Hotel Fun!

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I had answered his Craigslist ad seeking a cocksucker, and told him that I am very good at what I do. Told him I was a bi married white male, eager to suck, and would love to show him my oral skills. I didn’t hear back from him for several days, and I thought he had simply decided not to reply to my response. He finally answered me, told me he was an older bi white married male, in his mid-fifties, and loved to be sucked. He also told me he loved being rimmed, and would enjoy it if I were willing to perform that very intimate act on him, perhaps if we met at a hotel and showered before playing, and I agreed.

Sunday morning came, and he emailed me and asked me to meet him in a restaurant parking lot next to the hotel, that way if we didn’t click, no hard feelings. I arrived on time to find him waiting for me, and we talked for a few minutes then he offered to get us a room. I agreed, and we set off for the hotel.

He checked in, and we found the room. I turned on a light and pulled the drapes closed, and then noticed he was already stripping – so much for foreplay! I began removing my own clothes, and then once we were both nude, we stood together and began fondling each other’s cocks. His was very nice, about four inches long and not hard yet, and I noticed he was completely shaved. I complimented him on that, telling him I would love to do it but was too scared of winding up in the emergency room with a very hard to explain cut, and we laughed. He suggested a shower, but I had already gone to my knees, wanting a much better look at his cock.

His cock was erect now, standing about seven inches, but extremely thick with heavy balls. I izmir escort licked his head and began to suck him, and he told me that it felt great. He moved to lie down on the bed, and my mouth followed his erection to the bed. Thoughts of the shower were forgotten for the moment as I began to seriously lick and suck his cock. This went on for about ten minutes, with me alternating between his shaft and licking his huge balls, my mind already running wild with thoughts of how much sticky sperm they would produce for me.

Gently pulling me off his cock, he told me he didn’t want to come too soon, and asked if I was ready for the shower. We found the soap and entered the hot spray together, and I took over the job of soaping up his hot cock. I washed him thoroughly and got him squeaky clean, and he turned me around and began soaping my cock. He fondled and played with my butt, and I winced as he forced his soapy finger inside my tight hole. After a few more minutes of fondling, we exited the shower and dried off.

He reclined on the bed, his cock swaying, beckoning me to come and suck it. I got between his legs and began to suck, enjoying his cock now becoming fully erect in my mouth. I alternated between slow licks and quick pumps on his shaft, swallowing as much of it as I could, then going back down to lick and suck his balls. He arched up as I went lower on his balls, silently urging me lower, then he decided to change position. Moving sideways, he spread his thighs and pushed my head where he wanted it, right on his tightly puckered hole. He sighed heavily as my tongue found his hole, and then penetrated alsancak escort it again and again, with him holding my head tightly to his hot ass. I licked his hole hard, pumping it with my tongue, and he decided to change positions again.

Getting on all fours in the classic doggy position, he thrust his bottom at me and asked me to lick. I got behind him and complied, shoving my tongue up his tight hole and making him moan. He reached down to jack his cock as I licked his hole, and then asked me to lick from his balls to his hole for a few minutes. As I did that, he told me that he and his wife were occasional swingers, and that he had enjoyed watching her rim a hot stud the way I was doing him. I asked if she had ever seen him having his cock and ass worshiped as I was doing to him, and he replied that she had not, and didn’t care much for male to male sex. I shrugged and told him that was too bad, as she was missing a great show!

After a few more minutes of this, we changed positions again to be side-by-side, and he sucked me a bit and jacked my cock while I continued to suck. He told me how much he was enjoying it, and that we should do it again soon. I mumbled a reply, as my mouth was too full of his fat cock to answer properly. I continued to suck and rub his balls, and he decided on a final position change.

He asked me to lay across the bed and hang my head over the edge, and I immediately went to do so, smiling as I did – this was probably my favorite position to suck cock in, as long as he doesn’t go too far down my throat. I eagerly opened my mouth and took his cock in, and he proceeded buca escort to pump me. He pulled out a few times and had me lick his balls again, then lowered himself forward to I could tongue his ass a final time. He then stood up and began to jack his cock, telling me he was going to come soon and asking me where I wanted it. I didn’t hesitate, and begged him to come all over my face. He told me it was a big load, and I said I didn’t care, just shoot it in my mouth and all over my face. He lowered his balls back to reach my tongue, and I lapped them as he jacked. By this time, I was jacking also, eager to taste his hot load.

I didn’t have long to wait. I heard a loud groan, and then felt his hot sperm beginning to rain down on my face. I kept my mouth open, tongue out, and eyes shut, seeking every drop of his sticky spunk, and my reward came in several spurts. He shot all over my mouth, tongue, cheeks, eyes, forehead, and some even went in my hair as he continued to orgasm. He groaned loudly as I licked his sperm, and he finally had one last spurt and then slid his dick back into my mouth.

I continued to lick the sperm from his cock, and he rubbed his balls over my face. I much prefer cumming with a cock in my mouth, and he shoved it back in as I furiously jacked my cock. I kept licking and sucking, tasting all the creamy juice he had given me, until I could take no more and shot a huge load all over myself. He slowly pulled out, and I licked the remaining drops from his cock. I got up and went to the sink, taking a few minutes to wash all the sticky sperm off my face.

After a few minutes resting, we both got dressed and made our farewells, hoping to get together again as his schedule allows. He asked if I would be up for a threesome, or other group sex if he gets more replies to his ad, and I told him I certainly would. I left tired but satisfied, the tangy taste of his sperm as I drove off in search of lunch. I hope to see him soon!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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