Husband to Master Ch. 01

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Boat Sex

Hi all, this is my first attempt at writing a short story for here and hope you all enjoy it, and I would appreciate your comments, good and bad, also I would like to say a massive thank you to Juicy Starchild for all the hard work and time she has put into editing my story…so thank you so much…hope you all enjoy!

It was late October. Joe sat in his office staring out of the window at the bare trees , the grey sky dampening his mood , the groaning of the computer annoying his ears, repeatedly drumming his fingers on his desk. Joe sighed, his eyes returned to the computer screen.

Joe is 32, a successful man, and well kept. He has been married to his wife Zoe for almost 10 years. Although he loves her, the relationship had turned stale. Joe spends many an hour hid away in his office at home, working on things for his company while his wife is downstairs, doing odd bits of housework and the cooking. Little does Zoe know that while she is slaving away downstairs, her husband is getting his needs fulfilled from internet porn.

Joe stares at the computer screen, his hands working their way down to the belt that holds up his trousers. A bead of sweat runs from his forehead and down the bridge of his nose. His eyes fixed to the monitor, gently biting his lip, he unfastens his belt. His cock throbs and strains against his boxers as now he loosens his trousers, his hard cock aching to be grabbed. Joe takes hold of his cock. With his thumb he rubs the drop of pre-cum from the tip, around the end of his shaft.

”Mmmmm.” A slight moan escapes Joe’s lips as he begins to wank his hard wet dick.

”Joe, what do you want for dinner?” Zoe shouts up.

A startled Joe, panicking, jumps up, pulls up his clothes and quickly changes the page on the computer back to his work.

”Anything Zoe. Whatever you want, darling,” he replies through short and angry breaths.

Joe sits in his chair, out of breath from the panic and fear of being caught. He wipes his forehead with the back of his hand , before running his hands over his shaved head. Joe sits there a little longer, shaking his head from the anger of being disturbed so close to the edge.

”Fucking bitch,” he mutters under his breath, before getting up and making his way downstairs.

It was a couple of years since Joe had first started browsing the internet for porn. He found at first, that due to the lack of sex he got from his wife, he could find himself easily aroused from the more soft-core delights the internet provided. As the months passed Joe was finding it was taking more and more to get his cock throbbing. Now he found himself searching for the harder stuff. He was particularly aroused by the Master and his slave editions.

At first Joe was satisfied with just watching online videos and reading stories while having a quick wank behind his closed office door, while the wife was otherwise occupied downstairs. However, today the anger that Zoe had awakened in him by disturbing him has made Joe convinced that his wife must be punished and made to be his whore.

He walks down the stairs, the smell of bacon sandwiches fluttering up his nostrils. Joe walks through the clean and well kept living room into the kitchen. He creeps up behind Zoe and gives her arse a quick sharp slap. Zoe jumped.

“Mmmm, Joe, what was that for?” she giggled.

“Do I need a reason to lovingly slap my wife’s arse?” Joe chuckled.

This was the start of Joe’s plan. He was to try and slowly break his wife and make her his whore. He thought this was going to be an easy task, as over the years he was sure he had seen subtle signs of submission from his wife. Joe was excited and feeling optimistic about breaking his wife.

A few days had passed and Joe had been making very little progress with his task. ”Plan B,” said Joe through gritted teeth, with a frustrated look on his face. Joe was going to make Zoe the whore she was born to be – the hard way. He knew that once he had succeeded she would thank him for it and see that this was the way their relationship was always meant to be.

That night, while Zoe was washing her curvy, tanned figure in the bath that Joe had prepared for her, Joe was in the bedroom making preparations for the evenings events. Zoe was blissfully unaware that as she soaped up her ample chest, and watched the water run down her body, over her soft skin, her husband was collecting items from around the house that would play a part in the night that was going to reshape her mind and her life forever. Joe had returned to the bedroom after his silent scavenge hunt around the house, with a few items that he had thought would be useful to him and what will be the happenings of the night. These things included a spatula, rope, silk scarf and a few other items.

Joe hid the items away in the wardrobe, but left the rope out. He walked over to the bed and rested the rope on the floor. He would need this first, so he wanted it in easy reach. As he sat there, deep in thought, an excited yet evil smile spread across his face. He bebek escort knew that tonight was the start of something good.

Zoe stepped out of the bath, her wet feet warming the rug that laid under them. Light goosebumps traced her skin from the cool breeze that wandered in through the open bathroom window. Her nipples tingled and started to harden, before being wrapped into a towel. Zoe grabbed a smaller towel and bending over, she let her long brunette locks hang from her head a second before wrapping them into a towel.

Joe lay on the bed, in his boxers, his mind working hard to decide which was the best way to handle things. If he could just get Zoe to agree to being tied up, he would have control and could put plan B fully into motion.

”Zoe, darling, have you done yet? I’m waiting for you in bed,” he shouted with a slight impatient tone to his voice.

”Yes, hun, I am out now.”

Zoe walked along the landing and into the bedroom. Joe was holding the rope in his hand. As Zoe began drying herself off, she caught site of Joe in the mirror. She turned to look at him properly. ”Why on earth have you brought a rope up to bed?” A puzzled look spread across her face.

”Don’t panic, Zoe, but I thought maybe we could spice things up a little.” He lay there, twisting the rope around his fingers. He looked up and noticed a slight hint of fear in Zoe’s eyes. He stared straight into them, urging her to say yes.

”Errrm, I dunno Joe.”

”Cummon, baby. It will be fun and if at any point you want me to stop, just say, and I will.”

Zoe shuffled , feeling worried and uneasy about the request her husband had made. The smile on his face and the look in his eyes was making Zoe want to give it a go.

”OK, then, Joe. We can do it, but if I want you to stop, then you must. I mean it Joe. I’m trusting you.”

”Of course, baby,” said Joe, knowing full well he had other ideas. Joe patted the bed beside him and beckoned Zoe to him, to join him on the bed. Feeling a little apprehensive, Zoe walked over to the bed and laid down beside her husband.

”Loose the towel, Zoe!” Joe said sternly. Zoe hesitated, then she did as she was asked. Joe leaned over and kissed his wife – and soon to be whore – on her warm soft forehead and spoke to her softly.

”Okay, Zoe, please put your arms above your head so I can get them tied nicely to the head of the bed.”

Zoe noticed a look in her husbands eyes she had never seen before. This excited her a little, she did as she was told.

“Good girl,” her husband purred in her ear as he finished knotting the rope around his wife’s small, delicate wrists. Zoe’s cheeks blushed. She had never experienced this before, but aside from feeling anxious Zoe noticed a feeling that she recognised. A feeling building between her legs – a warm, tingly feeling.

“Oh my god,” thought Zoe. She was getting very aroused by this.

Zoe’s husband climbed from the bed, standing back and admiring his wife.

“Baby, you look so beautiful, tied up for me,” he smiled.

“Thank you,” Zoe purred in reply. Joe then knew that his wife definitely had it in her to be the whore that he wanted. He had to pull it out of her, and he was adamant he was going to do just that.

Zoe could see the bulge growing in her husbands boxers. Her eyes looked up and down his well-looked-after body as he stood beside her. Oh, how Zoe wished she could reach out and touch his body, but her arms were frustratingly bound to the bed.

Joe walked over to the wardrobe, and pulled out the silk scarf he had collected earlier. He turned and walked back over to Zoe.

“What are you doing with that, Joe? I thought you were just gonna tie me up and fuck me.”

Joe looked at his wife and laughed. “You silly girl, that is not how this is going to work.”

Zoe glared back at him. She was worried, but could not stop the slight feeling of excitement at the back of her mind.

“Joe, let me go now.”

He sniggered at her and told her to be quiet. He lent over to her and began to blindfold her. Zoe wanted to stop him, but was being held back by a hint of arousal. She convinced herself the reason she was not fighting was that her restraints were too tight – she would not get out of them no matter how hard she fought.

“Joe!” Zoe shouted.

“Joe!” She shouted again.

“Please let me go,” Zoe pleaded.

Joe rushed over to Zoe and put his hand firmly over her mouth. Zoe realised she had wanted this reaction and she had got it. He whispered into her ear. “Right, my darling. Tonight you are mine. You are my whore. I am going to show you that this is how it should be. Do you understand, slut?”

Zoe was realising more and more that this is what she wanted and needed, but she did not want her husband to know this just yet, she wanted to see how mean and forceful Joe could be.

“Don’t call me that, Joe. This is not funny now. Let me go, Joe. Now.”

Joe chuckled at his little whore begging to be released from his clutches.

“Not mecidiyeköy escort a fucking chance, whore. I want and need this, and you are going to see that you do, too.”

“No! Joe, this isn’t fucking funny. Fucking let me go – you’re scaring me.”

Joe pushed his strong hand between his wife’s legs.

“Mmm, whore. If you are so scared, and you want to be released and for me to stop, then why is your pussy so damn wet?”

“I-I don’t know,” stuttered Zoe, as the pleasure rippled through her body, from her wet velvety folds to her half covered face, and exploded in her cheeks leaving a bright red glow. Straining at the ropes around her wrists, Zoe still begged her husband to let her go, but Joe continued to ignore his new whores requests.

Unbeknown to a very turned-on Zoe, her husband had been over to the wardrobe and was walking over to her holding a collar he had bought specially for this occasion. Joe walked to his wife, grasping the collar in both hands, thumbing at the leather and smiling excitedly.

“Zoe, my darling little whore, I have a gift for you.”

“I don’t want a fucking gift, Joe, I want you to let me go.”

Joe smiled.

“I’m not expecting my whore to accept her gift straight away, but I will be expecting you to eventually respect it and what it represents.” Joe launched at Zoe, grabbing her and lifting her head with her hair.

“Hold your head up, slut!” he growled at Zoe.

“Please, Joe, what are you doing? Stop! I want this to end,” Zoe shouted at her husband through her pain.

Joe felt his anger rising. He slapped his wife hard across the face, making her shudder to a shocked silence. This was the first time he had ever hit his wife.

“Now, slut, we haven’t even started yet.” With that, he forced the collar around her neck, fastening it in place.

“You really are my little whore now, girl.”

Zoe lay there, her face stinging from the abuse of her husbands big strong hand, thoughts running through her mind. Thoughts about what he was going to do next, or how far was he going to go. But the thought that got to Zoe was how she wanted to keep pushing her husband, make him think that she really did not want this, and to keep her innocence a little while longer. Zoe was very turned-on by the thought that her husband got a kick from forcing her into submission. Joe spoke to his whore.

“Now, my little slut, are you going to be a good slut for your master?”

Zoe’s face flushed red.


“Well!” shouted Joe

“I will be good Joe, yes,” Zoe replied in a quiet, unsure voice.

“From now on, whore, you no longer have the right to call me Joe. I am no longer Joe to you. I am your master and you will refer to me as master at all times. Do you understand, slut?”

“Yes, master,” Zoe replied. As she heard herself calling her husband master her clit tingled, her aching pussy dampened more. Something had been awakened within her, deep within her.

“Good girl,” replied Joe. “I’ll remove the ropes, but I’m warning you, if you try to run from me I will catch you and overpower you, and you will be tied back up.”

“Yes master, I understand,” Zoe replied.

Joe began to untie the ropes that held his whore to the bed. Her arms fell.

“Good girl. You may remove your blindfold, whore.”

Zoe’s fingers worked their way up to her face. She pulled the blindfold down, opening her eyes, squinting as she struggled to adjust to the light.

“Right, my whore, you will get off the bed and onto the floor on your knees. Your hands will be behind your head. Do it now!” Joe barked at her.

Zoe scrambled off the bed and onto the floor. She got onto her knees and, as Joe had instructed, she placed her hands behind her head. Joe walked around his whore a few times. With every step Zoe’s heart beat harder. The intense feeling burning inside her grew stronger. He stopped in front of her.

“Mmm, look at your wet thighs. You are a dirty whore, aren’t you?”

“Yes, master,” Zoe replied. Joe stood up-front and close to his whore and began to slide his boxers over his hard shaft, down his muscular legs and to the floor. His throbbing manhood just inches from Zoe’s face. She bit her lip. She wanted it – she wanted her masters hard cock.

“Now, my little slut, get your masters cock into your mouth – and make sure you please me well, my whore. If you do, then maybe girl will be permitted to have her climax later.”

“Yes, master, thank you.” Eagerly, Zoe wrapped her mouth around his cock, his swollen shaft filling her hot, wet, dirty mouth, her tongue teasing around her masters swollen glands, the mild taste of his pre-cum flooding her taste buds. Zoe looked up into her masters eyes, and from that moment Joe knew she would never be the same again. Joe saw the burning desire he had unlocked radiating from her soul.

“Mmmm, suck it, you dirty whore. I want you to take my cock deep,” he said as he slammed his throbbing dick to the back of his whores throat.

Zoe gagged and choked florya escort on her masters cock. Joe laughed and patted the top his whores head.

“Good girl.” He could feel the rush building – the first pleasurable intense feelings of climax surging through him. He held his whores head onto his cock, gripping her hair tightly.

“Swallow it all, whore – don’t you dare waste a drop.” He had barely finished speaking as he let go and filled his whores mouth with his hot load.

“Mmmm, you dirty fucking whore,” he said as he continued to hold his whores head in place.

“Swallow it all, whore.” Zoe was choking on his seed and his throbbing cock, as she did her best to make sure she did as she was told, not to waste a drop as she struggled to regain control of her gag reflex and her breathing. Her master looking down on her, laughing. He eventually let go and stood in front of her, the last few drops of his warm cum dripping from his shaft.

“I said do not waste a drop, whore, so get this cleaned up.”

“Yes, master,” Zoe managed to splutter out as she caught her breath. She took her masters cock in her mouth once more and began to suck it clean.

“That will do, whore,” he said as he pushed Zoe away from him, leaving her sat on the floor, staring into the carpet.

“Tell me, Zoe, what are you to me now?”

Zoe hesitated, as her master lent towards her to slap her beautiful face. She cowered. “I am your whore,” she shouted.

“Hmmm, good girl. And do you think you deserve your climax, whore?”

Zoe wanted to scream out that she did deserve it and she wanted it, but she managed to stop herself. Zoe now wanted to be her husbands slave, she wanted this, she craved the pain and the control, no more pushing him, she knew there was no need to, she will show her new Master just how much she enjoys and wants this.

“Master, I deserve whatever you think I deserve.”

Joe knew from this response that she really was his whore, to use and abuse, when and however he wanted to.

“Well, whore, since you respected me with a fantastic answer, I think that, yes, whore, you do deserve your climax.”

Zoe smiled. “Thank you, master.”

“Now, whore, crawl to the bed for me, then onto your knees and lean onto the bed. You crawl slowly for your master.”

Zoe instantly did as she was told to do. While she crawled along the floor, naked and exposed to her master, he watched her perfectly peachy butt sway from side to side, screaming out to him, begging him to hurt it. Zoe had reached the bed and had followed her masters instructions to the letter. She was in position, awaiting her master, her wet pussy pleading to be pleasured, craving its owners touch.

Joe had been over to the wardrobe and had retrieved the spatula he had hidden there earlier that evening. He walked up behind Zoe and paused.

“My little slut has been so good for me, but that arse is begging to be abused. Okay, girl?”

“Yes, please, Jo – oh, I mean master.”

Whack! The spatula came across Zoe’s welcoming arse so hard she squealed.

“I thought I told you, you are to call me Joe no more, you fucking slut. I thought you understood this simple rule. Well, now you will learn.”

Whack! Zoe did not get chance to respond. Her master had gone at her arse again, followed by two more.

“Where are your manners, slut? Thank me for your whacks.”

“T-t-thank you, master.”

Whack! Zoe screamed out in pain.

“Thank you, master, please again.” Zoe was enjoying asking for more so much so that the words spilled out from her.

Whack! The spatula cruelly landed on her red sore arse again.

“Thank you, master.”

Joe looked on at his whore, sprawled on the edge of the bed, her beautiful bum red and marked from the harshness of the spatula he had taken to her.

“Do you think you have learned your lesson, whore?”

“Yes, master, I certainly have and will not make the same mistake again. I am very sorry, master.” Zoe was looking up to her master, her tear-stained cheeks burning a wild red from the intense pain that had surged through her body. Joe smiled – he was so happy to see his wife like this for him.

“OK, whore, get onto the bed. Lay on your back and spread those legs open.”

Zoe bit her lip, her throbbing clit and dripping pussy aching to be touched and teased to an explosive climax. Zoe lay on her back and spread her legs.

“Good girl. Now I want you to rub your clit for me, whore. Rub it hard and fast, but don’t you dare fucking cum until you have been given permission.”

Zoe immediately placed her fingertips on her sensitive button. She began to circle her fingers over it, rubbing it hard as her master had told her to.

“Faster, whore!” Joe snapped.

Zoe picked up the pace of her probing fingers that were exciting her throbbing clit.

“Mmmm, m-master, I am so close – please may I have permission to cum?”

“Not yet, whore – I am not done with you.”

Joe walked over to the dresser, all the time not taking his eyes from his whore as she brought herself closer and closer to climax, writhing around on the bed, trying her damned hardest not to let the building explosive pleasure that was consuming her body take over, begging and pleading with herself to keep it together, to not let her master down.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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