In The Allotment Shed…

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When Badger started to take a shine in me it all seemed a little bizarre.

I mean me with an older man? It didn’t compute with my idea of a lusty liaison at all. In fact thinking about it, I would have thought the idea completely out of question.

But it is strange just what personalities can do and a little bit of attention. Badger showed me that and no mistake, for an oldie of about sixty he was well and truly well endowed as I was soon to discover in the privacy of his allotment shed, with the rain beating down outside cats and dogs, a good reason to be inside and leaving the allotment to the elements.

I’d recently taken up what seemed to be the new craze in our town, growing one’s own vegetables and the like, much better for you I was told and great for the sex life.

Well I guess I was lacking that of late but Badger was about to remedy that with his own brand of vegetable which, come to think of it, bulging in his trousers like that, it could have resembled to a prize marrow, it looked absolutely huge and I was convinced he had some sort of padding in there.

He asked if I had ever done any ‘pricking out’ and me thinking naughty thoughts he was suggesting something I was at first apprehensive.

“Well come the spring, Pete – see all this mass of tiny Lobelia? – well they need to be thinned out and transplanted in boxes so that they will grow more sturdy and that’s what they call pricking out right?”

“I am always willing to learn” I replied and he gave me the most wonderful smile, it felt I was thinking of him as my departed dad but it was more than that, I realised in a funny sort of way I was attracted to him, there he was making all those tiny holes with his ‘dibber; a small thing like a pencil he used to make the holes to transplant the Lobelia seedlings.

Then Gaziantep Olgun Escort to my surprise Badger started howling with laughter and said ” I know what you be thinking’ of lad with me talking about sturdy growth, and pricking out and dibbing!” I wondered how he knew that.

“It shows in your flushed face Lad, I do believe you are up for a bit of fun huh?”

All the time my mind was whirling, was this old guy really making up to me? but he was, that was evident – the way he was squeezing his crotch and I was feeling attracted to him.

I looked down,. My eyes focussed on the job he had in hand, he’d stopped showing me how to prick out and by the way he was talking he was about to get his prick out and no mistake “See what you think, lad – that’s all I’m asking?”

I could almost see it growing as he levered it out between his open flies and I was confronted with a very appealing crimson and red knob and a very delightful shaft.

“What do you think, Pete?” he stuttered, I guess he was as excited as I was. I moved my hand down near it as if to feel it; “Go on, Lad be my guest” and I did. It was lovely to touch and feel and he prompted me to squeeze and stretch it back, and when I did I sensed the scent of him which oddly in itself was not repugnant but very, very stimulating and I had the urge to suck the guy.

I just stood there awhile enjoying the moment and then: “let me see yours” he said unzipping me and me sensing the feel of his rough fingers pulling it out half mast. “Don’t be shy, lad, just let it go and it will grow, I tell you what let me suck you off then you can do the same for me, fair deal?”

For the next few minutes I was to enjoy the most wonderfully sensitive oral suck off I’d ever had, even from my first girl friend who sucked me off in the back of my car and let me fuck her for the first time.

This was different though, guy to guy, a guy knows just what a guy feels and needs and Badger had all the qualifications, and when it came to he telling me it was my turn I was well and truly worked up and that very first sensation of sucking that wonderful throbbing cock was heaven on earth, the taste, the feel – it being so supple and flexible too, so good to hold and massage as I gave him the deepest of sucks, rolling that cock with my tongue and poking his p-hole. .

I felt so soothed and right with what I was doing, then, as I felt him surge, he stopped me saying he’d save that for later, his fingers teasing my ass cheeks apart, he kneeling and moving his tongue and teasing my very private part between, he was in a world of his own and I was not about to stop him, I’d been fucked several times of course by various guys but never by guy this age,, old enough to be my dad, but feeling him lick and sniff up me, and hearing his sexual sounds ,I felt an overwhelming need to be subservient to him and to give him my all, that it was doing some sort of good for this guy who told me he’d lost his wife with cancer two years back and was now venturing, as he put it, into something he always felt like doing, and I was the perfect guy to do it with.

“Will you let me fuck you,. Pete?” he asked so warmly and frankly. “You have the most beautifully fuckable ass and I could really go for that, tell me Pete you’d like too?”

I smiled openly and nodded and when he removed my jeans and boxer shorts from around my knees where they had been while he enjoyed me orally, I felt wonderfully attached to him, hearing those sounds of joy again, his compliments and the feel of his gentle touch beginning to rim me, it really felt like something out of this world.

“I have some Vaseline in my cupboard use it for greasing the shears, it would be nice to use it on you, may I?”

“Of course I said” feeling his big hand rest in my lower back as he prompted me to bend for him.

“Tell you what, see this cushion on my chair, well let’s rest it on the bench and you lean over onto it, it will make the perfect entry.”

Now I was getting really thrilled, bent over and revealing my ass for his perusal, feeling his tongue suck me up again, hearing him sniff up me and the feeling of his finger nails gently scratching the inside of my thighs leading up to my balls was sheer heaven.

He really stretched my cheeks so wide and I felt the smear of the lubricant and his eager fingers starting to enter and stretch inside, a little painful at first but soon wonderfully soothing after some more stretching , and his mouth nibbling my ass and slapping each cheek in turn gently but very sensually – as soon I started to feel the head of his throbbing cock begin to work its way up and into me, I felt myself moving side to side to help him put it deep up me and soon the feel of his throb right inside me sent wonderful sensations up and down my spine as he started to slowly at first fuck me thrusting and thrusting, those throat noises again making it all the more thrilling and wanting, I really wanted this guy’s fuck, feeling him fuck me through a though I was in my element and I knew I would want him again and again, in his allotment shed!

The bench started to rattle as he really went to it and thoroughly fucked me.

I was well sore afterwards, Badger is so very big. He laughed at the way I walked and gave me a final slapping after he’d cum all over my ass.

He looked happy and so was I, It was the start of a great new relationship and I knew we’d be doing a lot more pricking out in the allotment shed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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