How I Became a Chastized Cuckold Ch. 08

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**Warning** This fantasy story series contains or will contain elements of Male Chastity, Orgasm Denial, Female Domination, Cuckolding, Interracial Sex, Bi-sexual Innuendo and Tendencies, Teasing, and BDSM Activities. If any of these topics are offensive you to, I recommend not reading.


Thin rays of golden sunlight glimmered through the bedroom window blinds as I slowly opened my eyes to a new day of my cuckold life. As I lie starring at the ceiling, I find myself extremely thankful that my confined cock received the memo regarding the futility of a morning erection. The previous morning after Angie first willingly spread her legs for another man was very rough on my testicles as my state of constant arousal desperately tried to pull the swollen orbs through the small space between the scrotal ring and hard plastic sheath.

Stealing a glance at my still slumbering wife, I watched her chest gently rise and fall, covered only by a flimsy thin sheet. I couldn’t help but notice the warm glow of her skin and what appeared to be her thin, luscious lips form the slightest smile. Perhaps even now, her thoughts drifted to her encounter with Jerome the previous night, letting him use her body in ways she has never shared with me, and enjoying every moment of submitting herself to him. I began to think about some of the stories and captioned pictures saved onto my hard drive, remembering that a large portion not only centered around cuckoldry, but more often than not, went into vivid details about submitting the white wife to the total control of the black bull. I had been so focused on her newly dominant personality, perhaps I had missed some indications that she desired to become the property of an ebony Master.

So much for the furlough of morning wood, I thought to myself as my penis began to harden in response to such naughty thoughts. Shifting myself toward the edge of the bed, my bare feet made contact with the cold hardwood floor and I traveled to the bathroom to complete my morning ritual. Sitting like a woman to urinate had a definitively humiliating effect on my steadily developing submissive personality but it was in my best interest if I didn’t want to make a complete mess of the bathroom. Regardless of the slot in the plastic cage being lined up with my urethra, it always managed to deflect the stream in random directions. Even though my unfaithful wife giggled anytime she caught me doing it, it was nothing compared to the threat of someone at work recognizing the fact that I never use the urinal anymore.

My entire existence was consumed by thoughts as I grabbed a steaming cup of godly nectar and a chill ran up my spine when my bare cheeks made contact with the dark wooden kitchen chair. Suddenly, I felt myself drifting into growing feelings of deep jealousy, processing information from Angie’s date less than 24 hours earlier. It took me by surprise and yet I understood exactly where these feelings originated from. For years I have practically begged my wife to swallow my load and even though she has treated me to numerous blow jobs over the years, she outright refused to allow so much as a single drop of my load into her mouth. Even when I tried to trick her by controlling my moans of pleasure, she still sensed the throbbing in my loins pulling back at the last second and being rewarded with a shot across the forehead. She was so pissed that blow jobs were completely out of the question for months.

What did you expect, I thought to myself. While reading those detailed stories of debauchery, it was always a shameful turn on for those naughty wives to transform into totally open and willing sluts for their black bulls. You would jerk your small cock furiously, vividly imagining Angie on her knees, her mouth open just begging for that huge load of cum to splash against the back of her throat before swallowing and filling her belly with her lover’s seed. To make matters worse, she read those same stories, admitting that she fingered herself to numerous orgasms while doing so. Perhaps she was imagining herself as the wife in the story as well. Tucking that nugget of curiosity away, I resigned myself to the reality that swallowing cum was probably the first of many sexual walls that Jerome would break through.

Thankfully, my time for reflection was cut short as my slutty wife entered the kitchen, scantily clad in a pair of hot pink silk panties and thin white tank top, the latter doing nothing to disguise her hard nipples and raised areola. Her walk seemed slightly different, perhaps even able to be described as labored or uncomfortable. She flashed me a comforting smile as I locked contact with her glittering hazel eyes, but there was something in her expression, a grimace of slight pain or quiet suffering showing through the fading blush on her cheeks. As she gingerly sat in the chair across from me, she began to explain the reason behind her lightly rugged appearance.

“Oh my god,” Angie exclaimed! Çeşme Escort “Jerome literally hammered your wife’s pussy last night. I can’t believe how bad my pelvis hurts this morning. He treated me like a common street whore, banging away mercilessly with every ounce of strength he had. If I didn’t know any better, I would think I just got off a horse after an eight hour trail ride.”

“You poor little thing,” I began in a mocking voice as my limp cock started to stir inside the CB-6000 chastity belt. “It must have been so terrible for you, suffering through all those earth-shattering orgasms. I bet you strained yourself trying to crawl away from him.”

“Crawl away from him?” she giggled, “I begged him to fuck me like a hooker! I slammed my pussy back towards him as he thrust that black cock inside me, his huge balls slamming against my ass and forcing my legs apart, getting so fucking deep inside me that I felt him against the restrictive opening of my cervix. He was stretching me out in places your little cock will never even feel. Anytime he needed a short recovery period, his lips would attack my tits, roughly sucking on every inch of exposed flesh, leaving me with these souvenirs to bring home to you.”

As she began to lift the thin tank top over her head, I watched in amazement as her full C-cups were lifted with the hem of her garment before gravity won the battle and both heavy breasts spilled out, jiggling as they came to rest and revealing dozens of deep maroon and purplish love bites scattered across the taut skin of her voluptuous chest. In response to the evidence of Jerome’s conquest, my cock was now well beyond the level of rational thinking and struggled to free itself, squishing both testicles against the plastic sheath in the process. My facial expression clearly showed the discomfort in my stomach as I gritted my teeth through the pain.

“Oh my poor little cuckold,” Angie began in a sultry tone, glancing below the table at my struggling cock. “Are the hickey’s Jerome left on my tits too much for you? Is it getting you excited to see the evidence that Jerome had his way with your wife last night? I see that little dicklet trying to get hard and those testicles paying the price for the erroneous effort. You better grow accustomed to it hubby because Jerome experiences a rush of power, fucking a white man’s wife and gets off on sending me home to you, marked by him to prove that he fucked me. I don’t see that changing anytime soon.”

As I sat there gritting my teeth though the pain of my erection and breathing deeply while waiting for the pain to subside, Angie remained naked above the waist and looked deeply into my eyes to enjoy the soft suffering like a loving Mistress would. She made no attempt to cover her ravaged tits, clear evidence of her extra-marital encounter, ensuring that my wasted hard-on took as long as possible to go limp. It wasn’t until my balls were no longer trying to squeeze between the small gap in the belt that she relented and covered her gorgeous breasts.

“I am going to call in sick today,” Angie said, smoothing the thin fabric at her waist, “since there is no way I can make it through the day without people asking me why I am walking funny. I want you to do the same. Better yet, let’s make it two days because we need to take care of a few things before my date next Friday. After you call work, get dressed so we can go visit Lady Sara.”

I simply nodded and went to the phone, rehearsing my best, been up all night puking, voice and successfully set myself free from the rat race for two days. Curiosity surrounding the reason for our visit to Madam Sara made me slightly apprehensive. We could be going shopping for more lingerie to wear on her date, or my wife could be handing me over to the demanding woman who, no doubt, could break me down to a slobbering mess in her damp, menacing dungeon. Knowing that I would be naked as soon as I entered her dark, but comfortable market place, I chose to forgo any underwear and simply slid a pair of loose fitting grey slacks over my cock cage before zipping the fly carefully and donned a black polo shirt that would easily be removed over my shoulders.

Angie joined me in the bedroom and made short work of stepping into a red pleated skirt that was surprisingly short and stopping just above mid-thigh. Once snug around her waist, she reached under the skirt and slid her pink panties down her smooth legs before stepping out of them. She slid the tank top over her head before replacing it with a black tube top that showed ample cleavage and as the fabric stretched, it grew thinner doing nothing to hide her hard nipples. She slid on a pair of red, closed toe pumps, while hopping across the floor and into the hallway. Well, I thought, I guess both of us are going commando today.

With my wife driving the car, my mind was able to relax after so much sensory overload. I must have slumped Çiğli Escort into trance-like state, arriving at the nondescript store front and having virtually no memory of the drive to get there. We stepped out of the deep blue Sentra and Angie announced our arrival with a sharp knock on the solid dark wooden door. After just a few heart beats, Madam Sara opened the door and my jaw dropped as I bared witness to her choice of apparel. Sharp rays of sunlight from an early morning sun reflected off a sheet of shiny black latex, stretched so tightly over her curvy body that it actually grew somewhat transparent in certain areas. The one piece of continuous latex began just above her knee and ended with a brief strap atop each shoulder to hold the tight garment in place. My wife actually had to nudge me in the back to bring me back the land of the living and we entered Sara’s quarters. Once inside, I immediately set to task removing my clothing as Angie greeted Sara.

It’s somewhat comical that I no longer felt any sort of discomfort or embarrassment removing my clothing and standing naked before two beautiful women, even realizing that they could clearly see my small penis through the clear plastic cock cage. As I bent at the waist to retrieve the pile of recently liberated clothing, Madam Sara caught me off guard with a sharp open hand smack across my pale right ass cheek which made me stumble slightly and I felt the heat and sting of her well practiced palm. Both women laughed loudly as my own hand rubbed the spot, which I was sure, displayed a rose red hand print. I flashed a naughty smile as I handed the auburn haired devil my clothing.

“Slave!” Madam Sara snapped at me and I instinctively focused all my attention on the demanding woman, “We need to visit my dungeon today so make yourself useful and go retrieve an outfit for your Mistress to wear in my presence. You will ensure that all of her wonderful attributes are uncovered and completely displayed for my enjoyment. That is of course if Lady Angie has no objections to my rules?”

“As you are the Lady of this house,” Angie responded in a deviously playful tone, “I am delighted to follow your rules. I wouldn’t want to challenge you on your own territory for fear that you might take us both captive and never allow us to leave.”

I took my leave while those two vixens shared a laugh over Angie’s last comment and for the first time in a while, I found my curiosity peaked in regards to what transpired the last time we visited her dungeon. I quickly put it from my mind as I set to the task of decorating my wife for Madam Sara. I quickly bypassed the lacy and frilly sections because I knew exactly what I wanted my wife to wear for Sara. I found the leather rack and immediately began flipping through the multitude of skimpy outfits on the circular display, stopping abruptly as I pulled the garment into the light to ensure it was exactly what I was searching for. Satisfied with my choice, I returned to the front of the store and kneeled before my wife, lifting the skimpy outfit above my head and waiting to be acknowledged. Angie took my selection and held it up to review my offering.

“Well, it seems my husband has followed your directions with a bit of enthusiasm,” my wife began, taking in the scent of the leather. “You said you wanted me on display and something tells me these strips of leather will more than meet your requirements. Help me get into this harness Cucky.”

When she stood up, I grabbed the top of her halter top and gently tugged it down over her breasts, her perky tits popping free and her nipples currently standing at attention. As the flimsy top joined the waistband of her skirt, I placed my thumbs in the waistband and yanked both garments to her ankles in one quick and violent motion, eliciting a slight gasp from my wife’s lips. Madam Sara clapped in response to my show and the fact that Angie had arrived without any panties. I took her hand as she stepped from the pile of clothing and then bent down, kissing her calf while sensually removing both her red pumps and leaving her stark naked in front of our host.

Removing the leather harness from the hanger, I draped the thick collar around her neck and allowed the snakelike buckles to dangle before her while slowly fastening the steel buckle at the nape of her neck. The harness had two metal rings that I slid carefully over her pale skinned tits, noting how they perfectly hugged her C-cups before resting against the base of her chest. One by one, I retrieved the dangling straps and wrapped them tightly around her body before using the bright silver buckles to fasten each fingerlike strip in the center of her back. The center strap continued to dangle and as I reached between her legs, I felt a drip of moisture from her sex splatter against my arm. I guess somebody enjoyed my choice in apparel as much as I did. The single strap separated into two straps that Foça Escort when pulled snugly and attached to the buckles on the lowest straps left her soaking wet pussy and thin strip of blonde pubic hair completely exposed. I couldn’t believe how red and swollen her labia were. Jerome definitely did not hold back while fucking her last night.

“Very good,” Sara said, licking her lips while her blue eyes traversed over my wife’s body. “Now that this delicious morsel is dressed for the party, let’s get you taken care of.”

She disappeared behind the counter, reemerging a heart beat later with a handful of leather and buckles that I recognized as wrist and ankle restraints. Angie took two from her offered hand and both women made short work of attaching each one with tiny padlocks. Sara brought my wrists together behind my back and used something to couple them together, leaving me defenseless, before retrieving a black object from the counter. I didn’t quite understand what the object was until it began to slip over my head and turned my world to black. Once the leather hood was fitted snugly, my head bobbed as the threaded string in the back was pulled tight and tied securely. I felt like I was about to panic, but as I opened my mouth to object, a cylindrical shaped object was forced between my teeth and fastened to the front of the mask by multiple snaps. I didn’t take me long to realize that it was a penis gag. I could feel the shape of the head and every lifelike vein as I traversed its latex surface with my tongue With no other option to protest, I took deep breaths and forced myself to calm down.

Two feminine hands grasped my upper arms and I stumbled slightly as they pushed me forward. As my feet caught up with the motion, I knew I had to trust these women to guide me to the dungeon safely without walking into a wall or other obstruction. Without my sense of sight, it felt like I was marched for over a mile before we came to a halt and my hands released for the briefest of moments before finding them extended over my head and stretched to each side. Feeling light smacks on the inside of my thigh, I began to widen my stance until I felt a spreader bar placed between my ankles, leaving me completely exposed to whatever torment my captors had in mind. I jumped as a warm hand gently brushed my testicles and grabbed hold of my chastity belt. With my sense of sight eliminated, my hearing seemed to be working in overdrive, hearing every tumble of the lock as the key was inserted and the crisp snap of the hasp being released. Seconds later, cool air assaulted the shank of my penis as the plastic dome was slowly removed. Both testicles were pushed through the scrotal ring, before it too, traveled down the length of my quickening erection. I had no idea what was about to happen and my breathing became more rapid.

“Shhhhhhhhh,” Madam Sara spoke softly into my ear, her soothing voice immediately restoring a sense of calm over my body, “no need to panic little one. Calm your breathing while I explain the purpose for your visit today. Your Mistress and I have been discussing how you felt you might be able to escape your chastity belt if you really tried. You see, the plastic chastity belts make great toys but when it comes to locking that little cock up securely, there is no substitute for a custom built metal cage. In order to ensure we have a very tight but comfortable fit, we need to take some measurements of your little cock and in order to do that, I need this useless erection to deflate. So your Mistress and I are going to spend some girl time while you shrink back to normal.”

With a hard open palm slap across the top of my penis, I listened to her heels click softly, the sound steadily dissipating until I was left in silent darkness and alone with my thoughts. My mind skimmed over every naughty and sensual thought in my head for what seemed like hours, doing nothing to combat my still raging hard-on. Using extreme concentration, I cleared my head of all thoughts and enjoyed the silence. I did not even notice that my erection had abated and shrunken down to its normal, tiny size.

Suddenly I was awakened from my meditative state as I felt a smooth strip of silken cloth, no wider than half an inch, encircle my flaccid penis. After just a few moments measured in breaths, my cock began to stir from the subtle caress of the fabric and just as quick, the strip was whipped away suddenly leaving me to fend off yet another futile erection.

“Just taking a quick measurement, my pet.” Mistress Sara whispered into my ear so quietly that the wind from her breath resounded louder than her words. “I will return once that little worm goes soft again. We have many more to go so I suggest you try to control yourself as I am going to leave you just as you are until I have you sized up perfectly.”

And then she was gone as quickly as she appeared. Surely she must have removed her six-inch heels or I would have heard the menacing clickity-clack of her steps as she approached. My mind began to wander and I found myself wondering what other articles of clothing she might have shed, not exactly a thought that helped me control my hard-on. This is going to be a long day, I thought to myself, and I was not wrong.

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