I Saw It All

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I don’t remember when I started feeling this way. I guess it just happened. I always masturbated, even after I got married. If I made love to my wife at night, I would wait until she left for work in the morning, and jack off before I had to go to work. I always would fantasize about my wife and I, usually with other people.

In high school, I dated a beautiful girl. After graduation, we went to different colleges, but would see each other on breaks. In our second semester, I found out from friends that she was pregnant. I thought it was mine, but it turns out that she got knocked up by an older black man.

Being Catholic, she had the baby. I used to fantasize about seeing her young 19 year old body getting plowed by a big black cock. Anyway, like I said, I still masturbate, and since my wife and I had our kid, our sex life basically stopped, and now I jack off a lot. But now I have been fantasizing about my wife getting plowed by a big black cock instead of my old girlfriend. What’s more, I see her getting knocked up too! She is not on the pill anymore, because we don’t have sex much, and she’s 38 now, so it’s bad for her.

I’m always reading stories on the net, and downloading pictures of black men fucking white women. The pictures I download are very specific too. They must be big black men, and brunettes with dark hairy pussies just like my wife’s. I especially like cream pie shots. So, my wife being kind of nosy, has found my stash of porno stories a couple of times. Each time, she has thrown them away.

She has never said anything to me, but she had to have noticed the pictures, even if she didn’t read the stories. I have always thought that my wife had a submissive streak. She has even mentioned (long ago when we used to talk about sex) that she thought being taken by a black man would be very “animal”. So deep inside, I bet my wife would love being hammered by some big black stud. She mentioned recently that she thought that black babies looked really cute, but that they grew up to be menacing black men, and who knows what they would do to you. Subtle comments from her made me think that she was baiting me about my fantasy. This brings me to the present.

A month ago, my wife Dana, told me that her good friend Teri from high school was dating a black man. I didn’t visibly react, and it didn’t go any further. A few weeks ago, Dana and Teri went out shopping for dresses for their 20 year High School reunion. Dana and Teri talked about normal stuff, and eventually got to discussing Teri’s sex life with her new black boyfriend. Turns out that her new man, Jason, was about six foot five, and 240 pounds of muscle. He was a college athlete, and was 10 years her junior. When Dana got home, and we were in bed, she started to tell me about her evening. I was hoping to find out about Jason, because I had already jacked off, thinking about him fucking Teri.

I asked her, “So, did Teri tell you anything about Jason?”

Dana replied that she did.

Probing further I asked, “What’s he like?”

She went on to tell me about his sports background, what he does for a living, and how old he is. Nothing that I wanted to hear.

Being bold I asked, “Are they doing it yet?”

Dana looked at me, and as I found out later, she knew what I wanted to hear, and why.

She said,” Yup, they’re doing it, and from what Teri told me, they are doing it a lot!”

Dana related everything that Teri had told her. Teri said that Jason was the best lover she ever had. That he was insatiable and had the biggest cock she could ever imagine. Even though her family disapproved, once he had her she couldn’t stop, and was hooked. She said Teri had never been happier.

Dana said she was happy for her friend, and called her “lucky”.

I asked her what she meant by that, and she said, “You know what I mean.”

“Oh, the big cock thing?” I said.

“No, the big “black” cock thing”, she replied.

As soon as she said that, my cock jumped to attention. Dana had never so openly expressed her envy before.

Sensing an opening, I continued, “Maybe she’ll let you borrow him sometime, if he’s that insatiable.”

Dana looked at me, and I knew we had bridged a gap somehow. She rolled over and took hold of my erect penis.

Laying close on our sides facing each other she looked into my eyes, and said, “You’d like that wouldn’t you?” Too stunned to reply, she continued, “I never said anything about your internet porn, but I didn’t throw it out. I kept it, and I read every story, and looked at every picture.”

As she said this she was stroking my cock, occasionally tongue kissing me, and rubbing her hot body against mine.

She went on, “You want to see me with a black man don’t you? You want to watch your wife getting laid by another man, see a big black cock between my legs, pumping me full of cum.”

As she was telling me all this, I was getting close to cumming myself. I couldn’t believe this was happening, Bostancı Yabancı Escort my wife was jacking me off, and telling me my fantasy! When she continued, I came all over her right away.

She said, “Oh no…I forgot to tell him to pull out! He came buckets loads of cum right into my fertile pussy…my god, he might have knocked me up!”

So now we both knew what turned me on.

As I came down from my orgasm, and slowly looked into her eyes, she said, “That really does it for you doesn’t it?”

I just nodded as she pulled her panties off and put my hand on her mound.

“I’m pretty hot right now. If you can get it up again I could use a good fuck, otherwise would you go down on me?”

Well having jacked off before, and now just cumming again, I knew there was no way I was going to get it up again, so I slid down her soft body, and put my face between her legs. She was already wet when I stared licking her, and she pulled my head into her sex.

She started talking again about getting boned by a big black one. This time she named him Jason! She was fantasizing about Jason fucking her, telling me all about it and when he came in her, she had a thunderous orgasm. This got me so hot, that I got another boner, which I jammed right into her which brought another wave over her as I pumped her full of my cum. Exhausted, we both fell asleep, and the whole episode was never spoken again.

Now we continue.

Dana’s reunion was coming up, so we arranged for our son to stay at her mother’s house for the night. We knew we would be out late, and didn’t think a babysitter would be right. She bought a dress that really showed off her body. She’s tall, with long thick dark brown hair. She has an awesome ass, and small but full tits. Clothes always hang well on her, and this dress was sparkled, and form fitting almost a formal full length gown. With her done up, and pearl ear rings she looked like a million bucks, and I told her so.

We went to the reunion at a fancy ballroom, and this is where I first me Jason. Teri walked in with him, hanging on his arm. He was a striking figure, dressed in a tux, and she a blond beauty, dressed equally elegant. Everybody in the room looked but tried no to gawk at the interracial couple as they entered to hall. Coming over to Dana and I, Teri made the introductions. I shook his very large hand, and immediately began to get an erection in his presence.

He turned to my wife, and took her hand and kissed it saying, “I though I had the prettiest lady in the room tonight, now I know better.”

We all laughed at his charming line, but Dana squeezed my hand. It looked at her, but she kept looking at Jason. Maybe I imagined it, but I thought it was a message to me. Well the evening went on, and Jason turned out to be a great guy, and very popular with both the ladies and the men. The ladies liked his smooth lines, looks, and his dancing, and the guys liked his sports stories. Dana danced several dances with him. They were all slower songs because this was a formal occasion. As the evening went on I thought they were getting closer each dance. I danced with Teri several times, and thought she had a great body too.

My now constant boner got even harder when I held her in my arms and thought about Jason boning her. She commented that Dana and Jason looked good together, and looking over at them dancing closely, I thought I was about to cum in my pants. Just as the party was breaking up, Dana surprised me by asking Teri and Jason over to our house for more drinks. They readily accepted, and on the way home, Dana and I talked about the evening. She had had quite a lot to drink, as had we all. She talked a lot about Jason, and what a good dancer he was. She leaned over to me and kissed me.

Reaching down to stroke my boner through my pants, she said, “If the size of his hands are any indication, he must have a massive cock! Teri is really lucky!”

I turned to look at her, and nervously repeated the line I said weeks before, “Maybe she’ll let you borrow him.”

“Maybe she will,” was her reply. Just then we turned into our driveway, followed by Teri and Jason.

We got inside, and made some drinks, when Dana suggested that we change into more comfortable clothes. It was a good idea, but Teri, and Jason didn’t bring anything with them.

Dana said, “Well I have stuff for you Teri, but it might be hard to get something for you Jason.”

Dana got some shorts and a tee shirt for Teri, and I got some loose fitting (on me) shorts, and a loose tank top for Jason. We all went upstairs to change. Dana and I in our room, and Teri and Jason in one of the guest rooms. I got changed first, and walked out into the hall just as Teri was coming out of the guest room.

Behind her, through the open door, I saw Jason standing completely naked! His muscled black body was lean and taught, but what held my eyes was his absolutely massive cock! Uncircumcised and fat Bostancı Yeni Escort it hung down almost to his knees. He looked up and saw me staring. He made no attempt to cover himself, he just stood there showing off his manhood.

I stared mouth agape, until Teri said,” Unbelievable, isn’t it?”

I just nodded, then shook my head and went downstairs with her. Moments later, Jason came downstairs, followed by my wife.

The tank top I gave him just covered his torso, and the shorts were not loose on him at all. We sat down and drank while listening to music. I thought I saw Dana stealing glances at Jason every time she could. Eventually a slow song came on and Jason asked Teri to dance. She said she was too drunk to dance, and then my wife said she’d love to dance. She got up, and they danced right in front of me. Closely he held her as they swayed to the music. I told them I had to go to the bathroom, and got up to leave. What I really did was go around the corner to spy on them. After I left, Dana put her head on his chest, and I saw one hand drop to cover her ass. Soon Dana looked up at him, and they kissed. I looked at Teri to see her reaction, but she was asleep on the couch. My cock was ready to explode! My wife was kissing, and groping with a black man in our living room right in front of me! I went to the bathroom and flushed the toilet, and when I returned, they were sitting down again, Jason by Teri, and Dana on the other couch, but they were still staring at each other. I could feel the sexual tension between them. Dana’s face was flushed, and I could see her erect nipples through her thin shirt.

Jason said, maybe we better call it a night and began to wake Teri when my wife said, “Why don’t you two spend the night. We’ve all had a lot to drink, and you shouldn’t drive. Besides, it’s late.”

I was stunned, now Dana was asking the man with the cock to stay in our house. This was unbelievable. Maybe I was going to get to watch my wife get it tonight!

Jason asked if we were sure, and I thought that he might have meant more than were we sure if we wanted him to spend the night, like maybe were we sure we wanted him to fuck my wife tonight.

Dana said she was certain, which I thought carried another answer as well.

We all looked at Teri asleep on the couch, and decided she should stay there. No use waking her. We covered her with a blanket and all headed upstairs. Jason went into the guest room, and Dana and I went to our room. Once in bed, Dana started stroking my cock again. She normally never would consider having sex with other people in the house, but she was obviously very horny. Tongue kissing me and stroking my cock, we repeated our previous episode. She talked about how handsome Jason was, and what a lucky girl Teri was. I knew she was waiting for me to say the line that had brought us suck excitement before.

So I slowly said, “Maybe she’ll let you borrow him.”

As soon as I said the words she started to suck my cock. She hadn’t done that in years. Because I had a boner virtually all night, I came in her mouth almost right away. She let me finish jerking, and then reached up and kissed me. As we shared my cum, I reached down between her legs, and touched her soaking wet pussy. She was totally drenched! Spent, I went between her legs, and started licking her. I paused and told her that I saw Jason’s cock.

Looking up at her from between her thighs she demanded that I tell her about it. Between licks, I described his huge weapon, and hard body, then dove down and worked her clit until she came on my face. Satisfied (or so I thought) she fell asleep right away.

Well after having drank so much, I went to sleep too. I felt the bed shift, and woke up. Dana was getting out of bed. She walked out of the room. She must be going to the bathroom. We have a master bath attached to our room, but at night we usually go to the main bath across the hall so we don’t wake one another up. For some reason, I got up to follow her. I don’t know why. Maybe in the back of my mind I thought she was going to go to Jason’s room instead. Disappointed, I watched her as she opened the bathroom door. But to her surprise, when she opened the door, Jason was standing there. Stroking his cock!! Still soft but rising he stood before my wife, with his shorts around his ankles, wearing my tank top stroking his massive cock.

He had his eyes closed, and didn’t notice my wife standing there until she said, “Oh, my god!”

Startled, he looked at Dana standing there and began to apologize. Dana just stood there staring at him as he hurriedly began to pull up his pants. He began to explain that he was just so horny from dancing with my wife and Teri all night, and since Teri was asleep, he had no choice but to take matters into his own hands.

Dana, not knowing I was watching said words that blew my mind!

She said, “Do you think Teri would be mad if I borrowed you for tonight?”

Stunned, Bostancı Masaj Salonu Jason dropped his shorts again, and said he thought Teri wouldn’t mind. After all they were such good friends, and friends share don’t they?

Dana walked to him, wearing only her panties, and a short tee shirt. Watching her ass sway, I saw my wife go to him, reach down, and take hold of his cock. Jason pulled her to him, and kissed her fully on the mouth. Tongue kissing now, their passion rose. When he suggested that they go to his bed, I had to jump back in my bed. Sure enough, Dana looked in on me, and slowly closed our door. I waited a few moments before I got up, to find a way to watch my wife take her first black cock.

I found out later that Dana left the guest room door open just in case I got up to watch. The night light in the guest room gave enough light so that I could clearly see my wife and Jason in the room. They were standing up, embraced in a passionate kiss. His cock pressed between them, Dana was humping her horny crotch against him. He put his hands on her shoulders, and gently guided her down to the floor where she was brought face to face with his meat. Having to use both hands to control his monster, she fed herself his cock, and began sucking the dark slab. Unbelievably, I watched as it grew in her mouth, and watched as she struggled to open her mouth to accommodate him. Using both hands to stroke him, she slobbered all over him, occasionally stopping to lick his baseball size balls. His hands deep in her thick hair he was telling her what a good cocksucker she was. I couldn’t believe this. I was watching my wife on her knees in front of a black man, as he called her a cocksucker! She moaned at his comment, and we all knew that she was just that at the moment. A cocksucker. Even better, she was a black cocksucker! He told her that he was going to cum if she kept doing it, and she greedily worked more of his massive weapon into his mouth. Soon he was gasping as his huge cock began to pulse. Dana sped her hands up, and sucked harder awaiting his mighty orgasm. The suddenly he roared and jets of his cum spat out of his cock into my wife’s slutty mouth. Pulse after pulse shot into her mouth and try as she could, she could not swallow such a copious load. Spent, but still mostly hard, Jason withdrew his meat from Dana’s face and sat down on the bed.

Dana looked at him and said, “I’ll be right back, I need to clean myself up.”

I turned to headed back into our room, thinking that she would go into the main bath to wipe the cum from her face, but she came right into our room instead. I couldn’t get into bed fast enough, so she walked right into me. Face to face with my cheating wife, cum from her black lover on her face and dripping from her lips, we stopped and stared at each other for just a heartbeat. Then we grabbed each other tightly, and started sucking each others faces. Deep passionate tongue kisses as I swabbed her mouth clean of her lovers jism. We stopped long enough for me to lick her face clean too.

We both knew we had entered a new phase in our lives, and when she told me that she was going back to fuck him, all I could do was say I’ll be watching.

She told me good, that she wanted me to see her used by Jason.

I asked her what she planned to do about birth control, and as she walked out of the room she said that she had no plans, except maybe to use her mouth again.

“But then again,” she said, ” didn’t I want to see her get pregnant from a black man?”

Stunned I stood there with a hard cock as my wife walked away to be taken by this young black stud. As she entered his room, she was pulled her tee shirt over her head and stepped out of her panties. I went back to my position, and watched as my wife got between his knees again, and began sucking his cock back to full hardness.

Jason said, “You really dig sucking cock, don’t you girl?”

Whereupon Dana said, “I just want to get you hard so you can fuck me.”

Jason was lying on the bed, and Dana was between his legs sucking and slurping away. She put one hand between he legs, and began finger fucking herself. I had a clear view of my wife’s ass and pussy as she readied her cheating hole for her new lover. I could see the glistening dew all around her hairy hole. She was wetter than I had ever seen her, her body ready to accept the huge phallus. When Jason’s meat was ready she climbed atop him, reached between her legs, grabbed his cock, and began lewdly rubbing it between her engorged cunt lips. Her primed pussy was dripping it’s juice down the mighty shaft and down his balls. Soon she got the head of his cock into her hole, and she began to buck back and forth trying to get more of it inside her.

My god I thought, she was really doing this! She was fulfilling my fantasy of fucking a black man in front of me. Even more I was stunned as I watched his bare, uncovered meat slowly sink into her stretched fertile cunt! My wife was risking pregnancy fucking him bareback! I was scared by the prospect, but too excited to care! Slowly she sat down upon his cock, and I watched in awe as her pussy stretched wide to accommodate his thickness. Back and forth she rocked her hips, and slowly in circles as she took more and more of it inside her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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