Hot Tub Trio Ch. 02

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Vince picked up the nearly untouched tray. He sat the tray on the bed long enough to yank on a pair of running shorts. He pulled the door to the bedroom closed as quietly as he could. He sat the tray on the breakfast bar, pour a good two fingers of scotch in a glass, not sure if it was Amy’s tequila glass or his own, and tossed it off.

He tried to convince himself not to feel shitty about this. They, or Amy rather, had started this fucked up little drama. He had gotten a vibe off Chad from the beginning. Those vibes weren’t always right, but often enough. He told himself she needed to know about this before the wedding anyway, not that he blamed the kid. It took an unbelievable amount of guts to tell the woman you love that you happen to enjoy sucking a cock now and again. He surely hadn’t found the guts to do it; he wasn’t about to throw stones at Chad.

He had spent the day and most of the evening thinking of them as kids. Well, he reminded himself, despite their ages, in most ways they were. If he was the adult in all this how did he let it get so fucked up?

He didn’t hear anything from the other room. That was good he supposed, maybe it meant they were talking and not fighting. He wander over to the couch and sat down. He picked the remote up off the table, thumb the volume down and select his iPod. He hit “random” and let it play. He rested his head against the back of the sofa and closed his eyes. One song, two, three, five and then he stopped counting. He had no idea how long it was before he heard the soft squeak of his bedroom door.

Chad looked miserable. Amy looked worse, her red swollen eyes made her look younger than ever. She was leaning against Chad. Vince took that as a good sign. Amy had slipped her arms into the robe. Vince tried not to notice Chad was still naked, the remnants of his earlier excitement hung in a thread from the head of his dick.

“Can I get you anything?” Vince asked as he rose from the couch.

“I wouldn’t turn down another scotch,” Chad said softly before tilting his head to look at Amy. “Am, you wanted anything?”

“Water I guess.” Her voice had dropped a register. She sounded like she needed a Kleenex more than a drink. Vince picked the box up off the table and held it out to her without saying a word. She quickly snatched two from the box.

“Thanks.” She sniffled before letting out an impressive honk. Vince stifled the urge to laugh.

“Get your scotch in a minute.” He threw over his shoulder to Chad as he entered the kitchen. He opened a cabinet and grabbed a small juicer. He halved the lime laying on the counter and quickly juiced it. He pour it into a martini shaker, checking for seed, add some raw sugar and a pinch of candied ginger and a couple of ice cubes. He shook the like a fiend for a minute then decanted it into a tall glass.

Amy and moved to the sofa. She sat leaning against one of the arms, while Chad more or less helplessly rubbed her ankle. Vince squatted and then sat cross legged on the floor by the end of the sofa. Amy’s eyes were closed. He brushed her hair back.

“Kiddo? Something to drink. I think you’ll like. I know you like limes.” He spoke softly, as if to a sick child.

Amy opened her eyes and frowned. “No tequila?”

“No tequila, no booze at all. Promise. It’ll help rehydrate you. If you don’t like it I’ll get you a water.”

Amy took a tentative sip looking uncertain. Her face brightened and she sound almost like her old self when she spoke.

“That is good.” She took another sip then looked at Chad. “Want to try it?”

“Sure babe.” He took a sip and tried to sound enthusiastic but failed. “Not bad, not too sweet and a little zing at the end. You drink it babe.”

Amy drank. It wasn’t a lot, only one lime, but she drank slowly. Chad rubbed her leg. Vince, unsure for once, rubbed the back of her head where he could reach it. She didn’t seem to mind. When she finished she handed the glass to Vince. He levered himself off the floor with his legs. He told himself when he had to use his arms to get off the floor he was going to swim straight out from the beach until his strength left him or something ate his ass, either way was fine.

“Still want that scotch?”

“Yeah, please.”

Vince sat Amy’s glass in the sink, pour Chad and himself a shot, filled another glass with cold water for Amy and carried the glasses back to the sofa. He had Chad’s and his glasses pinched between the fingers of one hand. He’d been sucking the guy’s dick he didn’t suppose he’d kick up a stink about his fingers touching the rim of the glass.

Sitting by Chad seemed like a suboptimal plan to Vince. Trying to rid himself of the sickroom voice he’d been using, he gestured with the glasses before handing them over.

“Scoot down you two.”

They did. Now Chad sat in the corner, Amy leaned against his side. Chad kept his distance at the other end of the sofa. He sipped his drink. No one spoke.

Trying his best to imitate the older Canadian gentleman who Gaziantep Evi Olan Escort had shared the hot tub with them earlier, Vince intoned, “how aboot that rain aye?”

For a moment they just stared at them. Then Amy burst into laughter. She sat up giggling and holding her sides.

“Oh crap…I can’t breathe” She would appear to get control and then off she’d go. When she slid off the couch and lay on the floor between the couch and table Vince could only stare, wondering if he should call 911 or something.

He looked a Chad who was leaning over his own knees and smiling at Amy. He was rubbing her back.

“Settle down Am. Breath honey.”

The giggles slowed followed by several hitching breaths. Then she made the mistake of looking a Vince. His face was such a stereotype of concern it set her off again.

Chad resumed rubbing her back while he and Vince eyed her from opposite ends of the couch.

This time when the giggles stop she sat up with back against the couch and ignored both of them. She picked up the glass and took a long drink. Vince could see her throat work and knew she was trying not to laugh. She managed not to and finished her water. She jumped up from the floor and walked to the counter and sat the glass down. She continued on into the bedroom. They heard the pocket door close, followed by the unmistakable sound of a woman peeing. Vince had no idea why women peed so loudly.

He looked at Chad. “She okay?”

Chad shrugged. “Better I guess. Maybe one of her giggle fits relieved some of the tension.”

“So, she had no idea? You never, you know brought it up or anything?”

“I think she wondered. I try to drop some hints but they were pretty subtle. I didn’t want to freak her out, scare her away. I mean, Jesus, I love her dude.”

He looked at Vince with pure misery. Vince felt for him but what could he do?

“If we were watch some porn I might comment on how big a dude’s dick was, stuff like that, you know?”

Vince nodded. He did in fact know.

“I knew I should tell her, then I’d think why? Why do that to her? Once we’re married it’ll ended, just like sleeping with other chicks will end. No need to make a big fucking deal out if right?”

Vince didn’t answer. He wasn’t expected to.

“How did you handle it?” Chad was looking straight at Vince. This has a questioned he wanted answered.

“I didn’t, or did pretty much the same as you. A hint or two here or there. As time passed the hints got more specific. I’d say shit like, ‘I want to watch you fuck some guy then eat your pussy’. That one raised some eyebrows.”

“She leave you?”

Vince shook his head, “sort of, not really.”

They had both missed the sound of the toilet flushing. Amy stood in the doorway, staring at Vince.

“You’re married?”

Vince nodded. “Yup.”


Amy stared at him for a moment looking flabbergasted.

“Where’s your wife? She know you do this kind of shit?” She sounded pissed and as bad as he felt for her it irritated Vince. When he spoke he slipped back into his poker voice.

“We don’t live together anymore, though we ended up seeing each other almost as much as we did when we were married and I was working my ass off.” His voice acquired a colder edge as he continued.

“Of course she knows I do this ‘shit’ as you put it. Remember kiddo you’re doing the same shit. You might also remember you started this little shindig. Chad wasn’t the one flirting with me. What did you tell him? ‘Let’s get the old dude wound up. Come on it’ll be fun’? Something like that is my guess. So you were okay with the idea you could have two guys eating out of your hand, wanting that delectable young body of yours. Two guys for you is okay huh? What about two women for Chad? Ever done that? That okay?”

He could tell by the look on her face he’d guessed right.

“So, you are okay with your fiancé fucking you and another chick and you are okay with two guys fucking you but the idea that the two guys might enjoy each other while they enjoy you sends you into fucking orbit? Really?”

Amy seemed a little chastised.

“I thought…” she began but Vince cut her off with a sigh.

“It doesn’t matter what you thought; this is what is. The question is how are you, you two actually, going to handle it. Maybe you can and maybe you can’t. I, we, tried to make it work, tried letting another guy join us but that wouldn’t work for us. The difference is my wife would have been just as unhappy sharing me with another woman. You seem okay with it so maybe you can learn to enjoy Chad with another woman or another man. That’s something you two need to figure out.”

Vince collected the glasses, hoping they would take the hint and leave. He’d had enough drama for one night. Amy stood and held out her hand to Chad. He took it and rose from the couch. Chad stepped past the table and started toward the door. Amy did not follow, instead she tugged on his hand. Chad turned to look at her. She held his gaze for a moment before turning to Vince.

“May we stay for a while?” Seeing the look on Vince’s face she added, “Please? I’d like to try.”

Reluctantly Vince nodded, wondering if he was getting stupider as he got older.

Amy smiled, a real smile this time. “I think it will be easier for me if I’m horny. I want to cum last.”

Without further ado, she shrugged the robe off her shoulders and let it fall to the floor.


She scooted between the couch and coffee table, dragging a reluctant looking Chad by the hand. For the first time since getting naked Chad’s dick wasn’t pointed skyward. Vince imagined that would change soon enough as Amy pushed the kid to the couch and sat astraddle his legs. She put her arms around her fiancé’s neck and began to rub herself on his thigh. She lifted her face and Chad’s mouth found hers as Vince stepped out of his shorts.

Vince picked up the coffee table and swung it out of the way, setting in front of the balcony door, then contented himself by tugging and stroking his cock while he watched Chad’s cock begin to twitch its way up his thigh. She broke the kiss, stood and urged Chad to slide his butt to the edge of the sofa so that he was almost lying on it. His feet remained on the floor. His cock left his thigh and began to roll its way up his belly.

Amy knelt between his knees and began to trail her fingers over Chad’s chest and down his belly. By the time they followed his happy trail back to its source Chad’s cock had risen to bounce over his belly. Half the shiny head was hidden by his foreskin. Amy’s fingers encircled Chad. Her hand moved forward and slide the foreskin over the head, then slow slide back until the head was completely exposed. She ran the side of her fingers over the head, smearing the clear fluid her fingers called forth.

Vince expected her to follow with her mouth. Instead she turn to him.

“Show me how to suck his dick the right way.” Her voice was soft and lower than during the banter Vince expected from her.

Chad rose up on his elbows, frowning. “Am, don’t be silly. I love the way…”

Amy stretched and put her fingers over his mouth.

“Ssh baby, from the little I saw Vince can give me some pointers. So lay back.”

Chad said nothing. He looked at Amy for a moment then started to lie back.

“Wait,” she whispered. “Maybe you should watch.”

Chad grinned, shrugged and propped himself up on his elbows. Amy’s eyes when from Chad’s throbbing cock to Vince’s face. She cocked one eyebrow, silently telling him she was waiting.

She wanted a show. Fine, he’d give her a show. Amy frowned when Vince turned away, but he merely stepped to the chair and grabbed the seat cushion. He gazed at her calmly until she understood and moved from between Chad’s legs. She sat, legs curled up under her leaning against the front of couch and Chad’s leg. Vince dropped the cushion between Chad’s feet and knelt. He looked Chad in the eye as he reached for his cock.

He did not put Chad in his mouth. He used his hand to push Chad’s erection flat onto his belly and lower his head. Amy watched fascinated as Vince’s tongue touched the base of Chad’s cock where it joined his scrotum. As Vince tongue Chad’s sack it contracted, pulling Chad’s balls up. Vince gently sucked one on Chad’s balls into his mouth. He sucked a little harder and pulled, very carefully. Chad groaned.

Amy looked puzzled. “Doesn’t that hurt?”

Vince took his mouth from Chad’s sack and nodded.

“It does, a little, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t feel good. Go slow and follow the body’s clues.”

He dropped his head and began to mouth Chad’s balls, first one then the other. He wrapped his fingers around the hard cock and slowly began to stroke it as his mouth continued to play with his sack.

“Fuck man, that feels fucking unreal dude.” Chad’s voice was hoarse barely above a whisper. Vince tilted his head and smiled, or smiled as best he could while lolling one of Chad’s nuts in his mouth.

Amy inched closer. Vince could see she had one hand between her legs and wondered if she remembered that she wanted to have the last orgasm. He let Chad slip from his mouth and leaned over the man’s thigh. Amy meet him halfway and their mouths and tongues meet above Chad’s thigh.

Vince’s hand continue to fondle Chad’s cock. Chad rested on one elbow and pulled Amy’s hair away from her face so he could watch them kiss.

Vince had to admit Amy was a great kisser. Her blow jobs might need work but there was nothing wrong with her lips or tongue. Reluctantly he pulled away with a quick peek on her lips.

“You are one fine kisser my dear.” Amy smiled. “Give me a hand darlin’, hold Chad’s leg for me. Chad lay back.”

Amy looked puzzled but as Chad laid back in the bed she hooked an arm under his leg when Vince pushed it up. She watched as Vince pushed Chad’s other leg up.

“What the fuck,” she wondered. “It’s like he wants to eat pussy but…” Her eyes widened and before the thought was fully formed Vince’s actions confirmed that she was right.

Vince was too worked up to play coy, as he lowered his head he stiffened his tongue and pierced Chad’s asshole. He had had no conscious thought it would come to this but he was glad he had been thorough when he had bathed the man. He curled his tongue and pulled it out, straightened it and forced it back in.

“Oh fuck yeah man, eat my ass, fucking eat it.”

Amy looked at Chad startled by his words. She had never considered doing something like this. Chad played with her ass sometimes but mostly just rubbing over her hole nothing like this.

“You like that baby?”

Chad didn’t speak at first, then nodded. “Yeah, I like it.”

Vince stopped for a minute. He kissed Chad’s asshole, more of a peck on the cheek than a kiss.

“Wow, just like the little kiss he gave me,” Amy thought as Vince rested his head on Chad’s thigh and looked at her.

“It’s not something I do unless I know someone has just showered or bathed. If they have, and paid a little more attention to the backdoor, everything should be as clean and sweet as your pussy my love. You’d like it.”

Amy looked skeptical. “What if it tastes bad?”

Vince laughed. “If you do like I said it won’t but that’s not what I meant. You’d like having your ass eaten. I bet you’d love a good rim job.”

Chad raised his head enough to be able to see Vince.

“Right on, excellent idea. Come here babe.” Amy looked at him unsure. “Come on Am, straddle my head, like when we 69, just scoot forward a little more.”

She looked unsure. “How? There isn’t enough room on the couch.”

Vince stood and gestured for Chad to move away from the arm of the couch. He took Amy’s hand and led her to stand on the opposite side of her fiancé.

“Scoot back near the couch kiddo. You can put one leg on the couch and lean over the arm. Chad will have great access to your pussy and your ass. And I’ll have a great view.”


She did just that. His hand tightened on Chad’s cock as he sucked her into his mouth. He sucked at her cunt lips, drawing them into his mouth and holding them there as his tongue dug deep, lapping her juices.

“Oh my God,” she gasped.

Chad released the tension and tilted his head. His nose pressed into her pussy as his tongue darted and teased her clit. He couldn’t quite suck the hard bud into his mouth but assaulted it with his stiff tongue.

“Don’t make be cum,” Amy panted as she pulled away from Chad’s mouth.

Chad did not reply but his tongue left her clit. She felt his hands on her ass, pushing her forward, spreading her. She felt his scratchy, and now wet cheeks wipe across her butt. He nose was wet and he pressed against her asshole but went she felt his tongue it was on her ass cheeks not her hole. Chad turned his head and lick the pussy juice he’d smear there, first one cheek then the other.

Her eyes were closed and she was biting on her lip again. Vince contented himself with nuzzling Chad’s thighs, watching him eating Amy’s pussy. He finished licking Amy’s ass cheeks clean, rubbed his still pussy-slickened nose over her rosebud a few times and then went to work with his tongue. He tried to go slow, afraid he would frighten.

Watching Chad’s tongue dance around Amy’s beautiful tight little know of an ass, Vince went at Chad’s ass with renewed vigor. He pressed his face against his new friend’s ass, pushed his way inside. Chad began to rhythmically clench and relax his sphincter in response to Vince’s tonguing.

Chad licked and flicked his tongue over her sphincter as if it were her clit. Amy did not appear to mind. Chad twisted his torso, squaring his face to her ass as he pressed into her tightness.

With a soft moan of pleasure she pushed back to meet him. He took one hand off her ass and moved it around her thigh and slip his fingers into her dripping pussy. He was pleased when she used the arm she was resting on to reach back and help him spread her cheeks.

She was tight but relaxed and well lubricated with her own juices and Chad’s spit. His head back to dart back and forth as he tongue fucked his finance’s virgin ass.

As much as he was enjoying his own ass feast, Vince decided he’d rather watch Chad eat Amy’s ass. Her pussy was dripping all over the arm of the couch. The furniture was designed for wet swimming suits and sand. He figured the couch was not a major concern. He occupied himself by slowly stroking Chad’s cock, lubricating his hand and the shaft with the pre-cum he milked from the man’s dick. Every once in a while the shiny crown was too much to resist and he would replace his hand with his mouth.

He could feel the couch begin to shake as Amy’s cries became louder. He let Chad’s cock slip from his mouth and turned to watch. He was convinced the girl had waited too long, that her orgasm had become inevitable but he was wrong. She put her hand behind her and pushed Chad’s mouth away from her ass. She swung around, almost kicking Chad in the head as she did so, and found his mouth with her own.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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