How I Paid The Rent Ch. 02

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Several readers wrote asking what had happened in the weeks after I’d taken a job as a property manager on a temporary basis and had enticed two older guys to sign leases by, well, offering them some hand job favors for their signature.

I am not proud. I am somewhat humiliated. I know it is not right to jerk off guys I barely know just to get them to take an apartment for crying out loud. But I was desperate. Let’s face it, times are financially tough, and when Mr. Orvis, the owner of several properties, allowed me the chance at a decent job and cheap rent I jumped at it.

Not really qualified, I tried my best to make it work. I handled complaints, called the repairman, and did a little painting on my own. I worked hard to get the place rented. The fact that two of the guys Mr. Orvis sent my way were willing to sign on the dotted line with some added incentive on my part should have been an indicator that maybe something was amiss, but fact is I was happy to get the deals done.

And if it meant my giving a hand job a month to the two guys, well, I’d given guys hand jobs before after a nice dinner so a little jerking of their dicks as a way to make my temporary job a permanent one seemed to be a small price to pay

Still, each time I saw one of the guys I was embarrassed. I mean, I hardly knew them. They were just older guys who needed an apartment. I had no real feelings for them. Yet here I was, a young girl jerking off guys twice my age or more on a regular basis.

But I had a job, and with a full house and things going well Mr. Orvis was very happy with my work.

I have to say in the days after each of my dalliances I felt all kinds of emotions, from humiliation to embarrassment to a little bit of arousal. Yes, I knew it was wrong what I did, I knew my mother wouldn’t have approved, but in a strange naughty way I was a little proud of the way I took advantage of the situation and solidified my place as Mr. Orvis’ property manager.

He was happy, and I was relieved to have a good job and not live penny by penny. Every once in a while when I saw Mr. Orvis, I could swear he had a knowing smile, like he knew something was up. But soon I dismissed that thought as there didn’t seem to be a way he could know anything.

I’d think about Mr. Morley and Thornton late at night under the covers, alone except for my trusty blue vibrator. Thing is, I like to think of sexy situations when I’m working on myself, and the fact that I’d tossed off two guys to seal the apartment deals made my juices flow.

As the days went by I became more comfortable with my situation. There was normalcy in my life, although I knew that in the next month I’d be whacking off two older men just to maintain the bargain I’d given for them to sign on the dotted line. Oh, I knew I could ignore the deal, but on the other hand who knows what would happen if I broke it. I surely didn’t want them spouting off about the property manager who jerks off guys to get them to let the apartments in Mr. Orvis’ building.

On my off days I’d taken to reading novels, mostly mystery, but sometimes romance, and sat by the pond near the building to relax. Along the way I would make my way to the coffee shop down the street where I’d gotten to know the baristas. It was fun and relaxing and my newfound friends gave me free refills. What could be better?

Sitting at the shop on Wednesday afternoon I could feel eyes on the back of my head. Ignoring for a while, I finally had to look. There was Sebastian Clark, a guy I’d dated for several weeks earlier in the year. Instantly we both smiled and I invited him to sit with me.

Thinking back it was probably a bad decision, because Sebastian had broken my heart when we were in a relationship. I thought he was solo with me, but turned out he’d been seeing several women besides yours truly. Sometimes he’d leave my apartment, supposedly to get home to get a good night’s rest before a big meeting, only to go to Laura or Melissa’s apartment to bang their willing snatches overnight.

It was like I was the appetizer before he got to the main course. And he was somewhat mean about it, as I’d always have to blow him (no problem, except he was rough) or take his firm hand on my tender bottom before he’d bang me. No, Sebastian wasn’t an angel. But before I’d learned of his dalliances I really developed a fondness for him, and the lovemaking was different than anyone I’d been with.

What was in the past was in the past. I wanted to know what he was doing, and was even thinking of flirting with him and then walking away. So we sat and shared coffee and stories. He was working at an investment house, working terrible hours, while admitting to having dumped both Laura and Melissa in recent weeks.

“It’s so good to see you, you look better than ever. I’ve missed you, I’ve missed you a lot,” said the handsome man. He was staring at me with those baby blues. “Those girls meant nothing to me when you get down to the bottom line. I can’t believe I’ve run into you here today, Antalya travesti because I’ve been meaning to call. I think about you all the time.”

Okay, so Sebastian was good at flattery, but these days it went a long way at making me feel good. He was so complimentary, of my clothing, my general appearance and yes my body. We traded barbs, jabs and a little of this and that for more than an hour. It was like old times, as if we’d never broken up. I sighed when he said he was heading to the west coast Friday afternoon.

Honestly, I had to see him again before he left. When he asked if we could have dinner the following night I went one better. I invited him over to my apartment for takeout, leaving the notion on the table that there would be more to eat than Chinese.

We joked about dinner, who would make it and so forth. But there was a lot of innuendo and flirting going on between us. It was as if there was a special bond of sorts. We went our separate ways, but while laying on my bed with my mind wandering I couldn’t help thinking of the mystery man Sebastian and how hot he got me. I had to bring out my trusty hairbrush for some well needed and earned relief.

The next day was a bit of a blur, working on problems throughout the day. I half thought Sebastian wouldn’t show up at my doorstep, but I was wrong. He arrived promptly at seven, bottle of wine in one hand and a nice assortment of tulips in the other. He looked adorable, and I was happy I wore my tight jeans and top ensemble.

We talked for a while before asking about dinner. “Thought you were making it,” was my simple joking question.

“Sort of. It will be here at 8,” he said, gazing longingly at my tight top.

He had something besides dinner on his mind, obviously. “I’ve been thinking about you all night and day, I’ve missed you and, well…”

The guy took me in his arms and we kissed, tentatively at first, for several minutes. It was not long before his hand was slipping all over my back and down to my behind. He fondled my snug jeans, holding me close. His kisses made their way to my neck, behind my ears and slowly down my top until he nestled his head between my beasts. He rubbed with his head as those sensations were enhanced when his hands came around.

Soon my top was off, and I don’t know how! But now he was licking between my tits as my bra somehow made its way to the floor. Damn, those kisses were wonderful. It wasn’t long before I wanted to return the favor of the sensations and I unzipped his fly and reached inside, bringing out his hardened cock.

Stroking it we returned to our kiss, standing in my living space like the long lost lovers we were. When he gently pushed down on my shoulders, I knew what he wanted and I dropped to my knees and got down to business. There was no hesitation as I licked his cock from stem to stern, bringing out some moans from above. It wasn’t long before I was alternating slow sucks with licks and then more sucking.

His cock was enormous. I mean, he was hard as a rock and I could feel it pulsate in my sucking mouth. He held my head in place, and started fucking my mouth with vigor. It wasn’t long before he warned me that if I kept it up he was going to cum.

Looking up, I batted my eyes at him and told him I’d expect nothing less. Damn, before I got it back in my mouth his dick exploded all over my cheek. Some of it got up into my hair from the first spurt, and soon I corralled the rest of his hot man sauce in my mouth, sucking him off like no tomorrow. I bobbed my head quickly sucking out his man venom.

Soon he came down from his sexual high and I looked up again at him. “That was one hell of an appetizer,” I teased. “What’s the main course?”

He lifted me to my feet and kissed me deeply. Right away, I knew this was going to be a long evening, because a guy who doesn’t kiss me after I’ve given him a blow job isn’t going to be on my good side. Sebastian was more than on my good side, he had numerous bonus points to work with.

We spoke for a little bit about our days and out missing each other before there was a knock on the door. Dinner, from a nice Italian restaurant, arrived. A four-course meal with all the trimmings. Too much for us, but we did what we could to devour what we wanted and wrapped up the rest. When I led him to the bedroom, he didn’t resist.

We made ourselves comfortable on the bed, sipping wine and swapping stories of what we’d been up to. He laughed at some of my job hunting disasters and congratulated me on my new position at property manager. I left out the details of how I got the guys to sign their leases as that would have been too over the top.

One thing leg to another, mostly his stroking of my leg, and soon we were making out again like teenagers. He was up for the task, as his cock hardened to my touch. Soon he was on top of me, slowly fucking me like an old lover should.

Several minutes into the fuck he slipped out of my and down my body, ending up between my legs. İstanbul travesti For the next 20 minutes or so he licked, caressed and sucked my pussy. I was writhing around like a teenager getting lapped for the first time. It was awesome. He brought me to an intense orgasm, but didn’t stop and soon it was followed by numbers two and three.

Wasted, he flipped me over and out of nowhere began spanking my ass! I mean, not love taps, but real hard spanks. I tried to move away but he told me to lie there and take it. I didn’t really have much choice as he planted 20 swats on my bare ass. I cursed at him, called him every name in the book, and soon he stopped and began kissing my now beet read ass. He said I deserved it for breaking up with him, leaving him without me for so long. He kept kissing and talking and somehow I calmed down.

Hate turned into horniness and soon I was atop the guy, humping up and down on him like no tomorrow. He really liked when I switched around and did the reverse cowgirl thing, as he could caress my ass. Damn, he loved my ass or something, between the spankings, kissing and loving. It was awesome. It was almost too good to be true.

After a bit he slipped me onto my feet, kissing deeply. The he maneuvered me over to the desk and bent me over it. “Push your ass back a little,” he said, rubbing his dick up and down my ass crack. Before I knew what he was doing he had the tip of his cock in my ass! Damn it, that hurt. He held there for a bit before pushing deeper as I screamed into my arm.

He told me to quiet down, told me the neighbors would hear, and then did his best to make me squeal by pushing deeper inside my dirty hole. I can’t believe it, it must have been all the drinking, because I couldn’t stop him. The man fucked my ass with vigor, all the while calling me every name in the book, from trollop to slut, from bitch to whore. All the while he was thoughtlessly fucking my ass.

He rocked inside my tight hole for what must have been several minutes before pulling out and pulling me around, eye level with his cock. He pushed it into my mouth without so much as a please and shot his cum. Damn, it was so wicked and wrong, making me suck his dirty dick fresh from my asshole. I’d never even thought of doing such a thing much less than wanting such naughty behavior. Still, I did what he asked.

Somehow it all felt right with Sebastian. It seemed to natural. Hell, when he turned around and told me to lick his ass before we went to bed, I dutifully did. I was his slut.

We fell asleep in each other’s arms, somehow entangling overnight. I woke in the morning with the smell of coffee emanating from my so-called kitchen, a hole in the wall and just barely. Slipping on a robe, I was drawn to the vapors.

“Good morning, Miss Sunshine, how are you today?”

Deciding to be honest, I told him I was sore all over, especially my ass. But it was a good sore.

We spoke about his flight later in the day for a bit but he hushed me with a passionate kiss. I was in heaven as he pushed me down to the floor. Down came his boxers revealing a rock hard dick. Damn, I thought, doesn’t he ever get enough? Soon I was going my best blow job artist imitation, licking and sucking that marvelous dick with passion I’d never felt before. It was so comfortable, there, being on my knees as servicing him.

Hard to believe the last 48 hours, but I thought there was a special karma of sorts between us as I bobbed my head up and down, back and forth on his cock. I held the stem tightly so as to be able to work the tip with my lips, and when I reached around and fingered his ass crack I could tell he loved it. The grunts from above were followed by a quickening of his thrusts, and soon I was jerking that dick off into my mouth.

It wasn’t long before his cock exploded its naughty sauce into my sucking mouth. I savored the sticky stuff, holding it in my mouth and actually tasting it before making a production of swallowing his nasty load, licking my lips and fingers for the hell of it as he held my head close to his junk.

We moved to the shower before he looked at his watch and remarked how he had to hurry up. His plane was in several hours and he had to pick up his three suitcases.

That startled me, three suitcases.

“What are you packing for? Geez, that’s something I’d do for a weeklong trip. But guys never take that much stuff.”

Sebastian smiled, looked me in the eyes, and replied. “Well, when you are going to a wedding you have to take all kinds of stuff, especially on the honeymoon stupid!”

Wedding, whose wedding? Honeymoon?

“I thought you knew, I’m getting married tomorrow in San Diego.”


Then it dawned on me, I’d been used by the son of a bitch. I screamed at him to get out, which he smartly did. But he did say he’d be back in a couple weeks and hoped we could get together.

Are you fucking kidding me? He’s getting married and already asking me for a fuck date? What a Bastard.

After İzmir travesti wishing Sebastian good riddance, along with another dozen curses, I retired to my bedroom to sleep away the night. The man had humiliated me, used me as his personal play toy and the disguarded me as if I were a used tissue.

My goodness fucked me up the ass! And then I licked his dirty ass dick with ass stuff all over it. Humiliated isn’t the word. No words can describe that activity. He fucked me, I blew him, and we had sex for most of the night. And now what?

He’s getting married? He wants to see me in a few weeks? Asshole!

It was as if I was his personal bachelor party. Good thing he didn’t bring all his friends or it would have been a freakin’ gang bang. Lying on the bed I couldn’t help thinking how he used me, and I wanted revenge. But I also basked in the afterglow of a great night of naughty behavior. Damn.

Struggling to get back to sleep, I finally realized that just wasn’t going to happen so I threw on some jogging clothing and went for a run. Along the way I wondered if the odor of sex followed me. What a naughty girl, I thought. Running through the park after having been through a night of debauchery. Midway through the run I stopped and sat on a bench, enjoying the sounds of the morning.

The quiet was broken by birds of all kinds, a trash truck making its way and even the steps going my of other runners. An older man sat next to me, said good morning, and began reading The Times. I smiled to myself wondering if he could smell all the secretions of sex oozing out of my orifices. Damn what a slut!

The run got me tired, and after the second half I showered and snuggled back into my cushy bed for a nap.

I awoke late in the morning to an irate renter whose was complaining about his neighbor being noisy. And what am I going to do about it. People relations part of the job I guess. I promised this or that, but think the fact that my top was tight and his eyes never left my breasts made me think we could work this out by my promising to look into things.

Reminding myself to not open the door wearing a long and tight white tee top and no bra, I made a note of the problem. Good think I was wearing panties, or if I’d bent over to pick something up he’d have seen up that tee shirt and probably had a heart attack. Well, maybe not, because Sebastian had a good view of my snatch last night and he didn’t faint. Damn, I kept thinking of the rat bastard.

With all this the start of the week appeared to be something to look forward to. In actuality, it was not a bad week. I was getting the hang of the job, and even the things I had no clue about I could handle. Stopped toilets became a specialty and I was able to forgo several plumber calls by handling myself. That fact made Mr. Orvis happy as while he had a plumber on retainer there was still an after-hours call provision for more dough.

Each month I still had to perform my promised hand job duties, and even that became nothing more than a notation on my to-do list, although I did keep a diary of what I’d worn with each guy so as to change it up a little each month. I didn’t want to be the same plain Jane, because an excited guy allows me to finish the task quicker.

So there would be the little girl look, the naughty schoolgirl look (damn, Mrs. Ackerman caught me walking the hall in that outfit — I told her it was my Halloween attire and I was trying it out to see if it still fit) — and the nurse and the librarian like clothing. Yup, I aimed to please. Plus, my wrists were getting fitter, and I could open bottles easier with my newly found grip from whacking off the guys.

Mr. Orvis seemed happy, and things were moving along smoothly, meaning he could spend more time at the social club and golf course than worrying about his properties.

Comfy in my room I was reading a tell all story where one guy told another his wife had been a Blow Job Queen in high school. He said she’d orally satisfied dozens of guys and earned the unofficial title by vote of the football team — 17 or which had apparently had their sausages cleaned by her dirty busy lips. Damn, that was more than I’d done in my lifetime, so I had to wonder if that girl was a total slut and if she’d stopped her activities when she got married.

Then I got thinking of the term: Blow Job Queen. Why she could have also been a fellatrix, another title for girls who use their mouths for more than eating and speaking. So I wondered, what would I be called? What do you call a girl who jerks off guys?

Hand Job Artist? Wild Whacker? Fist Pumping Baby? I don’t know but after a while I settled on Stroker Ace. So if you are writing about me you could say Kimberly was known as the Stroker Ace for such and such apartment complex. Yes, like an elevator operator (do they even have them anymore?) her job has its ups and downs.

Several months after sealing our deal I made a “date” to see Thornton. We had met in the hallway the night before, and he wondered if I could stop over and check out his plumbing. He said he’d be watching the baseball game, so anytime was fine. After I agreed, he said he hoped I wouldn’t have to cancel, because he really, really needed my help. He said it was if his pipe was going to explode.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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