I will do anything to belong v

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I had to stay home a bit now Daddy had found a use for me. He would climb into my bed at night and push his cock into my dry ass when ever he got the chance. No thought to pleasuring me – well he always was a selfish prick so why would he change now. I loved the pain of his dry fucking but the orgasms I experienced were from the fantasies I had of how I would claim revenge on my parents. Poor Daddy actually thought he turned me on.

Ned was cool about be spending nights at home as he could see it was an investment in our future project but he kept me busy through the day.

I would leave home in my school uniform and Ned would text me the address of my first client. The number of perverts who liked fucking kids was shocking even me!!!!!!

On this day I was having my shower when Daddy came into my bathroom. With his usual lack of finesse he pushed me over the vanity and rammed his cock into my ass fucking like a jack hammer until he came. He then thanked me and left – shit he was still ignoring me – as long as he got to fuck my ass he was happy. He would regret that big time.

With an ass full of cum I arrived at the house Ned had sent me too. It was a two story town house on the good side of town – near my house – so I knew the owners were rich and with what Ned charged for me they had to be!!! I rang the door bell and waited.

It was answered by a very attractive middle class woman. “Oh good – you are here – come through my dear.”

I followed her and we ended up in a darkened bedroom with a huge four poster in the middle of the room.

I let my eyes get used to the dark and noticed a young boy about my age was tied to a chair in the corner of the room. He was naked, gagged and his head was held in a device so that he could only look at the bed in front of him. I looked at him and could see fear in his eyes – I was enjoying this already!!!!!!

I was used and abused for two hours by the boy’s parents and he was made to watch the entire show. They both used their tongues and hands to explore my entire child’s body and while he filled my small cunt with his cock she filled my ass with her tiny fists. They abused me with dildos, vegetables – whatever they could find to fill me with and he forced his cock into my mouth after fucking his wife’s İstinye Escort shit filled ass. He really enjoyed making a child eat his wife’s shit off his cock. She did too – she had her fist inside herself and than when it was covered with her juices shoved it into my cunt and punched hard. It hurt like hell – I was in heaven.

All this time the boy looked scared but despite this his cock was rock hard and for a boy his aged – quite big. Finally the mother went over to the boy and despite his protests mounted his hard cock and started riding him – her breasts hitting him in the face as she bounced .

I could see tears running down his face but his mother didn’t care. She fucked him harder and harder and then stopped.

“See son I told you I would fuck you – I told you I would be the first cunt your cock fucked. This will teach you that Mommy is boss and you will not look at those young girls again or Daddy and I will do to any girl you like what we just did to this slut child. You are mine and I will fuck you when ever I like and if you fuck anyone else without my permission this is what will happen.”

She moved off his cock and he was quickly released and flipped onto the bed. Before he could fight free his father had forced his huge cock into the boy’s ass and was fucking him hard.
“ You were born to fuck your Mother and only your Mother. Stray and you will be sorry “ What a sicko family and I thought mine were bad.

I knew that pain and I was soooo turned on. The father pulled the boy upright so his hard cock was jutting out. I quickly got on my knees in front of him and his mother directed his cock into my ass. The Father began fucking and I started forcing my self back so despite any protest the boy had he was being fucked and he was fucking my ass. The mother laid down in front of me and I buried my head in her cunt – fucking her with my tongue while we all fucked for all we were worth. This family was sick and I loved it.

I felt the boy cum in my ass and this was the signal for us all to reach our orgasm. We collapsed and the boy lay sobbing on the bed, his father’s cum dripping from his ass and his own cum leaking from my child ass and with the knowledge his Mother’s pussy had been his first.

I used Escort İstinye a finger to dig some cum from my ass and fed it into his mouth. His spat so I forced it in. He looked at me horrified. He was confused and didn’t understand how or why I participated in his rape. I smiled at him and then bent down and started to suck his withered cock. His sobbing was intense but despite himself his cock became hard and before he could react I pushed him on his back and slid my cunt onto his cock. I wondered if his Mother would carry out her threat and abuse me again – I hoped so. I was so turned on by the rape I rode him the hardest I have ever ridden a cock and I came with such intensity I collapsed over his sobbing body while I felt his reluctant cum filling my cunt.

The rape over I started to dress. The parents left the room.

“I hate them” he said, “ I want them dead.”

I looked at the boy and suddenly felt his pain. His parents were worse then mine.
“ I could organize that if you like” I said. I moved over to him and kissed him –
“I want mine dead too and I will make that happen “ I handed him a card with my number and told him to keep in touch.

As I was leaving, the group of ugly men Ned kept for vicious movie gangbangs arrived at the door and I knew the boy’s rape had not finished. I also knew cameras had been rolling and wondered what Ned would think of me handing out my number. Too bad – I had plans and this boy could help – Ned would love the movie I was planning.

It was 10 am – next client was an animal lover – I was getting wet wondering what sort of animal I would be “forced” to fuck today and giggled. I arrived at the door – still covered in cum and shit from the last client – this client always like me “used”.

He was a dorky looking man probably about 45 and yes – another sicko. I walked into the “playroom” and found my “playmate” was a great dane. The sicko set up the video camera and the game began. I was instructed to lie naked in the corner with my legs spread. He would then spoon dog food over my small cunt and instruct the dog to eat his tea. The dog began to eat the food greedily and then tasting the cum from this morning’s events licked my cunt deeper and harder. I was in he4aven as he slid İstinye Escort Bayan his huge tongue deeper into my small body.

Mr sicko was sitting on a lounge tugging at his cock – he loved the show. On signal I got on all fours and the dog mounted me – he was well trained- and eventually found his way into my small cunt. The pain of his claws and the stretching of my cunt as his knot entered me was intense and I felt tears as my orgasm shook my body.

The dog fucked me for ages and then turned – our bodies knotted together and I was helpless to move until his knot subsided. In this position Mr Sicko walked over and came over my small face. When the dog had moved away to have a sleep Mr sicko filled my ass and cunt with dog food and then ate greedily – his cock hard again he then forced it into my ass. He shouted obscenities at me while he fucked my ass – “ dog fucking slut – you evil cunt – diry little shit eating girl” – forcing yet another orgasm from my small body and then he came – adding to the cum my small anal cavity was collecting that day.

He loved to pat the cum filled school girl on the head as she left his house – sicko.

The day continued and at 2pm I arrived at the studio. Ned was looking at the proofs of the boy’s rape and we fucked like mad men while we heard the screams of the young ass being penetrated by multiple cocks while his parents masturbated to his pain, his mother drinking cum from his ripped ass.

‘We need another snuff film Kelly – will you be ready next week? “
Ned knew I had plans and he was being patient but I knew the punters were wanting more.
“ Just have the studio ready – I want it to look like my parent’s bedroom and I will need two young girls who wont be missed– get them as young as you can – I want to show Mummy dear what a pervert her husband is.”

“ I like the sound of this Kelly – you are an evil bitch – I am so glad I found you. – Now about the boy – what’s the story?”

“I thought I might need a partner in crime for at least one shoot – you must have heaps of punters who like young boys – we could do some double acts – what do you think?”

Ned smiled.

“I think I will fuck you then watch you gangbanged for the internet site before I send you home – by the way we have some “steak” left from Heather – do you think I should cook it up for your parents – maybe invite Heather’s parents over?”

I smiled as he shoved his cock into my ass.

“And you think I am the evil one ?” We laughed as we fucked.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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