I’ll Be Right Back (Short Story)

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Anal Creampie

He is flat on his back in the centre of their bed, naked except for his small metal chastity cage.

His arms and legs are stretched out to the four corners of the bed and his ankles and wrists are secured using soft Velcro cuffs to their under-mattress restraints.

The air is cool but not too cold on his skin and the room is brightly lit from both the overhead lights and the open door of their en-suite shower room.

He can hear his wife undressing, but is not able to lift and turn himself far enough to see through the door.

It has been quite a while since Claire tied him up and left him, and his initial excitement has started to die down. There is some apprehension that something may happen which will prevent the teasing session he had been promised almost three weeks earlier and he is aching for it to start, not quite realising that it already has.

He knows he was promised teasing, but there had been no indication given then or since as to there being an orgasm involved.

His mind is running wild with possibilities.

He hopes that Claire will give him his release, but wants her to go slow and take her time teasing him, building up.

He imagines that he gets to share his cum with his wife in a deep French snowball kiss, or maybe she would ruin his orgasm before slowly feeding him his cum from her fingers.

A noise startles him from his fantasies and he turns his head to see Claire enter their bedroom. She is completely naked, her blonde bob haircut frames her pretty face with her beautiful grey blue eyes, and her naughty smile is in full effect as she gazes at her bound husband’s caged cock.

Claire’s large BBW frame is top heavy, with large pale breasts hanging down onto the rolls of belly fat around her waist. She has his chastity key hanging on a silver chain between her breasts and it catches her husband’s eye as it glints in the light.

Beneath the overhang of Claire’s belly there is the hint of her short trimmed pubic hair and her firm shapely legs, but from his position he cannot see her pussy lips.

He looks at his gorgeous wife and feels his love for her, as well as an almost painful tightness Anadolu Yakası Escort as his cock tries to stir and his erection is stopped by the hard metal cage.

Claire notices the twitching of his locked member and smiles at her husband. Picking up a few items from her nightstand she carefully climbs up onto their bed and kneels between his legs; she gently grazes and scratches her nails up and down the inside of his thighs, making him squirm even more.

“Remember you have to stay quiet” Claire reminds him, “No telling me what you want or begging”

He nods his agreement to her.

Claire’s laugh is beautiful and he watches her smile as she leans forward and moves up his body. Beneath her pretty face he can see her heavy breasts hanging down, pulled by gravity, and he feels her hot nipples and the cold metal of his key as she grazes them around his caged cock and upwards to his belly, swaying gently from side to side she trails her soft breasts up his body until her nipples touch his and she presses downwards, pressing her breasts against his chest.

She gives him a soft kiss on his lips.

“I think you’ll be better with a blindfold” she decides and then moves off him to kneel besides his chest, lifting his head to fasten a thick leather blindfold over his eyes, hooking the clasp on the side of his head.

He cannot see anything, but feels a pressure on his mouth, he parts his lips and feels Claire’s nipple touching his tongue. He starts to kiss and suck as he feels her fingernails start to scratch against his belly, sending sparks of excitement through his body.

“Mmmm, that’s nice” purrs Claire as she scratches lower and lower on his stomach until she finally reaches his cage, gripping his balls tightly she feels his moan vibrate through her hard nipple.

“It looks like you’re leaking” giggles Claire at the sight of the sticky clear pre-cum dripping from the end of his long-neglected cock.

He feels her fingers on his cage, her breast moves from his face and then he feels Claire’s fingers on his lips. He pushes his tongue out and licks his pre-cum from her fingertips.

He feels the fingers Pendik Escort move away and the soft touch of Claire’s lips against his, he feels her hand moving down his body and he kisses his wife deeply while enjoying the feel of her touching his caged cock and sensitive balls.

The kisses continue as her hand moves away, leaving him desperate, pushing his hips upwards.

He hears noises and feels Claire moving against him, he imagines that she is now touching herself as they kiss.

A few minutes later Claire’s lips move away and he feels her fingers again at his mouth, the taste and smell are what he had been hoping for, as his wife allows her tied husband to lick her pussy juice from her fingers, pushing them into his mouth and laughing at his enthusiastic efforts to clean them.

From the silence a low buzzing noise starts and he knows that Claire has turned on her favourite vibrator; he feels it in his bones as it is pressed firmly against his cage, he cannot help the moan which escapes his lips.

“Now now, you are supposed to be being quiet” teases Claire as she removes the vibrations from his cock. He struggles, but manages to hold back a groan of disappointment.

Over the next few minutes he feels tugging and pulling movements on his cage before his wife finally unlocks him and his cock starts swelling and stretching out as she pulls the cage off him.

Claire leaves her husband to get used to the sensation of freedom for a few minutes and she begins to use her vibrator on herself. She can see her husband listening intently to her soft moans and the changes in the noise of the toy as she touches it against her wet pussy and gently circles her hard clit.

She watches as more pre-cum drips from the swollen head of his cock and decides to give him a taste of it mixed with her pussy juices. He grinds his hips in a futile attempt to stimulate himself and she knows she has him at the point of perfect desperation.

She pushes the vibrator deep into her sopping hole and then makes him lick it clean before she starts to fuck herself slowly with the toy,

“This is so fucking sexy” she gasps and he nods his Kurtköy Escort agreement.

“It makes me so wet to keep you caged. I can lock you back up whenever I want.”

She pulls the vibrator from her pussy and starts to gently touch it against the most sensitive area of his hard cock, just beneath the head.

“Would you like that? Would you like me to stop now and lock you back up?”

He shakes his head to indicate no.

Claire teases him with moments of vibrations interspaced by teasing minutes without any contact, watching her husband start to writhe around in pleasure and frustration until she herself can bear it no longer.

She stops and he feels her get off the bed.

“I’ll be right back”

He is left in darkness and silence. He can almost still feel the ghost of the vibrations on his cock.

He strains his hearing and then suddenly the noise of the shower starts up.

Minutes later and he is lay listening to the running water, feeling his cock shrinking as the fires of his arousal die down.

Then, at the edge of his hearing he thinks he can hear something, a moan? He twists his head to better source the sounds.

As more minutes pass he becomes more sure as the moaning gets steadily louder, the splashing of the water starts to pulse as though to a rhythm.

“Oh my fucking god”

He almost jumps as he hears Claire talking and listens as her words turning into louder and louder moans which turn into grunts.

“Fuuuuuuuuk!” Claire’s scream echoes through the room.

He hears the unmistakable sound of his wife having an explosive orgasm in her shower. His shrunken cock immediately springs to full hardness and he pushes himself upwards, desperate for any contact which would bring him release, but finding none.

When Claire returns to the bedroom he feels the drips of her shower water on him as she leans over to kiss him.

“I was thinking of your cock trapped in a tight little cage and just got myself so turned on”

He couldn’t help but let out a small noise.

“I fingered myself while I used my toy, I came soooo hard.”

He feels his wife press her soft lips against his in the blackness and they share a slow and deep kiss.

Claire finally pulls away from him and he is already prepared for what she says.

“That was so sexy. Now you just wait here and I’ll go and grab a bag of ice so we can get you shrunk down and back in your cage.”

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