I Lost the Poker Game

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Bouncing Tits

Any feedback is greatly appreciated. It encourages an author to continue writing, and helps frame future segments, which this story will have. This story is about a male who comes to realize his submissive dreams, about his humiliation, and dominant women. If these fantasies are not your thing, then don’t waste your time, simply move on. Leave this one for those of us who do like to be dominated, or to dominate. For those of us who long to realize these dreams.


My name is Sean. I am 5′ 10″ tall, about 180 pounds and fairly well built. I have brown hair and blue eyes, which my wife says were the first thing that attracted her to me. She also says that I have a great butt. Prior to the night I am about to describe for you we had a good sex life. I’ll let you decide how our sex life is now.

My wife Maria is the girl of my dreams. She is about 5′ 3″, 105 pounds and has a magnificent body. Her measurements are perfect, her lightly freckled, full, natural breasts drive me absolutely nuts. Along with every other male within sight. She is 25; I am 35, so I consider myself very lucky. She still has a flat stomach and ass that will make you cry. She keeps her pubic hair shaved off except for a little tuft above her vaginal lips, which are puffy and very tasty. Which by the way, is why she keeps them shaved, so that she can enjoy one of my favorite pastimes, my head buried between her legs.

One Monday evening, as we were having dinner, Maria mentioned that her best friend Miranda had invited us to a party at her place the Friday night coming up. The party was to be a poker party, and two other couples that Miranda knew would be there. I’m not really much of a gambler, so I wasn’t too excited about the idea, but I could tell Maria was enthused about the idea of getting out of the house and mingling. I reluctantly said “sure”, just to make her happy. I asked if she knew who else would be there. She said that Miranda’s new boyfriend Jerry would be there, and a couple that we knew, Scott and Marcia. Also a girl that Miranda works with, and her husband, whom we hadn’t met before.

I asked Maria if she knew if this was a serious poker game, or penny ante? I had a reason for asking. I often joked that I don’t normally gamble because I knew that I would end up hitch hiking home in my boxers. I have absolutely no acumen for cards, and no luck to compensate for the lack thereof. She said that it was supposed to be strictly for fun, so we shouldn’t lose too much money. Good.

I pretty much forgot about the game until Friday after work when Maria reminded me about it. Maria dressed in a short skirt and top with spaghetti straps, low cut, that complemented her delectable cleavage. It was summer time in the Midwest, so I wore shorts and a short sleeve shirt. I didn’t look like a slob, but there was no mistaking which one of us was the “better half”.

We arrived at Miranda’s house, which I have always been impressed with. She is relatively successful, has a management position and can afford a nice home. We were to play our game in the den, but afterwards everyone would be welcome to utilize her deck, pool or hot tub. Miranda greeted us at the door wearing a white sundress, the hem of the skirt fluttering around her long legs as she walked.

Damn her! I had to wonder to myself whether or not Maria had shared my weakness for the sundress with her. There is something about the wispy fabric dancing around the female form, the way light backlit thighs and other nether regions, and swooping necklines amplified cleavage that rendered me useless. I asked Maria about this later, and she swears to me that it really was merely a coincidence. Miranda is somewhat Maria’s opposite. She is almost 6′ tall and thin. She had a good body, although she wasn’t blessed with the natural curves that Maria was born with. She had gotten a promotion a few months back, and I hadn’t seen her since then. She may not have been born with them, but she now had the money to purchase some incredible tits. I saw them for the first time when she answered the door and both women laughed at my inability not to stare. She had gone from the rhetorical “mouthful” to at least 38 DD’s. They strained against her dress. I still much prefer Maria’s natural assets, but my God, they were impressive.

As happy as I am with my wife, I am a man, and therefore, a pervert. As the other guests arrived, as we had a light dinner with good conversation, my mind kept going back to wanting to see Miranda’s new toys in all their naked glory. I think she was really enjoying my discomfort, or perhaps the attention from all of the males in the group, because she seemed to find lots of reasons to bend over and display them to us. Of course, she wasn’t accustomed to the attention as my Maria was, and was probably relishing it.

Eventually we all made our way to the den and the poker game began. I looked around the table at the other players. Jerry seemed to be a nice enough guy. To match Miranda’s height he was about 6′ 2″ and pretty stout. Scott was about my height and build, and Marcia levent escort was a mousy little blonde. The “new” people that we hadn’t met before were Miranda’s friend Monica and her husband James. They were a black couple and seemed very nice also. Monica was somewhat of a bookworm, and we’d had a pretty good conversation earlier as I was somewhat of a bookworm and history buff, too. I couldn’t tell much about her body, as she wore loose fitting slacks and a billowy top, but she was about my height. James was about forty, and was, well, huge to the point of being intimidating. He’d apparently been a boxer in his younger days, and still worked out on a regular basis. He was about 6’4″, probably at least 250 pounds, and all muscle. Fortunately he bantered with an affable confidence that put those around him at ease.

The game went on for a couple of hours, and as I had expected, I’d lost most of the money I’d begun with. It made me feel a little better that several of the others were in the same boat, however. Some of us were about to drop out of the game, and Miranda was none too happy about it, as she was having a really good time. In a girlish pout she asked if there wasn’t some way to keep the game going.

As happens occasionally, I spoke my thoughts before thinking about what I was about to say. Between my own beautiful wife and Miranda’s bouncing globes, my mind was focused almost entirely on sex by now. I said nonchalantly, “Well, I guess we could put the money away and up the ante a bit…anybody ever played strip poker?” There was an awkward silence, including from me as I wondered what the hell I’d just done. Now all of Maria’s friends would think she was married to a disgusting perv.

To my surprise Miranda replied, “Well, I’m game. Anybody else?” James said, “Sure, why not” and the others seemed to go with the flow. I looked sheepishly at Maria, who laughed at me, telling me that with my luck I had probably just screwed myself really badly. If I had only known.

I almost immediately started praying that I would have better luck than normal. I couldn’t help but get an erection thinking about Miranda’s new breasts. I knew that if I had to get naked I would embarrass myself.

A few hands later several of us had lost our shoes and socks, so that it was now getting more interesting. First Maria lost her top, and I could tell all of the other guys were having a hard time not staring at her perfect breasts, barely restrained by her lacy little bra. A few hands later it finally happened. Miranda slowly reached behind her back and unfastened the bra that held her newly minted wonders. As she let it drop to the floor I couldn’t help but gasp at the now huge, taunt breasts before me, and the dollar coin sized areola centered by hard, eraser sized nipples jutting towards me. I was rewarded by a playful smack upside the head from Maria. Thank God she was confident in my desire for her, and wasn’t jealous, at least not inordinately so.

A few more hands and I had gotten to discover that Monica was not covering up because she was ashamed, she just wasn’t worried about showing herself off. She was down to her bra and panties and she was a Nubian Goddess if ever I’ve seen one. Her body was terrific. Marcia was down to her panties, and was very desirable herself, although she seemed somewhat self-conscious because she obviously had the smallest breasts in the group of women. My Maria was also down to her panties, and had drawn repeated glances from us guys.

And of course, as expected, I was the first to lose all of my clothes. I stayed seated as I pulled my boxers down to my ankles and removed them. To my surprise it was mousy Marcia who spoke up, “Oh, no you don’t. This was your idea, so you have to stand up and model for us.” I looked at Maria, who nodded her agreement, her eyes smiling and seemingly to relay that I had gotten myself into this, it was time to pay up. I was almost perspiring. I wasn’t worried about my endowment, but I’d been sporting a hard on for awhile, and was afraid they’d all think I was, again, a perv. I slowly stood, my hands held behind my back so that I wouldn’t automatically cover myself.

I know I turned three shades of red. And I was terribly confused by Monica’s reaction. She looked at me and then grinned, looked down and snickered. I looked at her in shock and then looked at Maria for some sort of hint as to why I’d drawn that reaction. She winked at me and I looked at Monica again, who had recovered and said, “No, I’m sorry..really, you have a very nice body.” Marcia told me to turn around so they could see my backside, and my confidence built back a little bit as I heard a couple of female catcalls about my firm butt. Still, as I sat down I was suddenly self-conscious; trying to figure out what it was about me that drew that reaction from Monica.

I was about to find out. And before I continue, I think this is the time to share a little more about Maria and myself that I purposefully saved for now so as not to spoil the “surprise”. As I said, our mecidiyeköy escort sex life had always been great. I thought I was at least fairly well endowed, and Maria, who’d only had a couple of partners before we were married, thought so too. She always said that I filled her up just fine.

Well, I was about to find out just how badly I’d screwed myself. Shortly Maria and I both would receive an education that would change our lives forever. Hers definitely for the better. Whether it changed my life for better or worse is a matter of opinion. I’ll let you know my opinion on it later.

A couple of hands later both Marcia and Maria were completely nude. Next Scott lost his last piece of clothing. Without having to be told, he stood and pulled down his briefs. I happened to be looking the other way when he did so, sorting my cards. I heard Maria gasp in a tiny little voice, not one that I often hear from her. Her hand was at her mouth and I followed her gaze. Hanging from between Scott’s thighs was a still flaccid cock that was at least eight inches long and very thick. Maria diverted her eyes from mine, ashamed of her reaction and afraid that she’d hurt me. I turned red again, realizing for the first time in my life that my six inches might not be as much as I’d told myself. Marcia had a smug, proud look on her face as she smiled at me.

I calmed down by telling myself that Scott was just exceptionally well endowed. My confidence was short lived however. Next to lose all of their clothes was Jerry. Like me, he tried to just pull his boxers off while sitting. Thank God, someone else like me. His girlfriend told him mischievously that no, he had to stand and model also. I could feel myself flush as he stood, and Maria grasped my arm as she muttered, “Oh, fuck.” She very rarely swears, but was obviously overwhelmed by the huge slab of cock meat swinging between Jerry’s legs. It was at least two inches longer than Scott’s and dwarfed my now wilting manhood. He looked down, embarrassed. I realized that he couldn’t be embarrassed for himself, then it dawned on me that being a nice guy, he was embarrassed for me.

I was trying to deal with a wave of emotions and thoughts. I was ashamed of what apparently was my inadequate equipment, and terrified by Maria’s reactions. I couldn’t lose her!

The game was down to Miranda and James, and the rest of us just watched in anticipation. Miranda lost the hand, and stood to remove her boy briefs. I was shocked to see a full, hairy bush covering her sex. I would have thought she shaved also, considering what she’d done with the rest of her body. Her nether lips could not be seen, but the dense covering was very sexy.

Jerry said, “Well, I guess that’s it. Congratulations James, you’re the winner!” I sat quietly now; no more smart remarks from me. I just wanted to slink quietly away, go home and hide. I didn’t even want to talk to Maria. Not because I was angry with her, I couldn’t be. But because I was scared shitless of what she might say.

But it wasn’t to be. I was surprised to hear Maria beside me, “No! We can’t quit now. This is too much fun!”

Marcia asked, “Well, yeah, but where do we go now? We’ve kinda seen what everybody has…except for James.”

Now it was Miranda’s turn, “There’s only one other place to go…we’ll have to play for favors!” The reaction was resoundingly positive from everyone at the table except one. I just stared down at the table, wanting to hide. But I wasn’t about to say no, not when everyone else was so happy. It was agreed.

Monica looked at James, sitting at the head of the table; “If we are going to play favors, you can’t be the only one dressed dear.” Then she looked over at me, laughing lightly, “Sorry, babe.” What did she mean by that?

James stood and everybody watched. I forced myself to look if only to keep from looking at Maria beside me. James lifted his arms up and looked over at Monica, who took the hint. She stood and moved behind him, grasping the band of his boxers and pulling them down for her husband.

I looked at what was hanging from his midsection and closed my eyes, knowing what was coming. And I was right. Maria couldn’t help herself, and I heard her voice from behind me, “OH MY FUCKING GOD!” A tear formed and rolled down my cheek. Like every one except me, James hadn’t had an erection when he disrobed, and his cock head, as thick around as my forearm, slapped against his knee as his shorts came down. I just looked down at the table.

I had to look up when they dealt the cards for the next hand. Maria’s face and her breasts were flushed, and when I glanced down I saw the chair was wet below her pussy, which was obviously soaked. Oh, shit, what have I done to myself?

I was about to get an idea. Maria won the next hand, and as usual, I had the worst hand of the lot. Miranda asked her what favor she was going to ask of me? Maria didn’t even hesitate, and she added to my shame as she paid me a compliment, “Well, I have discovered what he doesn’t have tonight, but I know what he’s good kağıthane escort at.” She pushed herself away from the table, spread her legs, and spoke, “Get down here and lick my pussy, now.”

I couldn’t believe this was my Maria. I expected her to tell me to kiss someone. But she’d lost all pretense of reservation. My life really was about to change. I slowly lowered myself between her legs and pressed my lips to hers. She was completely soaked. I sucked first one, then the other into my mouth, sucking her juices from them. Then I massaged them with my mouth, going on to run the flat of my tongue across her clit and bathing her inner lips. She grasped my hair in her hands, “Quick, make me cum, I need to cum, everyone is waiting.” I was actually thrilled now at the thought that everyone was watching me perform, and was determined to show them that I was not worthless. I began darting my tongue across her swollen clit and before I knew it she was crying out, “Yes, yes! I’m cumming, Oh God, more, keep going!” She was shoving her sex into my face, making me proud. But then I felt someone else grabbing my hair, pulling me up and away from her dripping twat.

I heard Marcia’s voice, “Nope, only one orgasm per turn. You’ll have to wait!” She was laughing. I sat back in my chair as I heard Maria whimpering with need next to me. I wasn’t the only one with a hard cock now. Everyone was looking at Maria, literally eminating latent sexuality from her pores. Everyone was aroused now.

After everyone recovered a bit, another hand was played. This time Monica won the hand, and Marcia had the worst hand. I was somewhat relieved that I got to just watch, and I knew everyone was interested to see if they were going to be treated to some girl on girl action. But Monica was full of surprises. Instead of taking care of herself, she nonchalantly ordered Marcia to crawl to the head of the table and fellate James. That was the word she used. Not “blow”, not “suck”, but “You will fellate my James.” I surf the net a lot, and one of my fantasies involves female domination. I recognized the signs in Monica now. She might not dominate James, but I knew in my heart that she either was or had been a dominatrix.

Poor Marcia. Try as she might, she couldn’t get more than the head and maybe two inches of that monster into her mouth. She licked all along the length to lubricate it, then put what she could back into her mouth. She was sucking for all she was worth while she masturbated the rest of him with her tiny little hands. He was obviously enjoying her attentions, but was blessed with incredible stamina. After about five minutes of trying to make him cum, Monica spoke, “That will do for now, dear. He can wait to cum. Marcia! Now! Let him go.” Marcia reluctantly gave up her all day sucker and returned to her seat, seeming to pout as she did so.

The next half-hour passed with much of the same. The winner would get head from the loser. James, Miranda, and myself were the only people there who hadn’t had an orgasm. I’d even gotten to go down on Monica, which turned me on to no end, knowing what I thought I knew about her. I’d never gone down on a black woman before, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. And while she wasn’t nearly as verbal as Maria had been, I was thrilled to have been able to give her what she termed a, “quite satisfying orgasm.”

Then Miranda won the hand, and (for the first time all night) James lost. Miranda didn’t hesitate for a second. She was lying on the table in front of James in a flash, “Fuck me. Fuck me with that monster.” James glanced at Monica, who nodded. He stood and we all stared in awe as he placed the head of his python against Miranda’s hairy bush. He was trying to go slow, trying not to hurt her, but she was overcome with lust. She wriggled her hips, and therefore her pussy against him. I was shocked, as she was able to take the massive head into her sex. She had managed to mount about four inches of him when she suddenly stopped wriggling. She was panting. There was at least ten inches of cock still exposed between her sopping sex and his balls. “Please. Please make me take it…fuck me with it. Please? I don’t care if you hurt me…fuck me…” She grabbed his muscular arms and pulled him towards her.

James obviously had practice at this. He pulled out of her slightly, then pressed himself back inside, then repeated this until amazingly his cock was buried entirely within her. She actually made choking sounds, though of course he couldn’t be shoving it that far into her. He couldn’t, could he?

She looked at him, wondering why he had stopped. He spoke in that deep, confident voice of his, “You took it baby, you got it all.” She looked at him like “you’re kidding” and began gyrating against him. He held onto her hips and slowly pulled himself out till we could see the head of his manhood. She whined with the sudden emptiness, and he suddenly, violently thrust himself forward, slamming his cock completely into her. She actually screamed. And she continued to scream in ecstasy as he repeatedly pounded her sex. I don’t think I could tell when she came, because it appeared that she just had a continuous series of orgasms. After she had been cumming for at least two minutes straight, her head thrashing back and forth on the table before us, I saw Monica glance at James as if to say that is enough for now.

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