I Fucked my Roommate’s Girlfriend

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It was the middle of summer between my junior and senior year of college. I have a part time job, but that leaves me a lot of free time. I have a roommate, but he went home to work for the summer. This leaves my apartment all to myself. I’m not used to that at all. It almost feels too lonely. I try to invite friends over as much as possible. This day was no different. It was another 90 degree July day so I invited some friends over to spend the day at the pool. It was my normal group of friends. A couple guys from the dorms freshman year, a girl I have been friends with since high school, and my roommates girlfriend, Maria. I was really surprised that Maria showed up. She is friends with all of us but she doesn’t hangout with us much without her boyfriend.

We all grabbed a few beers and went out to sit in the sun. My favorite part about the pool is looking at girls in bikinis. At the pool today however, there is only one babe to look at. Maria is sitting next to me looking super sexy. I would rate her as a 10 without hesitation. She has long brown hair and brown eyes. She has a bright smile to die for. Her whole body is perfectly tight and tan. She was in cross-country and a cheerleader in high school and she retained her body. She has long legs that lead up to an ass that would leave any guy begging for more. Her stomach is toned and her tits are perfect. Small perky b cups. From the angle I am sitting at, I can almost see her nipples. Just thinking about her tits makes me go crazy.

I noticed how beautiful she was the very first time I met her. And ever since then I have lusted over her, taking every opportunity to steal peeks at her body. The best time was spring break. My roommate backed out last minute but she still went with us. She was in a bikini every day and one day on the beach, I saw her flash a guy for a few beers. I still have that exact scene engrained in my memory; I don’t ever want to forget it. And multiple times that week I allowed myself to get a little handsy with her when we were super drunk. We were in a taxi alone after going to a club when I kissed her. I was feeling her up when I decided to try something. I slipped my hand down her pants and fingered her. Her pussy was the wettest and tightest thing I could ever imagine. Unfortunately that was where it had to end that night. And I don’t think she even knows it happened since she has never said anything to me about it.

So our day at the pool was going great. We were all drinking and having a good time until the sun started to go down. We packed up all of our stuff and everyone wanted to go home except for Maria. She asked me if I wanted to get something for dinner. I told her that I have some leftovers at my apartment and she can have some. On the walk back to my place, I was being pretty obvious about checking out her body, and I think she noticed. We made it back to my place, and even though she had clothes with her, she didn’t put them on. She just stayed in her bikini. So I followed her lead and stayed in my trunks. At this point, I’m a little confused, but I’m not complaining. After dinner, she looked over at the bar and said, “Do you want to make a drink?”

“Sure” I replied. I went over Escort bayan and made a strong mixed drink for each of us. I went over and flicked on the TV to some dumb movie. She sat down right next to me on the couch. We laughed and watched the movie for a while. I hadn’t hungout with a girl one on one for a while so this felt nice. Our drinks were getting lower and lower, and she wasn’t able to sit still. She kept fidgeting everywhere, and slowly moved closer to me. She finished her drink and set it down. Slowly, she got up next to me and put her head on my shoulder. “Cuddle me,” she says. I can’t turn this down. I put my arm around her and pull her closer. My hand slides down to her hips, just to the side of her ass. I get a whiff of her hair and it smells intoxicating. She has one hand on my stomach and I can feel myself start to get a boner. I try to fight it off but there is no way. I’m looking at her perfect body lying on me and all I can think about is seeing her naked.

Some time goes by, and I am at half-mast. I look down and realize that she is asleep. I let my hand wander up her stomach and up to her boobs. She opened her eyes slowly. She looks up at me and smiles. “Thanks for holding me. I’ve been so lonely lately without Kevin.”

“Oh it’s ok. I don’t mind taking care of you.” I said, leaning down and kissing her on the cheek.

She snuggles up closer to me. She looks down and sees my boner. My shorts can’t contain it at all. I think to myself “Oh great now this is going to be awkward”. She looks up at me with a little grin on her face. “Is that because of me?”

“Yea. You are right up against me, and you are super hot.”

“Well can you put that away?” The way she says that doesn’t sound mad or freaked out. She gets up and goes to the bathroom. My eyes follow her ass as she walks away. Just before she walks around the corner, she turns back and catches me staring at her. She just smirks and keeps walking. The look she gave me made me think a little bit. I was already so horny and her reactions were giving me confidence about this situation. I decided that I would go ahead and try something. When she got out of the bathroom I stood up and walked towards her.

I look at her and say “Remember spring break when we danced at the clubs every night? I miss that.” “Me too, that was a lot of fun” she replies.

“Well do you want to dance again right now?” Without saying a word she walked over to my speakers and turned on some music. She immediately starts dancing in the front room. She is such a good dancer and she is shaking her ass everywhere. I am mesmerized and make no effort to hide the fact that I am staring at her body. I walk up to her slowly and as I do, she turns around so she can grind on me. I can already feel my dick growing when she finally puts her perfect ass up against me. I put my hands on her hips and pull her even closer to me. She is rubbing right up against my dick, and I am fully erect by now. She has to feel it. I am too horny to have any control by now and I let my hands wander.

I get to her tits and squeeze. I lean in really close and whisper in her ear. “Holy shit you are sexy. I want you.” Her breath Bayan Escort quickens and I lean in to kiss her. It was a hot kiss. She didn’t take her ass off of me, instead she reached her hand around and grabbed the back of my head. We made out with a passionate lust. I have no idea how long that lasted. I was in heaven.

I spun her around and grabbed on to her ass and picked her up.Still holding her I walk over to my bed, the whole time she is kissing and sucking on my neck. I put her on the bed and we continue making out furiously. I take off her top and begin sucking on her perfect nipples. My hand slides down, under her panties and I start playing with her pussy. It is so wet! My finger slides right in. She lets out a soft moan right as I enter her. I keep on playing with her tits and fingering her, and the whole time she is moaning and breathing heavily. Being vocal in bed is a huge turn on for me.

My dick is throbbing in my pants by now, and I can’t wait any longer. I rip off all of my clothes while she takes off hers. I lay down on my bed and she gets on top of me. She starts by kissing me, then slowly moves down, pausing at my chest and stomach. Feeling her lips on me makes my dick even harder.

She starts by kissing the base of my dick, just above my balls. Teasing me a little bit before she finally starts sucking my cock. Now she is really going to town on me. The sight of her taking my whole dick makes me want to cum right then. She is giving me a professional grade blowjob. She takes it out of her mouth and starts just circling my head with her tongue. I can feel my cum starting to build up. I push her head back down until her lips touch the base of my dick. I tell her I’m about to cum and she gets on her knees and opens her mouth. The sight of the hottest girl that I know with her tongue out waiting eagerly for me to finish makes me explode right there. I came harder than I ever have before, covering her face in my cum. It must have lasted 20 seconds. “Wow” is all she is able to say.

After that she goes into the bathroom to clean up, and I follow her. She is leaning over the sink, cleaning up her face. She looks so sexy like that. I smack her ass and tell her it is her turn. I spread her legs apart and dive in while she is bent over. I’m licking and sucking her lips and clit. Her pussy is so perfect. She finishes washing her face off and walks back to my bed.

I go straight back to eating her out, this time fingering her while I lick her clit. She starts screaming and moaning as she gets close to orgasm. She manages to say “I’m cumming!” I pull back a little and watch as hot cum drips out of her pussy. I go back and start by kissing her stomach, then make my way up slowly. We start making out again and I position my dick on her pussy. I rub it over her lips and clit before finally pushing it in. She screams out again as I start fucking her. She looks so sexy laying in front of me with a dick in her. Her pussy is so warm and wet, and it is squeezing on my dick the whole time. This goes on for a few minutes.

I tell her to get up on her knees. I grab onto her hips as I penetrate her doggy style. She looks back at me with a face full Escort of pleasure and says “Harder!” I pull both of her arms back to me and start fucking her as hard as I can. This makes her go crazy. With her back arched and her head on the pillow she looks back, moaning and screaming. I’m going to burst again. I tell her I have to cum and she says “I’m on the pill, I want you to cum inside me.” That was all I could take. I pumped fast and hard a few times before I blew my load deep insider her. I feel her pussy pulse as an orgasm hits her at the same time.

I was exhausted now. I stayed inside of her for a second, and leaned forward to kiss her on the cheek. “You are so fucking sexy” I say to her. I pulled out and collapsed on the bed next to her. She gets up and walks to the bathroom. I don’t follow her this time, instead I just watched her sweet ass as she walked away. She takes a long time in the bathroom and I am almost asleep when she gets back in the bed. We lay there naked and I hold my hand on her boobs while I sleep.

The next morning some massive morning wood wakes me up. I lifted up the sheets to look at her. I’m still in disbelief that this happened. My hand wanders down her body until I slip my finger back inside her pussy. After a few seconds she wakes up. She doesn’t look nearly as happy as she was last night and tells me to stop.

“We need to talk. Obviously, that was just a drunk bad decision and it can never happen again. We can never mention it again.”

I knew something like this would happen in the morning so I was already prepared. I tell her that I understand and I will take it to my grave. “Since we are here don’t you think we should go ahead and start our morning off the right way?” I asked as ran my hand down her stomach.

She pauses for a moment and then gives me a “why not face”. She leans down and starts to give me another incredible blowjob. The little bit of sunlight coming through my window makes it that much better. She takes my dick out of her mouth and starts sucking on my balls. Oh I am in heaven again.

She climbs on top of me and my dick slides right in. Her pussy is just as wet as the night before. She starts grinding on my dick, her tits are bouncing around and her hair drapes down towards my face. This is my favorite position. I know I am getting close so I switch to doggy style again. I smack her ass before I enter her and she lets out a little squeal each time. The sounds that she makes is so sexy. Grabbing on to her hips, I start fucking her as hard and fast as I can. Just before I am about to blow I pull out and cum all over her ass and back.

Exhausted once again we collapse back onto the bed. A few minutes go by and she hops up to take a shower. She says that after her shower she wants me to take her home. She gets out of the shower and we go out to my car. It’s a little awkward but we are able to strike up some small talk, which is good, I didn’t want things to be super awkward between us. I pull up to her place and once again, she says that last night didn’t happen. I agree and hug her like always. Watching her ass as she walks away is even better knowing that I have seen it covered in my cum.

The next time I saw her was definitely weird. At least there was other people around so we weren’t alone. I haven’t mentioned it to her again, and we haven’t been alone together yet. I think that we will never fuck again, but a part of me really wants to.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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