I Love Having My Breasts Kissed

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I saw the woman looking at me from across the floor as I polished a piece of merchandise. It gleamed under the lights and I walked slowly along the aisle waiting for a question or possibly a purchase. As I walked towards her she hurried towards me and I tried to judge what sort of person she was.

She was in her late thirties I guessed and she was though of ample figure quite attractive, her breasts thrust out from her jacket ready to push into you. An attractive honest face with a little twinkle in her eyes was my next conclusion as she strode up to me. She smiled at me most becomingly and spoke in a low voice that could almost be seductive.

“Excuse me but do you have something that is like the easy chair over there in burgundy leather,” the sound of her voice thrilled me but kept my professional face on and followed where she pointed to.

Recognising the recliner I smiled and spoke,”Yes we have one out the back perhaps you would like me to show you.”

“Yes thankyou.” As she replied to me she touched my arm with her breasts. I was unsure if she did it deliberately but decided to say nothing.

I signalled another assistant and explained I would be helping out a customer in the storeroom and told them to look after the store as I did so. Then I led the lady through a forest of chairs and couches as we walked into the storeroom. There in the back and far from prying eyes was exactly what she was asking for and I took off the plastic sheet that protected it, once that was done I offered her the seat but to my surprise she said she did not want to sit in it but I should and tell her what it was like.

“It’s for altyazılı porno my husband and I do want another man’s opinion,” she explained.

“Well it is very comfortable and wide,” I offered a hesitant opinion.

“Would there be enough room for two people together?” she asked.

“I think so.”

“Do you mind if I sit next to you?” she asked shyly.

“Of course not.” I said.

Then as I agreed for her to join me she took off her jacket and sat next to me. I looked at her in shock as she sat next to me since beneath her jacket she was completely naked from the waist up. The sight of her full breasts were shocking and very arousing or perhaps titillating is a better word (if you can excuse the pun) to me and I was struck dumb.

“I hope that you do not mind,” she said,” But I often sit with my husband topless and we cuddle.” As she said the words I could see that she was watching my reaction to her and she jiggled the breasts a little, I wanted her without question and I found I could not draw my eyes away from what she offered me.

As she spoke she settled next to me and no matter where I tried to look my eyes came back to her ample breasts. She had the largest nipples I had ever seen and the nearness of her body was exciting me. As she followed my eyes the woman smiled at me and touched my lips with her fingers. She traced my lips and licked her own lips.

Her fingers dropped to her breasts and she began to pinch and stroke the nipples lovingly forming hard bullets of flesh that I watched with intense enthusiasm as she then squeezed her bosom together. Then trying to look innocent she zenci porno straddled my body and pushed a nipple to my lips and spoke again.

“I love my breasts being kissed it makes me cum and cum. You have such lovely full lips, suck on my tits Baby you know you want to.”

Of course she was right I did want to suck on her amazing tits so I opened my mouth and allowed the nipple to enter. It rested on my tongue like a hard nut and I explored it. My hand rose and I began to squeeze the other breast feeling the nipple slip between my fingers as I licked and sucked hard on the other nipple in my mouth. I felt her hands freeing my cock and she stroked it up and down as I suckled on her breasts. If she was pleased her hand would move in fast jerky movements and I felt her squeeze my balls with her other hand.

I think she must have been very experienced at this for she knew how to excite me to the brink of orgasm but stop just before I came. Aroused I sucked and licked all the harder on her tits. She heavily breathed her pleasure and encouraged me to bite into them which I did. She must have cum for I felt her cunt being rubbed up and down my trouser leg as I played with her breasts. I felt the appearance of a trail of wetness as she did so and she would gasp for breath every now and again. How she would talk through our sex play.

“Oh that’s good Baby.”

“Yes suck on it, harder, harder, Harder!!!!”

“Fuck yes, bit me Baby! I love this!”


I am surprised that no one tried to find us and that they did not hear us but I would not have cared if they aldatma porno had done so. After maybe three and four orgasms she slipped her body away from my mouth and rested her tits heavily against my hard cock. She wrapped the warm flesh about my hard flesh making a tunnel about it and began to rock back and forth masturbating me with the soft pillows of her breasts. Every now and again she would slap my cock with her breasts and I would almost howl with frustration.

As she played with my cock she spoke to me, though perhaps it was more for herself.

“Cum for me Baby. Cum for me. Squirt your cum all over my tits.”

” I want your cum all over my tits!” she squealed as she pushed her breasts along the length of my cock.

God knows how long I lasted perhaps not a long time though it felt like an eternity. Then I felt my balls tighten and cum rush through the tight shaft to burst out onto those lovely amazing breasts. She squeezed each drop of my cum onto the smooth slopes of her tits as I came. I gasped and groaned as she drained me of my cum and then when she was satisfied she pulled the tits to her mouth and sucked each drop off them. Her breasts seemed to move as she lapped at them and she even sucked her own nipples. I felt my cock stir again as she licked my cum off her flesh with a long tongue and a bright gleam in her eyes.

Finished she climbed off me and buttoned her jacket up covering her magnificent tits and with a quick brush down of her skirt she was the respectable woman I had led to the recliner. I climbed out of the chair and as I did up my fly and made myself presentable I asked her my question.

“So will madam wish to buy the chair?”

She laughed at the pomposity of my question and I have to say I smiled as well. However she smiled and accepted that she liked the chair enough to buy it. I led her to the desk outside and finalised a most pleasurable sale.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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