I Have a Plan-Plans ALWAYS Work Ch. 01

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All characters are 18 or older

I Have A Plan — My Plans ALWAYS Work — Chapter 1

OR — A 36 Year Old PHD Mother Can Learn To Just Let Go

by Tx_Fun_Dr

First I guess I should let you know a little about myself. My name is Dr. Helen Slater, PhD — Professor of History at a major university in Atlanta, Georgia. I stand 5′ 5 & ½ ” tall, — I emphasize that ½ inch to show I am 1/2 inch taller than my daughter, weigh an average 115 lbs dripping wet, keep my pussy waxed bare (something my daughter got me hooked on doing and my husband absolutely LOVES).

And, my daughter does everything she can in her good hearted slut way to make sure I look like a showroom model or ultra expensive call girl escort or nasty slut older sister for my husband & daughter. as well as at work and especially whenever we go out or entertain at home — that is depending on how much of a slut mood she is in each of those nights.

Well, over time, I have got to where I really enjoy all the attention — Of course by Stan, by also my conspiring daughter, and of course, all those hot looking studs out there, giving me the drooling look over with very obvious bulges in their pants, whenever we go out.

My hair is naturally blond, I am a natural 36DD and don’t need a bra to hold my girls up, I don’t “hide’ my almost gum drop sized nipples which are usually erect, I stay in shape working out in the gym or taking Yoga or swimming on alternating days every week before I even start my regular day – Aged 36, married for almost 19 years to, Stan, my high school sweetheart and father of our only child, our 18 year old daughter, Valerie (my younger “slut sister” now).

I was one of those promiscuous girls in high school, that once I was “lucky” and found the “man of my dreams” – I never looked at another guy in high school or since. He is also “The One” to whom I gave my virginity — Once I knew how great it felt being fucked, I kept my legs spread wide for his 10″ hard cock every time we could get together.

As it turned out, I was also one of those “lucky” girls that got knocked up my senior year in high school — ended up thinking my hopes and dreams for my future had just been shattered by that one slip up. But “lucky” is what I truly was, as my high school sweet heart came from a rather well to do family. Not only did they want us to get married, his Mom insisted it was the right thing for her son to do. We had a great wedding and Stan insisted I continue my education while he supported us.

Stan worked full time while also taking a full load at college. Of course his parents and my parents besides being great baby sitters while I was in classes were known to slip us an envelope of extra cash on birthdays, our anniversary, Christmas and “just because we love you” which always helped. Stan and I both graduated at the same time with him getting a great job as an aerospace engineer in Atlanta, Georgia and insisting I continue my education.

So I laid out my first major plan, and as I soon found out, my plans ALWAYS work. Hence I obtained my Masters, then my PhD and then my second major plan worked, as I lucked out again getting my first college teaching position in this university located in the same city where Stan started working when he graduated. He has now risen to Senior VP of Engineering.

We have been here ever since and we are extremely happy in our marriage, our careers and our sex life. I still get wet on my home home from classes anxious to get my legs spread wide for my Hubby’s hard 10″ cock. Our daughter has even caught us in the throws of passion on several occasions always quipping something like — “Geez guys — Again — Get a room at the Hilton will ya!”

We raised Valerie so that she was never ashamed of family nudity, explained about sex before she was 11, and today at 18 she thinks the way Stan as well as, when we just about literally rip our clothes off one another so turned on ,both of us are ready to fuck right then and there, is HOT AS HELL, as she calls it. As well, Stan & I both know she gets off “spying” on us as we’re fucking or especially when we are having our roll play sex nights.

In fact, I now intentionally leave our bedroom door wide open enough on those ultra hot, sexy role play nights and let it be known Mom and Daddy are going up stairs now to have some fun for a few hours. That way all three of us know she’ll be watching.

Besides, deep down inside, I know that Stan also knows she’s spying — which just makes him that much more turned on and gets totally nasty with me and talks so loud and nasty as he teases me and then fucks me. I think he enjoys putting on a sex show for his daughter! (Especially when I whisper teasingly if he is fucking me or wants to fuck Valerie or fuck both of us right now?)

When out shopping one day, I quickly stepped into Adam & Eve to pick up a replacement Rabbit as I had worn şişli escort out my current one, Valerie smiled at me then asked, “What about me Mom — Don’t I get a toy too?” Well, what could I do — I bought her one – a matching one as she insisted. Trust me I didn’t need to teach her how to use the damn thing. Seems she also gets off watching dear old Mom masturbate with her toys.

Only bad thing is with his new position comes more responsibility which means he has to travel quite a lot and sadly for long multi week trips at times. But, it gives me much more time to spend with our daughter. We have become like peas in a pod since she turned 13. Looking at her you would swear she was double dipped in my gene pool since she has inherited my petite build, my big tits, my blond hair and it seems my teenage sense of promiscuity as well.

She has even got me into trying new things now right along with her (like keeping my pussy waxed bare and smooth), dressing in the same fashions as she does (ultra short micro mini skirts — the shorter the better by her book — and more revealing blouses and tops), which includes me now on my nights out with Stan, or out together as a family, or entertaining at home.

I now find myself always wearing some rather low cut tops and ultra short micro mini skits that are so damn revealing sometimes I blush seeing myself in the mirror- especially those outfits that mean I can’t wear a bra or panties. Makes me fell like I’m being a very naughty girl – and Valerie and I both know I love it. But . I’m always really happy when I see the bulge in Stan’s pants the minute he sees me dressed like a slut — but like a classy slut!

Lets just say she has me dressing like a hot to fuck slut and I love it — and she does too. In fact, when we are out together, we look and act more like horny slut sisters out on the prowl instead of Mother and Daughter; and, people have thought we were sisters on more occasions than we can count. We both laughed when 2 college boys tried to pick us both up for an all weekend anything goes Frat Party and gang bang orgy.

Valerie and I have our weekly Mother-Daughter private chats, where there are No Rules on what we discuss and she knows she can ask or talk about anything without any repercussions. Seems like the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree based on some of the more sexual type questions she seems to ask at times. She is just as horny and looking for her “man of her dreams” as I was in high school.

I also know she didn’t wait as long as I did to spread her legs wide the first time — Seems as while Stan & I were at a holiday block party down the street, she had the boy from next door pop her cherry on Labor Day weekend on the chaise lounge by our own back yard pool just before she started her freshman year in high school.

She also has a penchant for cocks of more than average size — or I guess to say it bluntly – she has become a slut for HUGE cocks — THE BIGGER THE BETTER she abruptly tells me. Sometimes after our Mother-Daughter talks, seeing how she has discussed some really hot things going on in her life that I can’t wait for Stan to get home as I need to be fucked HARD and DEEP — Hell I almost rape him at times.

Sometimes I can’t tell if what she is saying is factual or she is just saying it because she knows I’ll get so turned on and sexually attack her Daddy the minute he gets home so she can spy on us while we’re fucking again — sometimes in the den on our sofa or on the floor is I’m super turned on. Valerie laughingly calls those times “her ring side seat at the sex circus that just rolled in to town.”

I guess Valerie is living out some of the deep fantasies and desires I still keep hidden away. But, every thing in my life has gone exceedingly well and I have never once even considered cheating on my husband. Well, that is not until about 4 months ago. But I’ll get into that shortly.

You see I should take all the blame for my, shall we say, sexual indiscretion, as a one time weakness on my part. But it turned out being NOT just a one time thing as I had just a little bit of help — well a very major PUSH from my 18 year old daughter Valerie to not only jump at a chance to be fucked by a HUGE cock the first time but we have been going out every other weekend as our “New Mother Daughter Outings” so we can always stay close (as we explained it to Stan) with her leading her Mother on HUGE cock fuck fests — not just any HUGE cock mind you — It has evolved so that it always has to be HUGE BLACK COCKS — THE BIGGER THE BETTER as we BOTH say now!

It might be best if I start at the beginning. After all I am a History Professor — so I’ll give you a sexy history lesson.

5 months ago during one of our Mother- Daughter chats, Valerie asked me,

“Mom, what’s the biggest cock you’ve ever fucked? Followed immediately by “Have you ever fucked any one besides Daddy?”

As the psychologists would say, questions like this beşiktaş escort can cause that old instinct of either FLIGHT or FIGHT. But I had enough child psychology in college to also remember, “Always ask why do you want to know?” So after almost spitting out the Bloody Mary I had been sipping wondering if I should excuse myself to the other room to keep from passing out, I asked,

“Hmmm now why do you want to know something like that?” – Hoping this would at least buy me some time before I had to think of something else intellectual to say.

“Well — I — um — well — There’s a guy I met — In fact he’s the son of the man who just moved in 2 doors down from us, and well, I would really like to get to know him A LOT BETTER, if you know what I mean. And well rumor has it, his cock is OVER 12″ long and that’s when he’s SOFT. I’ve sampled up to 9″ and 10″ already and just wondered if you ever had anything that large pounding between your spread legs. And if you did, was it a white guy or a black guy?”

“And about Daddy, well I was just curious, if you had ever looked at another guy besides Daddy and wondered what if, you know, if you’ve ever fucked anyone besides Daddy even back in school. Or if you may have had any of those HOT one night stands you hear some wives have after being married over 7 years. Or if say you met or were introduced to someone now, had the opportunity, would you maybe consider getting a little ‘strange stuff’? And ummm have you ever or would you ever fuck a black guy?”

WOW — This was certainly one of those NO RULES moments. I excused myself to go freshen my Bloody Mary and give my brain an opportunity to digest the questions and just how to answer them as honestly as I always have. All sorts of my hidden fantasies and desires came rushing into my head triggered by what Valerie had just asked. Especially when she asked me TWICE no less about fucking a black guy.

Seems my earlier comment about the apple not falling too far from the tree was a lot more accurate than I first supposed. WHEW I have my work cut out for me with this Mother-Daughter chat. After taking a few deep breaths to gain my train of thought, I mixed a new Bloody Mary, downed that one, then mixed another, downed that one, then mixed a fresh one before going back to Valerie.

“Well young lady, you are all 20 questions today aren’t you? I have never lied to you and I’m not going to start now. So in order. I hadn’t even noticed someone had moved into the Jenkins house. I had noticed the Realtor sign had a SOLD tag on it for the last two weeks. Maybe you need to tell me more about this new guy you met.”

“Now to the rest — I know you didn’t mean to, but you sort of opened up Pandora’s Box here a bit as it caused a lot of my hidden fantasies and desires to come flooding into my head!!!”

“And quite frankly, I can’t wait for your Daddy to get home, so I can jump his bones – it has me so turned on. Over 12 inches soft you say huh? Hmmm you would have to add at least a full inch, maybe up to 2 inches when it’s HARD! OMG — That is HUGE, Valerie! WOW – now THAT is a COCK! And I take it by you saying you SAMPLED up to 9″ and 10″, means you want even BIGGER! Is that correct?”

“No, I have not had anything even as big as 11″ pounding between my spread legs as you put it. Your Daddy’s rock hard piece of 10″ hot granite has kept me smiling for almost 19 years now. OK there was this really handsome black guy who was captain of our high school basketball team that let’s just say I saw first hand had a HUGE well over 14″ long Big Black Cock, as he fucked my best girlfriend, Margot.”

“She went crazy being fucked by his HUGE Black Cock almost non stop from Friday night til Sunday afternoon. In fact all the way up until we all finally had to get home that one Spring Break weekend. I was so damn jealous of her, we didn’t speak from then on until graduation at the end of that May.”

“No I have never fucked another man other than your Daddy, even though I was very very tempted several times in high school, even in college after you were born, and well more than several times since I’ve been teaching. And as a matter of fact, they were all handsome looking black guys that were known to have HUGE Black Cocks.”

“As to whether or not I would fuck someone besides your Daddy now even if I had the opportunity — white or black — I don’t know — I think I’d have to say NO — OK truthfully I’ll say MAYBE if the guy was really HOT, I was really drunk, really horny and I knew we wouldn’t be caught– maybe — well that is what fantasies are made for, so you don’t ruin a marriage. “

“You see your Daddy has a fantasy that we roll play — and I mean we roll play it A LOT — He has me pretend I’m being fucked by a Big Black Cock while Daddy is pinning me down making me suck and Deep Throat his cock at the same time my Black boyfriend is fucking me — when it’s really your Daddy fucking my very wet horny pussy with my taksim escort 16″ long life like Big Black Cook Dildo as he is telling me how hot , sexy and nasty I am for being a Black Cock Fuck Slut fucking your Nigga boyfriend’s Big Black Cock right in front of your husband.”

“He and I BOTH cum really hard when we do that. You see, he and I BOTH share the same fantasy but your Daddy doesn’t know it’s my # 1 fantasy above everything else. Wow just thinking back seeing Margot fucking that black basketball player who had a well over 14 inch Big Black Cock all weekend long — Geez – what was his name — Oh Yeah – Marcus Davis — No it was Davies with an ‘E’, as he always said – or MEAT as all the girls called him when it was only us girls talking.”

“After graduating he went to Georgia Tech on a basketball scholarship. In fact, come to think of it, Margot went to college there too, said she would follow him to the ends of the earth if necessary cause he was the one for her. I might be coached into telling you your Daddy’s

and my # 2 fantasy after another Bloody Mary. But as to my # 1 fantasy of being a Black Cock Fuck Slut for a REALLY HUGE Black Cock, I’ve had that fantasy ever since I saw my best girlfriend’s white girl legs spread wide with that well over 14 Inch Big Black Cock fucking her and keeping her cumming non stop for that entire weekend,”

“Well, seems I laid it all out there — Are you happy now young lady that you got your Mom all hot and bothered like this. I really need a good fuck now as soon as your Daddy gets home. I GOTTA get that 16 inch life like Big Black Cock Dildo out and tell him it’s time for my Nigga boyfriend to pay me a visit! WHEW! Now tell me more about this new guy — based on your questions I take it he’s black. BIGGER IS BETTER huh? Let me fix me another Bloody Mary — Don’t go anywhere — I PROMISE I wanna hear EVERYTHING you have to say. And as always, what we say stays private as this is our Mother Daughter chat time, OK.”

Damn just sitting here talking about all this with Valerie has my panties soaked. The only time I have even thought about being fucked by a Big Black Cock is when Stan and I do our roll play thing. I’m so horny and have had enough Bloody Marys that if a black stud Chippendale dancer showed up right here right now offering me his 14″ to 16″ Big Black Cock, I’d be fucking him BAREBACK in front of my own daughter, even if Stan walked in on us, as well. Damn I wish my Hubby would hurry up and get home. I NEED our roll play thing really bad and I mean RIGHT NOW!

“WOW Mom — well over 14 inches and black too. DOUBLE WOW– You came really close to being a Big Black Cock Fuck Slut then huh? Well yeah ,Mom — He is black. You know it’s funny, his name is Marcus Jr and is proud to be a star forward just like his Daddy was in basketball and will be going to Georgia Tech on a basketball scholarship this fall, just like his Daddy did.

“But he goes by Jr. and is the same age as me. He’s just turned 18 too. Ummm ahhhh his late Mother’s name was Margot and she was a white woman. Hey, didn’t you and Daddy go to High School in Midland? That is where Marcus, his Dad and late Mother are from. You don’t think? Naw, the odds would be astronomical, don’t you think?”

All of a sudden my pussy just flooded again! Surely this isn’t the same MR 14PLUS Marcus? OMG what if it is MEAT? Would I? I mean could I? OH SHIT I mean if it is the same Marcus WHEN would I is more likely. If it is — I think my “maybe” answer from earlier just may have changed to a HELL YES I WILL AND RIGHT FUCKING NOW, VALERIE!

“Well Valerie, I have a great idea, why don’t you invite Jr and his Dad over for dinner one night this week. It can be our Welcome To The Neighborhood gesture. And if they are from Midland I’m sure your Daddy would enjoy talking to Sr to see who all they knew in common and catch up. Why don’t you suggest this Friday night. I know your Daddy is leaving Saturday morning for his 4 week business trip for their annual grand tour of all their primary sub-contractors, so it would be great for them to get together as old hometown boys before he leaves.”

“Maybe even invite Jr and Sr to spend Saturday at our pool so we can get to know one another much better too — and give your Mom a chance to say Yay or Nay on you and Jr. or I guess I really mean say Yay or Nay about you and his 12 to 14 inch Big Black Cock — You little Big Black Cock Fuck Slut!”

And give your Mom a chance to check out Sr to see if he is MR 14 PLUS! And if he is — wellllllll — I’ll have to think about that possibility. DAMN my pussy is just drenched again! Could I? WHEN?

“OK gimme a minute or two and I’ll call right now. Mom your face and chest are flushed almost beet red. Are you OK?”

“Oh — uhhh – I’m fine – just a little light headed is all. Too many Bloody Marys I guess. Go make your call.”

Damn Valerie hadn’t even left the room before my hand was under my skirt fingering my clit. I just made myself cum in less than a minute thinking about well over 14 inches of Big Black Cock balls deep in my pussy while Stan is holding me down making me take every black inch of it! WHEW — I NEED to be fucked really bad as soon as Stan gets home!

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