Ice Cream Sundae Surprise

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It was a special night out. We decided on fancy dinner and having to get all dressed up. A suit and tie for me and long black evening gown for you barely showing any of your black strappy high heels. Your hair was up held away from your succulent neck. You were stunning and held me completely captivated. I didn’t bother trying to hide my lust for you tonight. You knew I wanted you and wanted you bad even through the gentlemanly restraint. You emitted a very sexy and pleased energy which only fueled the fire more. Little did you know what I had planned for later.

We decide instead of continuing the night out to bring it in for dessert, a night cap, and who knows what else. (Some people would consider all this premeditated.) On the way home we stop off for a couple bottles of your favorite wine and home we go.

Pulling into the driveway I walk around to open your door and taking your hand I help you out of the car. Placing a hand on the back of your neck I lead you inside. Closing the door behind me you hear it click closed and suddenly no warning at all you find yourself pulled into my arms with your face a mere breath away. One hand slides down your back with my fingers in line with the middle of your butt while the other slides up and takes hold off the back of your neck.

I can feel you tremble as our lips get closer and closer. Visibly licking my lips knowing I am finally getting a tasty little appetizer of my sweet little girl. Our lips press together and the taste of you invades my mouth intoxicating me in a way only you can do. But restrain myself I will as I still have special plans for you.

It is seconds later before our kiss eventually breaks apart and I lead you to the living room. What a surprise the wine glasses and corkscrew are already there. Pouring your glass extra full I tell you wait right here I am going to prepare our treat.

A few minutes later I come to escort you to the dining room which glows of candlelight from the numerous sconces around the walls with one on the table offset to one end. Smiling at first as you take in the setting before confusion shows upon your face and you ask, “but why only one place setting?”

“Why? Because dessert is you of course.”

“Me?!?” You respond with mock surprise.

“Yes.” I say to you smiling. “I am going to make you into a sundae and then eat you all up.” I add with a sexy grin as I watch your cheeks begin to burn bright red with excitement. Once your cheeks hit crimson I know your pussy has by now begun to over flow.

All the thoughts going through your head you don’t notice me remove my tie until it cinches around your wrists. Reaching down my fingers venture first over your toes and the top of your foot. Surrounding both sides of your ankles, up the front of your calves, and around the sides of your knees. My fingers barely touching, our eyes locked, and your gown no higher than my elbows, I finally hook the waistband of your thong.

Peeling them off your pussy and down your legs. Grabbing each ankle I lift your feet freeing them completely. Wanting to sample your scent I put your wet through panties to my nose deeply inhaling. Once, twice, three times before I stand at a measured pace. Reaching behind you I otele gelen escort unzip your gown and let it slip off your shoulders leaving you standing before me in just your stockings and heels.

Stepping back I take you in from top to bottom with a pleased smile and guide you over to the table. I have you sit down on the edge and lay onto your back across the table. I give you a chair to rest your feet on while I walk to the other side. I grab the end of my tie and pull your wrists over your head securing the loose end to a chair.

Now to take care of your legs. I place two chairs on either side of the one I plan to use both turned backward. I lift your leg hooking the heel on the top of the chair securing your foot with my belt. I repeat the process with your other foot and a belt I left there ahead of time just for this occasion. Stepping back I admire your gorgeous body laid out before me. Today I decide you get to watch so I don’t bother with the customary blind fold.

“Are you ready to become my delightful desert?” I ask with a smile knowing full well you are going to enjoy this as much as I.

You just look at me with a coy anticipating smile and nod your head with a little mmm hmm.

“You must speak up. I want to hear your voice.”

I see your cheeks begin to burn again and I look down to see your pussy starting to flow down your lips. Then I hear you say, “Yes Daddy I am ready.”

“That’s better. You have a beautiful voice. Use it.”

With that I bend down and completely cover your pussy with my mouth sucking as much of you in as I can. Swirling my tongue around you before bringing my lips together. “Delicious! I am thinking a nice chocolate base what do you think?”

“Ooo chocolate sounds yummy!” You enthusiastically reply before realizing I am using something a little warmer than Hershey’s syrup as the melting chocolate comes into contact with your first nipple in a thin little stream. I hear you inhale slightly as your body cools the chocolate into a perfect mold. Seeing you take the first one so easy I pour the chocolate a bit faster and get the gasp I was looking for.

Watching you take in the hot sensation in your nipples I grab your plug in the wall ball vibrator. Turing it on high I hold it to your pussy lips above your clit knowing full well direct contact isn’t needed as the vibrations penetrate through your flesh in abundance. Stimulating your pleasure nerves to the extreme but only for a few short seconds.

Before you get your eyes open again you feel the chocolate start to heat up on your chest between your breasts in a line extending from your collar bone to the bottom and around each breast to your ribs. I watch the look on your face as the confusion sets in between slight pain and the pleasure radiating through your body as the chocolate hardens on your skin.

Looking at you with a devious smile I hold up a bottle of lube and a special syringe. Perfect for preparing your back door for easy insertion. Though what you don’t know is this lube was chilled in a bucket of ice water. Though the amount of lube is only a mere few milliliters it is just enough to have the effect of sudden extreme sensation. mecidiyeköy escort Slipping it quickly in and pressing the plunger the cold shock hits you while electrifying your nerves.

“Ooh fuck that’s cold!” You exclaim as your asshole calms down from the coldness. I smile as I go the other way with you slipping a solid glass butt plug into you that I had sitting in comfortably warm water. Expecting neither the sudden insertion or the warm of it the sexual tension in your body sky rockets only to be exacerbated as I start spinning it inside you. The little bumps massaging you just right. First one way and then the other way watching the arousal on your face. You cum very easily and I know just how far I can push you without going too far as I keep cranking up your tension.

I can feel you are so close and fuck you want to cum but you are not desperate enough to beg for it yet. You are still enjoying the work up very much then you feel the scorch of the chocolate covering your thighs right next to your pussy making you gasp out loud. Forgetting how close you were to orgasm but still incredibly worked up as I leave the plug in you and go back to creating my dessert.

Taking out a piece of frozen banana I stare down into your eyes with a smile. I pull my cock out which is standing quite hard. I step in nice and close rubbing the head along your slit with a concentration over your hole. Without warning I slap your clit several times with my cock making a loud audible noise with each impact. Then I slip the frozen banana wedge between your lips and cover the rest of your pussy in chocolate. The cold banana protecting your most sensitive places while cooling the chocolate into a delicious mold of you.

Topping you off I grab a can of whip cream and leave a generous helping over your pussy. Before I am willing to partake in my creation I pour an ice cold shot of hot cinnamon schnapps into your belly button. Leaning down I start with peeling a nice section of chocolate off your nipple. Holding it between my teeth I move to kiss you sharing it between our lips. Then I quickly suck down the shot and thoroughly lick your belly button clean.

Nipping your belly skin between my teeth as I work my way to your thighs. Before getting to your deliciously covered pussy I stop and move to your knee. Planting light kisses all down the inside of your leg to the valley between your leg and lips. Getting a small taste of whip cream on my lips before repeating the process down the other leg.

Now for the main course of dessert. Before me so beautifully layered like a hot fudge sundae your pussy is melting my chocolate as I watch it start to dribble down your ass cheeks in perfect little streams. Licking slowly through the whip cream first. Looking up at your eyes as you watch and wait for that first contact of my tongue with your sensitive parts. The anticipation building in your eyes.

Grinning at you I lower my face down to your hole gripping the semi hard piece of chocolate with my tongue peeling a small section up revealing your steaming wet hole. The outer edges still cold from the frozen banana which has since defrosted. Having a piece large enough to share I stand over you leaning down bringing türkmen escort our lips together we each get half of the first piece to come off.

Sitting back down I give up on the idea of keeping myself neat and somewhat clean as I just want to bury myself in you. Unbuttoning my shirt I take it off throwing it the side. Holding the backs of your thighs with my hands I squeeze firmly and just press my tongue deep into your hole and start working slowly up your slit. Coming to the next piece of frozen banana I lift it out with my lips and place it on the side. As much as I want to devour all of it and you in the process it is just too good not to share.

Once the chunks of banana pussy mold are removed I look down and see a delightful mess. Your skin is covered in a glorious mix of your juices, chocolate, banana, and whip cream. The time for teasing is over as I have teased myself enough. I have to have you now. I can see your delectable juices running freely from your hole. Mixing with the delicious sweetness covering you I lean down hooking your thighs with my hands and press my tongue deeply inside you with a slight moan. Letting the vibrations from my voice stimulate your flesh.

I slide my tongue up your slit and one slow pass over your clit before surrounding it with my lips. I apply a gradually increasing suction pulling your clit between my lips to meet my awaiting tongue. Back and forth, side to side, clockwise then counterclockwise my tongue glides across your clit. Randomly changing directions without warning as I hear your moans increasing and feel your orgasmic energy building.

You juices are overflowing and dripping down your ass removing all resistance as I push two fingers inside you down to the very last knuckle. Pushing my fingertips against the top of your tight, hot, little box right against your magic spot. Dessert was delicious but now I need a little something to wash it down. With this new added stimulation I hear your moans get much louder and you are starting to pull against your bonds. I know how much you want to wrap your legs around my head and press me tight into you. Laying there unable to move more than a few inches as you tug and squirm only adds to the energy flowing through you.

I am ready to really push you over the edge when I here you loudly declare, “Fuck I need to cum.” I still have a free hand which grabs the little handle of the plug still stuck in your ass. I begin to turn it. Ratcheting up your sexual tension. Knowing you only have seconds left before the tide washes over you. I increase the pace of all the stimulation and then it happens.

Your orgasm hits you hard and fast. I barely have time to pull my fingers out as I feel you clench down hard in that half second before you squirt hard. Covering your hole with my mouth and sucking hard your whole body tenses up and you begin to spray into my mouth. Screaming loudly while you drown me in the delicious nectar of a Goddess. Your juice is way too much for me to even consider swallowing it all. Though I try very hard to not miss a drop my chin and down my chest is covered.

Your orgasm subsides into a blissful afterglow as your body relaxes completely. No longer struggling against your bonds you lay there as on cloud nine. I grab a few wet wipes and carefully clean every part of you before releasing the straps upon your wrists and ankles. Lifting you off the table behind your back and under your knees your arms wrapped around my neck I take you into the bedroom for the next part of our night.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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