House Of A Thousand Rooms

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“I have a surprise for you.” I jumped in surprise. His rough voice was behind me and directly in my ear. I tried to turn but he wrapped his arm around my waist and held me in place my ass pressed against his hard on.

“What is it?” I meant to ask the question casually but I ended up sounding breathless as his tongue slid down the column of my neck. He nuzzled the tender spot at the juncture of my throat and shoulder.

“If I told you it wouldn’t be a surprise. Do you trust me?” I shivered. His question was an invitation to play and I do so enjoy games.

“Yes,” I whispered. His smile had a predatory edge. His arms slid away from my waist his hands pausing to cup my tits as they passed. I sighed and leaned back against him. He kissed my neck and I closed my eyes enjoying the hot silk caress. I felt something pressing into my hair and I opened my eyes just in time to see him slide a blindfold into place. I made a small sound of excitement and he chuckled softly against my ear. The blindfold fitted closely to the contours of my face and no light was visible.

“Take off your panties.” God, this was hot. I reached down under my dress and shimmied my panties down until they were lying in a pool at my high heels. His hand slid up my thigh, guiding me. “Step out of them.” I followed his instructions and his hand wandered a little farther. I pressed closer to his hand. He lifted my skirt and delivered a firm slap to my bare pussy. “Stay still. You’re going to love this baby. Hell, you’ve already creamed your panties.” I felt a flush rising from the tips of my breasts to heat my cheeks.

He kept me blindfolded for the entire trip. The car ride seemed like an eternity but without sight it was hard to mark time accurately. The car finally slid to a halt and I heard him turn off the engine. I sat in the seat, trying not to squirm with impatience, wondering what tonight’s game would be.

“I am taking you to a very special house. Each room in the house is dedicated to a different sexual delight. Tonight you will be in the Obedience Room. Your only task is to obey without question and without hesitation.” I felt the slickness that washed over my pussy. He knew what I fantasized about.

His car door slammed and then he came around to my side to guide me out of the car and into the house. The scent of a clean spice hung in the air. In the distance I heard a woman scream in ecstasy. My heels clicked on the tile as he guided me across a large floor. I heard the sound of a doorknob turning. The air stirred as a door opened. He placed his hand on my nape and pressed me forward.

Another set of hands settled on my arms to pull me gently into the room. They were the small, soft hands of a woman. “Sir, how may I assist tonight?” cihangir escort Her voice was quiet and husky. There was a short silence.

“Lay her on her back on the bed. Push her skirt up and eat her pussy.” I gasped, my nipples tightening. He laughed softly. “Obey,” he reminded me softly.

I let her lead me to the bed. Her hands on my hips shifted me until my legs were over the edge of the bed. Her little hands pressed at the inside of my thighs. I let my legs fall open with a groan. “Quiet!” The command was sharp. “Spank her pussy,” he ordered. She didn’t even hesitate. Her hand came down in a sharp slap on my wet lips hitting my clit. My hips rose automatically seeking the firm caress on my clit. “You may only speak by direct command or to beg.” My clit was swollen. I was aching. She slapped me again and I arched. She draped her arm over my belly to hold me in place and set me on fire with one long stroke of her tongue along my pussy. I slapped my hand over my mouth to keep from moaning as she drew my clit into her mouth and sucked with gentle pressure.

“She’s a good little pussy licker,” he remarked, complimenting the technique of the woman torturing me.

“Thank you,” another male voice replied. I jumped, realizing there were more people in the room than I initially thought. A small whimper escaped my lips. The mistake did not go unnoticed.

I felt his presence before his knees dipped the mattress near my head. “Would you like some help obeying?” The silky menace in his voice was a sexy as the tongue ravishing my cunt. I nodded. There was a rustle of movement and then his hand on my jaw forced my mouth open. He slid the ball gag into place and secured it behind my head. “What a pretty little slut you make.” I could only imagine the picture I made to the spectators. I was splayed out on the bed with my thighs spread obscenely for the strange woman who was fucking me with her tongue as she held me down. I was blindfolded and gagged, half dressed with my skirt rucked up around my waist.

My hips strained and I felt an orgasm rising. He reached down and twisted my nipple gently. The slight sting of pain made the pleasure bearable. “You may not come yet.” The gag muffled my agonized groan. Her tongue was swirling my cunt and his fingers twisted fire and pleasure from my tits. My hips arched again and I knew I was in trouble. My hands clawed the sheets and I came hard grinding my pussy into her face. He slapped my tit and I nearly went up in flames.

The stranger spoke again. “You both disobeyed.” Apparently she wasn’t supposed to make me come. Can’t say I was sorry. She gave a little cry and I felt her being pulled away from me. “Get on your knees and suck my cock. Prove you mecidiyeköy escort can do something right.”

I heard the sound of her slurping on his cock. “Yeah, baby, you can do it. Suck it all. Choke on it, baby.” I heard her gag. He groaned and she gagged again.

“You won’t get off so easy.” His voice was back in my ear. “Roll over. Put your ass in the air and rest your head on your arms.” As I obediently slid into place I heard her gag on his cock again. He must have been halfway down her throat.

His hands caressed my bare ass. “Your orgasms belong to me. You came without permission. You stole an orgasm from me.” His fingers dipped into my pussy and came away slick.

“Oooooh, yeah, baby. Fucking suck it!” The groan distracted me until I felt the first blow on my ass. I jumped with surprise and a blow fell on the opposite cheek. He took up a steady rhythm. He would land several blows and then dip his finger back into my pussy. My ass began to warm. “Wag that ass!” It was a demand. I undulated submitting to his erotic demand. “Good girl,” he murmured as he fingered me. I wanted to scream, I wanted to beg. It was too much. I reached back and shielded my ass with my hands. He was amused. He pulled my hands into one of his, forcing them to the small of my back. I stayed very still as he wrapped a rope around my wrists to tie them together. He slid over me, his body covering me. “Obedience,” he reminded me. His hands slid up and removed the gag.

He reached down and flipped me onto my back. He brought my legs together before he rested them over his shoulder. He reached down and began to pet my pussy. I cried out. He slapped my ass and then resumed playing with my cunt. I realized he was smoothing the wetness of my pussy down my body. He pressed his thumb into my asshole and I realized he was lubricating me. I made a sound of panic. He snarled. “I’ll teach you to follow instructions and keep quiet.” I felt movement and then he was shifting us so that he was laying on the comforter and my back was pressed into his chest. His cock probed at my ass. Even though I realized what he intended I couldn’t stop the shiver that ran down my body and quaked my cunt. My body was out of my own control and I was shaking with need.

“You know what I want, baby.” He said it softly but I heard the command beneath it. I lifted my hips and gently guided his dick to my ass. I paused as I felt the broad head pressing against my tight entrance. His hands on my hips pressed down forcing me to participate in my own penetration. He groaned. “Your ass is so damn tight, baby.” I was so turned on I wanted to ride it. I was shocked by my own response by the eroticism of his cock stretching my ass and giving me the gentle burn of pain kurtuluş escort and pleasure swirled together.

I felt a pop and his cock was fully seated in my ass. I groaned. “Still disobeying,” he chided. “You need a lesson.” I felt hands on my thighs opening me, exposing me.

“Damn, that is hot.” It was the stranger. Apparently, my new friend had finished blowing him. I felt myself get slicker as I envisioned this stranger watching me. I was blindfolded, my hands tied behind my back and I was riding the cock in my ass with enthusiasm.

I gave a cry of surprise as he pressed me back and hooked my knees under his arms. There was a moment of stillness as he pressed his cock into my pussy. I was soaking wet but he was big and I was unaccustomed to being filled with two cocks. He was feeding me one slow inch at a time and I thought I might scream. He gave one last hard stroke and he was buried in me balls deep. I was stretched, filled to the brim with cock. They both held me very still. Then they began to thrust. I screamed.

Someone’s hand landed a blow on my ass. I jumped and cried out. “Shut her up. Sit on her face!” I didn’t have time to protest before my new friend lowered her pussy to my face. “Lick it!” I buried my face in her pussy, eating her, screaming into her cunt as my body rocked with the thrusts that were gradually becoming more forceful.

There seemed to be some silent communication because both started to drive their cocks into me harder. The cock in my pussy was pounding me, driving me further onto the cock invading my ass. The stranger pressed my knew further up, spreading me obscenely and jackhammering his cock into my body. The dual invasion had me stretched, shaking, sweating. I ate her pussy with abandon, sucking her clit, stroking her heat, fucking her with my tongue, I felt her thighs squeeze around my head and then she be began to undulate, riding my mouth. Abruptly, her taste sharpened and she cried out as she came on my face.

“Fuck, yeah,” he said from beneath me as he ground into my ass. I took it. I moaned.


It was the first word that had escaped my lips. “Please what, little whore? What do you want? Tell me.”

“Please,” I moaned again. He thrust viciously into my ass.

“Say it.”

“Fuck me. Fuck me hard. Please let me come. Fuck my cunt. Fuck my ass. I need to come. Please!” I was crying, desperate for my release. The stranger began to grunt as he pistoned his hips into mine. I rose and fell with each thrust, loving the burn of their cocks stretching me.

The stranger grunted and I felt him splash into me. Below me, he wrapped his arm around my waist and held me tight against him as he grunted with the effort of holding back. I felt hands and someone was rubbing my clit.

I arched. “Please let me come!” I screamed. Someone slapped my pussy.

“Now!” he commanded. I screamed and came, my pussy clenching as he shot his load into my ass. I came hard, shaking, my cunt pulsing, my body bowed.

“Good job,” he murmured.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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