Hot Wife: Mexican Vacation Ch. 05

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After the boat dropped us at the dock, we hugged Juan, Paulina, and Cristina goodbye. We did get all their email addresses, however, so we could “keep in touch”.

The bus ride to the resort was interesting, instead of hitting us with questions about our relationship, Crush told Misty that it was very erotic seeing her sucking on Juan’s cock when he came. Then he said, “Can you guys help us do more erotic shit like that?”

I was taken aback and said, “Crush, Misty, we hadn’t really been wild like that before this trip. But, we can see what happens. We don’t want to ruin any part of our relationship. You and Misty and Diane and myself need to be ok with everything that happened or will happen, or we don’t want any part of it. We need to be completely clear; that all that crap is secondary to you two and our own relationships. Cool?”

“Yeah, we are in for sure!” Said Misty, all excited.

“Yeah, man.” From Crush.


Once at the resort, we all went to our rooms to change for dinner, as planned. We were going to have dinner, maybe some drinks and see where that got us. Baby steps.

At dinner, I asked, “Have you two talked about fantasies you are willing to pursue?”

“Not really. Not until we were in our room changing. After what happened on the beach, we are sexually charged. So we fucked. As we had sex, I told Crush, that I’d like to make love to Diane, then watch him make love to her, while you make love to me.” Misty said excitedly.

“I was telling her how hot that would be as I pounded away at her. Diane is incredible. Behind my Misty, of course. I’ve also wanted to see Mis take a really huge cock. She is so hot, I know it would be amazing to watch.”

“The love gets better. I’ve found love for Diane I never knew I had. If things work right, you’ll see Misty in an even sexier light than you do right now.” I continued. “How ’bout we get a little lubed up at the bar and see where it takes us, then.”

“We’re in.”

At the bar, I ordered a vodka tonic, so did Diane. Remember, Diane says whiskey makes her horny, but vodka makes her wicked.

This should be an interesting night.

Now, Crush is a little shorter than I am. I stand at 6 foot even and he is about 5’8″. Diane typically likes her man, or men, to be taller than 5’10”, so they are taller than her. His dick seems to be about he same size as mine, but not as Gaziantep Genç Escort thick. And he works in construction, so he has hard, rough hands. Misty is about 5’5″ with a full ass and little breasts. Every once in a while, she’ll be wearing some top that is free flowing and her nipples will be standing out pretty proudly. I couldn’t wait for Diane to get her naked so that I could finally see those amazing nipples. Whenever we go on vacation with them, they are constantly in their room having sex, so I know they are both insatiable. This ought to help things progress.

We have a couple of drinks and go dance in the sand a little. Each time we go to dance, Misty is really feeling and grinding Diane. D doesn’t seem to mind. We keep drinking and dancing. One thing leads to another and Diane and Misty are making out on the dance floor. Seeing them there, Diane reaching down to Misty with their faces locked. You can see both their tongues swirling for the other’s. Very erotic. “Hot, huh, Crush?”

“Too fucking hot. I got a hard on that needs some relief.” Crush responds.

Enough. I grab Misty by the arm, because she’s the aggressor and say, “Come on guys, let’s go.”

After the buzz-kill walk, we get to our room. I go in and turn on some music. When I turn back to them, Diane and Misty are making out again. This time, Crush is behind Misty, kind of grinding his cock against her ass and sliding his hands on her waist. So, I kind of nod over to Crush, kind of wanting him to do that to Diane, so I can do that to Misty. He moves, and I move in. We all still have our clothes on, while the girls are feeling each other up, and we are dry humping them. Diane throws her head back and reaches her hand behind her to play with his dick through his shorts. I look to be the only one with my eyes open watching at this point. We are both cupping and massaging the girls’ breasts.

Then, I start to pull Misty’s sundress up. She stops feeling up Diane and raises her arms. Off it goes. She has prepared for our evening by wearing nothing underneath. Meanwhile, Crush is helping Diane out of her shorts and tank top. But, D has a bra on, so off it must come. I start kissing down Misty’s back wanting to lick her sweet pussy badly, but the girls grab each other arm in arm and move away from us onto the bed.

I sit in one of the chairs and Crush takes the other one. That is the girls’ cue, and they start really getting into each other. Both bare assed naked, and writhing on each other. They are engaged in a passionate kiss, while their hands roam across each other’s bodies. Diane really gives one of Misty nipples a pinch and she just moans. Those nipples are even better than I thought, and she likes them played with roughly. Her nipples are surprisingly darker than I thought, but that just makes you want to suck them more.

Then Diane slinks down to Misty’s pussy and starts slowly teasing her by licking around the outside of her lips. Misty starts begging for her tongue. Crush and I are already naked and stroking our cocks watching our hot wives have cockless fun. Then, Diane puts her tongue right on Misty’s button. She starts swirling her tongue and is definitely hitting the spot.

I don’t know how much longer Misty can hold out. Not long it turns out. She starts wriggling her ass and jerking her head up and down as she comes. Her legs are holding Diane’s head tight to her pussy. Then she stops.

“Good, God. That was incredible. Now its your turn.” Misty says to Diane as she lays her down.

Misty then starts just going at Diane’s pussy like it was on fire and she was a fire hose. I mean she’s licking, nibbling, taking bites at it, and just ravaging it. “Slow…” D says.

At this point, I motion to Crush so that he and I will be on opposite sides of Diane’s head. Then, I take her left hand and put it on my cock, which she starts jerking. She takes Crush’s cock in her mouth and starts sucking it. I start touching and teasing her nipple, and she starts moaning her approval. So, Crush starts tweaking the other one.

About 5 minutes more of this, she grabs Misty’s head and forces it to her pussy, while she starts bucking and deep-throating Crush. That’s my girl. Misty finishes and sees Crush getting blown, so she says to me, “Looks like you could use a turn.”

She takes me into her mouth, so I lay back, and she starts taking it deep into her mouth. I can feel the back of her throat, then she actually swallows my cock and I can feel her throat muscles trying to gag my cock down. Feels wonderful. Then, she takes it out of her mouth, kind of jacks it off and says, “How about you fuck me with that thick cock?”

“Uh, OK.”

So I put on one of my last two rubbers and lay back so she can mount me. She climbs up on my cock and starts to go real slow, then just slams down on it. She was sopping wet and it slipped right in, then she starts fucking the length of my cock. Up and down pretty fast and with great skill. I look to my left and see Diane take Crush’s cock out of her wonderful mouth and while she’s still jerking it, she backs up doggie-style to him. I casually toss a condom next to him and he puts it on. “What is taking so long? Fuck me. Now!” Diane demands.

With that, crush grabs her fabulous hips and slowly pushes forward. I watch his cock completely disappear in my wife’s pussy. Meanwhile, Misty has pulled her left leg over me and is fucking me sidesaddle. Rubbing Diane’s ass, and saying,

“Fuck her Crush, fuck that tight pussy on Diane. Feels good, huh baby?”

We continue for a while, and then I pull Misty to the bed. I want her on her back, so I can drill deep. I’ve wanted to fuck her for a long time, so my balls are betraying me. I can feel my cum building up. It won’t be long now.

As I start pounding into Misty, Crush is transfixed on us. He tells Misty, “That is the sexiest fuckin’ thing I’ve ever seen. You take all that cock so good, Mis. Damn, you are a hot little cock slut. I’m gonna blow.” And with that, Crush came inside my wife’s pussy.

Soon, I was more than ready, so I told Misty, “I’m gonna cum, too. I want to cum in your mouth.”

“Yeah, come on you big fuck. Come here and let me suck the cum out of your big fucking cock.”

That’s all the prodding I needed. I barely got the condom off and my cock in her mouth before I blew. I started coming, and she started milking me with her mouth. Surprisingly, then she stuck a finger up my asshole. I was shocked and trying to get it out, but it felt so good, and I just kept coming. Most of the time, I have just enough load for Diane to swallow. But, this girl made me come so much with her finger up my ass; she started choking. As she took my cock out of her mouth, to breathe, I looked down to see cum actually spurt out her nose. I must have bucked my cock down her throat during my cum.

Awesome, I thought. And she jacked the rest of my load onto her tits.

Once I finished, the girls gave each other a fantastic, deep kiss, then lay there for a while. We were all speechless.

Crush and Misty said thank you to us for opening their eyes to “all this”. No, thank you. Then they just dressed really quick and grabbed their stuff and left. We decided to meet up in the morning for breakfast.

I was sure there was more to come between the four of us.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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