I Just Had to Have Heidi

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There are three things you need to know about Heidi; she is hot, she is a sweet innocent girl (i.e. a virgin) and she wanted it so bad even though she acted otherwise. I had seen Heidi a couple of times in my Advertising class. She being the quiet one sat in the back of the class and me up in front. I noticed her not only because she was hot but also because I would catch her staring at me. Here I was, about read to graduate from college and I would catch this attractive blond girl looking at me in class. She was looking at me longingly with a hunger in her eyes. We caught each other’s eyes a couple of times and she would always quickly look away as if being caught.

We actually met for the first time at Graduation. The university had some screwy system as how the graduates were lined up and when I was put in my spot guess who was sitting right next to me? That hot blond, who I found out was named Heidi. As most of you know, graduation ceremonies are incredibly long and boring so Heidi and I got a chance to talk. I introduced myself, said I saw her in Advertising class and she said she saw me there too. From there we got to know each other and it was only interrupted when we had to walk up on stage to get out diplomas. As the ceremony wrapped up Heidi gave me her number and we set a date for later on that week.

When I called her she gave me an address to pick her up at. When I got there I was a little bit surprised to find out she lived with her parents and I got to meet the whole family, mom, dad and her young sister, who also stared at me. I was trying to be on my best behavior but it was kind of hard because Heidi looked so hot. The previous time I spent with her was at graduation and we were both wearing our graduation robes which you could hide an elephant under. Now for the first time I got too see her fully body as she was wearing a tight blouse and a short kaki skirt. She looked great; she was about 5’8″, long blond hair that was passed her shoulders, piercing blue eyes and an amazing tight athletic body.

Being a traditional girl we went on a traditional date, dinner and a movie. The dinner was good and I really got to know her. She was a religious girl who wanted to get married and have kids and because of an “accident” her older sister had she wanted to save herself for marriage. I must admit that I only half heard what she said because I just couldn’t stop thinking about how hot she was and what I wanted to do to her. However, I fully heard the no sex before marriage stuff and it really was a buzz kill. It was half way into the date now and I enjoyed talking and being around Heidi so I decided to see it to the end and go to the movie with her.

The movie was like any other date movie in that we held hands a little bit and she even nuzzled my shoulder a bit. I was really getting me turned on so I took escort bayan my hand out of hers and put it on her thigh. My hand was on her bare flesh just above the knee and right below her skirt.

After a while my hands started to massage the thigh and then I reaching to the inner thigh and finally I started feeling up the thigh. I was waiting for her to stop me or slap me or rip my hand away. Instead, she shocked me as she too both her hands and wrapped them around my wrist. But instead of stop me she shoved my hand further up her skirt all the way to her silk underwear.

Taking her lead I pulled her underwear to the side and started to rub her pussy with my fingers. She grabbed my wrist harder and I started to stroke her hot “love making area” insuring that it was getting wetter with each stroke. I looked over to Heidi and saw that her beautiful blue eyes were starting to look upwards and then as I stroked her clit a little faster her eyes rolling back in her head. I had seen that look before on women but it never got me as hot as when I saw it on Heidi. Then she pitched her head over onto my shoulder and bit down a bit hard. But even though my jacket I could hear her as she started to moan as she came. Thank god it was a loud part of the movie, but even then some people did hear what we were up to. After reaching her first public orgasm Heidi composed herself and whispered that we should take off. I was so turned on I would have followed her into a fire.

I took her home and she kissed me on the cheek and that was the end of the date. The events of the date were so hot because it was so unexpected coming from her. She told me all about her strict religious beliefs but then her actions and her body told me something completely different. To be honest, she had a grasp on me and I easily agreed to a second date. I truly didn’t know what to expect from her anymore, but I was hoping for more of the same.

We had a number of dates over the next couple of weeks. Most of them involved hanging out with her at her family’s house. Which was actually pretty fun, her folk’s house had a pool and a tennis court, a trampoline and a number of fun toys like mopeds. Besides this her parents were pretty cool, conservative but cool. In public Heidi was the perfect daughter but any time we were alone, she was a nasty little thing. When we were alone we made out a lot, I fingered her, we dry humped and she even touched my cock a few times, but I never came. After every date I left with the biggest blue balls you could imagine, but I kept on coming back for more. Then, finally I couldn’t take it anymore. We went driving in country and we pulled over where she almost gave me a hand job but just as I was about to cum she stopped saying she didn’t feel comfortable doing this. That was it, I couldn’t take it anymore.

I hadn’t bursa vip escort heard from Heidi for over a month when she called me. She asked if I wanted to hang out that night. I didn’t really feel up to getting worked up out of my mind and get no relief but then she said that her family was out of town for the weekend. Well, that got me and I was at her house within the hour. We started the night playing tennis. She is a great tennis player and beat me pretty soundly, but she was a good sport about it tried to coach me up a bit. I think I could have played better but she was in a tight white sports bra and short tennis skirt. A tennis fans wet dream.

Then we went for a swim. We both changed inside and I came out first and dove straight into the deep end. I was wading in the shallow end when Heidi came out in a white bath robe. She took off her robe and I saw her in a bikini for the first time. It was a red bikini with small triangle top and Brazilin cut bottoms. The view shocked me and aroused me at the same time. The good girl was wearing a naughty bikini. She dove into the water and swam right up to me and into my arms.

“Do you like my new swim suit? I got it just for you.”

I was toung tied and didn’t know what to say, so I didn’t say anything, I just kissed her. I was holding Heidi who was wearing the sexiest bikini I had ever seen on a woman, in the pool at her parent’s house and I was harder than I ever was in my life. Heidi reached down and felt my cock and looked me right in the eyes, “Is that for me.”

“Absolutely, but I am close to the point of no return so please don’t tease me tonight.”

She just looked at me with a naughty grin and reached her arms to her back and untied her bikini top. Her breasts were firm but large and were just simply amazing. I attacked them immediately sucking on her tits and getting her nipples rock hard. After a while, Heidi finally pushed me off her chest, kissed me and then took my hand and led me out of the pool, into the house and straight into shower in her parent’s bathroom.

Once in the shower we went right back to kissing. She untied my swimsuit and pulled them down unleashing my fully engorged cock.

“I really want to pleasure you,” Heidi said as she got down on her knees and put my cock in her mouth. It was finally getting the relief it has yearned for so long. I had wanted this for so long and I was finally getting relief. Unfortunately, I blew my load pretty quickly, but like a seasoned pro Heidi took it all. My cock stayed hard as she took it out of her mouth and jacked it back and forth. I couldn’t believe it but I was ready to go again.

As she stood up I pulled down her bikini bottoms, even though she so hot in them. But once she was naked she bent over and turned off the shower. Then she bursa elit escort got out of the shower, toweled herself off and then took me by the hand, led me out of the shower and toweled me off. This made me feel like a king and I loved it. Then she led me to her room where she got under the covers in her bed and asked me to join her.

“Heidi, if I get in that bed with you now, I won’t be able to stop myself,” I said honestly.

“Yes you can, now get into bed with me.”

“Okay, I warned you.” Was all the notice I would give her. I got into bed with her with one thing on my mind. The minute I got into bed with her she kissed me and rolled me on my back. She mounted me, carefully putting my cock so my head touched my stomach. With it in place she put her vagina right on top of it and rocked back and forth. I reached up and grabbed her breast and rubbed her nipples as she experience a new erotic feeling. My cock was so hard and as she reached the top of her rocking I tried to slip lower so I could hopefully angel it straight up into her.

I wasn’t working and I was going out of my mind with horniness so finally I reached down and grabbed my cock and tried to put it in her.

That got her reaching, “No, I told you I was saving myself.”

“Heidi, I told you what would happen if I got into bed with you and you got me so worked up now I can’t stop.”

That is when I threw her off me and on to her back. I then mounted her and started rubbing my cock on the outside of her vagina. “No, no, you can’t do this I’m saving . . . ohhhh”

That is when I slammed my cock inside of her. Yes, it was tight, but she was so wet it went in easily. Once in I just enjoyed the warm wet feeling of her pussy, the feeling I wanted for so long. The after a few seconds I started rocking back and forth.

“No . . . stop . . . I wanted to . . . oh . . . it feels so good . . .ohhhhhh . . . yes . . . Oh, God yes . . .” Heidi stated as her meek protest changed to exclamations of pure pleasure and finally demands for more.

“Oh yes, I’ve wanted this for so long, I just didn’t how to ask for it.”

“That is why you teased me; it was your way of asking for it.” I answered.

I picked up my pace and Heidi and her body responded in kind. I was coming closer and closer. “Heidi, I am going to cum, where do you wanted it.”

“Oh god, please coming in me.” And she locked her legs around my back as her eyes rolled back into her eyes. We came at the same time and I shot a huge load in her. After staying in her for a while as we were in a state of pure ecstasy. Finally, I rolled off her and we just laid next to each other speechless for a while. We were both hot, sweaty, sticky and fully satisfied.

Finally, I broke the silence, “How did you like that?”

She rolled over, looked at me with lovingly and said, “I loved it and I want to do that a lot more.”


“My parents come home in two days, how many times do you think we can do it before their here?”

“A lot.”

“Good, I want to try every position.”

That is how the greatest weekend in my life started.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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