House on Park Ch. 05

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Slowly, almost reluctantly, Claude withdrew his cock from my hole. He did do that circular movement thing with just his cock head logged in my hole before he pulled out entirely, and this nearly made me shoot off. But I was glad I didn’t, because I had formulated a plan for my own time with this captured and bound black burglar dude.

The first thing I did was squat down in front of the dude and say that I figured he was straight, but that after today I knew he’d have a whole new perspective. Then I picked up his torn shirt and rubbed Eric’s semen off his back. I rubbed gently, in massaging motions, until I could feel him lose some of his tension. Eric and Claude pulled over the other bench press to in front of the dude, and Claude sat down and Eric sat on his lap. Claude ran his hands all over Eric’s torso, arms, and thighs and eventually played with his nipples with his left hand, while slowly jerking him off with his right hand, all where the burglar dude could see them. When Eric had finished, he took the head harness off the dude, but I was interested to see that the dude was still looking up, on his own, eyeing what Claude and Eric were doing.

I went into the other room and returned with the tube of fuck lubricant and some salve. I rubbed the salve on the dude’s reddened bottom, using sensual circular motions, and I was gratified to see him slightly raise his butt and go with the motions. I cleaned up what Crisco I could get to with his torn shirt and then applied the fuck lubricant, without going too deep. I was happy to see that his cock seemed to be growing a bit. I leaned over him from the back and massaged his shoulders and back muscles some more and spent some time tracing the swirls of his tattoos. Then I folded my body on his, letting him feel my hard cock against his butt. My cock was lodged in his big butt crack, and I did some stroking there up toward the small of his back. His butt was so bulbous that I could fuck him right where I was and think I’d entered him. While I was stretched out along his back, I snaked my hand under him and found his nipples. I started gently kneading them and running my hand around his chest and down to his belly. I was happy to see that he lifted his chest and belly a bit off the bench, to the extent he could, to give me more room to fondle him. I brought my lips to the side of his neck and kissed him there. Then I gave him a few love nips there and whispered, “It’s OK, baby. It’s going to be OK. You’re going to enjoy this.” His body gave a slight shudder, and then I could feel him relax under me.

Eric got up out of Claude’s lap and walked up to in front of the dude.

“I’m going to take this gag out. But if you scream or say anything at all, I’m going to put it right back on. Do you understand?”

The dude nodded his head. Eric ripped the tape off around the dude’s head, which made him tense up again underneath me. He then took the jock strap out of the dude’s mouth, and he ran his tongue around his lips. And we noticed then that he had quite a large mouth, and full lips. Eric couldn’t resist.

“Okay, now I’m going to give you a kiss, and you’re going Ataköy Escort to take what I have here between my legs for you. Right? Or the jock strap goes back on.”

The dude tensed up and started to say something, but all it took was Eric to raise the jock strap to shut him up. Then Eric put his lips on the dude’s and gave him a kiss. But he pulled right back. “That ain’t any good,” Eric said. “You aren’t leaving here until I’m convinced we’ve queered you. Convince me.” He went to the dude’s lips again, and this time the dude opened his mouth to him, ever so slightly, and I could feel him starting to relax again under me. I was still working on his nipples and belly, but I could see that Eric had taken the dude’s lower lip into his mouth and was sucking on it, and then, when the dude opened up more, Eric’s tongue went in, so I pulled back my right hand and scooted back a bit along his body until I could get my hand between his legs. Success. His cock had swollen and was coming to attention. I encircled it with my hand, and he tensed and shuddered and then, as I began to stroke him, he calmed down again.

I came off him and knelt behind him. I could see that the lubricant was doing its magic and his hole was loosening up. I continued to stroke his dick, giving him a loose hand job, as I rolled and pulled gently at his humongous balls with my other hand.

I looked up to see that Eric was standing now, holding his hard on in front of the dude.

“Now I want you to suck this, Eric said. And I want you to play nice, nice.” the dude whimpered. “If you do anything that makes me uncomfortable, you are going to regret it. Hear? Now, you don’t have to take it in far. But if you don’t go with me on this, I’ll let Claude at you. Now you wouldn’t want this, would you?”

I stood up and in time to see Eric’s cock go into the dude’s mouth up to the edge of the head.

“Now a little sucking. Yeah, yeah. No, that’s too hard. Yeah, that’s better; now your tongue on the piss slit. Yeah, that’s good. Oh yeah, yeah. Now, a Little farther in. Ah, yes, work those nice big lips, baby. No, no, you don’t have to gag. We haven’t even gotten started yet, baby. Breathe through your nose. There, There, I’ll just hold it until you get the breathing down.”

I returned to the crouching position behind the dude. I sat down under his dangling cock and turned around, and took him into my mouth. So thick, so nice. He was uncut, and I slid his foreskin back with my teeth, which made him shudder. I ran my tongue around his dick head, and his butt twitched.

From Eric up front, “Tighten your mouth and lips. I want to feel you all around me. But lips over teeth, I don’t want you to bite me now. There, better. Here, now I’m going to move your head into a better position. Get your tongue under my dick. Ahhh. That’s nice. Now slowly, taking more of it. No, no, don’t even think of gagging. Remember to breathe from the nose. There, that isn’t so bad. Oh Baby, that feels so good. Now, I’m going to hold your head still and we’re going to get a little action going. No, don’t try to pull away from me. I’ll do the moves. Ahhh. Ataköy Escort Bayan Yes, yes, yes. You’re going to get so good at this. Such a nice, sweet mouth, such big, nice lips. Ah, there, innnn, outttt, innn, outtt. Yes, you’re doing fine. Innn, outtt. Now a little deeper. Innn, outtt.”

I could hear the rhythm and almost feel it, and was able to duplicate it on my end. The dude was trying to take over the stroking now, but I held his butt in place with my hand and continued on the pace that Eric was setting. This all was just too much new excitement for the dude to handle, though, because he suddenly tensed and just shot off down my throat, in three big globs.

“Yes, going for broke now.” Eric apparently was about finished at that end. “There, didn’t think you could take it all, did you? There, there. Oh God, yes, yes, YES! Now, for future reference, it’s always so much more appreciated if you tongue it clean. No, no, don’t gag. It’s good protein. There, yes. Tongue around the head. Ahh, yes. I just might cum again. No, just joking. And kiss it nicely, thank you. There, now that wasn’t so bad, was it? But just remember that the next time you decide to come through my window.”

Show time for me now. I stood up behind the dude and brought the head of my cock up to his now-loosened hole. The first touch of the lubricant gave me a very pleasant sensation. I was only half hard now, so I just played for a minute back there. I slapped my rod on and around his butt hole a couple of time, and then I put it up to his hole and did what Claude had done for me. I inserted just the knob and then, with my right hand moved it around slowly right at the entrance of the hole in a circular motion. The dude stiffened under me. I reached down between his legs with my left hand and tickled his balls and rolled them a bit and pulled at them gently. Then I went in a couple of inches and stopped. Once again with the circular motion, Then, I put my right middle finger under my shaft and slowly pushed it into his hole. Then the two fingers on either side of that slid in on either side of my shaft. He wiggled his butt a bit and I heard him moan. The moaning increased when my index finger found his prostrate and started a rhythm pressure. He shot a load again on the floor. Pretty fast recovery, I thought. I withdrew the fingers as I pushed in a couple of more inches. I stopped for some more circular motion and then some side to side, as I moved my weight back and forth on my feet. I waited for him to open farther, which he did, and then I just slid right in up to his pubic hairs. In the same motion, I brought my body back down along his and reached under him in search of his nipples. He started to moan, but stopped abruptly, which made me look up. Claude had come down to his mouth and was kissing him deep.

I rested there for a brief moment and then started a slow but deep fucking. Pulling almost all of the way out and then slowly pushing back in to the root. I could feel him pushing his legs out as far as he could, doing all he could to take me all in. Innn, Outtt, Inn, Outt, In, Out, and then a pumping motion. Escort Silivri Slow and deliberate at first and then faster, faster, faster . . . until I couldn’t hold it any longer, and on my last retraction, I pulled all the way out, and our cum mingled on the floor as he came yet once more. I gave his butt and friendly little pat, as I pulled away, and said “There, you’re one of us now. And don’t deny it. I know you enjoyed that.”

“So, I guess we’re finished here,” Eric said, with a smile, as I stepped back and cleaned myself with the burglar’s shirt. Claude was sitting there on the other bench, playing with his cock, keeping it hard.

“That wasn’t so bad, was it, now?” Eric clucked, as he went around the bench press, uncuffing the dude and pulling away chains.

The dude awkwardly came up off the bench, his legs still spread wide, rubbing at his mouth with the back of his hand. He looked a little dazed and like a wounded animal, not knowing which way to leap to safety.

“But,” Eric said, punctuating the “but,” “aren’t we forgetting something?”

“Yep,” Claude spoke up. “You made this dude a promise that we’d give him something to remember not to try this house again.”

The dude looked frightened and tried to bolt for the door, but Claude was on him in a flash, picking him up in a bear hug that took his feet off the floor, and carried him to the other end of the room, where there was a pool table. Claude slammed the dude down hard on his back on the pool table, which took the wind out of the man. Eric ran around to the other side of the table, grabbed the dude’s wrists, and pulled them taut above his head and out. Claude had his hands around the dude’s waist. The dude started cursing loudly, and Claude backhanded him across the mouth. The curses subsided into moaning and whining, but the man tried to stand up, which was very hard to do pressed between the table top and Claude.

Claude backhanded him again across the mouth, pulled the dude’s left leg up, ran his hand up behind the knee and push the leg up and then down and out toward the table top. Then, with his right hand, Claude grabbed his cock, moved it to the entrance of the dude’s ass, and plunged it in one great thrust. The dude screamed and lifted half off the table despite the restraints. Claude backhanded him again, grabbed for his other leg, and lifted it up. He had the dude’s legs pushed out there like they were a wishbone, ready to be split. I really felt sorry for him. The dude was writhing and bucking under the pressure, but Claude just ignored him and pushed and pushed and pushed until I saw he was all the way in. Then he just banged away for what seemed like an eternity until he jacked off in several different shudders and fell across the body of the now nearly unconscious dude. Eric let go of the limp arms and reached over and lifted Claude’s head and the two enjoyed a deep kiss.

Claude pulled himself up and out of the dude, and I could hear the plop as he exited and see the tiny rivulet of blood streaming out of the dude’s ass.

“Bet he won’t rob any house on this street again,” Eric said, as he walked around the table. “What shall we do? Just toss him out with the garbage?

“No,” Claude said. “I rather enjoyed that. Put those cuffs back on him, and we’ll hang him from the rings for later use.” Eric complied, and we all left the room in search of another shower and a cool drink.

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