toward his friend.

“Oops!” Star said as she felt herself falling. She fell backward awkwardly. Her arms windmilled in the air. Her legs were splayed. She was powerless to stop herself.

Jim rose and reached out his hands to catch the eighteen-year-old. He didn’t. Her wet, slippery body slipped through his wet, slippery hands. She crashed into him butt-first and they fell into the molded seat of the hot tub.

“OHHH!” Star cried out as a thick, hard penis penetrated her pussy. Her mind reeled. She blurted out, “You’re in me!”

“Oh!” Jim cried in surprise. He felt the moist heat of her pussy as she shimmied down his cock. Quickly, he apologized, “Star, I’m so sorry. I swear, I didn’t do this on purpose.”

The others in the tub paid them no heed. They were too busy watching Jethro and Eric arguing.

Star said with surprising calmness, “It’s okay, Jimmy. I know it was an accident.”

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