In Some Challenges, Everybody Wins

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He loved driving at night with little to no traffic to worry about, especially on this long arrow straight 6 lane boulevard, his favorite stretch of road in all of Kansas City. Waiting for the stoplight to turn green, Arthur smiled to himself.

His Mistress’s e-mail said to be at Her home precisely at 7PM and that he was to bring only one perfect red rose this time for Her to enjoy. His hand touched the box where the flower lay carefully wrapped with thin crinkled white florist paper to help preserve and maintain it’s intended beauty. She especially like red roses. He blushed, remembering how She often gauged the color of his discipline with the shade of the red roses he brought for Her when allowed to visit, as he was this very evening.

Listening to the silence of the night Arthur heard the pitch of tuned exhaust grow louder behind him. Looking in his rear view mirror he saw the lipstick red Supra slow then stop next to him. Calmly looking to his left, Arthur tried to peer into the blacked out passenger window of the turbo car but only saw the reflection of his warmed over black C5 Vette instead of who might be inside. The traffic was quickly passing in front of them as he rolled down his window to calculate and listen, trying to detect if the Supra was another wannabe stocker or if modified to perform and surpass the obvious appearance updates of it’s oversized OZ wheels and Nitto tires.

Arthur listened to the twin ash cans rumble, the twin high lift cams obviously tuned for more than just the mundane travels from point A to point B. Smiling to himself his right foot slowly moved downward then blipping the throttle three times, challenging whomever the driver was behind the dark glass of the car sitting next to him. The adrenaline rush began, slowly growing, building, pumping wildly throughout his body. Slipping the shifter into first, he waited. His heartbeat growing louder and louder in his ears. His hand on the shifter perfectly poised. His left foot planted firmly on his clutch pedal, ready to instantly release. Arthur could see the opposite direction signal shield turn yellow then red. He knew the arrows for right turn then left turn was next. He had been been here before many times, learning the sequence of the signal light while finding this particular intersection was favored by others who enjoyed a challenging circumstance or two.

Suddenly he remembered Her words to quit acting like a teenager and to NOT race again but, how he loved this heat of the moment rush while quickly locking away Her warning to try to observe the next time, not today. Besides how would She ever know, he thought. She couldn’t control every little passion in his life, especially his need for speed now could She, he rationalized to himself? He loved street racing at night, especially when there was something worthy to challenge.

Looking straight ahead, left hand positioned at eleven-o-clock, gripping the leather wrapped steering wheel, right hand at ready to pull and push hard through the gears, tach rising, testing the engines tuned perfection to launch at his Vettes sweet spot where traction is perfect and spin is minimal. All was at ready he thought, his smile quickly replaced with intense determination, lowering the RPM to idle again.

The left turn arrow was finally glowing as traffic crossed in front of them. Blipping his throttle again three times, the challenge was finally understood then accepted as he heard the Supras RPM quickly rise then fall. He had never raced a twin Turbo Supra before but from what he read and observed in the past, with a good driver this just might be an interesting race. Arthur smiled as he looked at the Supra. He saw through the corner of his left eye the reflection of the left traffic signal on it’s fender when it turned from green to yellow then to red.

He always did his homework. He knew it was exactly fifteen seconds for the signal to turn from yellow to red followed by five seconds of waiting before his lanes signal would turn green. Positioning his hips back further into the bucket seat Arthur pushed it’s electric switch forward, moving the seat just a few inches forward, feeling the shoulder belt tightening on his chest giving him better control instead of simple comfort. He waited, ready to row the shifter as his eyes looked for Cops and approaching traffic in their lane ahead or behind that would nix this race. All was clear. The rush hour traffic had dispensed hours ago. They were completely alone for more than five blocks in both directions. How he loved this little wait. How he enjoyed this little match of being a part of the machine, the balance within the challenge of a good race with the perfection of controlling how well his Corvette performs.

For a second he listened to the little voice in his mind whispering, “don’t do this Arthur,” but the words were soon overwhelmed by the rising RPM of the Supra. Just one more race he thought, just one more, now bringing the xslot Vettes RPM to 3200, knowing from past races no wasted tire slip was key to a C5’s successful launch. Adrenaline charged his body towards greater intensity to win.

And the light turned green.

Dumping the clutch, feeling the Vette catapult forward, the needle on the tach suddenly at 7000 RPM, perfectly timing the clutch while yanking the shifter back into second gear, a slight sideway motion of his car as the tires hooked, right foot firmly on the floor, hand steering the wheels to the left, centering car to the middle of the lane. Looking out of the corner of his eye Arthur saw the Supra hanging with him, almost as if they had never moved from the intersection. Grinding his teeth with determination the tach was again at 7000 RPM, shoving the shifter into third gear, feeling the tires spin then suddenly grip the road. The left fender of the red Supra slowly moving backwards before shifting into third, then inching slightly forward to stay in the race. The Corvette speedometer needle read 100 MPH and climbing as Arthur yanked the shifter into fourth, slowly pulling ahead a fender length then quickly loosing sight of the Supra when suddenly… as if time had stopped the Supras tail lights were in front of him, twin yellowish blue flames from it’s exhaust announcing the greater power effected from the spent nitrous fumes exiting the huge tips. Arthur’s thumb pushed the button on his shifter, feeling the force of 150 extra horsepower slamming him back further into the seat, holding on, trying to adjust the sudden sideways slippage of the the Vette to stay in the center of his lane, quickly spanking the insolence of the unknown driver beside him again.

Tunnel vision overwhelmed his senses as his eyes saw the green stoplight ahead slowly blink to yellow. Frantically he remembered how the lights timing was different than where they started only 10 seconds before but the Supra wouldn’t let up, was still next to him. It now was more a game of chicken, who would let up first, who would be first to accept defeat than a street race.

Closer the intersection came towards them. Was her 100% sure that the yellow light changed to red in thirteen seconds, or was it only ten? Accept the loss Arthur his little voice screamed in his mind before it’s too late, his thumb quivered on the nitrous button and right foot tingling in unison with his undeciveness to quit or to continue. Still edging past the Supra Arthur let off of the NOX button and the accelerator, watching the lipstick red car pass, it’s twin ashcans thundering, almost with a roar of envisioned laughter at his defeat.

Downshifting and again another downshift while quickly balancing the RPM and brakes while quickly slowing his speed from over 130 MPH to a more urban speed. Arthur watched the light turn red a full two seconds before the Supra completed passing through the intersection. Slowing to a stop he sat there motionless, inhaling the sweetly acrid mixture of spent nitrous and gasoline, listening to the Vettes exhaust idling normally while also waiting for his heart to also become normal again. Breathing a deep sigh Arthur wondered if he should have kept racing or if accepting his loss as his just rewards for going against his Mistresses words. The Supra was more than two blocks away then it turned left, completely out of his sight, it’s exhaust pitch winding higher with forward motion then soon quieted into the dark night. His head pounded from the effects of the adrenaline rush slowly dissipating.

Arthur slid the seat back a few inches and tried to relax. Turning the radio on he punched up the oldies station where the DJ’s “rocked” and music was filled with the “old stacks of wax” recordings of popular artists from his youth. “I could have won,” he said out loud to himself, pounding his left hand into the steering wheels leather. Dead Mans Curve was playing loudly through the bose speakers. Somehow tonight’s race related to that old cut. There could have been innocent people hurt tonight. It could have ended differently if he pushed the Vette harder. He might have won the race but could have lost if something terrible might have happened in the intersection. That little voice in his mind was right and he was wrong. He knew that he had to tell his Mistress that he broke his promise to Her. He knew She would be very disappointed with him but prayed that She would somehow forgive his error.

Pushing the clutch down Arthur slid the shifter into first, waiting for the light to turn green. This intersection was different than the last. He didn’t look into the rearview mirror hoping for another challenge this time. The light finally changed to green as Arthur left. Slowly this time without any rush while allowing him a chance to formulate how he should tell his Mistress about tonight.

“Well good evening Arthur, come in sweetie,” She said, smiling as he handed Her the flower box. Closing the door She took xslot Giriş his elbow and led him to Her living room. The fireplace was glowing on the well polished oak floor and the burning wood helped flavor the warm, cozy setting.

“Sit next to me hon while I look inside this very intriguing box,” She said, patting the off white leather of Her divan, cradling the yet opened flower in Her right arm. Sitting down Arthur felt the warmth of Her thigh now resting next to his. She was his age and very pleasing to his eyes. Many times and in many ways he had enjoyed the fullness of bountiful, Womanly beauty. He loved the delicious wonders of Her hug and the humor within Her voice when they were together. Many times he had been pulled over Her thighs with playful disciplinary pleasures in mind. They shared so much as friends and as Mistress and submissive. She had helped him in many ways grow strong within his submissive heart while maintaining the strength, intensity and caliber of his inherent masculinity. Only once had She used Her laps warmth for a tool while delivering punishment, transferring the strength of Her resolve to his upturned cheeks for Arthur to mend a terrible error in his judgment. That was so long ago he thought to himself, so hoping it wouldn’t happen again tonight when he told Her about the race. Her thigh moved closer to his as She opened the box.

“AHHH, it’s beautiful Arthur,” She said, gently lifting the long stemmed rose into the subdued light of the room. “A perfect rose from my sweet, perfect boy,” She continued, turning towards him, softly kissing his cheek. She wickedly smiled as he quickly blushed from Her boldness, Her secretly enjoying how he shivered slightly from the pleasure of Her lips. “I think the black vase would be beautiful with this special rose in it, don’t You think sweetie,” She said, knowing that he knew that was his que for them to begin this nights mysteries. Standing he smiled down at Her. “Yes Ma’am, it would look lovely i think also,” Gently taking the rose by it’s stem, Arthur walked to the kitchen to find the vase. As he looked he listened to the beginnings of one of the sensual sounding CD’s they both enjoyed listening to, especially when they played. Standing on his tip toes he reached the black tuliped vase with his hand. Retrieving it he lowered the rose home into it’s depths. As he slowly filled it with water Arthur worried about how he will tell Her about tonight. He truly didn’t want to upset Her or possibly destroy tonight’s mood of pleasures but his honor was at stake to not withhold any errors from Her, a promise he would always keep.

Arthur found Her smiling with Her eyes closed as he sat next to Her. Once again they listened as Sinatra sang, His thoughts about how Chicago was a special kind of town almost ended. Arthur placed the vase carefully on the coffee table and waited. He turned towards Her, blushing deeper than the perfect rose he brought Her while waiting for his Mistress to open Her eyes when the song ended.

Questions bantered back and forth in his mind. “Do i tell Her now? Do i wait for a better moment when She has found pleasure with me? … or, Should i get it over with and just tell Her when the song is done?”

Sinatra sang of the “razzmatazz” that Chicago offers as Her hand sought his, squeezing his hand lightly then placing them in Her lap.

“If i only had listened and heeded the little voice of warning ,” Arthur thought to himself, remembering the race strangely then mixing with the oddly increasing roar of an approaching cars exhaust, suddenly now blipping then stopping outside Her home. Sinatra’s song was ending as He watched Her relax more fully into the divan. Within the silence of one ending song segue into the next Arthur quietly said he had something to say and how he hoped She would not be angry with him. She opened Her eyes, looking softly into his, sitting a bit upright and squeezed his hand. “Of course, tell me Arthur what’s troubling you honey,” She replied, patting his thigh with Her free hand. Continuing She told him how they always can work things out within honesty and the trust they always shared. Just as Arthur was about to say how he had broken a promise to Her, someone was suddenly knocking three times on Her door.

“Tell you what honey, why don’t You fix us a cold drink while i answer the door, ok?” as they both stood up. Laughing She smacked his rump, saying something about how he’s always the gentleman and to not keep a Lady waiting too long to quench Her thirst. They separated at the hallway, Her towards the door, him towards the bar.

Listening to Her laughing at the door with another Woman, Arthur quickly made Her a Tom Collins and for him a Chivas neat. He walked to the door to stand with his Mistress and to maybe listen so he might understand what was going on. They laughed almost identically, both with the sensual gusto of strong, intelligent Women. It was obvious to him that both knew each other, xslot Güncel Giriş judging from the way they kept hugging each other so close. Their infectious, smiling voices overwhelmed Arthur who now began to smile warmly towards them both.

“Honey this is Kia, an old friend of mine from college who i haven’t seen in years,” She said, smiling broadly at him. “And Kia, this is my sweet little friend Arthur whom I’ve grown quite fond of over the last four years.” Bowing slightly he offered Her his hand, quietly shaking Hers and then accepted Her coat over his arm. Following them to the living room arthur set the coat over a chair and then put the drinks on the coffee table. Before turning to close the door he asked Kia if She would care for anything to drink? “Yes honey, how about another of whatever Tess is drinking please,” She said, quietly gauging his perfect manners as a sign of excellent training sometime in his life. turning quickly towards the door Arthur also thought She must be somewhat like his Mistress Tess, quite used to being served by men, possibly others like himself. Walking outside for a quick breath of air then turned to go back inside but the shine of the lipstick red Supra sitting in Her driveway stopped him in his tracks. Shaking his head, thinking this was some kind of twisted deja-vu, Arthur slowly walked towards the car, recognizing the special OZ wheels and as he walked the the rear of the car he shivered when seeing the twin huge exhaust tips protruding from back. He couldn’t believe his eyes, rubbing them twice then re examining the Supra, him in awe that the driver who beat him tonight was his Mistress’s friend Kia. Walking back into the house Arthur closed the door and quickly walked to the bar to make the drink then blushed profusely while serving Her. She smiled almost whimsically saying that when a man blushes She almost always wants to know what’s on his mind. Arthur’s eyes grew huge like saucers, apologized for being so long with her drink and then sat quickly in the lazy boy close to the fire. “He’s a cutie Tess, i can see why You like him,” She said, sipping Her drink, intensely looking at him, smiling wickedly between sips.

“Oh to be a little mouse, to run away and hide,” he thought. Shivering once again seeing Kia still looking towards him, Arthur turned his attention to stoking the fire, seeing it needed another log. Bending to the cut wood he placed it on the pile of almost spent log and glowing embers below, turning it just so with the tool for an even burn. Kneeling there he listened to their conversations of college, enjoyable past experiences and then of their lives now more perfectly in tune within the directed pleasures that dominant Women enjoy.

“MMMM, he has nice curves Tess,” Kia said, her words mixed with the ease of comfortably teasing Her friend. “Yes my sweetie does at that Kia but i especially enjoy how his cheeks quiver and blush while over my lap.” They laughed knowing that he was listening and enjoyed watching Arthur tense, unknowingly squeezing his cheeks tight. His Mistress wickedly smiled, wondering if he was enjoying their conversation, hoping was he a touch embarrassed by the boldness of their words about him, not directed towards him. In any case She had trained him well and was very proud of her boy.

Arthur turned from the fire seeing the two Women’s eyes smiling down at him from the divan. As he took his place on the lazy boy he tried his best to look innocent, posture straight, feet planted firmly on the floor, arms resting comfortably in his lap. He felt the familiar stirring of his manhood slowly growing, effected by Their smiles within the suddenly silent room. He felt strangely overwhelmed by their eyes, almost as if they were looking into him also greatly effecting his libido. His Mistress’s beautiful face complimented by Her friend Kia. One well tanned, one delicate but obviously well maintained, twins of a sort in observing nature beauty. It was very obvious to him that each were perfectly comfortable with their age, their intelligence, personality and individuality. In many ways he found them both quite appealing but also they made him feel more than he ever should. A challenge of sorts, quickly remembering the Supra, the race, his loss. “Why in the hell did i have to think about that,” his mind argued as they continued smiling at him. “Oh my, i HAVE to tell Her but is tonight the right night, especially since the driver he lost to was Kia,” his mind again whispered. “Oh to be a mouse,” his mind said, wishing to slink away, sadly knowing that he can’t. Caught between a rock and a hard place Arthur thought, sitting even more straight than he was.

As if on que his Mistress Tess asked Arthur to tell Her what had been troubling him a few minutes ago. “Come sit with us also Arthur so I can hear you more clearly,” She said, still smiling with two pairs of eyes mysteriously twinkling. Arthur shivered as he stood, slowly walked to the divan as they separated for him to sit between them. Rounding the coffee table he gingerly sat down, thigh to thigh, warm and cuddly in a different circumstance. Suddenly he felt small, like a little child, almost insignificant while sitting between them.

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