Housewives and Cheerleaders Ch. 41

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The girls were ravenously hungry by the time they returned from their swim to the campsite. Little was said as they prepared and ate lunch. Even J.J., fearless as she was, and Kat and Kelly, brazen as they had become, felt a little shy about what had just happened.

They had a long, leisurely lunch, after which Kelly had another brilliant idea. She took Kat aside and whispered in her ear; Kat nodded in agreement, new possibilities already unfolding themselves in her mind.

* * *

When the doorbell rang, Jessica arrested her hand in midair. She had finally gotten around to administering the appropriate punishment for Marie’s recent behavior and the French girl was on her knees in the living room, ball-gagged with her butt in the air and her hands tied behind her back, another rope pulling her wrists up toward the ceiling. To her left Janice reclined on the couch, watching the action as Jane knelt between her legs.

Opening the door with the crop still in her hand, Jessica found Kat, Kelly, and two girls she’d never seen before — though one of them was a dead ringer for Kelly. Jessica invited them in and led them to the living room, where they found the scene more or less as it had been. A wicked grin spread across J.J.’s face as she saw the bound Marie and the naked Janice with Jane’s head clamped between her legs. Sally Ann’s heart started beating a mile a minute and she felt the urge to flee — until Jessica approached her and looked her in the eye. Something in Jessica’s blue eyes immediately captivated and calmed her, and she raised her hand to meet the one Jessica extended.

“I’m Jessica,” she said. “And you are…?”

Sally Ann, hypnotized, said nothing. “This is my cousin,” piped up Kelly. “Sally Ann.”

“A pleasure,” said Jessica, and Sally managed to nod in response.

J.J. introduced herself and Jessica offered them a seat. “This is Janice,” she said, “and Marie,” lashing out with the riding crop to land an emphatic blow on the Çankaya Escort latter’s rear end. About Jane, who was still occupied between Janice’s legs, she said not a word.

Gesturing with one hand, Jessica told the girls to be seated, then untied Marie with a few deft moves and pointed her toward the kitchen. “Fix us something to drink. How about mint juleps, we have some mint, don’t we?”

Pulling out her ball gag, Marie answered, “Yes ma’am,” and walked into the kitchen without looking up from the floor.

“So what have you girls been up to?” asked Jessica.

“Camping,” said Kat, and a nervous giggle ran through the other three girls.

“Really? Sounds like fun. Where did you–“

Jessica was interrupted by a loud moan from Janice as she came and pushed Jane away. Jane looked up her mistress inquiringly, her face visibly glistening with Janice’s juice. Without missing a beat, Jessica shifted gears from small talk to serious business. “Does anyone have any use for the services of a pussy-licking slut? Because one is now available.”

The four girls giggled again and looked around at each other until J.J. slowly raised her hand. “Me.”

Jessica nodded to Jane, who crawled over to where J.J. was sitting and assumed the position in front of her. J.J. looked down curiously at the naked, dog-collared woman with the “Slave” tattoo and a few days worth of hair on her head. Kat, always helpful, reached over and pulled her cousin’s skirt up around her waist. J.J. sat up slightly so Jane could pull her panties off and then spread her legs, feeling a little embarrassed but also excited to be the center of attention, her pussy rapidly moistening.

Marie returned just then with a tray full of drinks, and everyone accepted one including Sally, who was struggling to absorb everything that was going on around her. She took a taste from her glass; it was minty and sweet, and helped her calm down Keçiören Escort and breathe as she looked around the room. Janice, naked, was sipping her drink and watching J.J. and Jane. Kat was stroking J.J.’s nipple with one hand while the other snaked its way between Kelly’s thighs. Jessica was drinking and watching while idly running her hand through the wet furrow of Marie, who stood at attention next to her.

Just then Kat’s phone rang and she looked at it. “My mom,” she said, and stepped out to the pool area to take the call. Kelly Ann scooted over into her place, pulled off J.J.’s shirt, and started sucking J.J.s nipples. J.J came violently soon after, but Jane — as she had been trained — didn’t let up until J.J. physically pushed her away after having a second, even bigger orgasm.

Slumping back onto the couch, J.J. looked down at Jane and said “Thank you.”

Jessica spoke up immediately. “You’re thanking the wrong person, sweetheart. And in the wrong way.” She gestured to Marie, who leaned over so that Jessica could whisper in her ear. After a minute of this, Marie nodded, walked over to J.J., and held out her hand. J.J. took the offered hand and stood to follow Marie over to where Jessica was sitting.

Leaving J.J. for just a moment, Marie returned with a pair of handcuffs that she used to fasten the dark-haired girl’s hands behind her back. Putting a hand on J.J.’s shoulder, Marie pushed J.J. to her knees, then knelt beside her.

Leaning forward, Marie pulled off Jessica’s pants and panties and spread her legs, then guided J.J.’s head to right where Jessica wanted it. Kat returned from her phone call just as J.J.’s tongue touched Jessica’s cunt and stood watching, hypnotized, impressed by the way her cousin made Jessica squirm and grunt. When Jessica was satisfied with J.J.’s work, she lifted J.J.’s head, kissed her, and whispered something in her ear. J.J. whispered something Etimesgut Escort back, and they had a quiet conversation that lasted a couple of minutes, after which Jessica stood and started rummaging through a drawer.

A few seconds later Jessica pulled out a blindfold, which she put on J.J., then bent the younger girl over and tied her with her hands lifted toward the ceiling just as Marie’s had been. Next Jessica reached into the drawer again and came up with two strap-ons. Naughty J.J. had asked for exactly this treatment, and Jessica was all too happy to indulge her. She threw one strap-on to Janice and they both equipped themselves.

As Jessica and Janice fucked the bound J.J. in the mouth and pussy — and Kat, Kelly, and Marie chatted nonchalantly with drinks in hand — Sally Ann sat bug-eyed, stunned, completely out of her depth. The things that were happening were beyond her conception, but she was gushing wet between the legs.

With her mistress otherwise occupied and no one else paying attention, Jane of her own volition crawled over and stripped off Sally’s jeans and panties. Sally made no move to resist, and she felt Jane’s tongue push its way inside her as Jessica and Janice traded orifices. J.J. was moaning and howling as they plunged into her, working against her bonds to no avail. She had no real desire to get away, of course, but the pleasure she was getting from this was explosive.

The doorbell rang and Marie answered it, returning with Samantha Bowman, who stood for a moment surveying the goings-on. There was her niece in bondage, being penetrated at both ends. There was her daughter, laying back on the couch as Kelly fingered her and Marie sat on her face. And there was young Sally Ann being serviced by Jane. Well, the damage was done, Samantha figured; she might as well indulge herself. She walked up behind Jane and looped one finger into Jane’s collar.

Pulling Jane away from Sally’s crotch, Samantha took Sally’s hand and helped her to her feet. After kissing Sally’s mouth, Samantha pulled the girl’s top off so that she was completely naked, then led her to the dining room table and arrayed her spread-eagled on its bare surface. Samantha pulled up a chair and had a seat between Sally’s open thighs. She shouldn’t be doing this; but since she was, she was going to do it right.

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