In-Flight Shenanigans

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Big Dicks

He looked fit to be tied, the silver haired gentleman sitting a few rows ahead of her. They were at the airport waiting for their charter to take them to Calgary, he back to his law firm, her back to the offices of the oil company she worked at as an executive assistant. She’d noticed him briefly earlier but hadn’t paid close attention, half-hearing his angry, softly spoken conversation come to an end, she was feeling a bit sorry for the other person on the end of the line.

All of a sudden he stood and strode to the bar and ordered a Glen Leavitt neat, gulping it down and placing the glass back on the bar he strode back to his seat. She admired his lithe appearance, he was older but still cut quite a dashing figure, slim hipped and wide-shouldered, he had an aura of quiet strength, she wondered what he’d look like without clothes on, sinewy muscle, hard, god she had to find someone to give her a tumble soon, she was practically salivating at perfect strangers now.

The Lear should be taxiing at any moment, there would be a re-fueling and then they’d be off, she was looking forward to it, she loved to fly, loved the feeling of take off, specially in a powerful little jet, she could swear she felt the reverberations clear to her centre.

The plane finally landed and short work was made of getting their baggage on board, when she stepped inside the plane it was to see there were only two other people on board, immersed in conversation. She took her seat and slipped her shoes off, grabbing a book from her bag she put her reading glasses on and didn’t even lift her head when the other passenger took the aisle seat next to hers.

The pilot’s voice came over the intercom, telling them that there would be a short stop over in Toronto to let some passengers off. She continued to read her book until her eyes grew heavy, she reclined her seat and lay her head back, closing her eyes it wasn’t long before she was dozing lightly. The book she’d been reading was one of erotica and her reverie was peppered with scenes of couples in various acts of sensual Samsun Escort pursuit.

She woke to the voice of the pilot informing them that they would shortly be landing in Toronto. The two other people gathered their gear and disembarked, leaving her and the other gentleman the sole passengers. He got up to stretch his legs and to use the facilities in the back, she waited till he was gone to stretch her arms above her head, flexing her back, working out the kinks, her breasts straining against the silken material of her blouse.

Her flying companion returned to his seat and nodded at her as he sat and buckled up. She wondered what it would take to replace that scowl with a smile, then smiled as she pictured a scenario that would not only bring a smile to his lips but one to hers as well. She waited until the jet had climbed to it’s flying altitude and undid her seatbelt. She sighed loudly, “I swear I get wet every time.”

“I beg your pardon” he queried.

“When the jet takes off, I feel it, it makes my pussy tingle and I get wet, want to see” she stood and walked towards him, standing in front of him.

“Here, give me your hand,” she bent taking his wrist in her hand “What the hell?” but he didn’t really try to keep her from holding his hand and bringing it under her skirt, nor did he balk when his hand felt her silken thighs, encased by sheer hose that reached the top of those thighs, higher until he could feel a sodden silken bit at the juncture of her legs. She spread her legs a little wider to afford him a better chance to touch her.

Looking into his eyes she smiled wickedly, “Would you humour me” he inclined his head, “What do you have in mind,”

“Well I’ve heard a lot about the mile high club, I wondered if you would help me become a member” she asked him, that wanton look in her own eyes, how could he refuse. He spread his thighs, “Be my guest,” he thought she would sit in his proffered lap, but she knelt before him, between his thighs and reached for his belt buckle, undoing it and taking Samsun Escort Bayan the zipper down very slowly, all the while staring in his eyes.

Her hand came up to unbutton his shirt, she pushed it away and brought her hands up to cup his pecs, squeezing, massaging him, her mouth grazed his nipples, circling them in the way he imagined she liked having done to hers. All the while he can hear her breathing in deeply, as if she’s memorizing his scent. His hand comes up to caress her hair, as she lowers her head down his stomach, kissing, licking, teasing him. Finally her hand clasps around his hardened shaft as her face comes very near the tip, he can feel her hot breath, she flicks her tongue out, swiping him briefly with it as her hand closes tightly around his manhood.

She opens her mouth and lets the accumulated saliva run down onto his tip, beginning to pump him slowly, she fits her lips around the crown and lazily circles her tongue around it, feeling the softness, sucking, working her mouth so that more saliva comes trickling out, she plunges him deep inside her throat and holds him there as she pumps the base of his cock. As her head slides back up, he feels her suction, she begins a very slow head bobbing motion, slowly taking him almost all the way out of her mouth then plunging him back in quickly, to the cushion at the back of her throat, he feels her working her throat muscles, gripping his tip, holding him in deeply as she pumps him and once more slides him out slowly.

Pure torture, oh but what torture…his hand reaches to touch her breasts through the material of her blouse, “Show me your breasts” she brings her head up and stares at him almost unseeing, her arousal evident in the flush of her cheeks and the brightness of her eyes, her hands reach for the buttons of her blouse and she unbuttons each one slowly, she shrugs out of it and he gazes hungrily at the lush mounds encased in a sexy little black wisp of lace.

Her arms go behind her back and she quickly unclasps the hooks, sliding Escort Samsun the bra off she gives it to him, he brings it to his face to take in her feminine scent. She once more lowers her head and clasps his hardness, squeezing it she wets the tip and places it on her nipple, circling the nipple with the tip of his cock, he can feel the skin pucker. She places his shaft between her breasts and bends her head to engulf his protruding tip inside her hot mouth as she squeezes her breasts around his shaft. This isn’t enough for her though, she wants more meat in her mouth and so she resumes the position she was in before he asked to see her breasts. She practically attacks his member, like a starving soul, she swallows him inside her hot mouth once again, this time she picks up the pace, the teasing is over it seems.

He lifts his ass up as she insinuates her other hand to cup his sac, finding it hard, she massages it, grazing his tight balls with her long nails, she lets more saliva pool in her mouth and releases it along his shaft, her middle finger sliding down to his anus, she circles her finger on his puckered opening, massaging gently as she continues to suck him more rapidly. Her finger finds it’s way inside, she locates the cushiony pad and presses down as she sucks and pumps his cock, she is moaning, oblivious to all around her, her obvious enjoyment brings him closer to the edge, each time she moans he feels her throat close tighter around his engorged tip, “Ohhhhhhhhhhh baby, I’m gonna cum” he always warns fair damsels of his approaching eruptions in case they aren’t the swallowing type, he needn’t have bothered warning her, she begins to pump him harder, squeezing his shaft as her finger pumps in and out of his ass, and her mouth, her fucking glorious mouth stays on him as he explodes deep in her throat, groaning his approval.

Not a drop escapes, she swallows all of it and lifts her head up to look him in the eyes, a look of wanton bliss shines in them. She gathers her bra and blouse and re-dresses herself.

“There, I hope that will make you feel better, you’re far too handsome a man to wear that scowl you were sporting earlier”

“Yeah but, the Leafs, Raptors and Jays all lost last night”

“Oh, well that one took care of the Leafs disappointment, let’s see what I can come up with for the other two.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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