I Will Love You Forever Pt. 2 Ch. 05

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By the end of April 1946, the kingdom of Hungary becomes a republic, 400 coal miners are killed during an explosion in Germany, Juan Peron is elected President of Argentina, Ho Chi Mihn signs an agreement with France that recognizes Vietnam as an autonomous state, the League of Nations disbands and transfers its missions to the United Nations. For the first time in Japan, women are allowed to vote and Masahharu Homma is executed for leading the Bataan Death March that resulted in the deaths of thousands of prisoners.


Civil Rights events

In Morgan v Virginia, the Supreme Court rules that a Virginia law requiring segregated seating in interstate busses is an “unconstitutional burden on interstate commerce.” President Truman appoints a presidential committee on civil rights in response to a wave of violence against African Americans living in the south; Ebony Magazine publishes the profiles of six Negro Newsman of White Dailies. Included are Earl Brown of Life, Ted Poston of the New York Post and William A. Brower of the Toledo Blade. The print media in the United States at this time is almost but not completely segregated. Only a handful of African Americans are employed as journalists.


In Music

A revised and streamlined version of Showboat opens on Broadway, Buddy Ebson is one of the stars, Al Jolson records his old hits for his Columbia biopic “The Al Jolson Story”, B. B. King begins working as a professional musician in Memphis, Tennessee and Chet Atkins makes his first appearance at the “Grand Ole Opry”


The week passed quickly with no mishaps but Kenji still maintained that they were still experiencing a time of temporary calm. The beginning of the storm didn’t show itself until the following Monday when Patricia went to class fully expecting to bump heads with Professor Hathaway.

As always, Kenji walked her to class and left her with a light caress of her hand. Patricia sat in her seat and prepared for the surprise quiz that was no longer a surprise. She ignored the sound of the students coming in and only looked up when she felt someone standing next to her.

“How are you doing?” A male voice asked rather nervously. It was the student who from the week before who had warned her about Hathaway.

“Hello.” Patricia replied politely. She wondered what he wanted and why someone was actually talking to her after weeks of ignoring her.

She stared at him when he sat in the empty seat next to her. She was about to ask him what he was doing when and instructor walked in and cleared his throat.

“My name is Professor Clarence Books.” he said and looked around the room, his eyes resting on Patricia a tad longer than they had on anyone else’s. “I will be teaching this class for the duration of the semester and I want to make a few things clear.”

Patricia settled in for the same spiel that Hathaway had delivered several weeks before but was surprised.

“One of the first things that I want to clarify is this, I don’t give a damn about whether you’re white, black, purple or green, I expect the work to be done. At the risk of getting myself into a bit of trouble I also want to say this, it is most unfortunate that Professor Hathaway allowed his personal beliefs to interfere with his responsibility as an educator. I’m quite sure that you are well aware of what I’m talking about so I don’t need to expound in it. Rest assured that nothing like what happened will occur in this room as long as I am the instructor. Everyone and I do mean everyone is entitled to an education so having said that please open your text….”

Patricia stole a glance around wondering if everyone else was a shocked as she was. Her next thought was about who would have turned Hathaway in and if he would somehow hold her responsible for it even though she hadn’t said anything to anyone about her problems with him except Kenji and Joel. The last person she looked at was the man sitting beside her. “Was it him?” she wondered as she looked away before he caught her looking at him.

As she looked forward to listen to the instructor, she had to admit that the class had a different feel to it than the weeks before. It didn’t feel as oppressive and she found that she actually enjoyed it. After class was over the mystery student introduced himself.

“I’m Bernard Hammond.”

“It’s nice to meet you, I’m Patricia Takeda.”

“I know who you are.” Bernard replied with a smile, “And it’s nice to finally officially meet you.”

“I don’t mean to be rude but why now?” Patricia asked.

“Excuse me?” Bernard asked not sure about what Patricia meant.

“This class started weeks ago so why are you just now speaking to me?” she asked trying hard not to sound abrupt but she really wanted to know.

Bernard caught off guard by the question became flustered. He was told that all he had to do was introduce himself and that was even more than he wanted to do. As far as he was Betturkey concerned, he had done his duty by telling someone about Hathaway and to sit next to her in class had been a very stupid move on his part.

“Oh… hey I’ve got to get going! My next class starts in a few minutes.” he said avoiding the question.

Before Patricia could say anything more, he grabbed his books and took off. She didn’t notice that someone sitting in the far back corner of the classroom was watching her.


Kenji was waiting for her when she came out. He was actually about to go in after her when she walked out.

“Kirei? Is everything alright?”

“I’m fine but you’re not going to believe this.” she said as they walked outside.

“So he is gone?” Kenji asked when Patricia told him about Hathaway.

“Supposed to be.” Patricia replied as she played with his long fingers.

“Still you must be careful.” Kenji said catching her fingers in his without looking.

“I know and how do you do that?” Patricia asked.

“You make the same pattern every time.” Kenji replied chuckling, “But Kirei, I mean it, be careful just because he is not here doesn’t mean that he still can’t harm you.”

Patricia looked at him, “You’re thinking that he’ll think that I’m the one who complained.”

“Yes and even though you weren’t, he will hold you responsible.”

“I’ve already thought about that.” Patricia replied. “I almost forgot, one of the other students sat beside me today and introduced himself.”

Kenji’s reaction was much the same as hers had been. “After all of this time? Who was it?” he asked.

“Bernard Hammond and I don’t know anything about him.” Patricia replied.

“I think our time of peace is coming to an end.” Kenji said more to himself than to Patricia, “and Kirei be careful of this Bernard Hammond until we know more about him.”

“I will and I really hope your wrong about our time of peace ending. How was your class?” she asked.

“The same as always.” Kenji replied. “Andrew Kelley and his friends still haven’t spoken to us or accosted us but I think that it will change soon. Remember not to go anywhere alone.”


He walked Patricia to her next class and met Joel at theirs. He immediately noticed the grim expression on Joel’s face.

“What is it?” Kenji asked concerned.

Joel lifted his bag from the desk to reveal a Star of David that was large enough to cover the desk drawn in yellow paint. Kenji looked down at his own desk and saw written in English, “Jap go home.” Kenji looked around to see if anyone looked suspicious, his eyes resting on Andrew who for the first time in weeks spoke to him.

“What are you looking at?” Andrew snapped.

“I am wondering why you have broken the uneasy peace between us.” Kenji replied. “We have not spoken or crossed paths in weeks and now this?”

Andrew looked at Kenji with a confused expression. “What in the hell are you talking about?” he asked.

“Come see.” Kenji replied, a challenge in his voice.

Curious, Andrew left his seat and walked over to Joel and Kenji’s desk. His eyes widened when he saw the Star of David drawn on Joel’s desk and the message written on Kenji’s desk. He hadn’t authorized this; the order not to bother any of what he called the melting pot was still in effect.

“Wh…..” Andrew stopped himself, he wasn’t about to air his dirty laundry in front of Kenji and Joel. Without saying a word, he turned, walked away and headed back to his seat while he scanned the faces of what he considered his inner circle. Of the four of them, only one, Ernie Powell looked guilty and couldn’t meet his direct stare. He would be dealt with later.

Andrew sat in his seat furious that someone would disobey him. The thing that really surprised him was the one who had done it. Ernie was a follower through and through and wouldn’t disobey an order of his own volition without being pushed into it which meant one of the others had put him up to it. But who was it?

Whoever it was ruined his plans, he was actually in the process of planning something but it now had to wait. The Jap was back on full alert as was the Jew and the Jap would warn his woman as well. Andrew couldn’t wait to get his hands on whomever it was that had gotten Ernie to disobey him. The objects of his obsession had just gotten a reprieve.


After the last class of the day, Andrew and his crew went to the diner to kill some time. There was a meeting with the rest of the group scheduled for later in the evening and he wanted the mess with Ernie taken care of before then. Andrew had already cleared his schedule with his parents and so he wasn’t expected to be home early. He really didn’t have to clear things with them but it made them feel good and it avoided any problems. But that wasn’t it, he genuinely loved and respected his parents and it was their home.

While they waited for their orders to be taken, Andrew decided that it was time to find out who the Betturkey Giriş culprit of the graffiti was. He looked around the booth at each man before speaking.

“You know,” he said, “I never rescinded the order about the Jap and his buddy.”

He watched as they looked at each other and noticed again that only Ernie gave any indication that he had been the one to go against a direct order. The question was why. Just as he was about to ask, Andrew heard Becca come into the diner.

“There he is!” she said to whomever she had come in with, “I’ll talk to you later.”

A moment later she was sitting next to Andrew with her hand high up on his thigh and moving it up toward his crotch. Andrew happened to look at Ernie and saw a look that he had never seen before- jealousy. Ernie, he realized had a thing for Becca. He had to wonder just how long Ernie had felt that way and if Becca knew.

“So baby, we got time for a ride?” she asked her hand now over his cock and rubbing it until it was hard.

“Sure baby.” Andrew replied looking at Ernie who was looking away but his jaw was twitching.

Becca’s hand stopped moving. She was surprised by the quickness of Andrew’s response; it had been weeks since he had responded so quickly. She also knew that Ernie was pissed, she had given him a blowjob… not even one of her special ones for doing a favor for her and now he thought that she belonged to him.

That she kind of implied that she was breaking up with Andrew might have contributed to that belief didn’t matter. She had no plans of doing so and if Ernie was stupid enough to believe it then too bad for him but she had to keep him quiet even if it meant giving him more blowjobs. She found herself kicking herself for her rashness and wondered how long it take Ernie to spill the beans.

“Let’s go.” Andrew said as she pushed her out of the booth and then made her stand still. Although he was sure that everyone knew what happened between him and Becca, he was still a gentleman. He used her body as a shield to hide his hard on. Like Becca he wondered about the quick reaction and wondered if it wasn’t because he knew that someone else wanted her even if he didn’t.

He drove them to the parking lot of an abandoned store, parked in the back, unzipped his pants and waited for Becca to get comfortable. He groaned when her hot mouth covered the head of his cock and sucked. He knew that he should have felt guilty about using her like this but he didn’t, he simply didn’t care. He was well aware of the fact that Becca was in love with him but there wasn’t a chance in hell that he was ever going to marry her. For now, he would enjoy the offerings of her lips and mouth.

He tangled his fingers in her blond hair as her head bobbed up and down on his pole with varying degrees of pressure and speed. This was the one thing that he was going to miss about her and he hoped that his future wife would be as talented as Becca when it came to sucking cock.

“God!” he cried out when she did that little thing with her tongue signaling that she was going to make him come. He pressed her head down into his lap and held it there for a few seconds before letting her up for air. That was his way of telling her to slow it down.

Becca caught her breath and went back the task of pleasing Andrew. It wasn’t long before she was flicking her tongue across the underside of his cock where the shaft met the head and then sucked on it. The feeling was incredible and Andrew often wondered where she had learned it. He was going to come and this time he wasn’t going to stop it. He held Becca’s head still so that the only part of her mouth she could move was her talented tongue and began to pump into her mouth. Every so often he would stop long enough for her tongue to dance across that sensitive spot before thrusting in as far as he could go without actually making her gag.

“Fuck!” he screamed as he finally emptied into Becca’s waiting mouth. Even though he was empty, he kept thrusting so that just the head of his cock slid in and out of her mouth. He loved the feeling of having the head of his sensitive cock sucked after he came.

Finally spent, Andrew rested his head against the headrest of the car. He knew that Becca was expecting something in return and be fair; it had been a long time since he took care of her. “Strip.” he said as he began to stroke his cock that was already beginning to recover.

Becca didn’t need to further encouragement. Her Andrew was back. She had managed to make him forget about the black woman although she didn’t know how she had managed it. She stripped to her bra and panties, straddled Andrew’s lap and began a slow grind against him.

“I love you baby.” she moaned when Andrew lifted the cups of her bra to expose her breasts and took a rose-colored nipple into his mouth and sucked.

Andrew froze, knowing that she loved him and hearing it were two entirely different things.

“Get off!” he said shoving her off from his lap.


“Get Betturkey Güncel Giriş dressed, we’re done here.” he said gruffly interrupting her.

“I don’t…..”

“Get dressed!” he snapped.

Becca dressed as tears ran down her face. She couldn’t imagine what had happened, all she had said was… It hit her like a ton of bricks, Andrew didn’t love her, had never loved her and he saw her as nothing but a whore to be used for his pleasure. Her face burned as she realized that everyone with the exception of her knew this, even her so-called friends knew it but hadn’t said anything. The tears flowed faster as she imagined the whispered conversations that were taking place behind her back even as she dressed very humiliated.

She forced the tears to stop, finished dressing and jumped out of the car. Without looking back, Becca started walking. Several minutes later, she was home, in her room and ripping the notebook containing her wedding plans to shreds. By the time she was done, the pages of the notebook littered her room.

She sat on the bed and began to cry but not out of sadness but anger.

Andrew was going to pay for this.


Andrew drove straight to the meeting place even though he was early. He didn’t want to face the questioning looks he would have gotten if he had gone back to the diner. In retrospect, he realized that he had handled Becca’s revelation wrong, he should have continued as he had been, made her come and taken her home. “The talk” would have occurred a few days later.

“Too late.” he thought to himself. He would just have to deal with whatever she told people and move on.

He pushed Becca out of his mind and thought about Professor Hathaway. Everyone in their group had heard about what happened to him and all of them were angry. All of them, Andrew included saw what happened as Patricia’s fault and there had been some talk of retaliation.

“Not yet.” Andrew had advised, “if we make a move now the school will know that it had something to do with Hathaway and he was already being watched and let’s face it, targeting the woman was a mistake on his part. It was only a matter of time before she or someone else said something.”

Reluctantly, the others in his group agreed.

“And if you see the others, tell them the same thing.” he added. “They are not to be touched until I say so. Is that understood?”

He had no doubts that he wouldn’t be disobeyed a second time once word about Ernie spread. Hathaway had made him his second in command of the small but growing group; he would be the one leading tonight as Hathaway had another meeting to attend. It wouldn’t be too long before they would need to start delegating or they would have to begin accepting nominations for officers. That time hadn’t come yet but if the group continued to grow at the rate that it was, by the time spring break came they would have to consider it. There was still plenty of time before the big group meeting but he went into the small garage anyway and began to set up the folding chairs.


Hathaway glared Marji his wife of fifteen years and didn’t like what he saw. She was an attractive blonde-haired woman with cornflower blue eyes and a petite build. At one time, he had considered her perfect, his soul mate and the future mother of his children. Now all he saw was a stinking filthy Jew. As far as he was concerned, she had lied to him when she told him that she was pure. It didn’t matter that she thought that he was asking if she was a virgin and if he had asked about her family, she would have told him.

In his mind, she still lied.

He still remembered the day that he found out. They had just moved and he was unpacking the box that contained family heirlooms. He came across her family bible that he had never looked at partly because he never thought about it and partly because he wasn’t interested. The real interest in genealogy wouldn’t come until after he made his discovery.

He opened the bible and began to look at the names. When he saw the first Jewish last name, he flinched but then relaxed when he saw it was from the 1700’s. He almost put the bible away but he kept reading and saw with mounting horror that there were several Jewish last names in her line with the last being as recent as December 1935, after that there were no more entries because he wouldn’t allow it.

The name was written in Marji’s neat handwriting. “Naomi Lynn Goldstein, born December 10, 1935” he saw red but forced himself to calm down. Part of this was his fault, he should have checked her family out before he married her but her last name had been Johnson at the time… how could he have known? In addition, her parents hadn’t looked Jewish in any way. They were blond haired and blue eyes as Marji was, in other words they were perfect.

By the time he met them, he and Marji had already married and were living in California. It was during that visit that he found out that his sweet Marji was worth quite a bit of money. That was the only reason why he was still with her and why although angry, he didn’t care that he lost his job.

The discovery about Marji’s lineage happened a short ten years almost eleven years ago. When he confronted her with his newly discovered knowledge, she didn’t see the issue and told him so.

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