I Call Him Mr. Tibbs Ch. 06

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Agatha came down the stairs and was heading for the front door when she stopped and went to look in the living room. Her husband Ray was there in the living room nursing a cold. The TV was on and he was watching a re-run of last night’s college football game. He’d fallen ill the following morning after his encounter with Tibbs which had led to him being like this, as if the black man had thrown some mystic voodoo curse on him. Agatha was afraid such might be the case because the Raymond she’d always known was seldom the type with a solidified arrogant, pompous shell any man could break through.

Aggie, as she often preferred being called, approached where he sat and placed the back of her hand against his neck. His temperature was high and his features had a sickly paleness about it. Agatha loved her husband, but despised his overbearing, supercilious attitude, and to tell the truth, that night when a black man had stood up to her husband had been a high mark in her marriage. Who would have thought she’d lived to see the day when her husband would meet someone more masculine than him? Ray was prone to declare that he wasn’t a racist, but the numerous actions and derogatory comments she’d listened to him make of other people made her think the opposite.

“How’re you feeling, honey?” she asked him.

“I’m still hot, Aggie,” he muttered feebly. “Don’t know when this godforsaken cold is going to break.”

Let’s hope it continues to stay that way, darling, she thought to herself.

“Don’t worry, it’ll get better soon,” she kissed his forehead then told him she was going out for a walk and will be back in a little while.

“You going to take the car?” he asked.

“No, I’ll just be out for a stroll, that’s all.”

“Okay, take care. Love you.”

“Love you too, honey.” She blew him a kiss then left the house.

She went down her driveway and turned to her left to the Bundlit’s compound. She pressed the doorbell and Hailey opened the door and welcomed her into her home.


Tibbs wasn’t alone when he drove to the Bundlit’s home later that evening. He arrived with his half-brother Thaddeus Black who rode in the passenger seat next to him. Tibbs slowed his car as he approached his destination and indicated at the Olsen house.

“That’s the place where that white bastard lives,” he said to his brother. “Could you imagine the bastard came to their home making like he was sort king or something?”

“A lot of them whites are bigots at heart, brother,” Thaddeus remarked. “Glad to know you stepped him down though. That’s the only way a brother’s got to dealing with them.”

“You still running with that private snoop biz of yours?”

“Hell yeah, I am. What else do you think I’ve got to do to get money in my pocket?”

Kevin’s car was parked by the curb. He always left his car at the curb whenever he figured Tibbs was coming over, letting him leave his car in the driveway instead. Tibbs drove his car into the driveway and turned off the engine. The car doors swung open and he and his brother stepped out. Unknown to them they were being watched from across the street by Fred Danbridge and his telescope which was sighted through his living room window. Except this time he wasn’t alone. Misty was there hovering beside him. Their living room lights were off and the kids were upstairs in bed, asleep. When they talked, they voices came in whispers as neither wanted their kids to overhear them and then troop downstairs to see what was happening.

“What’re you looking at, hon?” Misty inquired while she observed the two men who’d just left the car in their neighbour’s home and were right now approaching the Bundlit’s front door.

“It’s Tibbs, darling,” Fred said to her while he followed the two black men with his telescope’s eye. “And it looks like he’s brought a friend along this time.”

“Tibbs. That’s the guy you said has been fucking Hailey, right?”

“Uh-Hunh, he’s the one all right.”

Earlier in the day Fred had returned home looking somewhat different from his typical self. He’d jumped upon Misty and kissed her and then apologised for acting like a fool recently and then he divulged to her his conversations he’d been having with Kevin during lunch hours. Misty too had opened up her own secret of discovering his stash of adult movies and of going out to buy herself a dildo while watching them. Feeling rejuvenated, they’d locked their door and made love to each other. During their copulation, Fred talked to her about his newfound wish of wanting to see her getting fucked by someone else. Misty had asked if that someone else meant a black man. Fred had replied yes.

“How about I have a look?” she asked.

Fred gave her his place and he unbuttoned her night gown and played with her tits while she observed the two black men knocking on the door of the Bundlit’s home. Seconds later the door came open and there was Kevin welcoming them into his home before closing the door behind them.

“Too bad we can’t go over and say Bostancı Grup Escort hi,” Misty muttered. She drew in a deep breath as her husband sucked on her breasts. “Honey, wouldn’t it be nice if we got to know the Bundlits a little better than we already do?”

Fred by now had dropped to his knees and had his face buried between his wife’s legs, investigating her crotch with his lips and tongue. “Mmmm, yeah,” he murmured.

Misty released a sigh that sounded like a moan. “Maybe we could … maybe we could get to know their friend, Tibbs. Uhhhh … and maybe he’d like to know me too.”

“Oh yeah,” her husband agreed as he pulled on the flesh that was her pussy lips. “I’d love to see you getting fucked by him.”

“Would you, honey? Would you really?”

“Ohh yeah. Really, really.”

Within herself she smiled. “That’s the best thing I’ve heard you say in a long while.”

She pulled away from the telescope and they both lay on the couch and began pleasuring each other.


“Oh hi there, darling!” Hailey stood by the entryway and she came forward and draped her arms around Tibbs as she welcomed him and his brother into her home. “I’m so glad you’re here.” Her eyes switched from him to Thaddeus, who was an older and studier version of Tibbs.

“This is my brother Thaddeus,” said Tibbs. “Thad, meet Hailey. The best slut this side of North America!”

“Oh stop!” she laughed.

Thaddeus shook hands with her and she led them towards the living room where her other female guest sat waiting. Kevin, wearing his customary briefs, followed a couple of steps behind, not saying anything except in his mind looking forward to whatever fucking was going to happen.

Agatha heard Hailey returning to the living room with her friends and she sat up tensed with expectation at meeting Tibbs once again, this time without her husband along. This was her second time at the Bundlit’s home today. She’d earlier returned home almost an hour later to check on her husband was faring, having made conversation with Hailey. She’d made Raymond some soup and afterwards had helped him up the stairs back to the bedroom and tucked him in bed. She’d changed into a pair of shorts and tight-fitting shirt that outlined her bosom perfectly well then left the house and returned here.

Hailey was smiling gaily at her as she led two black men into the living room and presented them before her. “Aggie, I’d like you to meet two lovely friends of mine. This is Tibbs, whom you met the night before. And this is his brother Thad. Tibbs, Thad, meet Aggie, my friend from next door.”

Agatha rose to her feet and shook hands with both men. A tremour went through her as she smiled and said hello to both men. Goosebumps broke out on her arm and her nipples became erect inside her shirt. Thaddeus came and sat beside her while Tibbs stayed with Hailey; Kevin went to a corner of the living room and sat on a stool awaiting further command. Tibbs ordered him to go and fetch them something to drink; Thaddeus asked for a beer. Kevin disappeared into the kitchen and returned minutes later with a tray full of drinks. Aggie had been shocked at the sight of seeing Kevin wearing on nothing but his pair of briefs and even though Hailey had soothed her thoughts about it, she still was in shock about it. Though it was somehow intriguing to her. For once she too would love to see Ray being a servant for her, let him get a taste of what it feels to be under someone. How she wished that would happen soon.

“So, Aggie, what’s a fine gal like you doing in here?” Thad threw the question at her.

Agatha’s cheeks flushed red. “Well … I came earlier on to visit Hailey and apologise to her and Kevin about that ruckus my husband did the other day. She told me to stick around that her friend Tibbs would be dropping by and maybe then I could apologise to him as well.”

“Oh, my brother done told me about the guy next door. You the one hitched to that guy?”

She nodded.

“Damn, girl, that’s a damn shame. What’s a fine, pretty gal like you doing hitched to a racist like that fellow for?”

“Raymond isn’t that bad a man,” she said defensively, though it sounded weak coming from her mouth. “He just has a way of misunderstanding people.”

“That wasn’t what I saw that night, Aggie,” entered Tibbs. “Your man looked like he wanted to throw me a punch, and he’s damn lucky he didn’t, or I’d have knocked him out to the middle of next week. But for you, I’m glad I didn’t.”

“Yeah, so am I,” Agatha admitted, pushing her glasses up her nose. “He’s been down with a fever since that night.”

Hailey laughed and turned to Tibbs. “I told her that you’ve probably worked some voodoo spell on him.”

“That’s too bad,” Thad commented. “Maybe we ought to go over and say hi to him.”

All four of them laughed.

Thad drew himself towards Agatha whose eyes enjoyed with amazement the sight of Hailey caressing her lover’s thigh and crotch as they began to kiss. She distinctly Bostancı Manken Escort made of the outline of his erection growing sturdier within his pants and licked her lips while she imagined what the sight of his cock would look like. Evidently nothing comparable to Raymond’s. She looked across the room at her husband Kevin seated where he had an advantageous view of everyone in the room. He too was observing Hailey and Tibbs and stroking his penis in his hand. Agatha found it disturbing at her friend’s audacious nature, playing with her black lover while her husband watched. Agatha could never recall ever attempting such an act in front of Ray. Ever. He’d have blown his top and stuffed her head in a freezer if she ever tried such on him. But wouldn’t it be nice if she did?

Thaddeus turned her face towards his and planted his lips on hers. Agatha, strangely, didn’t push him back; her body and mind surrendered to the atmosphere that was in the room. Thad reached a hand from behind her back and downward to caress her other breast while his other hand grasped one meaty thigh. Agatha moaned in his mouth as she felt his hand tweaking her nipple. Thad reached a hand inside her shirt and squeezed one of her meaty pendulums. Aggie uncrossed her leg, giving him access to run his hand up and down her inner thighs.

Hailey by now was knelt in front of Tibbs. She’d unzipped his fly and her head moved side to side as she munched on his long prick. Agatha cradled Thad’s head while he loosened her shirt and sucked on one of her tits. Thad didn’t want to waste much time. He unzipped his fly and pushed his jeans down his legs then forced Agatha’s face down on his crotch. Aggie had time to inhale the musky smell that was his cock pressing against her face as she reached for it. She slid her tongue along its foreskin for a bit, letting his manly fragrance waft into her nostrils, before letting the tip of his cock into her mouth. Within a minute she was swallowing his cock with enthusiasm.

Kevin ran from the room and went upstairs. He returned a minute later with a camcorder in his hand and went round the room filming the group sex scene taking place in the living room. Hailey, his wife, was now stripped of her clothes and was riding her lover, Tibbs. Thad helped Agatha out of her clothes. Her tits, without the protection of her tight shirt, fell like pendulums over her gut; her aureoles stood prominent and her nipples each were like shirt buttons. She had stretch marks around her waistline down to her hips. A curlicue tattoo features above her butt cheeks down towards her ass crack. Thad was amused by it and told her they looked beautiful on her. He gave her ass cheeks smooching kisses and fondled them before returning to the couch and having her sit astride him, riding him in reverse. She sat forward with her hands on her knees, slamming her ass cheeks down on his cock. Thad groaned as the tip of his cock forced its way into her pussy, but it was a good thing she was already copiously wet, as soon it slid in further like taffy as she lowered herself down on him to his nuts. Her huge ass cheeks resembled two balloons pressed against each other with his cock in-between, dripping her creamy juice. At one time he indicated for her to remain half standing and grunted like an Olympic sprinter as he slammed his hips upwards against her buttocks, pumping his prick harder and faster into her fuck hole. Aggie groaned from the pain.

She bent further down, balancing her hold on Thad’s legs and gazed between her legs at the sight of his tube-like black prick slamming in and out of her pussy, with his balls bouncing up and down like a tennis ball. Agatha loved the sight of his cock pumping into her. She reached out and cupped his testicles in her hand and fondled them while her hips kept rising and falling on his thighs. She was moaning so hard she nearly fell off him when suddenly she achieved a climax. Thad slapped her buttocks and ordered her to sit back on him. Aggie did so, and Thad once again clashed his hips against her butt cheeks, slamming into her hard. Aggie felt a rising tide swell from within her womb. She screamed as once again she sprang up from him like a firecracker had been lit under her and this time her pussy ejaculated a torrent of cum juice that splattered over Thad’s thigh.

Thad allowed her to lie on the couch to cool off. She was panting heavily, whimpering like crazy. He came by her face and thrust his cock into her mouth like an offering. Aggie sucked him with vigour. Hailey came and knelt between her legs and sucked on her pussy while Tibbs crouched behind her and fed her pussy with his cock. His eyes found Kevin and he hollered at him: “Get your ass behind me and suck on my balls, white boy!”

“Yes sir!” Kevin answered and laid the camcorder at a spot that would capture the sight of them and went and kneeled behind Tibbs to suck on his nuts. Tibbs buried his cock all the way inside Hailey’s pussy and remained like that for some seconds, unmindful of her cries, while Bostancı Masöz Escort Kevin popped each of his testicles into his mouth and when he was done he licked his tongue up and down Tibbs’ ass crack. Tibbs offered him his cock and Kevin dutifully sucked him, cleaned his wife’s pussy juice off him, before inserting his shaft back into her fuck hole.

Thad turned Agatha over on her knees with her hands grasping the top of the couch’s fabric; her ass cheeks looked like two thick watermelons pressed together with cream white pussy juice pouring through her slit down the underside of her thighs. She rubbed her pussy from underneath the spread open her labia walls for him. Thad took aim, and then thrust his cock into her all the way. Agatha’s fingers gripped the couch’s fabric and she groaned receptively from his attack. Thad drove his cock all the way inside her, loved the way her ass cheeks pressed against his and the tanned outline of her panties on her skin. Hailey appeared beside him and sucked on his cock for a while before returning it back into Agatha.

Sometime later the brothers made a switch and fucked each other’s woman. When the moment arrived, Hailey called Kevin over and had him kneel before Tibbs and Thad.

“Okay honey, it’s time for you to make me proud,” she said to her husband. “You’re going to suck both men’s cocks and you’re going to swallow every drop they give to you. And you’d better not spill any.”

Kevin replied that he won’t.

Hailey now had the camcorder in her hand and began filming as Tibbs and Thad stood beside Kevin and he began stroking their cocks close to his face then took them into his mouth one at a time. Back and forth his mouth went, slobbering and sucking both men’s pricks, letting them feed him their testicles. Each man took turns holding his head and thrusting their cocks in and out of his mouth. Kevin felt like he was in heaven. He enjoyed being used like that, abused to the maximum all in the interest of tasting his wife’s lover’s cum. Tibbs and Thad groaned from the rigours of his mouth and at the same time hurled curses at him.

“—suck on that cock, white boy!”

“—take it like a white boy bitch that you are!”

“—bitch ass boy loves sucking cock more than anything else!”

“—ought to get some boys over to run a train on his mouth!”

On and on they went until the moment when both of them took turns and filled his mouth with their semen. Kevin’s throat worked overtime as he gulped each brother’s cum down his throat. Hailey filmed him in close-up as he did it, smiling behind the camcorder.

“Oh yeah,” she cooed. “Honey, that’s so beautiful. Now don’t forget to thank your masters.”

“Thank you master Tibbs and master Thad,” Kevin said to them while still licking their cum from his lips. He was smiling too. “Thank you very much.”


“Tell me what happened last night,” Fred asked me.

I looked at him and smiled. He was fast becoming the student I expected him to be, and I was luxuriating in my role as mentor with delight. “If I didn’t know you too well, I’d say you’re getting more and more anxious to hear more.”

It was the following afternoon and an hour ago Fred had given me the call asking that we meet again. He’d opted to pay for lunch this time and now we were down to dessert. It was a different Fred seated across the table from me. I noticed some subtle difference in him that hadn’t been there the previous times we’d spoke. For one thing his features bore no judgemental intention at all, nor was he sounding rude. He simply wanted to know about the activity that had gone on in my home last night after he told me that he and Misty had watched Tibbs and his other partner appear at our door.

“Just tell me what happened,” he asked once more, leaning closer on the table.

I went ahead and told him. I told him about my next-door neighbour, cantankerous Ray Olsen’s wife, Agatha, stopping by earlier in the evening to chat with Hailey and how Hailey had persuaded her to stay and meet with Tibbs and his brother who were on their way. Tibbs and his brother Thad arriving at his home and screwing both women while he, Kevin, recorded everything with his camcorder. And also of Hailey taking the camcorder from him and filming him suck both men’s cocks and swallow their cum, and later both men screwing the wives once more after which Agatha left for her home. Afterwards, Tibbs and Thaddeus and Hailey had retired upstairs and he’d watched and filmed both men screw every hole in her body and every which way they could before passing out asleep.

I watched the glimmer appear in my friend’s eyes with wonderment as he listened to me talk. I narrated the whole story to him in a simple manner, not injecting anything to make it seem melodramatic. I guess what made him more amazed was the way I said it all like it was an everyday thing we did, which in a way it was. I’ve sucked Master Tibbs’ cock more than enough times and swallowed his rich semen as much as I’ve sucked it whenever he came inside Hailey. Even as I sat there talking to Fred, I can still recall the taste, feel, and texture of Tibbs’ cock whenever he shoved it into my mouth. If he had called me right there and then to come meet him at wherever in the city to take care of his cock, I wouldn’t have hesitated at all.

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