Housesitting Ch. 02

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I slowly start to wake up from my nap, and as usual I’m a little groggy. It takes minute or two to realize where I am, and that I have a sleeping girlfriend next to me. Heather is still sleeping soundly as I think back on the great sex we had. Thinking about filling Heather’s pussy with my cum and then eating it out again is starting to make me hard again.

With Heather still asleep I ponder what we should do when she wakes up. I’m debating between another long round fucking that wet pussy of hers or going for the backdoor. We had tried anal a few times, but it wasn’t part of our regular rotation even though we both enjoyed it. To be honest, I loved giving it to her in the ass, but she had trouble with the ick factor of it. Heather was always afraid that there would be a mess involved. You would never know she was a little squeamish about anal play judging on how her ass opens up to being penetrated.

Heather’s stirring brings me back to reality. Without saying a word she slides up my body and gives me a soft kiss.

“Morning sunshine, feeling refreshed?” I asked Heather. She simply nodded, I’m pretty sure she is still half asleep. “Do you think you want to go for another round?”

Heather smiled, moaned, and then moved her hand down to my hardening dick. “So do you have anything else planned for today?”

“Don’t I always have something else in mind?” With a sly smile on my face I move on top of her and plant a kiss on her lips.

“I think I have given your pussy enough attention for a while, so I was thinking we could play with your butt instead,” I said to Heather while I looked her in the eyes. What I saw was instant apprehension. I was afraid of this type of reaction. We both enjoy anal sex, but she just freaks out about the fact that it might be dirty, even though it never has.

Kissing her on the next I try to reassure Heather, “Don’t worry hun, we will go slow. And if its dirty at all we wont do it at all, ok?”

“You promise?” She says it with those puppy dog eyes that will make any man melt.

“I promise.” That said, I reach my hand down and start to rub her clit. Instantly I feel a surge of wetness coming from her pussy. That’s one of my favorite feelings. I move down the couch so that my face is in front of her juicy pussy. Heather doesn’t wait for me to move in to lick; she grabs my hair and pushes my mouth onto her pussy. I like it when she gets aggressive like this.

I start to dig in to her pussy with my tongue, while my hands spread her ass cheeks apart. My index finger starts to trace a path down the crack of her ass, gently touching the smooth skin.

I feel quite a bit of moisture has made its way down to her puckered rosebud. When I brush my finger across it I feel it tighten up a bit. I move my finger from her ass back to her pussy. I dip my finger into her slit and move it back to her ass much wetter. With a slight bit of pressure I am able to push the tip of my middle finger through the outer ring of her ass.

I nibble on her now hardening clit, eliciting a slight moan from her lips. Around my finger I feel her ass starting to loosen up. I push my finger in a little deeper before I reach the limit of the moisture on my finger. I don’t push it any further because I don’t want to hurt her, real life isn’t a porno. Spit alone isn’t enough to have anal without pain.

I slowly remove my finger from her tightest hole. I think about reaching for the KY right away but I choose to do a little Eryaman Escort more eating instead. This time I lower my mouth down and start to lick around the outside of her tight little asshole. I distinctly taste Heather’s pussy from all the juices that have made their way down the crack of her ass. Thankfully Heather keeps herself clean, and the only smell I notice is that of the sex we had earlier.

After I think that I have teased her sufficiently I move my tongue closer to the opening of her ass in ever shrinking concentric circles. I spiral downward until the tip of my tongue reaches the entrance to Heather’s backdoor. A little light pressure from my tongue relaxes her ass a little as I continue to explore. I press it forward a bit into the tight opening before retreating to the outer rim to tease some more.

After a few minutes of this Heather has wised to my games. She grabs me by the hair and pushes my mouth down tightly against her ass. Now I have no choice but to focus my tongue on working its way into that tight little ring. My tongue now acts more like a small finger as I try to press it inside. Slowly it works its way in, eliciting a long, low moan from Heather. I push my tongue in about as far as it can go before slowly pulling it back out. I repeat this process a few times feeling her ass welcome my tongue.

When I feel her grip on the back of my head loosen I know she is ready for more. I reach for the tube of KY that I brought with. When she hears the cap open Heather cringes “It’s going to be cold isn’t it?”

“I’ll warm it up a little bit before I put it on your ass.” I rub the lube between my fingers for a minute to try to warm it up. Somehow I don’t think it had much of an effect because when I put my finger against her ass she clenched a little tighter from the temperature difference.

I repeat my approach to her ass, slowly sliding my middle finger into it. With the lube on it I was able to slip it in to the second knuckle with ease. Heather lets out a long, low moan as my finger makes its way into her tight passage.

“I want you to put it all the way in.” I take that as an order and apply a little more pressure against her ass. This time her ring was a little more reluctant to let my finger in, but it slowly loosens up. Slowly I work my entire finger into her ass. My ring and index fingers spread apart her pussy lips to allow me to dig in deeper.

With her lips being spread apart I have a little easier access to her clit. With it sitting out in the open it’s easy for me to get my tongue to it to tease it a bit. I flick to tip of her clit with just the very tip of my tongue. While I am eating her out I wiggle my middle finger around a little in her butt. I’m encouraged when I feel her sphincter starting to loosen up around it.

Again Heather grabs me by my hair and pulls my face into her pussy. I oblige her and redouble my efforts at sucking on her clit. While her attention is focused on her little button of pleasure I slide my finger most of the way out of her ass and press my index finger next to it at her outer ring. I make sure that I pay particular focus to her clit as I slip a second finger into her tightest hole. This time I feel much more resistance from her inner sphincter as it reacts to the intrusion.

“Please take it slow. It feels good but I don’t want it to hurt.” I can understand Heather’s request, it’s always awkward for anything Sincan Escort to be inserted into your butt.

I reapply lube to my fingers and slowly work the second one into her butt alongside the first. With it being a little slicker I am able to work it in with less effort this time. After I have both fingers deep into her ass I feel Heather shudder a bit and my face is flooded with a new wave of wetness from deep within her pussy. I push my tongue past her juicy lips and into her vagina as I start to wiggle my fingers in her ass.

I keep at this for a little while when Heather grabs the back of my head and pulls my face into her pussy again, and within a few seconds I feel her have a small orgasm around my tongue and the fingers in her ass. She pulls me by the hair away from her pussy and up to her face.

“That was good, but the next one will be great.” With that matter-of-fact statement Heather moves in and kisses me on the lips, getting a good taste of the ample pussy juice that coats my face. I think to myself, I hope she enjoys the taste of her own pussy.

“Kevin, I think I am loose enough now. Let’s do it.” Heather said that like a seasoned pro but I decided to play hard to get.

“What do you mean hun, what do you want to do?”

“I want you to do my ass silly. I want you to take your big, hard cock and slide it deep into my tight little asshole. Is that what you wanted me to say?” She flashes a playful smile at me while she reaches over to the nightstand to grab the bottle of lube. She flips open the cap and squirts out a generous amount of lube onto her hands. She reaches over and rubs it the lube along my hard shaft. Once she is satisfied that my cock is sufficiently slick she moves over on the bed and gets on her hands and knees.

I position myself behind Heather and line my cockhead up to her asshole. As the tip nudges up against it her puckered hole dilates a bit, allowing the first bit of my cock to work its way in. I steadily apply pressure to her ass and gradually my head works its way in past the outer ring of her ass. After a minute of pushing the flare of my cockhead makes its way into Heather’s tight ass. A sharp breath in from Heather tells me that I should stop for a minute and let her ass get used to this intrusion.

While I am holding just the head of my cock in Heather’s ass I reach under her and grab onto her boobs. I massage her pert orbs as my fingers seek out her nipples. Quickly they find their destination as they come across Heather’s hard nipples sticking up from the smooth flesh of her boobs. After gently kneading them between my fingers I suddenly pinch both of them roughly.

Heather let out a quick yelping noise as she jumped back a bit, which only served to push my cock further into her ass. I am now about halfway in and I love it. Her ass is so tight around my cock. I feel her ass squeezing my cock as it was startled with by the sudden push inwards.

I lean my hips back a bit, slowly pulling my cock out of her ass a bit. I pull it back until only the head is still inside. Pausing for a brief moment I again push my hard cock into Heather’s ass. This time I don’t stop partway in, I push until I am balls deep in her ass.

My balls are resting against her moist pussy lips as I wait for her ass to get used to a fat cock deep inside it. I can tell that Heather is getting used to the full feeling in her ass when she starts to Etlik Escort wiggle it around a bit.

I reach under Heather’s body and find her clit. As I start to thrust in and out of her ass I rub against her clit at the same rhythm. My cock is starting to move easily inside Heather’s ass as it has gotten used to my presence.

I have to say that I am in heaven. I love looking down and watching my cock slide in and out of her ass. When I pull it back I see it shiny with lube before I plunge it back into her ass.

“How do you like my cock in your ass?” I asked Heather as I slowly work her ass.

“It hurts sometimes, but in a good way. I feel so full when you push into me.”

I take my hand away from her clit and take hold of her wrist, guiding it to her clit. Heather knew what I wanted and took over playing with her clit and pussy. I take my two free hands and spread her ass cheeks open. On my next thrust I bottom out as deeply as I possibly can.

“Oh fuck you’re deep Kev. You’re filling my ass up. Fuck me hard.”

Now that her ass has opened up enough I start to fuck it like a pussy. My strokes are starting to get quicker and my balls are slapping against her wet pussy. I lift a hand off her cheek and quickly bring it down hard on her ass. The sound of the skin on skin contact fills the room as Heather lets out a shriek of surprise.

On the lily white skin of her right ass cheek is a clear outline of my hand. I can’t let her be uneven so I give a good hard slap with my left hand, resulting in another handprint on her other cheek. The spankings always serve to turn Heather on, and tonight is no exception. The more I slap her ass, the more into it she gets. Her ass is turning a nice shade of pink as I rough it up over and over.

“God it makes me so hot when you spank my ass. I’ve been a bad girl. Don’t stop fucking my ass, I’m so close to cumming.” Well I have to give the lady what she asked for, so I grab onto her hips and really start working her hard. I can feel myself getting closer to my own orgasm so I concentrate hard to not blow before Heather does.

The room is filled with the sounds of Heather and I moaning and grunting and my cock slurping in and out of her well lubed ass. Heather starts to breathe faster as her body moves her towards her impending orgasm. I move my hands from her hips to her tits. I pinch each nipple between my fingers and twist them roughly.

The added stimulation is enough to push Heather over the brink and her body goes rigid as her orgasm hits. I feel a splash of liquid on my balls as Heather squirts. Her entire body shudders for a few seconds before she falls limp to the bed, recovering from her high.

There is no stopping me now though because I need to cum, and it’s going to go in her ass. Again I place my hands on her hips and use them for leverage in my fucking. I keep pumping in and out of that tight asshole until I feel my load building in my balls. After a few more pumps I thrust deeply into her ass and start to squirt my hot cum. Pulse after pulse of my cum floods Heather’s bowels.

When I finally finish shooting I keep my cock in her ass to enjoy the tight feeling for as long as I can. Eventually my softening cock falls out of her ass. What it leaves is an ass that has been well used for the last 45 minutes. Her hole is left gaping open slightly and some cum is starting to drip its way out.

I lay down on the couch next to her and pull her in close. As we lay there spooning my cock is naturally positioned near her now closed butt. Heather looks back at me and says simply “He is not going back in my ass, at least not tonight.” I smile knowing that sooner or later she would again be letting my cock in through the backdoor. And with that we drift off to sleep again. What a great day this is.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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