Hurricane Brings Roommates Together

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Sarah was sitting on the kitchen floor when I came in from the living room. The soaked living room carpet made my feet freeze, and ache for warmer weather.

It was a few days after the hurricane hit our tiny island in the Gulf of Mexico, and we were one of the lucky ones. Mostly we had a bit of damage to our patio and only our downstairs bathroom and living room. Sarah was just cleaning out the lower drawers and cabinets so the insurance agent could adjust the damage.

Sarah was wearing a pair of my old basketball shorts and a tank top, sitting indian style on the floor unloading pots and pans. She glanced up at me when she heard my feet slip against the tile floor and I had to catch myself on a barstool.

“You are probably the clumsiest person I have ever met.” She said with a smile. I laughed it off and made some remark about her inability to wear her own clothes. Which I couldn’t say much about as I was wearing one of her shirts.

Her chest was slightly smaller than mine, making my breasts more defined in her grey slim work out tee, the freezing weather forcing my nipples to stay erect. I sat down next to her to help clean out the cabinets.

Sarah and I moved here about a month ago, and neither of us were regretting purchasing renters insurance, which was a whopping $2 a month. We both came down here after we graduated from college in hopes of putting off growing up for another year or so. So far, it has been a success.

Sarah placed her arm around my lower back, sending chills up my back, since her hands were freezing from sitting on the tile all morning.

“I don’t know what I would be doing down here with out you,” she said.

I laughed and said, “You wouldn’t be down here if I hadn’t convinced you it would be a brilliant idea to not put your biology degree to good use.”

She smiled and said “You know that you could have told me we would be stripping for dimes or cleaning houses down here and I still would have come.”

“Ya but your mom would have killed me!”

She leaned in a tucked a bit of my hair behind my ear that had been getting in my face all morning. “I would have been able to persuade her. Besides, I couldn’t bursa otele gelen escort imagine not being with you. Even before Jake broke up with me, I couldn’t imagine living away from you.” I agreed. “It just feels right.”

We continued to rearrange the kitchen and move the living room furniture to the tile until mid afternoon, and there was nothing left to do but wait.

The bathroom upstairs only had a bathtub, so Sarah took the first, and I the second.

I had just been moving all of our toiletries upstairs when Sarah called to me asking for a towel. I jogged up the stairs and threw a towel in the bathroom then returning down stairs to get the rest of the morning necessities.

I walked down the hall and Sarah was standing completely naked, except for the towel that was wrapped around her hair. I gasped and couldn’t help but to not look at her perfectly tanned and erect breasts.

“I am sorry” I quickly muttered, and turned my head.

“Jess, honestly? Your are my best friend, I don’t give a damn if you see me naked, I’ve seen your naked ass half a dozen times.”

She had a point. I had gotten into the habit of wearing a thong and a thing shirt around the house since our top balcony was virtually invisible from the ground, and I had been tanning.

“Well ya know.” I walked into the bathroom and began arranging the toiletries accordingly. Sarah still stood naked behind me, taking her hair down and crunching it with the towel, and turning on my bath water for me.

I had never seen Sarah this naked before. I knew she had been getting brazilian waxes done, since I referred her to the lady who did mine, but this was the first time I had seen another girl as hairless as me.

She continued to move around the bathroom, brushing her teeth, and then her hair. She seemed to be taking more than the usual amount of time to get dressed. My bath water had already filled.

Not wanting to seem like a prude, I stripped down in the middle of the bathroom, and tested the water, it was too hot, I couldn’t get in right away, surprising for a post hurricane water heater I thought.

I sat on the edge of the escort bayan tub, watching Sarah gracefully move around bath, eventually sitting on the countertop, and unscrewing the top to a bottle of hot red nail polish. Just as she threw one leg into the sink I couldn’t help but stare and the deep red lips between her thighs, leaving her other leg hanging limply towards the ground.

“When you are done with yours, you should do mine. When I do my own, it always looks like I just dipped my toes in paint.” She looked up at me and laughed and said, “Here give me your’s.”

I placed my foot on the closed toilet seat lid and she positioned herself around my foot, finally lifting it on top of her leg, leaving me just as exposed as she was before.

After she was done, I had sunk down into the water, leaving my legs spread and draped over the edge of the tub. She stood up and without much warning she too, mimicked my position. sinking into the steaming water with me.

I instantly felt aroused. She leaned into my shoulder and I put my arm around her, as we sat in the steaming water. Sarah moved her hand around to the back of my head, untying the band that had been holding my hair up, letting it fall past my shoulders, and barely touching the water.

I knew she was thinking the same as me. Neither of us had much luck when it came to dating on this tiny island and tourists were off limits, since neither of us were one night stand types of girls.

She placed her hands back into the water, clutching the underside of her thighs. Knowing I would have to take a leap of faith I tilted her head up and before I knew it our lips were touching, lips parting. Her tongue began to explore mine and I began to twist my body, allowing my legs to wrap around her waist.

Sarah’s warm hands caressed my collar bone, then my breast, allowing her thumbs to flick my erect nipples. My hands were naturally holding her waist close to mine. Soon she was pushing me towards the back of the tub with her body, forcing me to soak my hair. I lifted my head up and began to kiss her dripping neck, as she was managing to move one hand through my hair, the other massaging mudanya escort my right breast.

Gradually she lifted her self up and out of the bathtub, pulling me with her. She had me pushed up against the hall wall, placing one of her hands delicately around my waist, and the other moving up and down my side, from the nipple of my breast down to my thigh, kissing me deeply. And gradually moving her hand closer to my opening.

I pulled her into the bedroom, not able to make it to my bed, we collapsed on the floor, my hand on her inner thigh, moving upwards. Feeling the heat radiate from her red lips, I moved two of my fingers deep into her wet hole, forcing them up towards her G spot, then bringing them out again, and back again. Her back arched, and pulled my face closer to hers.

I withdrew my fingers and began kissing her neck, down to her breasts, stomach, then finally her clit. Massaging it with my tongue, sending her to her first orgasm, releasing a loud moan in pleasure.

I could hear her deep breath as she leaned forward as I began journeying up her torso again, stopping every inch to place a soft kiss, or light lick on her perfectly tanned abdomen. I soon felt a hand tracing out indistinguishable patterns across my waistline, then finally over my throbbing clit.

I was unable to hold back my first gasp of pleasure, as she was placing a deep kiss on my collar bone, and she began sucking, sending chills through my body. My leg twitched in pleasure as she fit a third finger in my soaked hole, reaching deep towards my g spot, stroking it fast.

My breathing intensified, as my best friend began to open my hot lips with her fingers and began sucking up my juices that kept flowing, and flowing. She began teasing me, by lightly licking my clit gently. Aching for more I moaned, “Faster Sarah, harder!” And she obliged, sending me into a spasm of pleasure that flexed my inner muscles right in front of her mouth.

Exhausted, she collapsed next me, throwing an arm around my stomach, and again lightly touching her lips to mine, allowing me to taste my own flavor, and tracing another pattern into my stomach.

She took a breath and said, “Do you know how long I have wanted to do that for you.” I had been clueless. “Seriously,” she started again, “I’ve been wanting to give you everything you wanted and more for the longest time.” She had.

I laughed and said, “I never knew.”

We didn’t have to wait for the next hurricane, to try that again.

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