I’m No Man, I’m Her Asian Bitchboy Ch. 01

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I’m trying to write fiction that combines somewhat rounded, believable characters while still retaining a high ratio of smut per paragraph 🙂

I would be grateful for constructive feedback and criticism. If you like it I’ll post Chapter 2.

Trigger warning: raceplay (Caucasian woman on Asian man).

They say that in successful relationship each party takes on a role they are comfortable with and good at. This is definitely true for the relationship Anne and I have. She is level-headed, charming, socially apt and obviously very bright. The best way I could describe her is that she exudes health and energy. She has great posture, well defined shoulders. She walks purposefully, exuding quiet confidence. Her hips are wide and her legs strong and powerful. In our relationship she is the grown up, the decision maker, the one setting priorities for herself as well as for me. My role in the relationship can only be described as her cute Asian bimbo fucktoy. My usefulness to her resides in being attentive, obedient and eager to please. She finds me cute, something I’m forever thankful for.

I know I am not much of a man. I can be needy, silly, lazy, childish. I easily get overwhelmed and I get distracted. Anne provides me with structure, goals, tasks and corrective disciplinary measures when needed. All she asks is for my obedience and to be of service to her – including pleasing her sexually. I am a small man, shorter and skinnier than she is. I have a tiny penis she finds cute but useless. Early on in our relationship we agreed I should service her orally or offer my boyhole to her strapon dick. She fucks me merrily and frequently. Later I’ll go into the details of the act I have to put on for her when she fucks me and how I have to be this little dumb, cock-starved Asian pin-dick fucktoy.

What I’m saying is, this act is my role in the relationship. I’m comfortable with it and good at it. I am glad I have this role. Anne is my caring owner, my leader, my superior. She is somebody I am truly in awe of. If there is somebody kemalpaşa escort in this relationship who deserves to have a big dick, that’s her. And if she wants to use it, I am glad to accept my role as her fucktoy..

Even though the idea of my useless dick pleasuring Anne is ridiculous, you should not think that I live a life of chastity. When I’ve been good, Anne lets me watch porn and masturbate. As with many other things with Anne, there is a precise ritual I’m requested to follow. I need to be naked. I need to insert a big buttplug with a fluffy cat’s tail attached to it. This is a recent introduction. Anne said that even though I am using my little boy’s tool there is no reason I should not look cute for her, and there is no reason I shouldn’t be reminded that my role in life is to be fucked. She doesn’t want me to develop ridiculous fantasies of being a big strong man that fucks girls. This is a typical example of Anne having my wellbeing at heart and devising clear and well thought-through solutions to my issues. I am truly in awe of her and trust her judgment.

When I masturbate I can choose what porn video I watch, but it should always feature an Asian woman being fucked by one or multiple white or black men. Anne says that this way I can at least learn a thing or two on how to take cock good. I can masturbate as long as I want, but I need to politely ask permission before ejaculating. I am not allowed to leave the computer while watching porn, so I have to wait for her to drop by and ask me if I’m ready to cum. Sometimes she is busy, meaning that I have to keep my dick hard until she is ready to give me permission. When she is ready to let me cum, she directs me on how I should do it. Very often I have to cum into a glass. Anne then proceeds to dip her fingers in it. I get on my knees and I have to suck the cum, drop by drop, from her fingers.

Other times she tells me to cum on her feet, or on the floor and then to lick it up. When she feeds me cum, her demeanour is konak escort assertive but loving. When I’m sucking it from her fingers she often caresses me or runs her hand through my hair. She tells me I’m a good boy, or that I’m her cute little pindick, or compliments me on how much cum my little balls can hold, all the while making noises of approval as I suck it all up. After this is done, she gives me a hug and tells me how proud she is I’ve drunk all my cum and how obedient I am or how she is proud to have me. In the same warm, affectionate but assertive manner she tells me that if I keep being a good boy I’ll be able to cum again soon. I usually thank her profusely, kiss her hands, promise I’ll be good. I’m then invited to leave the room to take a nap to replenish from all my hard work.

I’m not allowed to cum unless I receive permission. Needless to say there is a hard punishment for failing to do so. While most of the times I’m punished the focus in on physical discipline and “beating some sense into you”, as Anne would say, in this case the focus is very much on guilt and humiliation. One time I was watching porn, kneeling by the coffee table in Anne’s living room. It was a video from some mainstream site where two big, muscular white men were ramming a tiny Asian girl. At one point one man was fucking her from behind and the other one was skullfucking her. One of the two commented on ruining her for tiny asian dicks forever. It was totally unexpected and, I guess it took me off guard. Before I knew it I was cumming. I then stopped the video and waited, still kneeling in front of the computer.

Anne came to the living room, alerted by the lack of sound. I could her hear enter the room and stop. My eyes were lowered and I didn’t dare turn.

“So. What happened here?”

“I’m sorry” I said.

“Let me repeat my question. What happened here?” Her voice even and with just a hint of disappointment.

“I came without your permission. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to. I couldn’t kuşadası escort control myself. I’m sorry!”

“Now tell me how it happened.”

I was feeling mortified. “I was watching this video in which two big white men were fucking a small Asian lady. I watched this video so that I could learn how to be fucked good as you told me. I don’t know why but i lost control. I’m sorry. I feel miserable now.”

“Show me what was happening in the video when you came.”

I obliged. By now she was standing behind me, one hand on my head.

“Oh I see.” she said. “Did seeing the big white dicks made you cum?”

“Yes,” I replied sheepishly.

“Did you cum when they said the girl was ruined for small dicks?”

“Yes,” I said, now feeling my cheeks getting hot.

“Is that what makes you want to cum? Thinking about boys with small Asian dicks? Thinking about Asian girls that can’t feel their rice dicks anymore?”

“Yes,” I said, almost on the verge of tears.

“Is that why you couldn’t control yourself, as you claim?”


Anne took a long break before speaking again, her voice still without a trace of anger or rage. “Well, it is very disappointing that you decided to cum without asking permission.”

“But I didn’t decide..” I desperately tried to interject.

Anne’s stern look warned me that cutting her off wasn’t a good idea in my situation. She continued, her tone of voice noticeably sterner:

“As I was saying, it is disappointing that you decided to cum without asking for permission. Cumming watching porn is a treat for good boys. It’s something very meaningful and important we do together. It strengthens our bond. I am very disappointed you don’t get that and you only think about yourself. Do you understand why this matters?”

“Yes,” I said feeling myself get smaller and smaller.

“I’m not sure you do. I’ll have to think what to do about this. Now let’s get your cum off my floor.”

“Should I lick it?” I asked, desperate and eager to please.

“No. Licking cum is for good boys. You decide how to clean the floor. I’ll think about your punishment.”

The lack of anger, the lack of slaps to the face, the lack of prompt punishment and retribution told me I was in real trouble. But I didn’t expect how elaborate and humbling my punishment was going to be.

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