Hubby’s Away, We Play Ch. 02

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When Richard came downstairs, Lisa was at the stove wearing nothing but her black sheer robe, matching heels and diamond-studded choker. She was putting the finishing touches on a plate of steak and potatoes at the counter. He swaggered toward her, the air cool on his hot naked flesh. His spent cock swayed between his thighs like a slumbering serpent. Sex and seasoned meat hung in the air like smoke.

“I made you a drink, stud.” She nodded at a martini glass clouded with shaved ice on the counter. “Extra dirty.”

He took a long sip and nestled behind her. “How’s my slut?”

“Mmm, wearing your cum and making you dinner.”

“Good girl.” Setting his drink down, he reached around and opened her robe, freeing her huge cum-crusted tits. He squeezed them together. “Such perfect big tits.”

“Wanna hose them down again, baby?”

“Don’t tempt me. I could fuck them over and over.”

“Well . . . we have all night.”

She sensually fed him as he caressed her. Between bites they kissed or nuzzled, the kitchen quiet but for the soft smacking sounds of their tender affections.

“How was it?” she asked as he chewed the last bite.


“It’s my husband’s favorite cut. After all the sperm you fed me, I figured you need the protein.”

He smirked. “How long has your husband been gone? Maybe four, five hours?”

“Hm, I can’t remember.” She playfully rubbed her ass against his dick. “Someone’s big porn cock made me forget all about that little dick loser.”

He grabbed her hips and wrenched her into him. “Just couldn’t wait for him to leave, could you?”

She cooed evil delight. “Are you kidding? The dumbass couldn’t leave fast enough. I love cheating with you.”

“Bend over.”

She alluringly eased over until her tits pressed on the cold granite countertop.

He knelt down, threw her robe up and groped her ass. “Such smooth skin. So tight. Fucking sensational.” He gave the luscious rump soft kisses. Then slapped it hard. “Shake your ass, married slut.”

She bounced her butt in his face. He spanked her again.

“I’ve been looking for this all my life,” he said. “A perfect fucking ass.”

She peeked down at him over her shoulder. “Is it better than my big tits?”

“I’m not sure. I haven’t fucked it yet tonight.”

“Well, you’ll have to sample it then. Sit down.”

He nuzzled his nose into her crack and breathed her in, then licked his way up and out.

“Your husband’s a very lucky man.” He spanked her again and settled in a chair. “If only he got to fuck your ass the way I’m going to.”

She faced him and let the robe fall off her. “It only begs for you.”

His eyes lingered on her DD tits, still caked in a sheen of his sperm.

“You said there was a surprise for me?” he asked.

She moved over him, his saliva drying along the crack of her ass. She bent at the waist, legs straight, ass out, and wrapped her fingers around his cock and lightly stroked it from balls to tip. “Be patient, bad boy.”

“That’s my problem. I don’t wait to take what I want.”

“And do you always get what you want?”

“Do you even have to ask? Your husband’s on a plane somewhere. Probably sandwiched in coach between two fat snoring assholes. And here you are. His gorgeous trophy wife. Naked. Gorgeous.”

“Dying to get ass fucked,” she added, pumping his hardening cock.

He snickered.

She turned and straddled him. He grabbed her butt and spread it wide. She licked her hand and wet his cock. Her tight asshole, clean and pink, hovered above.

She glanced back at him and smiled naughtily. “My husband’s never done this.”

Richard grinned. “Sodomize yourself, Lisa. Take my whole cock in your married ass.”

“Yes, big daddy.”

Gently, she eased down. The rim of her ass stretched against his pulpy cock head, then flexed inward, and graciously accepted the invading mass.

“Oh god. Oh god, you’re so big. You’re so big and hard.”

He groaned as his shaft vanished into the taut fiery ring of her butt. “Ohhh fuck, Lisa, you gorgeous slut, swallow me with your tight ass. Swallow my cock.”

“My ass is gonna take it all. I promise, love. I promise, İnnovia Escort I’ll take it all.”

Planting her heels on either side on him, she twisted up and down, gobbling more and more of his cock with each rotation of her hips. Her hand stroked her clit furiously, her face twisted in blissful agony. She gyrated up and down and his dick sunk deeper in her ass.

Her pussy gushed. “Oooh, you’re getting deeper. God, you’re so deep in me. I can’t wait till you’re all the way in my ass. Till you’re so deep in my married ass – OH!.”

Finally his massive cock bottomed out inside her. They moaned in collective lust.

“Fuck, you’re SO deep.”

“God, yes. Where’s my dick, Lisa?”

She looked back at him, convulsing, impaled on his pole. “Your big porn cock is buried inside my ass.”

“Has your dickless husband ever been in your butt?”

She shook her head. “Never. Not even his little tip. I’m such a bitch.”

“I love it.”

“I know, baby. We’re sooo bad.”

“Your faithful husband and his limp little dick are on a plane somewhere.”

“Uhhh. And your cock is buried in my ass.” She rocked her ass on his cock and rubbed her clit harder. “Oh god, I hope his plane crashes.”

He grunted his approval. “Then you’d be a rich gorgeous bitch.”

“Mmm. And you could fuck me all over the money I’d get.” A rush of erotic energy shot through her at the torrid thought. She threw her head back and jerked on his dick. “I’m gonna cum. I’m gonna cum all over you, bad boy!”

Her pussy spurted all over his thighs and she wailed through another orgasm.

He sat up and kissed her hard, mauling her tits. As they made out she bounced harder on his dick. She panted as he licked down her neck.

“God, you make me cum so good, baby,” she said. “You’re a fucking sex god.”

He fell back, groaning. “Ride me, Lisa. Ride me with that sexy ass.”

The busty bombshell arced back and planted her hands on his chest and bounced up and down, faster and faster. He smacked her butt.

“Fuck, yes!”

“Oh! You’re so deep! So fucking deep in my ass!”

“This is my ass, Lisa! Hear me? MINE.”

She threw her head back, dark hair thrashing. “It’s yours! My ass is yours! You own it! Oh god, I was made for you!”

Their nasty words punctuated each balls-deep thrust, each beat of smacking flesh.

“You’re so bad, Richard! Fucking my mouth! My pussy! Another man’s wife! And now, oh, oh, oh, my tight ass! You’re so bad! You’re a fucking bastard!”

“You love it. You fucking love it.”

“YES! I love it so much! Sodomize me, you arrogant bastard! Steal me! STEAL ME!”

He smacked her butt as she hopped frantically on his dick. Again and again his shaft slid in and out, and again and again she cried out, her legs shaking, trembling, tits swinging. He humped upward to meet her, slamming into her anal passage when she came down, the tight sleeve of her rectum running over the ridges of his shaft until he felt nothing but euphoria streamlined through his cockhead.

“Rub my balls, baby. Rub the sperm in my balls, you nasty slut wife.”

She arched up and reach down and caressed his balls. “You gonna cum baby? You gonna empty your balls deep in my ass?”

“You want it?”

“More than anything.” She looked over her shoulder and eyed him as she slid her ass up, until only the tip remained inside her, then eased back down, pushing his shaft all the way in. Endless hard flesh sinking into her body. “Please. Please big daddy. Blast my ass full of your sticky sperm. Fill my gorgeous ass like you filled my pretty mouth. Like you filled my tight pussy. Please baby. Be a bad boy and make me a bad wife. I’ve been stretching my ass for you all week. Getting it all ready for your big fat cock. Gimme my reward and dump your load in my beautiful butt baby. I promise my ass won’t spill a drop. Cum in me. Cum in me. Cum in me.”

He gritted his teeth. “Not yet.”

He hooked her legs and picked her up and carried her, impaled on his cock, her back pressed to his chest, into the living room. She tilted back and smothered his neck with kisses the entire way.

He let her down and immediately started İnnovia Escort Bayan fucking her ass upright in the middle of the living room. He nodded at a framed wedding photo on the fireplace mantle.

“Grab it.”

She shot him a sinful smile and snatched the framed photo. She held it up for him. “Didn’t I look pretty, Richard?”

“Throw it down. Face up.”

She dropped the photo on the rug in front of the fireplace.

He grabbed her around the waist and flipped her onto her hands and knees over the picture. The motion yanked his cock from her ass. He stepped in front of her. His cock glistening with ass juice.

“SUCK. And make it messy.”

She eagerly sucked his cock into her mouth. She gagged as it punched her in the tonsils, but she did not dare relent. Instead, she grabbed his ass and held him there, deep, the pulpy head squeezed in her tight throat.

“Yes, baby, suck your ass off my cock. Get it nice and wet.”

She bobbed back and forth quickly, never letting him escape the warm box of her mouth. The taste was erotic, intoxicating. Her pussy melted, juice sopping down her thighs.

She opened her eyes and looked up at him as she sucked. Drool fell in strings over the framed photo on the ground. Ass-flavored spit and precum collecting on the glass.

“Fuck, baby, make a fucking mess. Slobber on my cock.”

Drool sopped from her chin on the platter of the photo.

“God, you’re soooo nasty, Lisa. So nasty and I have you all to myself.”

She pulled her mouth off his dick and fisted his moist cock, her wedding ring glinting. “Ass fuck me, Richard. Ass fuck me and let me beg for your cum. You’ve already coated my pussy and throat with your hot thick buttery cum. Now lemme feel every inch of this huge cock in my tight married ass as you fill my last hole with your sperm.”

He stepped behind her. “Face down. On the fucking photo.”

She eased her face down right on the photo. She started licking the spit up, her ass high in the air. He crouched down over her gaping asshole.

“I’m gonna fucking flood your fine ass, just spray it with my hot cum, you sexy cheating slut.”

She reached back and held her ass open. “Sodomize me, my love.”

Slowly he pushed his dick back in her tight asshole. Lisa shivered when he bottomed out.

He hunched over her and began long-stroking her ass. Slow and rhythmic. He could feel her muscles push out on the in-stroke to swallow his angry thrusts best she could, the same muscles pulling hard as he withdrew, the strong, slippery ring of her anus sliding from the root to the tip.

He reached under her and grabbed her big tits and held them up to her mouth. “Lick, baby. Lick my cum off my tits while I fuck your ass.”

She sensually lapped at each of her nipples. “Mmmm. So yummy. So fucking tasty. Thank god I’ve got these big tits to collect your delicious sperm.”

“You bad fucking wife, eat it all up.”

She sucked her own cum-soaked tit flesh. She let it pop out of her drooling mouth, bucking her body over his cock. “You gonna cover them later, baby? Soak them with more of your hot precious jizz?”

“I’ve got plenty for you, slut, just brewing in these balls.”

She moaned her delight. “Mmm. Thank god. I wanna drain those big fucking balls.” She lapped the mess off her tits. “It’s sooo yummy. Sooo rich. Sooo nasty. I promise I’ll beg for it. I promise I’ll say pretty please. I want all the cum in your big balls. But first I want it in my ass.”

He let her tits drop and grabbed her hair and pressed her face down on the spit-soaked photo.

“Talk to your husband, Lisa. Talk to the twit like he’s right here.”

She panted into the glass of the framed photo. “See Keith? See how a real man fucks? Jesus, he’s fucking me so good. Unlike your fucking itty bitty weenie. His cock is SO much bigger . . . better . . . he’s . . . OH . . . stretching me . . . stretching me OPEN.”

“Keep talking, Lisa.” Over and over he fucked into her soft quivering cheeks, and over and over he felt the ring squeezing hard. “I’m gonna cum in your ass if you keep talking.”

“Hear that, Keith? He’s gonna fill my ass with his hot sticky Escort İnnovia cum. And I’m going to love it. Beg him for it. PLEAD for it.”

“Yes, Lisa, beg me you hot big-tit slut.”

She glanced back, eye-fucking him. “Please. Please, daddy. My slutty ass needs it. I’m begging you. You already came in my pussy and in my mouth. My ass needs all your warm big dick baby batter. Every last fucking drop. Please. PLEASE. Gimmie that huge load of yummy semen. If I didn’t want it in my ass so much I’d drink every thick salty drop. Maybe I’ll eat it out of my ass. Jesus your bad boy cum tastes so fucking good. All hot and nasty. Cum baby. Fill my ass with your sperm. Show my limp dick husband how a real man fucks a trophy wife.”

Suddenly he reared back and fucked into her hard, all nine-inches punishing her.

“You want it? You fucking want it?”

“Oh PLEASE. PLEASE. Reward me, baby. Reward your slut for being SO fucking hot. I NEED it! FEED my ASS! FUCK! FUCK! ASS FUCK ME!!!”

“SCREAM LISA! Scream for my dick!”


She yowled as he grabbed her hips and railed balls deep into her ass.


Cord after cord of nut juice blasted into the cheating wife’s wanton ass. She clenched the rug and cried out.

“Yes! YES! I feel it! Cum! CUM in my ASS! I LOVE IT!”



As he withdrew she pushed back into him, her ass ring sliding hard down around his spurting cock. She wanted every drop. A torrent of scalding baby batter blasting into her bowels.

“Cum baby. Cum in my married ass.”

As he thrust inside, her ass ring slid down, sweet, searing fire assailing the lovers from all sides. Her deep, velvety texture soiled instantly, drowned, bathed in warmth. She could feel his tip plowing through her, pulsing, flexing, firing. Her rectum hugged him tightly as the flood of sperm filled her canal to bursting. Past the delicate curves of her innards, so deep into her their undulating body. She screamed as another torrential orgasm washed over her, every nerve standing up, aglow, aflame.

She shot him an evil look, filled with red-hot animal lust. He gazed back at her, dark and commanding. Each surge of sperm connecting them in their dark deed.

“I love you,” she whispered. “I love you, I love you, I love you –”

He grabbed her and wrenched her up and kissed her hard.

She rocked her hips, milking his spewing cock as they kissed. His cock slowly ceased its outpour. They kept kissing, long, slow and deep. Her hips working every last bit of nut juice from his shaft. Finally he fell off of her. She remained on her hands and knees, eyes closed, savoring the warm feeling. His cum boiling in the depths of her ass.

“I’m so full, baby.”

He glanced at her tight asshole as it winked and then closed, not a drop escaping.
Slowly she crawled on her hands and knees to her purse. She found her cigarettes and lit one. Sensually she smoked, on her hands and knees, basking in the afterglow, a massive load of her adulterous lover’s sperm baking in her ass.

He nodded at her and she crawled over, toward him and handed him the lit cigarette. He took a long drag.

“You just made me your filthy fucking affair for life,” she said.

He took a drag and blew it in her face. She laid her head on his chest. His eyes settled on her ass, still perched high in the air, holding all his cum.

“Is it bad that I want to taste some?” she asked.


He reached over her and eased two fingers into her ass. She cooed as he withdrew them, coated with pearly gooey slime.

“Open your mouth.”

She sat up on her elbows and opened her mouth. He stuck his fingers in and she closed her lips and moaned, sucking the cum-soaked digits clean.


“Soooooo good.”

“Jesus, Lisa, you make my dick fucking throb.”

“I know. Can I have more?”

He shook his head. “No, I want the rest to soak in there.”

She kissed his chest as he smoked. “I feel it sloshing. You came so fucking much.”

“More than your dickless husband?”

She giggled. “He doesn’t even compare to you, dearest.”

He ran his hand through her hair. “You drive me wild, Lisa. Absolutely crazy.”

Her dark eyes met his. A heated moment. “I worship you.”

He pulled her close and they kissed.

She whispered into his lips. “Ready for your surprise yet?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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