I was Hard on Nude Beach Last Day

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Following on from my adventure at Papayago Beach in Lanzarote I decided to see if there were other nude beaches I could try. I went on line and found one called Charco del Palo Beach. It was a bit of a drive from me but I wanted to see what it was like.

It is actually a full on naturist resort similar to where I live in France. After going down a long winding road I ended up in the naturist resort. There were several people all walking around the villa complex with no clothes on so I parked up the car and took all my clothes off and proceeded to make my way to the beach.

As usual, when I visit nude beaches, I was so hot and horny that I was not fully hard, not half hard, but three quarters hard with my cock sticking out for all to see. I was clean shaved and had some nice body oil over me that made my skin so soft and sensitive to touch.

I should not have gone to the beach as I knew I was going to misbehave, but then again who cares and it made me feel so good.

I eventually arrived at the pool coved area which was man made and had lots of nudists sun bathing around the edge. There was a mixture of old, young, male and female in all shapes and sizes, to be honest some of them did not look good.

On the banks above the coved pool are little private areas where low stone walls have been made to provide shelter from the wind. They are not very high and provide little privacy but do keep you warm and sheltered from the wind.

Most of these areas were already taken but there was one towards the edge facing the sun so I took it and layed down my towel. Now as I said I was pretty hard as I walked over to my sheltered area. So, it was no surprise that when I sat down I noticed most of the nudists looking at me and in particular my hard on. As I love showing off, the attention I was receiving just made me harder and I soon reached my rock hard 7 inches.

The weather was fantastic and really hot but I was not sure how I should act on this beach and whether sex was allowed. I started to look around and in one of the sheltered Taksim Escort areas was 2 guys playing with each other. I stood up for a better view and noticed a few other people watching them. It was a hot show and they soon started sucking each other. This made me really excited. I was still stood up with my boner on view to everyone. I started to slowly rub my cock, up and down, it felt so good.

I noticed one of the people watching the guys play with each other turned and looked at me, he was also hard and playing with himself. He was really handsome and about the same height and build as me. He appeared to be clean shaven and he was well tanned. He looked so hot and I knew I wanted him.

I continued to rub my shaft staring straight at him. He knew I was playing for him. He started to walk over to me, still stroking his cock. I was so turned on, could I be so lucky to end up with this guy?

He came into my stone area and introduced himself as Kurt. He was German and lived in Lanzarote full time. He touched my shoulder and then embraced me. Our cocks touching each other, he gave me a little kiss and held me tight. He spoke good English and I asked him if sex was allowed on this beach. Kurt said of course and pointed at the 2 guys playing with themselves.

I said that was great and then looked him straight in the eyes and asked him if he would fuck me bareback on the beach. This has always been a fantasy of mine which to date I had not fulfilled. He said maybe but all in good time. Just my luck, I have met a prick teaser. He told me to calm down and be patient, not my greatest strength.

We then kissed long and deep. I love tongue to tongue kissing, it really arouses me, although at this moment I was already fully aroused. We were still standing and we grabbed hold of each other’s cocks, both so hard, rubbing them up and down and squeezing our balls.

A few people had decided to watch us now and they stood outside our area. It was amazing, there were 2 ladies watching us and fingering themselves. I could not Taksim Escort Bayan control myself and I went on my knees and took his throbbing cock in my mouth. It tasted so good, there was already some pre-cum on the end which I swallowed.

I was so hard and I could see maybe 8 or 10 people now watching us. I am such an exhibitionist slut who just loves being watched. I continued to suck him and took him deep in my mouth again right to his balls. He was a little bigger than me and certainly thicker but I managed to take all of him deep down my throat.

There was no way I was going to let him cum in my mouth. I wanted all of his seed in my cunthole. I coud tell he was getting excited and close to cumming so I stood up and we kissed long and deep again. He was playing with my hard cock rubbing me up and down and I was hoping he would take me in his mouth but after a few minutes he pushed me to my knees and spread my legs wide doggy style with my cunthole sticking up for all to see.

Right in front of me was one of the ladies and 2 guys with hard cocks no more than 2 feet from my face. I could feel Kurt playing with my cunt hole, he was spitting on it and getting it wet ready for his cock. I could feel one finger go in, then two, then, three, more spit, more stretching and then four fingers. I knew I was ready for him.

He mounted me and I could feel his hard cock poking at my hole, shoving hard against my anus and sphincter. I am not a virgin and have been fucked before so I know the pleasures of getting past the outer and inner sphincters.

He was thicker than I have had before and he kept pushing until eventually he was in. Two inches, three inches, tight but felt so good. Four inches, five inches, so fucking hot I thought I could not take any more. He kept pushing, six inches, seven inches, his balls now smashing hard against my arse. It was so exciting, so fabulous, making me so hard.

He fucked me like a mad dog and I knew I would be sore tomorrow but I didn’t care. I had gone through the pain barrier Escort Taksim and all I could feel now was pleasure. A thick long cock deep in my slut cunt hole in front of at least a dozen watchers.

I turned my neck around and looked at Kurt and said “fuck me harder, fuck me as hard as you can, I am your slut cunt” He did, he grabbed my hair pulled my head back and continued to fuck me, long deep fast hard thrusts. It felt so good.

Kurt then said “get ready you fucking slut here it comes, a load of my hot seed to fill up your cunt.”

He thrust and thrust and thrust and I could feel his warm seed inside me, so deep. Now that was hot, probably the best fuck I have ever had. After a minute or so Kurt pulled out from me, his hot meat still hard, I wanted him to stay in me longer.

Now I wish I could tell you that I came when Kurt was inside me or that I played with some of the people watching us so close, but that would not be true.

When he withdrew I was breathless and still rock hard and there were still people watching us. I stood up and started wanking myself slowly making sure I looked at everyone in the face, I swear I felt some of Kurt’s seed coming out of my cunthole.

I kept stroking, speeding up, long hard strokes, I was getting close and passing the point of no return. I stroked, squeezed my balls, stuck out my throbbing cock and let my big load go in front of everyone. It felt so hot, so slutty, I loved the feeling of being a public slut whore. I can still see their faces now and I know they enjoyed our show.

What a great afternoon at the beach. I started to walk back to the car, still semi hard, and of course Kurt’s seed leaking out of my cunthole. I walked past several people smiling at them without them realizing what was dripping out of me.

I will return next time I come to Lanzarote and try to get more people involved with my next fantasy, which is to be fucked and filled up with seed from several guys. I will suck more guys off while I am being fucked. I want to cum so hard with one of the guys is ploughing me deep.

As I said in my last story, my adventures are true, maybe not as graphic as other writers but I hope you like them. If you do let me know, and I will write a couple more when I have been out to the Clubs of Cap D’Agde dressed as my CD side Lucyleucate.

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