I Dream

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I see you standing there at the bar.

Your eyes flash and I see a twinkle.

Oh yeah, you are trouble.

With a capital O.

We each get a beer and move off to the end of the bar.

You are speaking to Me, but I have no clue what you are saying. My brain is fixated upon wanting to see just how much more mouth watering your cock is in person vrs. Picture.

‘Can’t look down, can’t look down at his cock!’

I think to myself.

‘Oh crap! That was a question!’

I look down.

Quickly I look up at you, your smile tells me I am so busted.

Quickly I stumble over the, look at the time! speech.

You walk me out of the bar.

Shortly after we cross the threshold you reach over. Your hand slips under my skirt. Feeling the wet of pussy lips.

You usher me to the side of the building and leaning in, you say, “You really don’t wear panties.”

I start to say ” I told you so.” When you slip your finger inside me.

My words die in my throat as you work your finger in.

“God your tight.” You utter as I start to moan.

“Just a taste, just to see. ” I hear as you turn me around.

Pinning my arms above my head by holding my wrists, you start to slowly slide yourself deep into my tight wet pussy.

“Omg yes!”

Grabbing my waist you pull my ass closer and fuck me hard, deep.

I İstanbul Escort try and turn around. I try to reach for you.

You shake your head no.

“Want! ” I whimper.

“I want to make you scream.”

You reply.


We are inside a room. The door shutting behind us. My purse falls to the floor as we jump toward each other.

My back slams against the door.

Our hands move over each other’s body.

I go to reach to take your pants off. Your hand goes to my throat.

I stop.

My heart thuds in my chest.

I look into your eyes. Mine wide with fear.

You take your hand away and put your forehead against mine.

Your hands grasp my ass.

My arms circle your waist.

Our eyes close.


Just breathing.

Until there is no sound but our heartbeats in the quiet room.

You start walking backwards. Pulling me with you until we reach the bed.

In a flash you turn us and lower me to the bed. Your legs cover mine. Trapping them.

You begin to kiss me.

Slow, soft.

You nip my nose and I laugh.

You kiss your way to my ear, than down my neck as your hand finds the buttons of my blouse.

You expertly undo them.

Your lips travel along my collarbone as you pull the left side of my bra down exposing Anadolu Yakası Escort my breast .

Your thumb runs across my nipple. I shutter.

Your lips follow suit.

I start to moan as you suck.

Your hand pulling down the other side of my bra. You lightly pinch and tease my other nipple with your fingers.

“Please!” I cry out.

You stop and pick your head up to look into my eyes.

“Please what?” You say.

I can hear the amusement in your voice. “Ugh! Just … Arg!” “Please damnitt!”

You laugh.

“You can do better than that.”

You bend your head again and lightly bite my nipple as your hand works it’s way to my mound.

Your fingers slide easily over my wet clit.

This time we both inhale deeply.

You work your way down with your lips until you are above my pussy.

You hover over it. Breathing. Rubbing your finger up and down slowly… For what seems like forever.

Finally , You plunge your tongue in and I hear your groan as you start licking my soaking wet clit.

But you do not let me cum.

I am squirming and writhing.

I’m so close. So very close.

When u stop.

You grab me as I’m arching up.

You pull me to my knees.

You grab me by my hair and tilt my head.

You bite my neck. Right behind my Kartal Escort ear. Not too hard but hard enough a gasp escapes my lips.

You pull my head back and begin to bite then suck my lower lip.

I moan against you as I reach out and grab your cock. I wrap my hand around your hardness. I stroke.

Your hand still is wrapped around my hair as your other hand pinches my nipple.

You bite your way down to my breast. You alternate between licking, sucking and biting each nipple.

I stroke u faster.

Using my hair, You guide me away from you. Turning me until my head is right under your legs.

I wrap my lips around your cock as you lean forward.

Mmm fuck. I’m doing what I’ve wanted since I first saw it.

I Lick and suck your cock for all I’m worth. Moaning around your hardness.

You can tell I’m about to cum again, and you pull me away.

I try to fight you because I want.

You rub the tip of your cock down my clit slowly then up…and then down.

I’m whimpering, begging.



“I need!”

Slowly you enter me.

I try to buck up to meet you but you hold me down.

You pause.

Halfway in.

You stay that way until I’m still.

Looking into your eyes. Breathing slowed.

The quirk of your mouth is the only warning I have, as you plunge fully into my tight pussy.

I scream as you bury your cock into me.

Grabbing my wrists.

Pulling my arms over my head.

Taking me.

Until all I hear, see, and feel,

is you.


I awake orgasming. Screaming your name.

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