I Really Don’t Know Ch. 02

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Not knowing what she has in store for me next, and wanting to get off my knees. I get up and sit down on the bed. As I sit down Sara sits beside me, putting her arm around me, smiling.

Me “S, Sara?” She looks over to me.

Me “I’m not so sure I’m going to like this whole, being a woman thing.” I look up to her but can’t seem to look her in the eyes. She’s not looking towards me, and I just can’t bring my eyes up to see her … in disappointment or shame.

Sara “You will, don’t worry, it’s good … trust me.” She puts her arm around my back and rubs my hip. With a puff of purple smoke the genie reappears in front of Sara.

Genie “Did you enjoy your wish Master?”

Sara “It’s great.” After a brief moment of awkward silence.

Sara “I feel more comfortable if you were a woman.”

Genie “As you wish Master.” With a quick puff of smoke covering the genie, it changes into a buxom raven haired beauty.

Genie “Is this more to your liking Master?” Sara nods yes. Another moment of awkward silence goes by.

Sara “Genie … Ashley is having a hard time adjusting to being a woman.”

Genie “Master, You wished for me to leave her mind as it was – being male it cannot easily comprehend it’s new position and role as the submissive sex. Also, having his mate, you, becoming a shemale is not an easy thing to process. Her mind was spared from any real change save for making her more submissive and willing to be dominated by you Master.”

Sara “Yeah … That’s not much help. I’ll need to think of something I can do … Oh, I wish so I can use my mind to touch, feel and manipulate her and other people without actually physically touching them or hurting them, so like I can play with her clit and nipples the next mersin escort time she sucks me off.”

The genie smiles at her new request.

Genie “Your wish is granted Master.” Purple smoke emanates from the Genie and I feel as if someone is rubbing my butt cheeks, but I’m sitting down. I look over to Sara who smiles back.

Sara “Feel good?” I stop for a moment, actually it does feel good.

Me “Ya. You’re doing that with your mind?” Sara Shakes her head yes then her eyes dart open and her head snaps back to the genie.

Sara “I wish that Ashley and I can carry on a conversation is our heads — telepathically.” The genie smile lessens a bit.

Sara “Also if I tell Ashley to do something, as long as it’s sex involved and won’t hurt her or I, she has to do it.” My eyes dart open, the genie smiles with delight.

Genie “Done my Master.”

Sara “Let’s try it out, shall we?” She turns to look at me.

Me “Wait, what?”

Sara “Ashley, crawl on your hands and knees to the genie, take her skirt off, and lick her pussy, but make it so I can watch.” My body takes over and pulls me down to the floor, I crawl over to her, pulling her skirt to the floor. I keep my head to one side as I lick up and down her already wet snatch. The Genie moans in pleasure, enjoying this wish, as I lap up her sweet, sweet pussy juice.

Me “Mmmm.” I moan into her pussy, the vibrations hitting her little clit. I glace over to Sara who is leaning back really enjoying the show.

Sara “G, genie.” She says laboring her breathing from having her heart racing.

Sara “I want you to stay around, no disappearing. I want you to stay with Ashley and I. I have big plans that I know kocaeli escort you will enjoy.”

Genie “Yes… Mmmm… Master. Ahhh, I’m cumming!” She sprays pussy juice all over my face and I greedily lick it up. She falls over onto her butt on the floor, her orgasm was too much and she needs time to recover.

The genie and I sit on the floor, propped up against each other, I feel more at ease now, soft of relaxed.

Me “What’s your name?” I ask the Genie.

Genie “My Master has yet to give me a name Ashley.”

Sara “Oh… Your name is Jess… no…I’ll call you Jana, named off of Jana Cova, the beautiful lesbian porn star.”

Jana “Shall I make my appearance, voice, and personality match that of Ms. Cova?”

Sara “You can do that?

Jana “But of course, as long as my appearance will sexually stimulate you Master. My code binds me that I can only grant wishes that involve sex.”

Sara “Oh, right … For now I think you can stay the way you are. You are really hot. But out in public, please don’t call me Master, it will draw too much attention.”

Jana “As you wish.” Jana, the genie, scoots up to the bed and lies down, smiles at us then rolls over to her side, tired. Sara looks at her and smiles, then looks down to me.

Sara “Let’s see. I came — check. Jana came — check. You came — no? Well, looks like you’re up sweetie.” She gets off the bed, and with a hidden power, she grabs my hips and lifts me off the ground like I only weighed 5 pounds. She effortlessly carries me like a new bride to the living room in our apartment and sits me on the couch, getting on her knees in front of me.

Sara “You don’t know how many times, when I was giving samsun escort you a blowjob, on this very couch, that I wished this was happening instead.” My heart sinks. She lowers her head to my pussy and tiny cock, which has been super hard the whole time but is only 3 or 3 and a half inches long.

Me “W, why did you keep this?” I ask as she glides her fingers over it, grazing my clit, which is sensitive sending hot shivers up my spine, making me want her to touch it more.

Sara “I guess … I wanted to keep a bit of your old body. It still works, I or Jana can give you a blowjob still, but I doubt it’s big enough to fuck, feel free to try on Jana. I only want my pussy to be licked from now own, same with my little ass.” She giggles and puts her lips on my clit and licks up and down.

Me “Oh! Geez!” Her touch makes me jump. Every lick I feel with intensity and pleasure like I never knew. I grab her head and push it into my mound, she licks at me harder.

Me “Fuck, Ahhh! Yes! Lick me!” Sara runs her hands up and down my thighs as her tongue assaults my virgin pussy.

Me “Oh baby! I’m gonna cum.” My body spasms, pulling her into me more. I feel as if I’m about to burst. Sara sends me over the edge and put pussy gushes it’s juice all over her mouth and face.

Me “AAAHHHH! FFUUCCKK!!!!” I convulse and shake like made, it’s far more intense than when I was a guy. Holy shit. My muscles hurt, from spasming so much. Sara pulls her head away from my crotch and comes up to me. I eagerly stick my tongue in her mouth and kiss her hard, licking my own juices. She presses her body against mine, pushing our nipples together. I feel her soft member glide against my soaked pussy. Even soft it’s massive.

Me “I love you so much.”

Sara “I love you.” She rests her head against my shoulder and rubs my arms up and down as I come down from my orgasm. I came so hard, but I feel like I can do it again, and soon.


We are busy working on my chapters, once this is accepted we will put them up in succession. Any ideas just let us know.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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